The Truth about Love

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Henry Blake

Grand entrance music plays as the newly wed couple enters the main hall.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the new, the one, the only, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blake!”

The glowing bride smiled brightly at her new husband as they walked down the stairs, her hand on his arm.
At the bottom of the stairs, the couple is met by their group of friends and a horde of reporters.

“Wow Kay, you’re looking gorgeous!” A friend commented on her second dress of the evening.

“Thank you! It’s actually Maggie Sottero can you believe it!”
“Congratulations guys! Man, Henry! Who knew you.”

“Mr. Blake! Mr. Blake! Over here. Over here!” The reporters converged on the new couple but their friends ushered them away.

“Just one question Mr. Blake: To what do you owe your success?”

“As anyone else would tell you, I owe it all to my hard work and the support of my friends. Especially my new wife, Kaitlyn.” Henry looked down at her, and she blushed to the floor.

“Kaitlyn, who’s always LATE!”

Kaitlyn looked up at him, confused. But she was shocked when his face became distorted.

“Oh come on Kay! It’s always because of you! We’re gonna get late! Wake up!”

Kaitlyn jolted awake.


“Kaitlyn get up now! Brush your teeth and get dressed. Do you know what time it is! Henry’s downstairs waiting for us.”

“Henry’s here?!” She flung off the blanket and jumped out the bed to go see her boyfriend, but Hannah pulled her back in and pushed her into the bathroom.

“Oh no, no time. Go get dressed!”

“Fine,” Kaitlyn pouted as she put her pink toothpaste on her equally pink toothbrush.

“Here, I picked out your clothes. This will look great on you.”

“Oh Han, why did you wake me up!” Kay managed to say over her teeth brushing, “I was having such a great dream! Henry and I were married, and we lived in such a big mansion!” She spat and rinsed her mouth of the suds. “And I wore a designer gown and oh my gosh Han! It was perfect!”

“I’m glad, but you’re going to have to work for it. And that starts with you getting to class on time!”

As the girls got ready upstairs, Henry was honking the horn of his convertible, which infuriated the landlord as he came rushing out of the house.

“Oye! Quien eres tu, el diablo! Why you beep the cuerno! Esta es my place! Not your race course!

“Hey Señor Piedro! He’s here to pick us up!” Hannah explained to her landlord as soon as she had rushed down the stair.
“Hey Han! Where’s Kaitlyn? I’ve been waiting for twenty minutes!”
“Si si, y he eat my head! Te digo, your Amiga needs to pay her rent, get rid of her novio, or I kick her afuera!” Señor Piedro yelled in Hannah’s face, his pointed finger almost touching her nose.

“Mi corazon! Esta bien, I’m sorry. Why you yell at girls!” An old lady came outside, smiled at the kids and whispered to her husband, “If you kick them out, how we get on the cruise ship.” The landlord’s wife had ran outside to the commotion and calmed her husband, reminding him quietly why the girls were allowed to stay for this long.

“Henry!” Kaitlyn finally came running down, her almost burnt toast flying with in her hand over her head, and bumped into the old Mexican man, who grew even more mad, but was driven away by his wife.

The two girls jumped into the convertible, Kaitlyn in the front and Hannah in the back, the third wheel.
The whole way to the university, Kaitlyn told Henry of her dream and every other single detail she wanted when her dream came true. Henry gushed over his girlfriend and encouraged her dreams as Hannah gagged and joked at them to get a room.

At the college, the three are met by the rest of their gang. Everyone was ecstatic to tell the new joiners some good news.
“Hey guys! Where’ve you been?!”
“Miss Daydreamer Kaitlyn got us late, as usual,” huffed Hannah, relieved to be out of the car and away from the couple.
“Any ways, we have nneews!” Sing sang Sara, the other one in the group almost as cheeky and girly as Kay.
“We made the top two finals!!!” The group jumped and celebrated together.

They had made the semifinals in the business internship competition held by one of the companies donating to the college, Mellark Technologies. The winning group got an internship at the company HQ, but first got to go on the company’s new cruise ship, where the company’s young CEO, John Mellark, was to congratulate them and give them a briefing of their new positions.

“Hey that’s awesome Kevin! So, who are we up against?”
“Yeaah, that part.” Kevin said slowly as he scratched his clean shaven chin. “’re up against Joseph Styles and his minions.”
Joseph Styles was the “worshipped son” of the primary family that financed the school; he was also the leader of the rich kids at school, who got in by money rather than merit. Styles and his main posy looked down upon the lower class and found every opportunity to rub in their poverty compared to his great wealth.

“Damn! If I could have killed that Joseph when I had the chance!”

“You couldn’t. You’d have to go through all the security his family had paid for him, his minions, and then if you were able to kill him, his parents’ money will get you in jail like you killed the prince of New York!”

“Talking about me?” A sneery voice made its ways into the group, who turned around to see their opposition group walking up to them.

“You guys should just drop out of the competition! There’s no way you simpletons could win over Styles!”
A four eyed minion of the Styles group jeered at Henry.

“Come on, Mac. Let us not waste our time and vocabulary on these people.”
Styles led away his group, who laughed at the “lower class”.

While Hannah and Kaitlyn went to class with the rest of the gang, Henry stayed, glaring an evil look at Joseph.

Think maybe Joseph Styles has to really go this time.

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