The Truth about Love

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Not a Killer

6:30 pm

“I’m really sorry, sir. But Mr. Mellark’s schedule is full for the week. And he’s leaving for the cruise on Monday.”

“The cruise! I am here to talk to him about the cruise. If you could please just-”

“I’m sorry I really can not do anything.”

Henry sighed in disappointment, having been unable to talk to John Mellark concerning the odds of his group winning the competition the company had set. As he turned away from the main desk, he saw the CEO walking out of the board room with a coworker and heading towards the elevator. Henry looked about him and then made his way to the elevator, but bumped into a short and pudgy man, who spilled the contents of his folder all over the floor.

“Hey buddy, where do you think you’re going?”

“I am so sorry I was looking for Mr. Mellark’s office.” Henry squat next to the weird man and helped him pick up the papers.

“I know where it is,” sing sang the man.

“Great! Soo, could you tell me where it is?”

“Why? So I can take the blame for his murder?!”

What the hell? Henry’s eyes grew wild in amazement and his voice went up a pitch.

“His murder?! How’d we get there!”

“Now look here, Mr- see I don’t even know your name.”

“Henry Bl-”

“I don’t know who you are. And suppose I still somehow let you in. And you turn out to be an assassin sent by a competition company. And you kill him, God forbid, and manage to get away.”


“And then the police come and question who let you in, and everyone would point to me and I’d be indirectly accused of getting John killed and be taken to jail. Wouldn’t that be a tragedy?”

“Sir, I’m no assassin. I’m here from Yorkford University and I wanted to talk to him about the interning competition!”

“But if you were a killer, wouldn’t this have happened!”



“Al. I haven’t killed anyone.” Not yet anyway. “Now if we can head on to the CEO’s office please, I have a dinner to attend.”

“Listen, you can follow me, but Johnny won’t be able to see you. Very busy boy you know.”

“Let’s see what happens when we get there.”


“...A successful cruise is manned by-”

“A young, rejuvenated and a very accommodating crew!” Henry burst through the door and finished the CEO’s sentence.

“Exactly! What department are you from?” John Mellark gleamed with interest at Henry over his laptop screen.

“I’m not exactly from a department. Not yet, I suppose.” Henry said, clasping his hands behind his back

The CEO coughed and looked to the man on his right side, and was about to say something when Henry shouted out.

“Please. If you could just give me 10 minutes of your time, I promise it won’t be a waste. Well, at least that’s what I’ve been learning to accomplish.”

“Learning? You’re from Yorkford University!”

“Yes sir. And, I’m from one of the two groups that made the semifinals of your competition’s semifinals. But it unfortunately has occurred to me that my group also is the one with all odds set against.”

“This might be a bit against the rules, but you’ve got my attention!" _________________________

“Joseph, honey! I-we are all so very proud of you! You’re in the semifinals! All credited to my pumpkin’s hard work!” A very botox-ed old lady, with her golden hair tied up in a tight and professionally done updo, clutched her hands tightly on her heart, extremely proud of her son’s accomplishment.

“Oh mother! I haven’t even an idea why the other team should even bother. You can say that I’ll have that internship letter in hand by the morning! But you should have seen the look of the yellow group’s*** faces as they left the room! So cute; how those Asians almost closed their stretched eyes shut trying to make angry faces at me!” Joseph Styles crunched his nose and snorted at the group that had lost the challenge before.

“Joseph! You shouldn’t call out people like that!” said his father as he skimmed a hand through his grey dyed hair.

“We’re rich people; and businessmen. The people who hate us most are the people we call our best friends. Our profession forces us to keep a smile up for everyone, because you don’t know when somebody can decide that he has had enough of us...” _________________________7:30pm

“And you made the 10 minutes worth while! Unfortunately I can again only sincerely assure you that your socioeconomic status plays no part in the decisions made. But keep in mind that your status only elevates your credibility in my mind; it’s good to see a young man be so willing and ambitious to get the goal and status he aims for. Good luck! If I weren’t the CEO of MellarkTek, I’d be absolutely in your court.”

“I appreciate your time and your advice, Mr. Mellark. Thank you.”

“You’re most welcome. I do hope our paths cross again in the future, near or far. Take care, and good luck once again.” John Mellark courteously escorted Henry out of his office, and was greeted by Al sitting in the waiting room.

“Johnny Boy! I got the papers you wanted from the paperworks, and they seem perfect!”

“I will be the judge of that Al.” John took the papers from Al and was walking back into his office when he stopped and turned back.

“Hey Al, have my driver drop Mr. Blake home.”

“Right away my boy!”

Henry and John exchanged their final goodbyes and Al escorted the young man to the first floor, where the driver was ready to take Henry home on the company’s Rolls Royce.

“Where to, Sir?” The driver asked through the window.

“Would you mind if we make a quick stop in the way, I have a dinner to attend.”

“Of course, Sir.” The driver looked through the front mirror and nodded to Henry, who sat staring out the window with the most devious smile on his lips. ________________________

“Adam please! Why must you take every opportunity to put down my son! He did a very good thing today and you should be proud of him!” Mrs. Styles yelled at her husband for disturbing the mood as the servers brought out their dinners. Mr. Styles, per usual became very agitated by his wife, but let out a long breath and calmed himself before answering to his wife.

“WHY does Joseph even need to bother with this competition anyways. I can set him up with an internship- hell I can set him up with a board meeting at MellarkTek tomorrow!”

“Oh da-cough-ad. I fi-i-ind it amus-s-s-ing....WHAT *COUGH * THE HE-E-E-AL IS WROUGHNG WITH ME!” Joseph dropped his fork and grabbed at his throat, choking up.

“Joseph, dear! You’re reddening and swelling! What is in this dish!” Mrs. Styles tried to comfort her son as her husband pried through Joseph’s dinner.

“Dear God! This meal is all avocados! Why would you order it! You’re extremely allergic!”

“Adam! Why would he order something with avocados. He’s a grown man, he knows what he can and cannot have! Now stop blaming him and call an ambulance!”

The restaurants managers and staff all gathered around the table and offered all the help they could provide. Outside, at a red light a few blocks down, the nearest ambulance came roaring down, barely avoiding the black Rolls Royce heading its way out of the neighborhood.

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