The Truth about Love

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Encounter of the First Kind

John Mellark walked about his ship, talking to all the guests as his employees stopped to congratulate him or to just say hello. He was welcoming a couple when his phone rang, and he wished them a great stay and excused himself to answer the call.

“Yes, Walker? Well that’s great news!” he replied in the phone as he made his way to his office.

“Yes, I see. You go ahead and tell them I’ll personally arrange a meeting with them when I return. Right now, I’ll look through the paperwork and I’ll call you back when I’ve sorted them out. Thank you, Walker. Good bye.”

John reached his office as he closed off the conversation, and entered through the lounge, pressing a side of the floor length mirror to allow him access to his office. Throwing off the earpiece, he slid off his coat and set some music before beginning on the files. No sooner had he sat down that the lounge door opened and Al walked in, jerking to a stop in front of the mirror and did a dance, admiring his looks as John watched from the other side of the mirror.

“Mr. Mellark, the captain requests a copy of the docking records.” Al reported when he finally stepped in.

“The file’s over there,” John nodded over his own files, and Al bumbled about before John grabbed the file in front on the desk.

“Oh, Thank you.” Al grabbed the file and was about to leave, when he turned with a serious look on his face.

“Johnny, if I may say something confidential?”

John was frustrated by the interruptions at this point, but still gave Al the go ahead.

“There’s about to be a war between America and England.” Al said, and John looked back with his nose wrinkled up.

“Since our cruise is such a success, the English shipping industry will SHUT DOWN, England will come out on the street, and in frustration, will launch an attack!”

John pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

“The shipping industry is based in Greece, not England!”

Al made a face back at John;

“If it had been in England, wouldn’t they have warred?!”

John leaned back in his chair and Al angrily stormed out the office.

“You know, they have such a big fitness room! And deck is a good place to work out, so I’m going to pig out on this buffet!” Maggie announced as she filled her plate with food.

“Yeah yeah,” Robbie teased. “Darling, you are on a holiday cruise, make all the claims you want. You won’t hit that gym once!”

The rest laughed as Maggie dejectedly made her way back to the table.

Mwah! “Hello sweetheart,” Kaitlyn kissed Henry on the cheek as she wrapped her arms around him from behind, then came around and sat across him.

“Hi!” He said, broken out of his thoughts.

“You know, I took a walk on the whole deck, it’s so beautiful!”


“Just imagine, how pretty and romantic it must be at night. What with the open sky above and the twinkling stars and the sea breeze, am I right?” Kay said, driving her fingers through Henry’s hair.

The other six sat on a different table, observing the couple, when Sarah and Hannah moved and plopped on the table with Henry and Kay.

“Henry, you’re not eating anything?” Sarah asked as she sat down.

“It’s all so very delicious, right?” Hannah replied to her.

“Oh well I thought if I ate, Maggie might fall short!” Henry retorted.

“Ooh, I’ll go get some piña colada!” Kaitlyn jumped off the table. “Henry, do you want something?”

“Whatever you bring me, darling.” Henry leaned back and the other girls oohed as Kay walked over to the juice bar.

“Eat your biscuit, baby Dylan. Mommy got you your favorite biscuits, please eat for mommy.” Rosy had her hand in the basket, discreetly trying to feed her puppy as her husband leaned over her shoulder.

“Eh, eh, Rosy darling,” Cole gingerly pulled at his wife, who sharply turned to him.

“What is it?” she asked annoyed.

“You know why I brought you on this luxurious cruise ship?”

“Why did you?” She asked.

“Because,” Cole said annoyed, “The way you love Dylan, MAYbe just one day love your Cole darling as much!”

Rosy gritted her teeth; “Old men aren’t loved! They’re respected! Get it!”

Cole was on the brink of tears; “Then why in the world did you marry me?”

“How was I to know how old you were? I discovered it on the night of our honeymoon when you let it slip!”

Rosy continued to pick at Cole’s old age features, when Dylan jumped out of his basket and ran towards the bar, where Kaitlyn had just gotten her drinks. The dog sat by the post and Kaitlyn absently stepped on his tail, getting an angry bark from Dylan. Kaitlyn froze and looked down, then shrieked in horror as the dog pulled her red skirt in his mouth.

“Aaaah!” Kay dropped the drinks and ran down the deck, the dog chasing after her as she prayed for someone to help her. She ran all the way to the other side, her dress catching and ripping on a potted plant. She grabbed the nearest door and ran inside, the puppy still after her, but Kaitlyn managed to get through a second door and close it between her and the dog, who growled from the other side.

The slammed door forced John to look up from the blueprints in his hands, and he was glad he did. Against the lounge door was a pretty lady in a ripped skirt, breathing heavily as she prayed with closed eyes. John got up and leaned against the back of the guest chair as the girl peaked through the window, relieved that whatever monster was chasing her was gone. She gaped when she took the first look at herself in the one way mirror and grabbed at her ripped skirt, shimmying up closer to the mirror door. John jolted back thinking she’d seen him, then realized it was a one way mirror.

“Oh my god! My skirt!” she exclaimed, then without a second though, tore it up, revealing a pair of jean shorts underneath. She looked relieved for a second before pouting at her damaged stockings. She unzipped her boots one by one and rolled off the stockings as John looked on, blushing as he argued with himself to look away, but he was fixated on her.

The girl slumped back, exhausted of altering her wardrobe, then stared at the mirror, pleased at her appearance. She whistled at herself and John chuckled as she did a little dance. The CEO mentally kicked himself for being such a pervert and walked over to the door, opening it when she was turned around, which forced her to spin towards him. Her eyes grew bewildered, not having expected someone to be there.

“Can I help you?” He stood in the door way, one arm rested against the frame as the girl looked at him then behind him, confused.

“The-there was a dog! A-a puppy! A small puppy after me! And I was jumped and s-scared, and my skirt ripped, and I-I I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t be in he-here. I’ll just, I’ll just leave” she picked up her clothes and her shoes and pulled at the door, unable to get it to open.

“Perhaps you locked the door in your plight?” John motioned with his head towards the door and she looked at the lock, laughing as it was indeed locked, and she undid it.

“Right! I’m so sorry, once again. Bye!” She managed to get the door open and ran through, leaving john smiling as he stepped in the lounge, wondering how there was a dog on his ship. He turned back to his office, but stopped when his shoe landed on something, and bent to picked it up. He smiled at the silver heart dangling from the thin silver chain, then clasped it in his hand, making plans to search for the girl after he had his meeting with the graduates.

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