Dear Santa

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No dating site would have matched these two together. True Love is magical, powerful, and goes beyond any thing just like Santa Claus. With all the bad things happening in the world: war, natural disasters, and all the other tragic bull; some times, it's best to sweat it out and true love will do that like no other ;) --

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Joe Hinostro
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Dear Santa,

Your big day is in a few weeks, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want for Christmas. Our teacher told us that it is better to give than to receive.

A shout comes from down the hall, Lance’s voice reaches him loud and clear, “Joe, get your ass ready! Your bus is almost here.”

Joe looks up from his laptop. “Okay, I’m coming!” He shuts his computer. He hops off the floor and runs out of the room with his laptop in hand. He grabs his backpack that is on the couch in the living-room and puts his laptop in his book bag. Suddenly he gets pushed from the side. He stumbles to the ground. Looking up he sees a tall teenage kid they call Glenn. Joe quickly gets up and pushes Glenn. The teenage boy threatens his younger by pretending to punch him. Joe flinches at the threat.

Lance walks into the room. “Stop picking on your brother. Or I’m going to make you and Larry walk.”

Glenn turns around and protests, “That’s over a five-mile walk!”

“Not my problem bro.”

Little Joe gets brave with his older brother Lance there. Lance is the tallest of all the siblings and the most physically imposing. Joe pushes Glenn, and Glenn ignores him.

A young woman walks by the guys; her hair is still slightly wet yet neatly brushed. The guys all take notice of her. Joe runs up to her. “Crista!” He wraps himself around one of her legs.

Lance walks in front of them and opens the door. They walk out of the house and Lance shuts and locks the door behind them. Crista holds Joe’s hand as she waits with him at the sidewalk for his bus. Lance and Glenn sit in Lance’s car. Suddenly a kid around Glenn’s age and size comes walking down the sidewalk. The teenage boy greets Glenn as the two boys slap hands, “Sup bro.”

Lance turns his head and looks at Larry. “Dude, don’t even think about it.”

Larry looks at Lance and plays ignorant. “What? I haven’t done anything.”

Lance shakes his head as he speaks, his voice: strong, “Dude last time you tried to hop in you scuffed up the side real bad. I had to spend an hour buffing and waxing it out.”

Shaking his head, Glenn smiles and looks down as he opens the door for Larry to get in the back. Larry becomes defensive at the other two’s reactions. “What!? It was one time. Damn!” Larry gets in and takes a seat, and Glenn closes the door.

After a few more moments of waiting, Joe’s bus arrives. Joe motions for his big sister to hug him. She bends down and they hug. She straightens up, and he hangs on to her as he giggles uncontrollably. Smiling, she walks over to the bus. He sets his feet on the entrance platform. They give each other a kiss on the cheek, and then, he turns around and takes a seat on the bus. The bus takes off.

Crista runs to the car. Lance opens the door and she gets in.

The little house in the ghetto is vacant while the future gets educated. The refrigerator is completely empty. The sink is filled with dirty dishes. The kitchen table has empty fast food bags and some rotting food that their mom made on Monday; no one really liked the taste of it so there it sits to waste. While this little house in the ghetto rests in disarray a boy named Joe continues his letter to Santa while sitting in class.

I’ve been thinking really hard on what I want. But I already have everything I want. So I figure whatever you think is good. I trust your judgment. I have a great family. I know last year you didn’t bring any of my brothers and sister gifts. I wish you could meet them. Sadly I know you’re a busy man.

The lunch bell rings and Joe sits at one of the tables and continues his letter.

I understand why you didn’t bring Glenn anything. He is definitely on the naughty list. He’s always picking on me but could you please forgive him? He’s a good guy. Yesterday him and Larry helped me study for my vocab test today. I’m going to nail it.

The lunch bell rings and Joe goes back to class.

We just finished our vocabulary test. I aced it.

Joe thinks about his next words and then starts typing again.

My big brother Lance is the greatest. I have no idea why you didn’t bring him presents. He’s always sticking up for me. He is strong and the girls seem to like him. I know they like saying his name a lot. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

The bell rings and that means the school day is done for Joe. He walks over to the after school program and waits for Lance to pick him up; while sitting in there, he opens his laptop and continues writing his letter.

My sister Crista is the smartest. She is the one that mostly helps me with my homework. She makes the best food ever. She’s taking a cooking class at school. She wants to be a chef. Lance says only ugly girls cook because that is the only way they can get a man. But she is not ugly, she is very pretty. All the boys try to be her boyfriend but it never works out. Lance says it is because she is a snob. Glenn told me that means she’s choosy. One time she met a boy on FaceHook named Gustavo. I have never seen her so happy before. She even started wearing makeup. It turned out Gustavo was really Lance playing a joke on her. She doesn’t wear makeup anymore. She looks the same to me with or without makeup. Please don’t put her on the naughty list this year. I want all of us to have presents this Christmas, especially her. I don’t know how to explain it but she makes us all happy.

He looks up from his laptop and sees Crista. He gets happy. He quickly shoves his laptop in his back pack and then runs to his sister. They walk hand in hand to where Lance is waiting with Glenn and Larry. They get in and Lance takes off. They get home and Lance opens the door and lets his brothers, sister, and Larry go before him. Joe takes off to his room. He falls on his bed. Glenn and Larry are right behind him. They carelessly toss their book bags wherever they may land. They immediately turn on a game console and start playing. Joe gets his laptop from his backpack and resumes writing his letter.

And then there is Nickolas. He doesn’t live with us. He only comes over on Fridays. We went to his place once. It is in the city up high in a building. Lance seemed to really like it. I don’t like heights. Nick talks different from everyone else. He is always saying stuff I don’t understand. When Nick is around Lance tries to talk like him. I think it is funny.

Joe gets off his bed and walks to the kitchen where the table is clean and the floor is mopped. Crista is at the sink cleaning the few dirty dishes that remain. “Can I have a soda,” Joe asks his big sister.

“You already know the answer mister.”

“Awww come on.”

She doesn’t answer him; and so, Joe goes back to his room. A few minutes later Lance walks in with a few bags of groceries. “I got what was on your list.” A young lady around Lance’s age walks in from behind him.

“Thank you.” Crista motions her head towards several filled trash bags, and that is when she catches a glimpse of Lance’s female friend. She turns around to confront Lance. “I told you about that!” Crista’s yells can be heard throughout the house.

Glenn and Larry look at each other. Glenn chuckles. “They’re at it again.” He gets up and closes the door to their room.

Crista is on her tippy-toes as she gets in Lance’s face. “She can’t stay,” her voice is very loud, “There is a little kid here!”

Lance shrugs off her words. “Whatever.” Lance walks around her and grabs the trash bags. “She’s staying and you’re welcome.”

While the muffled sounds of Crista and Lance’s argument come through the walls, little Joe writes his letter.

Crista is mad at Lance again. One time she got really mad at him. She was banging on his door and yelling at him.

Time stops and rewinds back to when a young man began to mature.

In a time in Katelyn’s life when she lacks confidence, she has met a boy that puts her at ease. She is unsure but he says it’ll be okay. He makes her laugh and shows her the way. His cool touch makes her believe him. He smiles at her. His smile makes her blush. She’ll follow him anywhere. Bodies undress and he admires her. Her mind floods with thoughts: His eyes excite me, the way he looks at me. The other girls at school say he’s a bad boy, but the way he touches me: gentle and smooth, makes me think he can’t be bad. He takes a moment to study her. What’s he doing? He’s just staring at me. His expert mind analyzes her body: her hips are wide, that means she can handle more. He puts his hand on her arm and gooseflesh forms on her skin. This reaction gets him thinking: she’s never been touched by a guy before? Does that mean she’s a virgin? He puts his hand ever so softly on her lips and carefully examines her: Hmmm so she is a virgin . . . He lets out a sigh: Word on the street is that she’s a freak, down for the lickety-split. Clearly, I got wrong info. Now that he knows the truth, he fights himself: Should I still do the pump and dump? I really want to. Or should I do her right? It’s not like I love her. Nah, the next guy will do her right. With his mind made up. He immediately starts kissing her; she kisses him back. Then he feels something that makes him stop kissing her; her hand, she is holding his hand. He looks into her eyes and smiles as he thinks to himself: None of them have held my hand. They just wanted my dee.

With a change of heart, he takes a half-step back and resumes studying her body. He puts his hands on her breasts and watches how she reacts when he lightly squeezes the area around her nipples. She doesn’t react much to the test and so he contemplates: She isn’t aroused enough.

He turns on the radio. He wraps his arms around her. He brings her close and sways with her to the rhythm of the music. In between the kisses, he softly sings along to the music. Her ear feels the air pushing from his lips.

She feels something; she looks down and instinctually takes a step back: Whooa the girls at school weren’t kidding, he’s huge. He brings her back into his arms. She feels his chest breathing; and with everything she’s feeling, the wetness comes on. He’s singing to her, and she knows he is only singing for her because she can tell he doesn’t fake it by the hardness between her thighs—drip drip—the wetness consumes her, and she speaks what’s on her mind, “I want you inside.”

She lays on the bed. He slides in but does not go deeper than his tip. He pets her clit with his thumb as he rubs her insides with his tip; with a little bit of time and patience, it is enough to make her cream. She thinks as the feeling quickly passes: Did I just cum? Is that what an orgasm feels like? She gasps as she feels him go in a little deeper, and his strokes become longer. He continues to rub her with his thumb. Steady he goes. This time she feels the wave gradually coming on. Her mind is in the moment: Oh that one. I couldn’t breathe for a second. She closes her eyes and focuses on him inside, and again, the wave comes over her. Her body shakes from the power of the tide. She gasps for air as she tries to catch her breath: Oh fuck! What was that?! That was super.

Exhausted from the explosion all she can do is lay there and listen to the music of her youth and the sounds that her body makes. Minutes pass, her heart rate slows down and her breathing becomes regular. She looks down at her pussy and for the first time realizes a truth: He’s only half way in!? She takes a deep breath as she prepares herself: Okay girl you can do this. She pulls him down to her and speaks into his ear, “I want all of you.”

He looks at her with doubt. “Are you sure?”

She nods.

He pushes in. She lets out a whimper, and her body shakes from the pain. She closes her eyes and tries to think happy thoughts but it is difficult when he keeps going deeper. Tears squeeze out from her clenched eyelids. Then she feels his body touch hers. Fully in, he doesn’t move; he pays attention to her: her body stops shaking; her tears start to dry up; and then, she opens her eyes; and that is his cue, very slowly he goes; their silhouettes grow as the sunlight shining through the window blinds lessens, and by now, his pace has picked up considerably.

“Yes!” Is what she says because he doesn’t hurt anymore; and by now, their silhouettes are gone but the music still plays. She wants more so she moves with him. Hips flexing, dick pushing: it’s all good when the bodies work together. And pleasure: she screams, “Oh God!” because he is making her feel something she has never felt.

Loud pounding comes from Lance’s door; and Crista’s voice comes through the wall, “You’re a pig!”

They both ignore the attempt to ruin their high and instead they bask in the moment; young bodies moving, and hip pop music plays loudly as the young lady’s voice carries over the music and passed the thin walls of the little house in the ghetto. Quavering on his dick, she screams his name because he’s doing it again, “LANCE! LANCE! Oh my GOD, YEEES!”

Unbeknownst to her, He will become her lifelong vice. Every commercial and song that played will remind her of him. Unbeknownst to him, Katelyn will be the woman he loves for life. They won’t see each other for another year, but when they do a love will blossom—a love that will rival the sky, even the sun; and it all started with a girl holding a boy’s hand.

In the aftermath of sex, they lay silent while the radio plays. She’s cuddling up to him as she studies his face, and she makes up her mind: They’re all wrong. He’s a good guy. While looking up at the ceiling, he speaks to her, “You should get dressed. She’s going to keep banging on the door and screaming until you leave. I’ll drive you home.”

Back in the present, the ignorant Joe writes his concerns to Santa.

I know that’s why you didn’t bring Crista anything last year, but believe me, she is a good girl.

Suddenly the noise of Crista shouting at Lance stops. Everyone in the house, even young Joe, knows that can mean only one thing.

“Stop antagonizing your sister.” Nickolas is standing between Lance and Crista, holding her back. Still on her tippy-toes, face red, fists clenched: she’s ready to fight.

“I can’t help it, bro. The ladies love my big,” he makes a popping sound, “And I’m not one to disappoint.”

Nickolas remains serious as he speaks to his younger, “So you want to be that guy? Alright, tough-guy, see how cool it is when you’re forty still hooking-up with girls because those are the only females wanting your big,” he mimics the sound Lance had made.

Lance becomes defensive, “Why do you try to belittle me? I have needs, man.”

“And that’s fine little brother. Just fulfill those needs outside this house. It is derogatory towards your sister. And it sets a bad example for you know who. He looks up to you.” Nick gives his brother a hug. “Now apologize to your sister and take your friend home. We will wait for you.”

“I’m sorry Crista,” He gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek; “you’re the best sister a guy could ask for.” He walks out of the house and takes his lady friend home.

With Lance out, Nickolas smiles at Crista as he tries to comfort her, “That knucklehead. He does care about you. He just . . .”

She speaks up, “His thingy over rides his brain.”

Nickolas shakes his head as he finishes his thought, “He’s just not good at conveying his feelings.”

“Yeah right!” She repeats words a lovely boy named Gustavo had once written to her, “We only have so many words. And so often love birds waste so many of those words on three words. I love you. But us, we shall not say a thing, for lips shall be pressed against one another and our minds connected while my arms hold you and you accept me for who I am. In certain company, some things go without saying. Of that, I am positive without negative.”

Nick hugs Crista. “I’m sorry our brother is a womanizer.”

Sometimes a girl just needs a hug from her big brother, the red fades from her face. “It’s okay. It’s not your fault he’s a jerk.”

He looks at the groceries, “Now what do you want me to do?”

“You can slice the onions while I grate the cheese.”

Nick and Crista are preoccupied with preparing dinner. Without looking at him, she speaks as she pours macaroni noodles in boiling water, “Thanks for giving us money for groceries.”

Nick is fully focused as he carefully cuts the apples into wedges. “I haven’t given Lance grocery money for a while. He has insisted on doing that himself.”

She stops and thinks over the new information. “He’s still a pig.” She resumes making dinner. Meanwhile, Glenn and Larry are doing important things.

Larry screams, “Dude use the cluster bombs! Cluster bombs!”

Glenn and Larry are at the edge of their seats.

“Chill, I got this.”

“Well, I got two bogies over by the factory.”

“Dude, I can’t worry about that. I got the MVP on my ass.”

Little Joe watches in awe as he sees futuristic warriors wage war.

“Dude! What happened to our team!”

“They’re dead, bro.”

“Aww shit! I need your help. The whole team is over here.”

“I can’t dude! The MVP is hunting me. I just lost him.”

“Alright. Meet me in the center.”

“Dude, I’m running low on ammo.”

“You got any frags left?”

“I got one smoke screen. You?”

“One cluster bomb.”

Slow and calculating they pick off enemy aggressors one ambush at a time.

WhoopA$$666 looks at his wing man, G0OfyWhIteKid. They tag-team the MVP. Victory is theirs. They jump up for joy and start dancing in celebration. Little Joe joins them in celebration.

The sound of the front door opening greets the household; hearing the front door open, Joe runs to the living room. “Lance!” He gives his brother a hug. Glenn and Larry come strolling into the living room. Crista speaks to everyone, “Alright dinner time.”

While they sit down at the dinner table their mother works so her kids can have a home. Nick says a prayer. Then everyone starts to eat. Joe speaks up, “Wait, I want to know what you guys want for Christmas. So I can put it in my letter to Santa.” He looks at his big sister. “Crista what do you want?”

“Tell Santa I want a cook book.”

Glenn speaks up, “Tell the big jolly man that I want the new Holla Duty: Merc Edition.”

Joe nods. “Okay. What about you Larry?”

“Umm, a hot girlfriend.”

Joe looks up at Lance, who he is sitting next to. “What would you like?”

Casually and confidently he speaks, “Ask Saint Nickolas to bring me a box of jumbo size condoms.”

Glenn and Larry laugh. Crista throws the salt shaker at Lance.

“What are condoms?”

Crista explains to the innocent Joe, “They are a type of balloon.”

“Oh okay.” Joe thinks: Lances always comes up with the best gifts. You can do all kinds of things with jumbo size balloons.

The next morning Joe puts his letter in the mail box. Days pass and the big day comes. The sun breaks and the young one they call Joe stumbles into the living room. His eyes light up as he sees bunches of gifts under the tree. He checks the plate and sees all the cookies Crista helped him make are gone. He takes off to Crista’s room. He barges into her room and shakes her until she wakes up. “Crista—Crista! He ate the cookies!”

She gets out of bed. Joe pulls her hand as he tries to hurry her up. They get to the living room and Crista is taken back by the fact that there are more gifts under the tree than she had anticipated. Excitedly Joe speaks as he points to the empty plate, “Look! He ate them all!”

She looks at the plate and smiles. “He must have really liked them.”

Joe vigorously nods in agreement.

Slowly the others wake up to the commotion. Nick even comes over. Nickolas hands out the gifts. Their mom is the first one to open her gift. She gives Nick a hug. Glenn opens his present and finds out that Santa brought him the new Holla Duty. He calls up Larry. “Dude, get over here. We got all kinds of stuff. Santa even brought you one!”

Lance opens his and protests, “What is this?!” He shows a box of jumbo balloons.

Crista laughs. “I guess Santa has a sense of humor.”

Not wanting jumbo size balloons he gives his present to Joe. Crista opens her gift and is left confused. She walks to her room. She sits on her bed and looks down at her cook book. The cook book is made up of handwritten recipes from local chefs. It also has tips and advice. She thinks over things. Nick knocks on the door. “May I come in?”

“Yes, you may.”

He walks in. “It seems like there is something wrong.”

She questions him, “Why—why do you let people think that it is you that brought us the gifts?”

“What do you mean?”

“Everyone thinks you brought the gifts, expect Joe.”

He shrugs. “I can’t help that.” He smiles as he continues, “What gave it away?”

“This gift, it is not something you can just buy.” She thinks to herself: It takes imagination, time, patience and effort to get a gift like this.

Nickolas adds, “Yes it is a thoughtful gift. But how did that give it away?”

Crista shrugs. She keeps her thoughts inside: Nickolas you’re great, but I’ve only met one guy that knows what a girl wants.

Nick smiles as he looks at his sister for he knows the truth too. “I told you he cares. Are you going to thank him?”

“No, he is already too cocky.”

Dear Santa,

Thank you for reading my letter. Thank you for bringing everyone gifts this year. I knew you would understand . . .

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