Red Velvet Cake

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If the world is your oyster, then why can't you dine on a sexual laced story that is not pornographic? Sometimes, all you want to do is to dine on desserts first. These tales are a small offering... On one of those sexually charged nights, when you can't rest and you need a distraction of sorts. You know the type of nights where you wish a stranger who happens to be a gypsy or a pirate knocks on your door and offer's to tell you a sexually charged story! This gypsy has a killer smile and she smells delicious, almost like some type of dessert. The gypsy only needs shelter for a night but in order to pay for her keep, She will entertain you with a line of tales named after prominent desserts! On this mystical and magical night, the gypsy places out a wish in the Universe for you! After she settles down to repay you for allowing her entrance into your home, The wheels of creativity start to flow for the gypsy as she begins to operate and spin a tale for you! Her words about her stories almost kick you in the head as you move to the edge of your seat because you can see these events play out in your mind! The gypsy made you aware that she will not skimp on the details of the stories as she builds you the world out of thin air. The gypsy reaches out with her words, tells you how sometimes eating your dessert first is best! Small slices Desserts can heal and calm some broken heart!

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An introduction to the sweet slice of ecstasy…

For your viewing pleasure, I offer you the first scrumptious slice of three prominent stories in one! They will be delivered to you in layers from the same cake. I wish to take it nice and slow with you because these stories can advance your imagination or slow you down some as passion takes hold.

You can mentally rise to this special occasion, as I ask a small question! Have you ever set your sight on the most beautiful Red Velvet Cake that your eyes can be hold as time just slips past you? If you get the chance to gaze at how the cake glistens as you find yourself becoming a victim of desiring to encounter that cake on your own terms.

For me, the storyteller, the first thing that I notice during my experiences with this decadent dessert, is how the color of the cake is mesmerizing. It’s not all the way red nor is it the color of a rich velvet but it is both all wrapped up into one. The color of the dessert possess power as you find yourself wagging your tongue! You then wish to submerge a utensil inside of it so you can grab hold of one of the layers and decide for yourself if it delightful or not.

Next after you have sampled the cake with all its treats for yourself. Then you know that you are a true fan. As your taste-buds will always wish to be appointed to be the first one to stand in line for such a succulent treat like this mysterious Red Velvet Cake.

Maybe, the erotic architect that lives in me, wanted to keep you up for an erotic tale before you move on with the rest of your life! That’s why these stories have come to life. I believe in what I am about to share with you so take a seat as I spin you a sexy little tale!

I now give you an enhanced, yet erotic offering of one of my favorite desserts! Sit back and be ready to dive in deep inside this rather succulent tale! I will try to offer you a picture of what the dessert looks like. But in my mind, these stories tell the real tale behind the names of the desserts!

This first slice, that I grant you a chance to dine on is titled Red! Following up behind this story, will be the two unique slices and different offerings, to make up my compilation of these racy Dessert Novella’s! Bon Appetite’…

Chapter 1.

The First Slice of Moist Red Velvet Cake:


The Magician and the Genie…

This fascination of my sorted novel finds two soon to be lovers colliding inside of an adventure dripping with delights and sprinkled with allure! The Magician finds himself invited to a banquet with all manners of noble men walking all around him and speaking about their success. He believes that these people hold his career in their hands but he is experiencing wrong thought behind that notion because he is the one who hold in own life in his hands.

The Magician has forgotten how to read the book of his own life that has been placed before him and he is unsure of some the skills that make him special as far as he is concerned. He has taken his eyes off himself and now he is caught up inside of a wicked childhood game of Simon Say’s! This Magician is so special but he no longer sees the simple things that could make him happy any longer.

Because someone has planted a seed inside of his mind that he is not worthy. Even though he is trying to make the best of this situation in his life because he feels as if someone or something is trying to place him on his knees but he believes with any luck he can recapture his splendor once again.

The Magician has always had his life locked up inside of what he does for a living and he has removed his eyes off the simple pleasure that he is a treasure to be around. He is under some assumption that people only wish to be around him because of what he can do for them.

He has taken his eyes off his own history and therefore becoming a myth to himself! I guess he is struggling with his own self-worth but one day soon, he will be made aware that there are no coincidences in this life and he needs to learn to be tender with himself.

Now allow me to bring you up to date on this marvelous creature called The Genie in this rather ambitious tale! This gentle Genie believes that she is a perfect spirit in her own mind but the reality is the Genie has forgotten all the spells or placement of the words that she believes makes her special.

She sufferers from being distracted at the drop of a hat! No matter what is going on in her life the most profound things capture her attention and then she forgets what she was supposed to take care of at a moment’s notice!

Maybe losing her timing in life has been a bad thing for her because some days she seems to be mentally floating around as if she does not have a care in the world even though some people believe her to be spoiled but they do not believe her to be a magical creature because she seems as if she could not find her way out of a paper-bag if she had too.

This Genie has been mistreated through some of her life so now when it important for her to come to the rescue and a save family member or friend, she can’t remember how to fix the problem or she is too distracted to see that they are in real danger.

The Genie has somewhat placed herself in a holding pattern because she has been made aware that she is far too young to retire but she cannot be relied upon to master the perfect outcome for anyone. She needs to find her way back to regain her own life because she is tired of seeming scattered out mindless during some of her life’s exchanges.

Today the Genie finds herself creeping in the backdrop of life because she never knows when her powers will show back up and offers her a different direction to move towards or when a distraction will capture her! This Genie also has a hard time sleeping so she naps often but it is always at the most inopportune time because when sleep has a hold on her she always ends up broken-hearted or breaking her word.

Her spirit is peaceful but there are parts of her life that remain mystifying even to herself as she believes that she is fading in and out of sight to some people whom believe that they know her and the skills that she possesses.

Even though, she has heard some talk from her past to remind her that every shut eye ain’t sleep and every good-bye ain’t gone! Sometimes she amazes herself when she is called upon to do a trick or to rescue a needed family or friend because her skills or gifts are not up to par when they are needed!

And in the way, some of her fans or family members always fell as if she has let them down even though she keeps trying to make them aware that she is not in the rescue business anymore. The Genie knows that she still has power but she is mindful how she calls it into being because some of her spells can’t be undone so she is cautious when casting her spells.

Well on this occasion the Magician and the Genie find themselves at the same place and time attending this banquet inside of a beautiful Hall located on the west side of town. The Genie has been invited to attend this gala by some friends of hers who believe with all their heart that she still has a few more tricks up her sleeves.

The Magician has been called to entertain the guest and to keep them distracted by his attempts to catch them off guard. He was instructed to whisper all manners of compliments to the party goers and remind them how special that he really is but he has been rendered Mute for this occasion!

Both are on the opposite sides of the room as they both smile at one another from the back of the building! I guess it is true what they say; magnificence admires magnificence because that was what was happening to the them. The Magician has a certain frame of mind as he glances at her and then smiles because she looks as if someone is shining a light on her face and he is enjoying what he sees as he looks at her.

The law of attraction has a parade going on with them and that is just what is happening to them as a strange pull of has been bestowed upon them. There is something about them being pulled towards one another for some strange reason. The banquet offers all manners of food and entertainment but the Magician is scheduled to entertain the masses real soon as he only nibbles away at some fruit.

The Magician looks over at the Genie and smiles as he notices that she has on this spectacular fire Red pants suit as he applies his Red and black cape around his neck because it is almost show-time for him! He then secures his top hat too his head as he wishes to look the part of someone who is important and in control! The Magician is walking in circles because he is worried about his skills but he is unsure if he can pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat anymore.

His skills are sort of rusty but he just hopes that he can at least still do his standard routine to entertain the people in the room. I guess he was thinking that his luck was too good to be true because not too many people get to meet a modern- day Genie as he really takes the time to notice her standing at the back of the room.

Although he has not spoken a word all day long he decides to go over and gaze at her because she was glowing in the back of the room. The Genie is aware that The Magician was struggling to perform his one last act because if he does not nail it total precision, well he is going to be out of a job in the very near future!

He has unsuccessfully tried several times to show his award-winning tricks in the past with no luck! The Magician knows that he is in the company of a supernatural delight as he moves towards her. She looks at him up and down and then smiles in his direction because she already knows his plight as she decides to call out his name!

She says, “Magician, I’ve got a whole in my heart can you fix it?”

He looked over at her then held his head down for a brief second because he was unsure of himself and knew that his mouth and voice would not allow him to spit out a word as his name was suddenly being called to come to the stage and perform for this crowd of people!

You could tell that he was a gentleman and he wanted to explode into her life and show off some of his skills. He wanted her to know that he could be a kind of poet with his words and charm the hell out of her but they would not get that chance to discover a verbal friendship right now.

The Genie took a chance and slightly moved closer to him and allowed him to touch her as he was making it to the stage. She moved up close and tight towards him and sprinkled several words in his direction.

The Magician nestled up close to her also because there was something about her that reminded him of a massive Sunday Supper as he found himself growing hungry. She knew that she had the remedy for him but only if he did not run from her because she felt some type of strange magic as their bodies touched one another also.

He was in the process of changing his fortune as he touched her also! (Everyone knows, that to get the real benefit from a Genie you must either touch her or rub the place that she lives. This Genie keeps herself guarded and now lives mainly inside of her own heart but once you have touched a Genie then she is yours until you release her if no one else owns her!)

They both stopped to look at each other; I mean really take the chance to glance upon each other’s beauty because there was something about each other that seemed familiar. It was like something was tempting the them to speak each other’s truth and that were just what they did as they held each other captive with their eyes.

The Genie whispered to The Magician before he went to the stage, “Please allow me to introduce myself to you, my name is Claire and I am pleased for you to meet me. Here is one thing that is truly puzzling me about you before you go. Do you believe that you have it in you to go out there and amaze the hell out of that crowd? And if you are unsure of yourself then at least believe in me because I believe in you my new friend and it might serve you well to pretend as if you are at a concert and the crowd is there to entertain you!”

The Magician whose name was Roy, took hold of her hand and offered up a kind thought to her because he was afraid to try and speak in her presence. The Genie already knew what his mental request was going to be so she had already summoned up her skills and blew them in his direction!

The Magician had the courtesy to kiss her hand before he went on the stage! The Genie told him to go out there and make them never forget your name because you are more than they would ever know! The Magician released her hand as he drifted to the stage and began to perform his last and final act of the night!

The Magician felt something different, something about himself but he was struggling with all his simple acts because he felt sort of rushed! The Genie stood on the side of the stage and watched him destroy all his acts because he was being careless with himself. He was becoming weak and scared as he looked over at The Genie because he was not doing well!

The Genie smiled at him and whispered into the air while he read her lips because she knew that she was going to stay still just long enough to rescue him. The Genie whispered, “I will see you outside after you Wow them with your last act! You are going to Shut This Banquet Down! I promise you, just believe in yourself!”

With her last words delivered to him The Genie was gone and The Magician was searching the back of the room for her. He became mad and upset with himself, as he was eager to get off the stage because he thought that he had no more magic left in him!

A small wind blew inside of the room and ruffled the tablecloth at the largest table! The Magician took note of that table because they had been very disrespectful to him as he was failing to entertain them! They were taunting him and told him to get off the stage and to take his sideshow home!

The Magician moved through the crowd and found himself standing in front of that massive table with all the dignitaries seated all around! The room got really-quiet, as The Magician felt the energy flowing around the room and got this novel idea to try a trick that he saw when he was a young man.

He never tried this trick because it required all the skill and the craftsmanship that he believed that he did not possess. The Magician walked to the head of the table because he knew that after he was done trying this one final act he needed to be able too swiftly get the Hell out of the room.

He had surrendered to this warm thought that went through his body as he stood there with everyone eyes upon him. He closed his eyes and cleared his mind as all his past negative thoughts about himself had burned down to the ground as his hands and heart grabbed hold of the tablecloth! He whispered to himself a couple of lines because he was offering up condolence. He believed that he was about to fail and he was trying to settle his heart down.

There was something telling him not to give up hope as his thoughts sort of became confused! He then looked up at the ceiling and smiled as he received a calm feeling all over his body. He thought that he felt someone standing next to him.

His physical eyes knew that he was indeed standing alone, like he has done so many times in his past! The Magician was on the verge of losing his mind as he attempted this wicked trick as he slowed his heart rate down and took in several massive breaths before he made his next move.

He placed both of his hands on that tablecloth and with one swift swoop; he snatched that tablecloth from off that table without misplacing one dam thing! The room broke out in total amazement and hysteria as all manners of people came over to congratulate The Magician!

A couple of people had made note that no human could have done such a flawless act and it was virtually impossible for such a mere mortal like himself to pull off an act like he has just done.

Important people where making him aware of how proud that everyone was of The Magician because he had mastered a massive task and everyone was overjoyed about what he had just done! He allowed all the praises fall upon him as he turned to face the exit of that building.

He knew that the shadow had been lifted off him but he wanted to see The Genie because he was longing to be in her presence once more so he walked out of the banquet hall after he had spent a moderate amount of time with them as his eyes began searching the crowd outside!

The Magician stood on the sidewalk and looked for his new-found friend but she was nowhere for him to seen. He was becoming sort of sad because he knew that out of all the people in the room, she was the only one that really believed in him! She believed in his abilities even as he stood there unsure of himself.

He lowered his head as several people came out to speak with him about doing his act on a grander scale. The Magician tried to muster up some joy for them but inside he knew that he was absent of his friend because her being gone was affecting him in a negative sense.

He started to feel sort of brokenhearted because he was trying to figure out did he just dream of his encounter with The Genie. He kept hearing all those people mention to him what a great job he did removing that tablecloth from that massive table! Everyone knew that the performance that he had just done required all manners of skill and control.

The Magician thought that maybe he should have done a safer trick like walking on a wire across the room or setting himself on fire because those were tricks that he knew he could do with his eyes closed! He began to smile as he looked down at his hands and wondered why would The Genie tell him that she would see him outside once he shut the Room Down with his performance? Although he did shut the room down and his faith had been restored back in himself he did not wish to discard his meeting of a new friend.

His heart was offering him a slice of pain as he began to walk away from the crowd! He left all his belongs in the banquet room as he moved towards his car! The Magician was somewhat down in the dumps because he did not get the chance to enjoy The Genie like he wanted too. He was becoming mad at himself and then he told himself inside of his head that maybe he should have followed her when she exited the building!

He made it too his car and began to look down at the ground as he placed his keys inside of the lock to get into his car! The Magician was really dreaming of doing himself some harm because he let go of a dream and he was feeling twice as bad now as he opened his car door and was offering up thoughts to do himself some harm because he desired to see his new friend once more.

You see The Magician has had every intention of being a success in this life but things have never really turn out the way that you want them too most times. He was feeling hopeless and growing weary of being alone in this life and there has been no family to stand beside him during his downfalls and his pointless ventures to drink alcoholic beverages have only caused him more harm than good.

He sorts of felt dangerous to himself tonight even though it came on the heels of one of the most successful nights that he has experienced in such a long time. Confusion was swirling around his head as he told himself that he should go home because he was of no good to anyone right now as he gave thought to consuming tons of alcohol when he got home to help soothe his pain.

Once the door to his car was unlocked he wanted to rush inside and hide as he was about to float inside because he was not feeling special to anyone. He felt a little crazy as he was replaying his conversation inside of his head. As he was thinking that maybe she was a figment of his imagination once more because he had gotten really-good of dreaming up people.

But on most occasion in his past the people never talk with him they just seem to stand next to him during his conversations with them. But his over-sized heart was broken because he felt sort of betrayed because once more he was standing alone but the joy that he felt as his knees buckled when he saw The Genie walking up next to him and his car!

His eyes, got really-big as he reached over and placed his hands on her shoulders and began to move her closer to him! He took hold of her and placed her inside of his strong arms and began to kiss her! He felt like someone was shining a light in his face because he just knew that he was glowing as he touched her!

He had finally surrendered his negative thoughts about himself as he looked at her once more. Roy the magician took the chance to touch her face because he knew that she alone had unlocked the door to help place all his bad luck behind him.

They both knew that this encounter needed to move forward with full steam because it seems as both have both been betrayed in their past and they feared each other. But there was something that they needed to experience with each other before this life made a fool of them both.

They wanted to share a slice of loyalty before this affair began and ended. Both of their eyes begged each other to not betray me no matter what happens from here on out. Their eyes were both screaming to each other before their kiss because their eyes said: Show me loyalty.

His mouth brushed hers and his tongue traced the outline of her mouth then he took hold of her lips and began to express to her how he felt about her inside of a steamy kiss! His mouth began to investigate her mouth as he took his time delivering to her an everlasting kiss!

Subsequently, The Genie returned his affection inside of her own kiss back to him because their mouths held so much power and pain inside of them. She felt like she was a night blooming rose as his mouth was apologizing for all her past hurts.

Claire, the Genie was under his spell because she felt as if lightening must be striking her and the roar of thunder was sure to follow their exchange. She had never been involved in a kiss like this before plus Roy had his own erotic thoughts going on inside of his head while they kissed.

He knew that he had finally tossed his coin up in the air and it had landed on Heads because their kiss went on forever! Something was in the air for them as all the lies that they had told in their past was vanishing away from them as his kiss was delivering and drowning out some of her pain also as they were both breathing new life into each other.

Both were being renewed as their eyes and hands both encased each other’s body because they both had gone past the point of no return with one another because this one kiss had dropped the both off at their desired destination. This was more than just a passing fancy or a fling, this was the real thing.

Tenderness grew between the them as his hands reached down and touched her rear-end as both let out breathless-sighs! He was happy just by seeing her once more because she reminded him of a left-over dream that he had been involve inside of on a rainy day so many years ago.

After their long and thoughtful kiss, he removed his mouth off hers and grabbed her by her hands! The Magician looked at her and wanted to speak but he had given up trying to speak because he knew that it was of no use but it was then that he developed a cough as he turned his head away from her as his throat became scratchy.

He was praying that his voice would allow him to carry a conversation with her but The Genie did not give him the chance to speak because she wanted and desired another kiss! She leaned back closer to him and took all the words out of his mouth with her tongue as she kissed him! Her hands went up under his cape and began to make him crazy as their tongues began to dance next to one another once more.

Once she had sucked out all his juices from his mouth and swallowed down his sweet nectar while she backed away from him and smiled at him! The kiss that they had just shared was a thing of splendor and beauty because he thought that she had forgotten about him and she knew that she finally found the time to honor his request for memorable event to happen to him.

The Genie did not become distracted with the trappings of her own life because she had stumbled upon a jewel in the magician and she knew that he needed someone to care about him because he had been alone for so long.

She decided to try with all of her might to help another soul to find his way home and the experience his greatness! She cleared her voice and then looked at him and said, “I saw you shut down the room with your last act and I am so proud of you my handsome stranger.” She then smiled as another giggle escape her voice while she looked him dead in the eyes and continued with her statements:

“Although, I would have loved to have seen you set yourself on fire or walk on a wire also!”

They kissed once more as her mouth was waking up his body as his hands touched her through her Red pantsuit!

The Magician did not waste any more time as he began to ask her as his voice was finally restored back to him as he felt a warm sensation in his throat,

“You saw me shut down the room?”

“Of course, I did, I had my hands-on top of yours as you took hold of that tablecloth!”

“I did not see you there.”

“You were not supposed too.”

“But you felt me, right?”

“Yes, I felt you!”

“You where the wind, right?”

“Yes, Kind Sir, I was the wind!”


“Wow indeed!”

“So, let me get this right, you where the wind that stood next to me and allowed me to do that magnificent act?”


“How so!”

“You believe in Magic don’t you Magician?”


“Then I was the soft wind as I stood by your side and helped as you snatched the tablecloth off that table! I find it hard to believe that you have never tried that trick before because you seem good at it. Maybe now that you have conquered that trick you can now believe in yourself!”



The Magician began to smile as he touched The Genie’s shoulders he then reached over and kissed her once more as they both got in his car! He looked over at her and flashed a killer smile as his hands reached over with delight to touch her again!

“Well My Lady Genie, if that was Magic then what am I about to make disappear inside you?”

“Sir, I pray with all of my heart that you have your Magic Wand handy because I require a strong and firm Magic Wand at all times. I believe with all of my might that you and I have several sexier and delicious entertaining acts to perform before this adventure is over with!”

“Would you mind if I allowed my Magic Wand to disappear in side of your vanishing box?”

“I so welcome your massive Magic Wand being allowed to linger inside of my rather snug vanishing box!”

“With the help of Magic, right?”

“But of course, kind sir Magic!”



The Genie could not wait to be consumed by the Magician because it has been a very long time since a magic wand has been presented before her vanishing box. They were both eager to embrace each other with a newness and there would be no more being lonely and not knowing how to get home and fell as if they belong to someone even if it is only for one night.

You see, The Genie was already aware of all the sexual damage that she wanted to do to the Magician and knowing that he was a willing participant only made her more than eager to drift closer and put her fears aside and too stay in his life for a little longer than normal.

She had already dreampt of allowing his body to hitch a ride to the land of pleasure for the both! The Magician was so caught off guard that, A Genie would desire to be around him. He had no false charms and hopes to offer her. The only thing that she wanted from him at this particular-moment was pleasure and that was what the both were after.

Both of their bad luck had been placed aside and now pleasure was what the both were after as the both told each other what they wanted from each other. As they drove over to his place seemed like they had both time traveled to some unknown land while they both searched one another’s face for desires.

Everybody knows that a Genie can offer any mortal earthy pleasures and delights but it is only a mortal who can whisper magic spells to a Genie, to feed her physical desires. This was a match made in the stars because little does The Magician know that The Genie had a massive amount of redeemable time to offer The Magician. She wanted to offer him a free-pass to do anything to her because she wanted to offer him untold pleasures also.

They really knew who had the real magic act to perform in each other’s company. She knew that his body was going to do his bidding for him as she was going to approach his body with care before she hounds him into pleasing her with his penis! The Genie already knew that the stakes were high and she could not make him fall for her, the only thing that she could do was to make her the center of his life.

If she did not get too excited she was going to let him ease her out of her clothing while she toyed with his body! She had every intention of removing any form of doubt out of his head about his abilities in the sexual arena because she wanted to give herself completely to this man. The Genie knew that her hunger was no longer going to be dismissed as they arrived at The Magicians home.

They could both discover the treasure and pleasure that they both are eager to give away. The Genie took her hand and placed it on The Magician’s thigh because she wanted to feel the power and the majesty that he held in his body as she looked at him up and down for a couple of seconds.

Her hand began to shake as he placed his hand on her breast and began to rub them in a circular motion! Both where smiling at one another as he placed his hand in the center of her lap and unzipped the pants on the Red pantsuit!

They knew that dessert was about to be served up for them because this was a supernatural event that was about to take place as began to feel free. He knew that deep in his soul that anything that he wanted to do to her was on the menu for him to request and dine upon!

Once her pants where undone The Genie reached over and placed her hand on top of his magic wand and begged him to make it all disappear inside of her! The Magician was amazed about what was going on with him and her. He knew that he was about to allow his hands to approach her mid-section.

He wanted to hold a slice of her cake that she was smothering under rear-end as she sat down in his car for only a couple more seconds! His hand eased down to the heart of her as his head began to request mercy from her because she no longer wanted to be alone!

The Genie let out several hot and heavy sighs as her hands reached out and unfolded his magic wand that was stuffed inside of his pants. The Genie was pleased as she saw his wand being deployed like a massive dick air bag!

His cock rolled out like it was about to save her life and the truth be told it was she knew that she had all the time in the world to be delighted by the Magician as she placed her face close to his and whispered,

“I know what you just wished for!”
“Really, then show me!”

The Genie let out a giggle as she blinked her eyes and rubbed on her ear so they could both appear inside of his bed with all their clothes removed in advance! He wanted a nice wet piece of her cake to be devoured by him before the night was over.

The Genie was barely breathing as her body lay there waiting for him to offer her his scrumptious Magic Wand! “Presto, Changeo and Voile” were the words thrown around the room before the dance of sex was to be bestowed upon them.

The Magician sliced The Genie into succulent little morsels as he set out to devour her after she took away the strain from his cock because it had been a long time since he had been taken care of in the sexual arena!

The Genie pulled the most outlandish disappearing act on The Magician as she generously called out his name and then set out to blow his mind as she deconstructed his dick inside of her waiting mouth. If Roy, the magician felt speechless earlier today, then what Claire the Genie was doing to him made him feel like a new born lunatic.

She made him suffer as she delivered to him what it felt like to have your cock reconstructed by someone who wanted to give him the mysteries of the universe with her mouth! The sex between them was wrong and right all at the same time as his cock was not disgraced when it shot out its load before they both had the chance to really get into the groove of sex.

Her body was hungry for his but after their first encountered each other Claire unlocked the door that held her captive and placed a spell on Roy and made him pleasure her with all his might. Her mouth took slices out of his body as it required her to fuck her, repeatedly plus he was surprised that he could muster the strength to pleasure her twelve different times during a twenty-four-hour period.

Roy was the man for the job as his magic wand kept tapping away at the moist slice of cake nestled between her thighs because it was in both of their will to make each other one another prisoner. Her screams of delight mad him grow stronger as he placed her in every conceivable position to deliver to her the thrust from his body that she wanted.

Roy tried to knock the bottom out of her pussy but little did he know that she gained her strength from fucking him as all her past spells showed back to her remembering as she was filling up on him and his body.

Roy held her have tons of orgasm as she made him glad to know that she could love up a Genie because to her he was not a fraud. She loved it as he delivered to her pleasure, over and over again several not so nice fucks because sometimes it seemed like she was not satisfied but he was wrong.

Claire was glad that Roy was her lover as he appreciated her body because he wanted and needed to be a legend to her while he placed her clit on fire as he rubbed it so long that she thought that it was about to disappear.

Their sex with each other was generous as Claire had Roy begging her to please sucking on his dick several times because they were both having so much fun with each other as his body was soothing her as she went down on him for the last time.

She was almost about to ignore his request to leave in cock alone but she did not wish to kill him because she needed him in her life so she allowed him to rest for a couple of hours before she put in more request to pleasure one another.

Somehow, The Genie grabbed a-hold of the worn-out wish that he had thrown away from this rather ordinary man and made it come to life as he was losing control of himself with her. Although Roy did not mind what Claire was doing to him over the days that they spent together because it felt as if she was preparing him so she could gently place him inside of an oven and turn him into some sort of delicious bake-goods as his mind and body were laughing out loud!

Roy’s body was under attack every time Claire took hold of him and placed his massive magic-wand inside of her mouth as they kept connection with one another. Claire loved to listen to him moan as she sliced through him with her mouth.

She has his body on lock-down as she was regaining all her strength and helping him conquer all his past troubles. They both took advantage of one another as his body kept disappearing inside of hers as they made magic in its purest form with one another because when sex is done right it is like Magic!

Chapter 2.

The Second Slice/Moist Red Velvet Cake:


The Samurai and the Geisha…

Samurai: Medieval Japanese Warrior

Geisha: Japanese hostess and dancing Girl

This tale opens inside of Japan during Ancient History, around the 12th century. A time for legendary Warriors for The King, surrounded by Ladies, Lords, Courtesans, Samurai’s and Geisha’s. There was a time when fearsome and legendary warriors roamed the countryside for their kings.

There has and will always be a strict moral code full of honor and discipline for the Samurai. Nobility during these medieval times was common place, full of an unwritten code for the Samurai. Loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion and honor was part of the daily outfit worn just like their kimono.

But on this day which was still and silent, this elite Samurai warrior was frustrated. It felt as if the stars had come down to greet him because the whole world could feel his depression. There was new science that needed to be explored because it was understood that his life was full of sorrow and it showed all over his body.

He felt as if some sort of depression was trapped inside of his body as it was caressing his soul. Something was haunting him and there was a lack in the Samurai’s life as he was exhaling his pain.

This provincial Samurai warrior was reminded that his life was not his own and someone owned him, as he touched some of the bruises on his body. His hand traced scares on his battered and bruised body from the day. He had a strange conversation going on inside of his head as he headed away from the crowd of on-lookers.

The Samurai is taking a walk along the riverbank to remove himself out of the company of people who he does not wish to be around any longer. His walks alone seem to calm and soothe his soul as he grows weary of being a killer for the king.

He is already somewhat bruised and battered behind a battle that he did not win today and he has been slowly beating himself up inside of his head. His heart is burning with rage for himself because he was foolish and careless with himself once more. He allowed a weaker warrior to defeat him once more and he is blaming himself for the loss.

Gloom and doom were falling-off him as he just walked because the outcome of the day was not favorable for him. He was afraid to say what was really-on his mind plus he had been conditioned to hold onto his grief.

The world that he lives in makes it hard for him to rise to the challenge to defend his Emperor. There is always someone younger, stronger and all too eager to steal something from a man who no longer wishes to beg for a position on the king’s court.

But his God is being kind to this Nobel Warrior because he is allowing the rain to tumble upon him to clean away his poor thoughts about himself. The rain is just a mere shower but is allowing The Samurai to be shielded as he begins to cry! He was choked up because he wanted to die and noble type of death.

Honor and chivalrous behavior could offer him the demise that he hopes for not on this day. He seems to be caught up in a continuous battle of trying to prove his worth to his emperor-king. There are parts of his life that he wishes to forget as the rain drowns out the noise as he gives thoughts to his previous military retainers.

He was going over his moves in his mind as he became lost in thought as he took the time to cry. Even though, the rain was kissing away his tears he knew the origins of his sorrow. Frustration had removed all the good things in his life and he had placed fun, joy and love on a mental shelf.

People find it troubling to know that a man cries, but it is a part of his demeanor to keep him a force for the King. He keeps his feeling tumbled up inside of himself so he only cries in the rain. He makes his way towards the bench to rest his weary soul along the shallow riverbank.

Once he makes it to his destiny, he begins to remove his warrior attire! He is dressed inside of a black Velvet outfit fit for a man of his position. The frightening armor that shields his body was weighting him down as the rain did not hesitate to shower him. He begins to remove his clothing and hangs them up in the branches of the tree.

He removes all the weapons from his body and allows the rain to flow all over them as he sits down on the bench in only his warrior pants. He places his boots up in the tree as he sits down and allows his body to continue to weep!

The Samurai keeps his head down because he is lonely, mad and weak. He spends too much time alone as he chuckled to himself because he did not enjoy admitting that he was lonely. He knows that his life is spun up inside of web for the king but he knows that he is trapped and forced to live the life of doom. He does not wish to allow people passing him by to see that he was troubled!

Secretly he would love to share parts of his life with someone who could offer him shelter but he only entertains other warriors and for that he is sad. He places his head in his hands as he offers up several prayers and thoughts for someone who is not anything like him. The Samurai needs to learn how to master this last and important test for him to be elevated to offer up his total allegiances to The King to help him to defend his Kingdom.

He is tired of having to fight the same battle and always being made aware that he did not pass the natural progression of things. The Samurai continues to beat himself as he was wishing that he were lying beside someone that he liked or at least fond of so he could share his thoughts with. He wanted to know when it going to be his turn for him to succeed in this life.

He began to pick himself apart as his tears continued to rush from his eyes because a part of him was dying! He felt as if he was drowning because he is feeling trapped with no way out to rewrite his own history. He was thinking that his life would become amazing if he could master this one test final test that he keeps failing. He wanted his emotions to be swallowed up and moved away from him, but no such luck on this day.

He knew that he had sacrificed more than his fair share of going without because he needs to progress. He believes that he is getting too old to be struggling this late in his life and he does understand why he keeps getting tested but one day in the near-future he will pass that last test.

With all his might, he seems to punch himself on parts of his body. The Samurai believes that his ambition has given away to desperation and he does not like that feeling at all. He continued to hang his head in shame as he saw someone across on the other side of the riverbank.

He raised his head ever so slightly to watch The Geisha walk down to riverbank with her head held high! He was amazed to watch her begin to allow the rain to cleanse her face and remove some of her make-up as her looks seemed appealing to him!

The Geisha was a woman of regal presence as he saw the ornaments in her hair dance and perform as she moved along the riverbank. He held his eyes opened wide as she watches her remove a piece of cloth from out of her sleeve of her kimono. She tilted her head towards the heavens for it to cleanse her skin for her as she took the rag and began to remove all traces of her life.

Once she was done, she reached up to unleash her hair as it fell to her back. Way down inside of her mind, she knew that she was still hiding behind all that makeup and the mask that she wears daily. But tradition dictates that she is guided to encase herself in this outfit because she represents the Queen and the kingdom.

There is an enduring image that she allows the admirers to view of her but she has never found the strength to show them her true face. Because she has been made aware that she is just a piece of property that belongs to the kingdom. The Geisha has too pretend with men when she is in their company but when she is alone, there is no-one that she had to impress.

As she was removing the sorrow of her life behind her, she began to smile to herself. There was no one that she had to bow-down to out here under the tree and she did not have to perform any longer. Being on display can sometimes challenge the soul because sometimes you do not remember who you are performing for o any given day.

The Samurai knew and understood what her title meant but before he was educated in the finer arts, he thought that Geisha’s were mere prostitutes of the land. Now he understands that she was a hostess and she knew how to entertain men with poetry, song, conversation and or dance.

He placed her right in his eye-sight as he was aware of the stigma that went along with this type of woman. He knew that women like her, sell their talents through-out the kingdom. He moved to the end of his bench as he turned into a living statue glancing at her as he sat and wondered what was going on in her life.

His thoughts about this woman did not trouble him. He could tell by looking at her that her life held some type of mystery. He knew that she was not one of the well-known or famous Geisha’s in the land. But there was no mistake at what she was but he did not care as his eyes caressed her face. There was a distinctive appeal about her as far as he could tell, plus he was mentally on a drift as he observed her subtle innocence.

He quieted his breathing as he listened to her because she was singing. Her song slipped away towards him as her voice lifted him to his feet and ushered him towards her. Without a sound, other than her singing, she made it to the riverbank and took a seat on a swing hanging from this massive tree that was growing up from out of the ground!

This Geisha was dressed in this massive Red and Black Velvet Kimono with Red flowers drawn and succulent embroidery all over it! The Samurai had an eye for rich detail and he could tell that she was no ordinary Geisha. He knew that a woman of her caliber was in the service of the Queen and her kingdom.

He watched her remove the outer garment off her body and took her shoes off and hung them on one of the branches of the Weeping-Willow tree also. To him, she looked as like she was hiding something and that was why she did not remove more of her clothing. The Samurai stole several more glances from her but he could tell that she was portraying an Air of happiness but he saw her sadness.

The Geisha walked back to the swing and sat down as her body began to take a holiday. She pushed herself inside of that swing like she was a young girl once more. The truth be told, she would love to be living her life up with someone who would value her and all the life experiences that she carries around with herself! But she lived a life of shame, but every now and then she gets a glimpse of happiness, so she stops to enjoy it.

The Geisha had experienced as very hard day herself and she was disillusioned at how her life had turned out. She had a Madame and Master over her always, because they always reminded her that she was paying off a debt that she did not even create.

Now it looks as if her good days are behind her because her youth has been auctioned to the highest bidder. She has no say so over her life, even though she has all the fancy trapping that a well lived life can offer.

In her mind and in her heart, she knows that she has kissed the dream good-bye of having someone just for her own. Her life had burned up as far as she is concerned. She no longer holds to the thoughts of being married, having a husband and kids. The price for those chapters in her life are of a price that she could never pay.

Her family sold her into bondage at an early age and now she is growing tired of always expecting to perform for countless strangers. It is true that she is a slave and she does not even remember what it is like to be free but she is so much older now and it does not matter.

But when she is afforded the time to be alone with her own thoughts, well she enjoys the quiet because she is tired of people nipping at her heels to give them more of herself. Sometimes, she spends her time reciting poetry or learning new songs but tonight her heart felt like singing.

Although she is an entertainer of sorts, she just does not enjoy being in the company of rude men who treat her as a possession instead of a person all the time. At some of the places that she has lived or from people who have owned her being a possession was a good thing. She is always expected to invite these strangers into her body and her life without a question to be presented to them.

The Word Geisha is loosely used as the purpose of entertainment but the real word Geisha translates to dancing girl or hostess. But the reality is that she is no more than a Whore who entertains the Kings noblemen, sometimes! Tradition dictates that she master’s most of the arts so she can capture and sustain a man’s attention. Even though, she feels as if she is being kept and placed upon a shelf because she possesses secrets that she shares with no-one.

The Geisha glances up as a shooting star dances across the sky as she looks up while it travels out of sight! She heard herself singing a love song to herself as mentally she was taking herself on a ride. Her eyes were focused on the sky as the star flew fast across the sky.

After the star was out of sight it looked as if someone had turned the lights out in the sky. There was a taste of excitement in her spirit but she did not know why. She has made her peace with being labeled a whore from some people in her lives.

Maybe someday, if she was lucky enough, she might find favor with someone. To be able to say goodbye to the life that she now leads will be thing of beauty for her. Although, it does trouble her too never be show her true face but this is the life that she was sold into. She has thoughts locked away in her mind that one day her life will offer her the welcome satisfaction that she desires. But for now, she was holding onto too far away thoughts that might bring her happiness.

Her owners find her actions suspicious when she mentions that she is not happy. Nobody pays her any attention because she seldom speaks in full sentences. There seems to only be utterances escaping from her mouth and it seems as if she is always speaking in riddles on most days. She lives a rather charming existence with all the trappings of life are poured out around her.

The Geisha is viewed as someone who cannot be trusted. Forget about allowing people to have a conversation with her because she is viewed as incomplete. The foundation inside of this village with its walls closing in on her from every angle make it hard for her soul to be at ease. In this very close-knit community, she is viewed as a loose woman. She keeps to herself because in her culture most people think that she has no worth to offer to anyone because she is owned by the kingdom!

The Samurai becomes concerned as he listens to The Geisha sing her song on the riverbank. Because her singing has turned into crying as she tenderly holds her head down as she is slowly cursing her life. She continues to push herself on that swing as the rain continues to fall all around her. The tears that appear in eyes as they fall down her face seem to hold The Samurai eyes captive.

He knows her tears are masked under the rain because of the sorrow from some the things that she has been forced to do are repeating themselves inside of her head! The Samurai begins to listen to her pleas for a new life as he watches her push herself higher and higher in that swing as her song keeps falling from her mouth! Maybe it is her destiny to be in some sort of pain as she is telling the universe that she has no joy or no one to love.

He knows some of her pain because he is a prisoner of the kingdom also. He knows how he has treated women like her in his past but this is the first time that an actual woman of her status offers up a carefully worded plea locked up in a song. He knew that her life was full of changes as she softly swallows down her sorrow as he just stayed in the shadows and listened to her.

He knows that her life is full of constant fear but he has decided to be kind to her, if she would let him. He wanted to greet her with thought and care because he did not wish to harm her as he just grazed her looks with his eyes.

Although, he has partaken in conquering women like her in his past with the rest of the king’s noblemen but tonight, his thoughts were fresh and clear. He meant her no harm as her words were informing anyone who listened that her life was cursed. Her body was of no concern for him tonight because her spirit was broken too.

He wanted to find a way to repair and or shield her broken spirit. He felt a change in himself and maybe, that was what was needed. He has wasted more than enough of his own life being broken. The Samurai felt sort of dirty as he dusted himself off as he moved just a little closer to this lady in waiting.

A certain type of peace snuggled up to the both, as The Geisha stops pushing herself on the swing because she thought that she heard something! She looks back at the house that she just came out of and saw no one moving in her direction. Then she continues to push herself in the swing as the rain finally stops.

Her voice was finally calming down as her tears had begun to soothe her from all the pain that she carries inside of her heart. She reclined back in the swing and gave thoughts to how her life seemed like it was at war. She was hurt at how her life was slipping away from her own grasps as she was trying to say goodbye to some sort of happy-ending for herself.

The Geisha began to daydream of a better existence for herself once her debt is paid in full. There was a part of her that felt as if she was melting because she was tired of being alone and hiding behind all the makeup and clothing. She was desiring to be released from the life that she now has and any day would not come soon enough.

She knew that if she did not have those things on, more than likely she would not know how to sing, dance and she might be overlooked. She was becoming lost inside of her own thoughts as she heard a strange noise and felt uneasy, so she stopped pushing herself on the swing once more! This time the sound was just a little closer as she looked out into the darkness.

She stood up and looked around as she discovered a shadow moving towards her from behind the tree! She looked at The Samurai in his eyes as he slowly moved towards her as she held her breath because she thought that she was reading what he was thinking!

The Geisha knew that nothing good was going to come for her, this late at night. There was no one to watch over her as she just began to worry and fret about her location and the danger that she was in at the hands of this man. She was offering up prayers because danger was standing in front of her and she was scared.

She knew that she had been foolish to be alone out here by the water as fear was in her soul. An assortment of tears showed up once more while a mental quarrel was going on inside of her head. She was trying to think of a way to get away from this man or how to calm herself so she could save her own life. But her thoughts were running away at the seams as he life was hanging in the balance.

The Samurai had his arms out stretched as to show her that he meant her no harm and he had no weapons on his person! She was not sure what her instincts where informing her about this man as she just remains still as he found himself standing in front of her. She saw the heat escaping off his body as she began to lower her head because she knew that she was in the presence of greatness!

Her intentions where to show that she had no intentions of offering this man any form of disrespect because she was aware that he was a man of means and he had the kings ear. Her thoughts were why was this man standing before her because she does not know him. She thought that she was reading what he was thinking because she was fearing him. It did not mean anything to her that he held his hands open, she still feared this man.

Silence fell between the both as he stood in front of her and raised her head on the tip of his fingers! He looked her up and down and then walked around her three different times! Then he noticed the strangest thing as she stood in front of him.

The Samurai noticed that The Geisha’s heart was keeping time with his heart and he got the strangest feeling in his soul as he examined her! He backed away and asked her the strangest question!

The Samurai said, “My Lady, please allow me the honor to push you on this lovely swing!”

The Geisha said, “Sire, My Lord, do not trouble yourself with pushing me on the swing. I do not wish to bother a Nobel man like yourself because I am of no value or worth to you.”

“Lady, it is I who would be honored if you allow me to help such a calm spirit like yourself enjoy a midnight swing!”

“Sire, I am no Lady!”

He looked at her with a soft type of kindness in his eyes as he decided to continue with his request to assist her!

“I am aware of your job profession My Lady but I am speaking to the part of you that wishes to be pushed on the swing. I could care less about how you earn your living because most days all of us are whores to one thing or another!”

She just stood there looking at him because he did the strangest thing that any man had ever done to her. The Samurai began to sing to her as they stood in front of one another. A song tumbled, twisted and turned out of his mouth as a girlish giggle fell from her. Then without warning, The Samurai continued to amaze The Geisha because he began to dance for her also as his actions removed some of her gloom and misery.

She began to stand there helplessly looking at him as she just laughed because he looked free and happy! Maybe this was the first time that he had allowed anyone to see him dance for another person. But he smiled as she began to sway to the music from the wind and his voice.

To her, there was a light in his eyes as he waited for her to take her seat back on the swing. He knew that he could act any way that he wanted too. He understood that him dancing in front of her would not unravel his life as he just stood there and continued to breath. She cradled her face and laughed into her hands as he kept his eyes on her. Several crazy and challenging thoughts went sailing by in her mind as they glanced at one another.

The Geisha was unsure of what to do because things like this do not happen to her. She gave thought to running away because this man had just propelled himself inside of her life. But there was something about him that told her that he was not here to hurt her and a chance like this might not ever happen for her again.

Well, The Samurai had touched the private part of The Geisha because she sat down in that swing and allowed the Warrior in him to push the little girl in her! He could tell that her soul was tired too as he opened his eyes and took a long look at her. With or without all the items that she believes that will make her appealing, she was a thing of sheer beauty.

It seems as if looks in the good fortune department did not pass her by. He then thought to himself that when their God was making her, he did not spare any graces from her as far as he was concerned because she had a look like she belonged to heaven. Every now and then, both of their shadows found themselves dancing into the moonlight as he pushed her in that swing!

He stood behind her and pushed her while he continued to sing! The Geisha decided to join him as they both began to sing together as they finally figured out how to relax with each other! He smiled as he understood why he was holding his breath sometimes as he looks at her. The Samurai knew that he could push her all night as a happy thought creeped up next to him.

He poured out his joy as he pushed her in that swing and a form of joy climbed up her spine as he gave her just what she needed. There was a sense of calm that had come over them, as she began to relax for a couple of seconds.

The Geisha began to kick her legs high up in the sky and just laugh because it had been a long time since anyone had ever pushed her on a swing. It seemed as if her legs were touching the clouds and his arms grew stronger. She felt as if her feet where dancing on the Milky Way as he pushed her!

She then turned around and asked him to slow her down just a little bit because she was having a youthful flashback. She told him that she wanted to jump out of the swing while it was still moving as he moved around to the front of the swing just to watch her. There was delirious feeling flowing between them as his eyes began to twinkle as she looked back at him.

He stood in front of her as she was swinging past him then when she decided to let go and jump out of the swing, she did just that. As she was falling to the ground it felt as if someone had clipped her wings while The Samurai caught her as he helped break her fall.

Both began to laugh as he wrapped her up inside of his arms and just looked at her! She had never had anyone just stand there and looked at her as she began to squirm as he released her! There was part of her that felt as if she was on display once more and she began to feel uneasy.

She pushed his arms aside and moved away from him as he began to follow her. She began to gather her things up in her arm as The Samurai walked in front of her and summoned her to stop!

“I command you to stop!”

She remained still like a statue because it would not profit her to disrespect his orders.

“Did I do anything to offend you My Lady, because if I did I am truly sorry?”

“No Sire, you did nothing to offend me but I am aware that you are a very Nobel and busy man and it would not profit you to be seen outside with me because I do not wish to cause you any harm!”

“Why do you feel as if you could cause me some harm? For right now, you are just a Lady and I am just a man who are enjoying each other’s company. I have not laughed like that in such a long time and I would like to know what is your hurry to leave me? Is there someone waiting for your return or is your lover coming to retrieve you from this place?”

“Sire, allow me safe passage please and know there is no one coming to retrieve me. Know that I mean you no harm!”

“Do you honestly believe that you could cause or offer me any harm?”

“My Lord, I am aware that I could not cause you any physical harm. My concern for you is that you remove yourself from my company because I do not wish to soil or tarnish your reputation.”

“Do you understand that I am a train killer for The King, I am a Samurai? How could you soil my already used up reputation? Do I know you?”

“No, My Lord, you and I have never met before but I bid you safe passage and I pray that you do the same for me!”

He was taken aback by her comments to him because no woman has ever bid him safe passage. He placed himself in front of her as she lowered her head to look at the ground once more. He asked her to look up at him as she slowly lifted her head to look him dead in the eye!

The Samurai had several more questions and comments to her and he was not ready to release her so if he had to hold her captive until he was done with her, then so be it! He wanted his curiosity about her satisfied and there was nothing or no one to fear from them being in each other’s company.

“My Lady, why do you speak down about yourself?”

“Sire, I am aware of the profession that I am in and I have made peace with it. Not desiring to speak out of turn but it does amaze me why you wish to remain in my company?”

“If I need to pay you for your time, then I will!”

“If you pay me for my time My Lord, I will be your whore for the evening, is that what you wish from me?”

He held his hands up and told her that he did not wish for her to be his whore for the night. Her words were weaving a spider web for him and he was admiring her trap. No harm was going to be offered to her but he only wanted some of her time. Most people are always in such a hurry and time is always the last thing to be offered or given freely.

He wanted to enjoy some time with this stranger and if he and to use his status to get what he wanted from her, then he was unconcerned of where she needed to be going for now. This woman had come into his life like she had stepped out of a dream and he needed just a little bit more of her time then she could go on her merry way.

“My Lady, I just wish to spend some time with you. I have enjoyed our exchange and I would like to get to know you better. Do me a huge favor because I feel like a young man standing here talking with you. I know that the years have been unkind to me but there is something that I wish to ask you.

Know that you soiling my reputation is of no concern to me. Would you do your humble servant the honor and cross the low part of the river with me and take a seat on the bench so we can continue our exchange?”

She looked over to where he was pointing his hands towards the other side of the riverbank as she smiled at him before she spoke to him! His words crash-landed before her as she began to shake her head no.

“My Lord, although your request is rather quaint and charming, I belong on this side of the river plus I can’t swim. Seems to me that you have me at a disadvantage, is that your desire to place me at a disadvantage?”

“I will hold your hand so you will not fall as we cross over shallow part of the water!”

“Sire, I can’t swim and I believe that if it came down to you saving yourself or saving me, I would be lost if some type of complication might happen if we stepped into the water! Please offer me the care that your eyes give to me freely. No matter how you arrange your request to me, I still can’t swim. Your reasons for requesting some of my time is Nobel to sit down and talk with you on the other side of the riverbank but I still cannot swim.”

“I promise you that we will walk across on the shallowest part of the river and I will make sure that I will keep my eyes on you!”

She felt a warmth in her soul as he was talking to her but still her answer was no to his request. His request sort of kissed her soul but she knew that if he wanted to do her some harm, she would not be missed.

“No thank-you, kind Sir”

“But My Lady, I am not ready for you to leave out of my life. I have just found you and our encounter is the best fun that I have had all year long!”

“I am flattered by you allowing me to be in your presence but Sir, I can’t swim!”

“My Lady, what if I walk backwards and hold your hands so I can keep my eyes upon you. Would you trust yourself with me then?”

She began to smile as she looked down at the ground because no man has ever offered to walk backwards and hold her hand so she could cross the river safely! For a moment, she turned to leave him pleading with her but something about him made her stop. She was thrilled that he wanted to be in her company but his request was rather odd.

It was hard to understand and realize his request of her joining him on the other side of the river. She did not wish to waste any more time with this man because he was his request was childish. She was wondering if she should go to the other side of the river with him. If he would do what he says he would do and watch over her. She had one more questions or concerns for him before she would allow herself to walk anywhere with him.

“Sire, how am I to trust that you would hold onto me like you said that you would? What happens if I should stumble?”

“Lady, sometimes in life you have to trust the most unlikely person for you to move to a higher standard of living. I am an excellent swimmer so no harm will come to you. Know that I trust all of myself with you, why do you not trust me?”

“I do not know you to trust you!”

“If you believe that I wish to do you some harm, do you not believe that I could have already finished that task by now? If your demise was truly my ultimate wish, do you not believe that I am capable of already erasing you from this life? All I want you to do is to go over and have a seat with me so we can continue to talk! There is no mystery to be had with my request to you, I just like you and I wish to spend more time with you!”

She could not find fault with what he had just spoke to her so she allowed him to take her by the hand as they both descended into the shallowest part of the riverbank. The water only came waist high as she was glad about that because she was panicking inside of her head. Although, she was believing that her life could end tonight but this man had some type of magic in his eyes as he told her that her life was not in jeopardy.

She had a funny feeling about him plus she was hoping that this ordeal of the water would be over with soon. There was a panic growing in her as she tried to remain calm. She was thinking to herself, that I do not know this man at all and here I am walking with him in water. She smiled as he held her hands ever so tightly while he walked backwards to get to the other side.

This was a high price to pay to a stranger as she was shallow breathing. She had no rhythm or reason to whey she went with this stranger but something in her was waiting on something from him. Once they were out of the water she began to shiver because most of her clothing was wet and she was getting cold!

The Samurai told her to go behind the tree and put on his warm Warrior jacket and allow her items to dry when she throws them over several branches. He promised her that he would remain right there so she could change clothes without feeling like she is being watched. She walked behind the tree and found his clothes and slipped out of her wet attire and placed his now dry clothes on top of her cold body!

The Geisha placed his boots on her feet also because her body was shaking as she stepped from behind the tree. The Geisha noticed The Samurai’s weapons as she was moving in his direction while she knelt-down to grab two of them! She picked up his sword and a small swift dagger in her hands before she stepped from behind the tree!

The Geisha had this rather wicked smile on her face as she moved closer to him! The Samurai was standing right where she had left him as he began to smile at her. His clothes looked so out of place on her body but she did look charming as he escorted her to the bench so they can finish their conversations!

The Samurai Warrior held onto her as he waited for her to sit down before he took a seat! He then waited for her to tell him why she had picked up several of his weapons. Because in his past, no woman has ever laid her hands on his weapons and it was forbidden in the service of the king. He was going to humor her and let her speak her mind because he really wanted to know why!

The Samurai knew that he was in for a good time as he kept his eyes locked upon her! He watched as she played with his weapons for several minutes then he released her hand as she stood up and began to play with his weapons more and more. She began to toy with him as she jumped around in front of him doing certain poses! He knew he had nothing to fear, so her actions where somewhat dismissive to him. He already knew that she was just a geisha and there was calculated move that she could make to cause him harm.

The Geisha was thrilled that he did not try to remove his weapons from her hands as she finished up with her demonstration to him! She had the sword pointed in his face as she licked her lips several times as she smiled at him. She knew that he found her appealing to him and that was why she was taunting him with his weapons.

He was still checking her out inside of his clothes but when she began to speak to him as the sudden expression on his face changes! For a moment, he knew that he had not given her permission to speak but he wanted her to be at ease with him because she did him a favor by accompanying him to the other side of the river. She held his glance as she said,

“My Lord, would you do me the honor of showing me some of your skills with your weapons?”

The Samurai looked at her up and down and then spoke to her,

“Show you my skills, what would you know about my skills Lady? You are not knowledgeable enough to know anything about what it is that I do with my weapons. My skills are of no concern to you.”

“Sir, I know what you are thinking but I am not trying to offend or disrespect you. I just wanted to see you demonstrate your skills to me with your weapons. But if it will not please you to show me your abilities then we can just sit here and finish our exchange.”

“My Lady, you have not offended me but I do find your line of questioning somewhat challenging!”

“Well, allow me to apologize my lord and I will remain silent until you wish for me to speak to you.”

“Lady, I do not wish for you to speak to me only when I speak to you, I wish for you to express your will while you are with me!”

“Are you sure that you can handle me expressing my will in spoken form, kind Sir?”
”I am sure!”

“Then, once more show me your skills please? Give me pleasing demonstrations, Sire?”

The Samurai looked away for a minute and then he began to smile as he looked back at her and removed his sword and dagger from his hand! She sat down on the bench and crossed her thighs and placed her eyes upon him and his manly body!

She knew that he had another life locked up inside of his body and she needed to know what type of man he was as he captured her attention. He walked in a circle for several minutes as he set out to amaze her with his skills and craftsmanship. The Samurai set out to show off his skills to The Geisha as he began to make several sounds before he broke down into one of his Warrior poses and offered her a demonstration.

She began to smile as she watched him go through his phrases to show her what he does for a living. The Samurai was pleased that she kept her eyes locked on him as he began to slaughter the air. Then after several minutes of doing his routine he decided to stop and bow before her as she clapped her hands for his efforts!

He came back to where she was sitting down on the bench and sat down next to her. She reached up and wiped the sweat off his brow as her breasts grazed his face as she was removing her hand off him! He began to laugh out loud and then decided that it was time for him to speak because she had not said a word to him! He knew that he had showed off his impeccable standards while operating his weapons. His demonstration were impactful, but he wanted to hear her praises so he turned to face her.

“My Lady, what did you think of my powerful display of my skills? Did I pass your approval and am I worthy enough to hold a place in the Kings court?”

She lowered her eyes for a brief-moment, then she raised her head and began to speak to him but her eyes were still on the ground! He asked her to look at him as his expression changed and his voice became firm! After he was done speaking to her while she looked back up at him, she opened her mouth to speak!

“My Lord, I now see where your fault or frailties’ lies inside of your execution of your skills! From my meager observation, you are Off-Centered and your core balance is uneven! You go into battle with a disadvantage if this is the skills that you take with you.”

“How would you know if I am Off-Centered or not because to my knowledge you are just a Geisha or a common day WHORE? As far as I know and am concerned, I do not ever remember seeing you during my rather extensive training. You do not know what it takes to do my job and how dare you insult me by trying to inform me that my skills are Off-Centered!”

Her eyes watered as he spoke harsh to her but she decided to tell him her truth! She placed her eyes back on the ground because he had hurt her feelings but she knew that she was the one to make him aware that she was indeed a Geisha/Whore!

He looked away and sighed for a couple of minutes then he turned his body to face her once more. He then observed the tear rolling down her face as he took his hand and placed the tip of his ring finger and placed it under her chin! He lifted her face and wiped her eyes as she placed a subtle smile on her face and looked him dead in the eye!

“You’re Majesty, although I am pleasingly aware of my job description and the things that I have done in my past to end me in the position that I am in today. I was not trying to offend or disrespect you and I know that I am a Whore but that is not the topic right now. I can offer you some information about your rivalries because contrary to what you might think of me.

I have entertained all manners of Warriors like yourself, Lord and rulers of the court. I have been offered numerous amounts of display of their techniques from my admirers. I can only show you some of their moves that they have shown me to get you and your skills back in balance with one another. My desire is only to help you my Lord and you will not have to suffer any longer for being Off-Centered!”

“Although, I do believe that your offer is charming there is no need for you to show me anything!”

The Samurai went over to pick up his dagger and began to display his skills of balancing it on the edge of his sword! He looked at The Geisha, who looked unimpressed with his skills! She then waited until he was done with his display then she began to speak once more!

“My Lord, your skills of balancing your dagger is nice and charming if you were a suitor of mine. The purpose of you showing me a balancing act is neither here nor there as it concerns to your skills and technique in battle! Can you balance my heart on the edge of your sword, because if I had too, I could balance yours?”

“Your heart?”

“My heart Sire!”

He then softens his stare at her and began to laugh! She began to laugh also because her words caught the both off guard.

“Sire, I am under no illusion that my goal with you is not to be cleaver or to challenge you in any way. But my goal here with you is to help you along your way. I know the skills of the most feared Warrior of the land and I can show it to you if you wish?

But if all you would like to do with me at this crossroad in your life is to get back to us discussing the weather, then I can master that too. I just do not wish to see you miss an opportunity that is right in the palms of your hands to escape you! Allow me to help you, Sire!”

He looked away from her because he was embarrassed by his own attitude behind her offering him some help with the task that seems to keep slipping through his hands. It could be said that no one has ever offered to help such a man because he always seems in control with whatever is going on in his life.

Maybe he truly did lack the knowledge that he should call upon to help secure his rightful place in the king’s kingdom. But he never knew or dreamed that The Gods would send a woman to show him the error of his skill-set. A woman has only been given to him for life and for pleasure.

He has never had any more use for them. But there was something about her that was calling to him as he looked away. He was not sure if his pride could endure knowing that a woman taught him anything. But now he was understanding why he found her so alluring because his time was calling to him through her. This man has traveled all over the kingdom but here he is now enduing learning secrets from a woman.

“Help me, my little Geisha!”

The Geisha leaned over and touched his face then she took hold of his sword and began to display all manners of fighting techniques for his viewing pleasure that she had learned from her many years of being an entertainer. The Samurai was floored by some of the skills that where at her disposal plus to see her body mimic all the moves from his competitor’s sort of astonished him.

Some of the moves that she was showing him had been used on him while he was being defeating in battles. He was locking some of her moves inside of his mind as he sorts of became tickled at looking at her skill-set.

He was rather pleased with how she was handling his sword with his clothes on because he was slow to admit this little fact but he lacked some of her skill. He sat there and took mental note of what she was doing but when she asked him to stand up. He began to blush because there is no such thing as women instructors for men of the court for the King.

He began to blush more as she requested that he join her for a demonstration! He pushed his sword away from him as she pointed it in his direction because she wanted him to join her so she could really show him who to use his sword!

The Samurai told her that he would rather not join her because he does not wish to hurt her! She moved directly in front of him and pointed his sword in his face and placed it under his chin! She elevated the sword to capture his attention while he stood too his feet with a quickness! She ignored how he was looking at her because she needed to make him aware of how to stand while he mastered theses skills!

Maybe he knew that she was not trying to offend him or cause him any shame because he stood up and waited for her to make the next move. The Geisha stood behind him and took hold of his waist and molded his body into several stances as she demonstrated how his body should look!

It was very challenging to The Samurai but he began to mimic her moves and got his balance in check with the help of The Geisha. He was pleased because they had practiced until she began to yawn and loose her balance a couple of time! They both began to laugh as The Samurai took his sword from her hand and took hold of her hand and rubbed them!

He then placed his hand at the small of her back and escorted her back to the bench! They both sat down close to one another as she placed her feet in his lap and began to remove his boots! He rubbed her calves and told her, “Thank-you for all of your help because he was going to commit some of her moves to his memory!”

She smiled back at him because she knew that she had won a friend in him as he continued to rub her tired feet! He took his finger once more and placed it under her chin and moved his face close to hers!

“My Lady, please forgive my manners because I did not wish to command all of your time. I got lost in all of our demonstrations of my use with this sword but there is this rather simple but insanely selfish question that I need to ask you!”

“Simple but insane question for me?”

“Yes, My Lady!”

“Sire, I can’t refuse you anything, so ask me what you will!”

The Samurai began to smile because several wicked thoughts danced in his mind as he was cultivating his question for The Geisha.

“I’ve wanted to ask you this question all night so here goes, my new-found friend Geisha. Please show me your skills!”

I guess the season had changed between the both as The Geisha began to smile, as he looked lost while waiting on her answer to his question. The Geisha licked her lips and said,

“I thought that you would never ask!”

The Geisha slowly removed her feet from his lap as she raised her body and stood on her feet. Her mouth begun to sneak up on The Samurai and offer him the kiss of his dreams! The Geisha then began to unbuckle his belt from around her waist, as she wanted to satisfy her soul with something that she had been longing to do to him.

She knew that he was strong and he could get away from her at a moment’s notice. She decided to secure one of his hands to the bench with his belt from around her waist! He had never had his hands banded by any woman but this little adventure with this Geisha was strangely exciting him.

He was already dreaming of how this adventure was going to turn out for the them. He was smiling to himself as he already knew the path in which he wanted to go down with her but he was going to take it slow as her eyes had already said yes to him when they first met.

The Samurai was so turned on as she leaned over and removed his pants from his body! His body looked like the galaxy to her as his penis showed her the point of view that she wanted to glance upon. She felt moisture gather in her midsection and she wanted him to liberate her delicious treasure tucked away inside of her body.

She threw his pants next to his boots as his eyes were about to witness a never-before seen situation involving this Samurai and herself. She leaned close to his intimate sword of a penis and told him that she was going to use it as a guiding light as it was going to make several trips inside of her tonight!

He felt turned around because no woman has ever taken the lead with him. He found himself strangely turned on as he promised himself that he was going to enjoy this encounter as he watched her every move. He smiled to himself because realized that the good part of his challenging day was about to show up.

She took several steps back away from him as she removed his Warrior coat off her body! He was beyond pleased with what his eyes where beholding from The Geisha. He welcomed looking at her up and down as she turned around for his eyes to be thoroughly entertained! His eyes walked all over her body as she began to touch him on the face as she placed her breast inside of his mouth.

There was a stillness in the air as her body looked like it needed to be discovered. Her eyes invited him to open his arms and take everything that she was giving to him. He could only touch her with one hand as his mouth began to hold onto her breast. He was thinking about all the dangerous things that he hoped that she would do to him as their mouth was to meet. Her eyes were shining as she began to show him her treasure really lived.

His mouth flew open as he submerged and accepted her breast as his other hand traveled up and down her rear-end! He had a pain in his mid-section as he wanted to taste her other breast and began to breathe her scent inside of his lungs!

Then after she knew that he was well fed from her over-flowing breast, he then begged her to stand up and she did! He then leaned his head down and eased his mouth between her legs, as his mouth was just a mere substitute.

The Samurai let out a massive breath as he was placing his mouth at the center of her life as he was telling the gods, thank-you. He felt unashamed as he pleasured the Geisha as she slipped closer to him. She was pleased to know that he was skilled in the art of oral pleasure because it felt delicious to be savored in his mouth.

He allowed his mouth to strain itself as he nibbled on her like he was eating a well-prepared and just right seasoned STEAK! Her essence was his relief as he was trying to lock himself in place because he did not wish to miss a drop from her. His tongue turned into a renegade and was on a seek and destroy mission with her private parts.

The Samurai had only pleasuring The Geisha on his mind as he opened-up his arms wide and held onto her for dear life. Although, he knew that it was tradition for the man to be pleased but he needed to make her happy. He felt as if the sun was shining directly on him because he has not had a connection with a companion in years.

He looked up at her for a moment as she was whispering the words, “Yes, yes, yes” out into the universe. He smiled to himself as he went back to his task as he was turning her world upside down. He was drinking down her nectar as he kept licking his lips because he could not believe that this woman had tied him to the bench and now he was her sex slave!

Maybe, somewhere in the back of his mind this adventure was a fantasy for him. No matter what this dream was, he was enjoying it. He felt as if her lady-parts were reaching out to him for more and more kisses. He was taking his time as his tongue gave her tons of kisses of pleasure.

Even though they were naked, there was steam coming off their bodies as he felt her heartache and pain all locked up inside of her body. He knew the pain that she was holding onto because he had the same type of pain. He felt her body jump as he greedily consumed her as he took her breath away. The Samurai was thrilled as he grazed up at her because he felt as if he had stumbled upon her secret place.

But when she threw she leg up on the bench so he could relocate his mouth to the heart of her body. Secretly, he was wishing to be wearing his boots so he would have better traction as he grazed the lips of her secret joy! He opened his mouth wider as he wanted to make her scream while he pleased her better and longer than any woman he had ever been with before!

He knew the art of pleasing a woman with his mouth. He was going to show her that he was treasuring his time with this new stranger as he gave her several moments of pleasure. He knew that she was being drawn in by him because she knew that she was unafraid of him and she could become a habit to him.

After his greedy mouth had called forth a climax from her as her hands began move his head up and down on her sweet lips nestled between her legs. He had stumbled upon her desired destination and her reactions to what he was doing to her body was better than he had imagined.

Unspoken pleasure was given to her as his lips made her a prisoner. Her body got tight as his tongue became strong as her body began to speak to him in the form of a sexy orgasm. He was dam near was standing up as his mouth gently twirled on her pussy’s lips with delight! His tongue was mistreating her clit as he told her body all manners of tales as he gave her the best verbal pleasing that he could muster!

He showed her how much he was enjoying her being a bad little girl with him. The Samurai knew that he would have the last word because he was going to make her whimper for him to stop before he was done with her!

His hand just rested on her repenting pussy as tears of sheer joy fell from her eyes as she reached the pleasure point that she needed for her to climax! “My Salvation” was the words that screamed out of her mouth as he allowed her to squirm up just a little bit closer to him!

He finally let her go of her as he looked at her while a smile surrounded his face. He knew that they were not kids any longer but whatever this was that was happening between them, was a thing of beauty. The Samurai had sent The Geisha a message because he was tired of being locked behind a gate also. He wanted her to explore his kingdom next as he was hearing the sweetest sounds from her moans.

Her face was showing to him that she was sort of weak behind their exchange. She still had more plans for him as she took her leg down from the bench and placed his jacket on the ground in front of him. He looked up at her and offered her the slyest smile that had her insides eager to greet him too. His look to her made her smile as his body slowly sent her to her knee’s because it was his turn to be restless with pleasure.

The Samurai was eager and thrilled that he could offer her such an amazing orgasm. She looked up at him and shoveled his sword like penis inside of her mouth as he was in the process of losing his mind! She took her mouth up and down on him as she began to kiss his cock with a big smile on her face as she was bringing his body back to life.

She showed him some of her skills and why he had never experienced such impeccable standards in the dick pleasuring arena like she was going to show him. A nice night breeze blew in their direction as he became silent as he heard her utter the word, “Mine”.

He began to cry out as she placed her skills in rotation of working his on his sword. But when she took the time to drown his balls inside of her mouth too, he knew that he was entertaining a world-class woman.

Mentally, he began to slip away on pleasures wings as she had him caught up in delight. There was an aspect of him that just knew that this woman was casting a spell on because no one has ever made him feel this way.

She might have thought that he was crumbling under the pressure from pleasure that she was giving him. But he was enjoying the greetings that she was giving his body as he refused to allow his body to show any form of defeat. It was nice surprise for her to rub on his sword as she was feasting on him.

She kept reloading his sword over and over inside of her mouth. There was a shimmer to his skin as she pleaded with his dick because there was a power struggle going on, and she was winning.

She smashed his unit inside of her mouth because she wanted to offer him a slither of pain before she began to nibble around the head of his male member. Her mouth and his cock began to act as if they were married because they both complement each other with pleasure and pain!

The Geisha was having the time of her life as she wanted her Samurai to move harder inside of her mouth. Her tongue began to soften his thrust to her because he was becoming buck-wild inside of her mouth. Her knees where getting weak and her body was growing moist while waiting for the finale of things to show up. She was waiting for him to seal the deal for her so she could go home and dream of being his and only his.

She thought that she felt the pressure building up in his penis as she nibbled at his head before she removed her mouth off him. She thought that his is body was about to rebel against her making him exit her mouth, but he knew that he had other plans for her. Although, most of her clients enjoy it when she would allow them to release themselves inside of her mouth. But this time, she needed the nourishment from his body so she grabbed the base of his penis as she stood up in front of her prisoner.

His body was hard as the boulders in the riverbed that they walked across as his sword meet her with an assured firmness that would not leave. She then kissed him as she hovered over the top of his penis and asked him would he like for her to go on a fast or slow journey with him? He told her that he wanted her to take him on a very long and slow ride as he began to smile!

The Geisha lowered her body on top of him as she glanced over and laughed out loud as she saw their shadows screwing also as she smiled! She eased up and down on his enormous and legendary cock with care.

She thought that she was going to attempt to tame this man because she wanted to make sure that she kept herself centered and on balance as he slid in and out of her! She felt like she was riding a Stallion because he was in such control of his unit.

But the truth be told, he had a secret that he did not share with her as she kept guiding his penis to the center of her. During their exchange while wrapped with tenderness and passion, she noticed that there was nothing off-balanced about their love making as she was becoming out of breath.

The sounds of their breath caught them off guard as this man served her up all the pleasure that she could handle. She felt as if she belonged to him as he took control of their situation. The smell of sex was surrounding them as she began to gently sway on the tip of his dick. He had her locked in his mind because he needed this adventure with her in a desperate way. They both had forgotten that they were out in the open as they fucked in a field next to a riverbank.

He felt her body rise and fall off his as he was promising himself that he was not going to let this woman ever go. He was picking up on some of her sorrow and happiness as she was floating on his dick. He smiled to himself as he gave thoughts to the other spirits that were surrounding them and how jealous that they must be. Pleasure was crawling up his spine as he was converting her insides into giving up because he was making her weak.

The Geisha began to smile once more as she looked at The Samurai because she was enjoying another orgasm. She just allowed the tip of his penis stay inside of her while she hung onto him with eternal muscles! The final hour came as she was floating on her orgasm as he took control of her. Then as if her body was slowly melting from pleasure once more another orgasm sprang from her body.

She could not believe that she had already experienced three orgasms from this man! It was if he already knew that she had those orgasms hiding inside of her as he held her tightly to his chest. He was glad that she was no longer afraid of him like she was at first because now her body was bold with its request to him to please her.

After she was out of breath and was totally grateful for the pleasure that he had offered, she looked at him and asked him the strangest question!

“My Lord, do I please you because you please me more than I can say?”

He smiled because he knew that she did not know his secret as he held her tight around the waist. He asked her to untie him and he will tell her his secret. The Geisha was becoming concerned that he had not released his essence inside of her but maybe he already did and she did not feel it.

She was questioning herself because she prides herself in pleasing men but she did not know what she had done to this man. She wanted him pleased but he was breaking her confidence down and she was getting scared. She released him from the belt as she stayed sitting on top of him! He smiled as his cock stayed tucked up inside of her while she un-banded his hand!

“My Lady, you please me more than I care to say. No need to concern yourself about your skills because you please me. But I have a secret to share with you, I practice the art of Tantric Sex.”

“What is Tantric Sex Sire?”

“It is when I can suspend my body from releasing pleasure until I am sure that my mate has reached her maximum amount of pleasure. That way, I can offer to you the opportunity to hang onto my sword until you are ready for me to make you cry with pleasure endlessly! Are you well pleased My Lady, because I can offer you more time if you wish to enjoy yourself more?”

She did not know what to say because no one has ever practiced that ancient art with her before. She was speechless and dam near unconscious as he stood up with her still being attached to his body. She was no fool but she wanted to see what he could really do.

The Geisha asked him for a couple of more minutes of lovemaking before he sails away on pleasure’s craft. He gently removed her off his member and then as if he was placing a message inside of a tiny bottle. Now from the rear, he bent her body over the bench as he lost his sword inside of her once more!

Her body began to cry as this man guided his body to the center of her and screwed her until her heart and mind and mouth begged him to stop! He was about to fuck her so fiercely as he dams near break her spirit because he was a master in this arena of Tantric sex.

Finally, He removed himself from her and asked her to lie down on his jacket as he rubbed his hands together as he began to make love to her some more! His body covered hers with kisses until he held her arms down because she was too weak to fight him off. He fixed his cock into the center of her and screwed her like his life depended upon it as he made her beg him to come inside of her and he did!

He then began to make her whimper as he made her body send out an S.O.S before he was done with her! She was past the point of caring what he was doing to her because he was converting her into learning this skill set of sex also. The Samurai ruled her body as he had all of her calling out his name by the time he was done with her.

He turned her body into a living canvas because they both had just completed a perfect masterpiece. Her body was sizzling with delight as he just offered her a worthy exchange as she gave him all of her. The Samurai gave The Geisha a command performance as he kept reloading his body inside of hers.

She was looking up at the stars as this man was pleasing her body! She was placing a wish out into the universe because she had found herself a new friend or a sexual plaything as they both looked at each other! He kept his eyes on her because he knew that she could handle anything that he wanted to do to her but he found himself trusting and liking her during this little exchange.

He pleasured her body until she was almost in a daze because he wanted to make her happy. Because in his world right now, at this moment, he was happy with her. He knew that being lonely would be a thing of the past for him because he found a friend in her too.

She watched him as his sword did everything to her lady parts but walk out of the opening of her body after he had finally come inside of her. This had been a strange exchange between them but he was pleased by their actions. It had been the thrill of passion jumping off them. He felt as if his shadow was no longer hiding as he removed his weapon out of The Geisha’s body.

He began to apologize to her for drowning his cock deep inside of her as he took hold of her hand and kissed it! The Geisha felt as if she had died and gone to Heaven behind all the things that they had done to each other. Mentally she was crawling up in his arms and going to sleep as her mind could no escape what had just happened between the both.

The Geisha was smiling to herself because he had dam near reconstructed her body but she enjoyed every minute of it. She knew that she would never give away the feeling that she has for this man for nothing in the world as he continued to just squeeze her hand! They did not say a word to each other as they both just sat still on top of his Warrior Velvet jacket. This was a magical night as they were now bound together by destiny.

Maybe, they were just tongues tired and twisted or too exhausted behind their session. They had done some serious cooking with each other as the sweat rolled off their faces. No matter what the reason was that no more words passed between them, they could feel the heat that they had generated.

Their love making, sex or just plain old fucking had woven them together forever. Their encounter was the makings of a racy and fancy dessert and if they were lucky enough they might get to dine on each other once more. They felt safe and sound with each other and this encounter was a night to remember for the rest of their lives. The Samurai and The Geisha just starred at each other because they were thinking that this was a dream.

There was an element of excitement in the atmospheres as both of drenched with intoxicating ecstasy. The Samurai drove his point home with The Geisha as this type of sex would never leave their minds as they smiled at one another. This sex had concealed their loneliness as they graced each other with more needless words.

Surrender was the new game that they were now playing as they began to laugh out loud. The Samurai and The Geisha had done something that not too many people know how to do with one another. They had reached out to one another and had fun as they learned to enjoy their encounter. Mere words could not calm their savaged souls as he leaned over to take her hand to lift her off the ground.

Just plain old fucking was the needed ingredients that was used for this encounter as their bodies were now humming with delight. The Gods had granted them a naughty slice of needed delight/dessert in the form of a succulent piece of cake, Red Velvet Cake that is!

This Dessert Novella!


The Last Entry, Off the Dessert Tray!

This last story is a compilation of sort. I decided to merge all three of this rater long and sorted tales together as one massive entry for your viewing pleasure. Be patient with me, because I am unsure if I wish to offer you a subtle version of this story. Maybe, I should offer you a the real fucked-up tour through some parts of these characters lives that which are not so pleasing at times. An everyday love story, so to speak.

So, for your viewing pleasure! I present to you a stimulation glance at another semi-erotic tale, from my very challenging and over-look imagination! It's never just about sex, sometimes it's about timing, desire and passion! As those three things collide during the perfect time, well that's the time for a well baked dessert to spring forth and feed whatever hunger that might be entertaining you at that moment...

Chapter 3.

The Story-Teller


The Last Slice of Red Velvet Cake!


(Enough to go around!)

The Goods!

“Good Morning” was what Melissa whispered as she took her seat on the train to the Windy City of Chicago. Melissa sat at the very back of the train because she did not like a crowd of people standing over her because somewhere in the back of her mind she felt as if she was on a stage and all the bystander where waiting on a show to begin as they looked at her.

Although, this was a trip that she made almost weekly she just did not feel like talking to too many people so she walked upstairs on the Double-Decker train and sat in a cozy little out of the way seat and put her sunglasses on! She knew that this was going to be at least a three-hour ride but she was willing to take the trip with no dread to offer anyone.

You see not only is she the owner/buyer for a handbag company she gets to travels all over the world to secure the latest fashion trends for her company and for that she is thrilled to be entrepreneur.

Traveling to those come what may places for her soothes the savage beast that lives inside of her head because if she is always on the move the beast does not have too much opportunity to show up and disrupt her life. Melissa Good is a woman who knows how to capitalize on a good thing when she stumbles upon it and that is why she is the owner/buyer for her company.

Despite being married with two kids and a husband who owns a candle shop Melissa lives a very charming life. It is her job that keeps herself happy because she is always in the company of people who live a busy life just like she does. But on this beautiful Monday morning Melissa is in a sort of foul mood because it is no mystery her husband seems to be blind to her needs.

Her company is thriving and her family life is OK she is pissed off with herself because she sorts of forgot about this meeting in Chicago and now she must rush there for a three-day seminar that allows her to travel to some designer’s warehouse and to visit some factories.

Melissa forgot to schedule time for this meeting because she was distracted with her husband always accusing her of not mentally being home with him and the kids. Her husband Brian believes that his wife is unprepared to run such a thriving company plus he wants to keep her close to him always even if it means that he must be mean to her to keep her in her place.

Brian admires his wife’s get up and go attitude but like most men he believes that she would be nothing without him. He based the premise of his company around how he views his wife some days; Brian believes that his wife Melissa is an entertainer of sorts. He tells her that she could charm the ice from an Eskimo and he always notices a soft glow around her at any given time.

That is why he named his candle company The Forgotten Glow because his wife seems to always sparkle and he wants her to only sparkle when she is with him! But he does not feed the hunger that she has and now she is really forgetting how to shine when she is with him.

Little does Brian know that his wife has had several desires that he chooses not to fulfill? He thinks that if he withholds sex from her then maybe she will stay home with him a little more, and when he desires to give him what he wants her to have from him then she will be right there to gather a blessing from him. Then when he feels as if she is worthy he will give her just what she needs.

Brian is playing a very dangerous game with his wife and she has made him aware that she has desires and needs too. But he believes that if he does not initiate sex with her then there will be not merger between the both.

This ordeal of her having to beg her husband for sex is not a new problem it is just a continuation of a problem that she did not address until they had already established a routine. Sex was always high on her list because even when Melissa fell out of love with her husband it was the sex that made her keep returning to him.

Maybe he believes that he has been true to her and their relationship but he acts as if he wants to be involved inside of a one-night stand with his wife most nights. I guess she has felt as if she was growing tired of him betraying her. His words no longer soothe her broken heart.

She was unhappy of trying to share her dreams with her husband because she feels as if their hearts are changing for each. For Melissa, his betraying her always tastes the same and now she pretends as if he was someone else inside of her mind.

Although Melissa has many skills that she entertains at any given moment, she just does not like to beg her husband for anything. She is a very vibrant woman and is not shy or ashamed of her looks and appeal but she goes out of her way to draw attention away from herself because she does not always like to shine. But on this day as she is preparing herself for her long train ride to the city and she is thankful that the part of the train that she is sitting in is not busy.

She can sit alone and just daydream of all the exciting things that she really wishes that she could do in another lifetime. Melissa has learned how to escape inside of her own mind and now she has developed a life for herself where all her desires are meet with little or no effort. She does not have to beg to be pleased sexually and all her admirers inside of her dreams are always eager to give her a show and their physical equipment is more than willing to go beyond the call of duty to please her!

Melissa Good sat in the last seat on the train with no one in front of her as she put her headphones on and prepared to dream at 6:00 a.m. during her ride into the city. She placed her handbag on her left side and kept her eyes on the passing landscape!

Her ride was pleasing and calm until the last stop before the train would continue to travel for the next two hours without any interruption. A cluster of folks got on and filled the train to capacity but Melissa was still sitting alone and she was thrilled to know that peace was going to take hold of her and keep her company until she made it too the city.

She settled back down in her seat and crossed her legs and began to move her leg back and forth! Then suddenly, their stood next to her seat a creature rudely shook her to grab her attention with a hoodie on his head and businessmen shoes on his feet! Melissa looked up as this man who then asked her was that seat taken across from her.

He pointed to the seat and looked at her through her big sunglasses. Melissa told him yes that the seat was available if he wanted to take it! He nodded his head that he would take the seat and then prepared to sit down! He looked her up and down and then she said,

“Good Morning!”

Melissa not wishing to be rude looked over at the new rider and smiled and said,

“Good Morning!”

The rider placed a pair of black sunglasses on his face and turned to look out the window also after he secured his big black leather backpack. He had an I-pod with music around his shoulders as he placed a pair of earphones in his ear as he smiled back at her! Both two riders did not make mention or notice one another for the next hour that was until Melissa’s phone rang and she answered it!

While her conversation was going on Melissa had to locate her glasses and take several notes but she had placed her items in an overhead compartment on the train! She told the person on the other end to hold-on for just a minute as she stood up to gather her glasses. Melissa opened the compartment and a bag began to fall and crush up against her head but the rider saw this event unfolding before his eyes and decided to grab the bag before it hit her!

Melissa was pleased that this young man stepped up to help her because she was a long way from home and she just did not have the time to get hurt. Once he snatched the bag away from here head he placed it back inside of the compartment as he stood up next to her!

She noticed that he smelled good and his hands where strong looking but she was a married woman and what in the hell is she doing looking at this stranger. She told the young man thank-you and sat back down in her seat as she took out a pad to take notes from her assistant then placed her glasses on her face!

The young man looked her up and down for a minute then he returned to looking out the window as she worked on her phone call. Once she was done speaking with her party on the phone she hung up her phone and was still feeling grateful that this man had rescued her from having a small accident! Melissa reached over to touch his knee as a spark of electricity passed between the both! Melissa extended her hand to say thank-you once more and to introduce herself to him!

“Good Morning, my name is Melissa and I just wanted to say thank-you once more!”

The young man turned his head to glance back at her and extended his hand to shake her hand also!

“Good Morning Melissa, my name is Chase and you are more than welcomed for my assistance plus what type of man would I be if I allowed you to experience some sudden misfortune and chose not to help you?”

“Well Sir, you would be considered a coward to allow a damsel in distress to suffer needlessly without you even putting forth the effort to help!”

“Well Melissa, I might be an assortment of things but I am no coward.”

“That you are not Sir.”

Both smiled at one another as they settled down to continue with the ride to the city. Melissa pulled out a bottle of water from her bag and drank it down because she was becoming warm on the train ride to Chicago. I guess Chase was becoming warm also because he stood up to remove his hoodie jacket and sunglasses!

He looked inside of his bag and was trying to locate a bottle of water but he was unlucky. Melissa reached inside of her rather large but sexy handbag and offered him a bottle of his own!

Chase smiled at her and told her thank-you for the beverage as they both kept their eyes locked on one another! Melissa placed her reading glasses back on her face and wrote down some more notes. Chase did not put his sunglasses back on because he was looking at how small and dainty her fingers were.

Chase enjoys looking at all manners of woman but he loves a well-manicured hand! It was Chase who decided to begin an exchange with Melissa because he was enjoying looking at her for some strange reason!

“So, Melissa, is your trip to the city for business or pleasure?”


“What part of the city is your business trip going to take place?”


“Well, I was just thinking that if we were going to the same part of the city we could possibly share a cab to our destination!”
”That is so sweet of you Chase but I have a car that will be picking me up to deliver me to my business meeting!”

Silence fell between the both once more and Chase offered no more words! Melissa looked back out the window but in all actuality, she was looking at Chase’s reflection in the glass. She did not wish to seem like an Ass-hole because this young man had been good to her and took the time and the notion to watch out for her. She swallowed her pride and offered up a couple more sentences to him because she did not wish to hurt his feelings.

“Excuse me Chase!”

He looked up and then looked at her with a small twist in his lips sort of a wicked smile! I guess he was going to smile at her but decided to leave it alone because he did not wish to seem to forward or to be an Ass-hole to her so he softened his voice.

“Yes Ms. Melissa!”

“Chase, allow me to offer you a ride to your designation because you did save me from what could have been a most unfortunate accident!”

“Yes, I did, but there is no need because I can tell that you are a very busy woman and I do not wish to bother you so thank-you but no thanks to your offer!”


He looked at her dead in the eyes and smiled and said,

“What? You’re going to give up that swiftly? You are not going to try and get me to change my mind? I know that you are some type of business woman but whatever happened to the art of negotiations?”
“Well Chase, I am a businesswoman of sorts but I just do not practice the skills to beg anyone for anything. I asked you to allow me to give you a ride and you told me no. The art of negotiations is alive and thriving but there must be something that I really need for me to polish up my skills to ask twice! There needs to be a desire for me to be determining enough to ask you more than once or as you put it to negotiate!”

Melissa placed a wicked smile on her face and so did Chase! He looked at her for several minutes then he decided to offer her up a charming retort to her comments because he could tell that she was well verse in the art of negotiation!

“Melissa, something tells me that I am just what you need so let’s get back to the art of negotiations while we finish our ride!”

“Really, and what do you believe that I need Chase?”
”Someone who would not with-hold anything from you, it could be that I am that lovely distraction that you need!”

“What did you say to me Chase?”

He placed his eyes inside of her eyes and just held her glance. Chase looked down at his hands for a minute then he looked back up at her as she began to squirm inside of her chair.

“Melissa, we both know that you heard my every word! Why don’t you sit there and think about my offer and get back with me before the train ride ends!”

Melissa was not caught off guard by his comments because most men that she deals with are afraid of her but his young bald man did not fear her nor was he ashamed of his offer to her. He knew that he was just what she needed but he was going to make her squirm before the train ride was over with.

He was going to make her know and understand that he did not fear her and he could offer her just what she needed, a firm hand along with other things.

Even though Melissa had become comfortably numb inside of her life with all the trappings that go along with it she felt odd about his offer! Melissa placed her eyes back on the ground because she never knew that a stranger could tell that she was absent of something in her life.

She was somewhat excited by his offer but normally no man has ever offered to give her what it is that she is need of because Melissa normally stays to herself. But she was finding her train rides with this handsome stranger just the ticket that she needed to offer her a spark of joy to see her through the rest of her day.

After twenty minutes or so of silence Chase decided that he was going to finish up this conversation with Melissa as he cleared his throat!

“Melissa, I did not mean to offend you with my rather rude and wicked comments but I just cannot hide that your spirit pleases mine and I did not wish to pass you by with-out making you aware of this little-known fact. I hope that you can forgive my rather rude comments to you because I had no intention of troubling anyone today.

You see Melissa; there was this odd little thing about you that drew me all the way to the back of the train. I normally sit in the front because I work in the city and have a lot of things that I must take care of but today this glow surrounding you made me come to you! I did not wish to offer you my unwanted comments but I needed to make you know that even though I do not know you, I would never withhold anything from you!”

She gave him her full attention as she shook her head up and down for a couple of seconds. His strange comments seasoned the air as she looked at him and smiled! She licked her lips and moved to the edge of her seat because she wanted to make sure that she and Chase where the only ones to hear her comments! She stopped for a quick second and tilted her head to the right and placed her hand on his knee!

“Chase, I enjoyed you wicked comments to me and your observations about my surrounding made me smile and that is why I will allow you to take me to lunch today!”

“I can’t today I am in meeting all day long!”


Neither one of them said anything because this was happening all so fast. Melissa did not wish to appear to be that lonely and maybe Chase was not the person for her so she just looked back out of the window! He picked up his backpack and removed something as she watched his reflection moved around in his seat.

She thought that this situation was going to end soon because the train announcer came over the system to inform the riders that their next stop was going to be The Windy City and everyone was expected to exit the train!

Chase gently reached over to touch her elbow because he did not wish for his actions to appear sexual in the least bit! He touched her once more as the same spark of electricity ran between the both again! Melissa turned to face him as he began to speak!

“Melissa, I would love nothing more than to dine with you while you are here but I have several business meetings to attend too. However, it would please me more than you would ever know if we could have dinner tomorrow night if you are still in town!”

He reaches towards her and gave her his business card and asked her to call him if she felt the need! Melissa took hold of his card as he stood up over her. Although he had on a well-tailored vest, shirt and tie under his hoodie he still looked somewhat casual. But when he placed a jacket on his body he looked as if he had just stepped from the pages of some male fashion magazine!

Melissa sat there and held his business-card to her chest because this man was transforming right before her eyes and he was a thing of utter beauty to glance at. He pulled out his sunglasses and placed them back on his face and took his seat across from her! She then looked up at him as her mind was making plans to change her schedule because she desired to be in his company one more time!

Chase began to smile at Melissa as he reached over to touch her elbow and speak to her once more.

“Melissa, I hope to hear from you but I do not wish me rude when the train stops but I need to make a mad dash because I am already late for my meeting!”

She smiled and looked down at his business card and saw that he worked for an art gallery. He was the head person over security for this most prestigious art gallery in the city. He then took hold of her hand and offered it a soft kiss as he mentions to her his last couple statements.

“Melissa, I am a very busy man also but if you are up to it, I would love to speak with you before this day is over with you. I hope that you decide to call me because I would love to share a meal with you tomorrow night also and let me show you that I will not make you beg for anything!”

“I will call you tonight!”

“I will not ignore your call Melissa!”


He smiled at her as the announcer came on the speaker and told them that the next stop was for everyone to disembark! Chase stood up and removed her bag from the overhead compartment as he stood over her once more! Melissa cleared her voice and began to speak to him!

“Chase, allow me to offer you a ride!”
“Not now my Lady but I will take you up on that offer soon! I have a car that is picking me up also! Oh, and please forgive me for mentioning to you about us sharing a cab together. I was just seeing if you were to eager or broken-hearted for my taste!”

Melissa was singing ‘Smooth Operator’ by Sade in her head as the train came to a halt! Chase extended his hand to her and told her that he welcomes hearing from her later tonight as he placed his backpack on his shoulder to exit the train. He took seven steps away from her when he turned around and made a statement,

“Melissa, do me a huge favor and see if you can still have that glow about you when we dine tomorrow night because I like your soothing appeal!”

“I will see what I do about that Chase, but in return I will need you to do me a favor as well!”

“Your request is my command, my Lady!”

“Bring your appetite and your cavalier attitude with you also. I would hate to see a noticeable change in you tomorrow for our dinner because I would like it if you do not withhold anything from me because I need to be distracted!”

He let out a wicked laugh because he knew that they both where kidding, he knew what she was asking for and he was all too eager to grant her wish! He nodded his head yes to her request as she turned to leave her company! She watched as he dashed off the train and made his way inside of the crowd as she picked up her bag and began to move off the train also!

Melissa located the Porter and he walked with her to place her luggage in the back of her car! Her driver got out and stood next to the door so she could get inside of the car as this Cadillac limo pulled up next to her! Melissa looked out the window and saw Chase sitting in the back as he let his window down! He lowered his sunglasses and said after she let her window down too!

“Meeting you Melissa has offered my mind a vision to entertain me all day long and I thank you for the thoughts that I am going to entertain staring you all day long!”

“Well so far Chase, I have enjoyed the electric connection myself!”

“Have a good day Melissa!”

“And you have a better one Chase!”

He let his window up as she let hers up also and told the driver that she was ready to go! Melissa had had the time of her life on that train ride with that new man and she owes it all to her husband.

He did not wish to drive her to the city because he was too busy and did not have the time in his schedule to offer her the ride. Although she did ask her husband to come and spend the next three days with her he declined because he was scheduled for his own meetings this morning.

I guess she understood that there are no coincidences as her driver whisked her through traffic for her meetings. The next thing she noticed was her car had pulled up at the fancy hotel that she was staying!

Her driver got out and removed her luggage and gave it to the bell Captain to place it in her room! Melissa told her driver that she will call if she needs anything and asked the bell Captain to just place her luggage in her room because she was running slightly behind schedule.

Melissa had a kick in her steps as she walked into this massive conference room for her meeting. Her train ride really caught her off guard as she was replaying her conversations with her new distraction named Chase!

Melissa decided that she was going to call this young man after her meeting where over with and all her meals where done for the evening! Her heart was racing like a volcano because subconsciously he has awakened the sex Junkie in her and she was hoping that he could be her Pusher!


The Pusher and The Junkie!

Progressively her day was going well and she was enjoying the way that she was feeling! Melissa had three separate meeting for her handbag company because it was time for them to plan the spring the calendar for next year as she kept a smile on her face all day long. Several people questioned her joyful spirit because Melissa has been down in the dumps for a couple of years but I guess this new young man had inspired some new and impure thoughts inside of her mind!

Melissa went and had dinner with several friends and even did some shopping and bonding time with her friends but around 8:00 p.m. she was ready to go because she has not been able to turn herself off. She has been on going all-daylong and now her body is beginning to feel the exhaustion that this rather busy day has given her.

She made all her friends and co-workers aware that it was time for her to go even thought they were all eager to go dancing. They begged her to go with them but in her mind, she was dreaming of the hopeful dance that she might encounter with Chase before she leaves to go back home.

There was need to lie to herself as she stood her ground and told her friends that she will see them in the morning plus she wanted to take a long hot bath and relax her body! All her friends gave her a kiss on the cheek as she stepped inside of her car so her driver could take her back to her hotel. She sat in the back of the car and dreamed of her upcoming conversation that she plans on having with Chase.

She let out a quick laugh because in her head she felt like she was starring inside of a movie because nothing like this has ever happened to her before! When her driver pulled up to her hotel and she stepped out to make her way to the room she reached inside of her handbag and removed Chase’s business card!

She was unlocking her door and trying to place her shopping bags on the floor when her cell phone rang! Melissa answered her phone and told whoever it was on the other end to hang on! Once she was secure inside of her room and placed her key back inside of her handbag she dropped all her bags and walked to the bed to sit down! She removed her boots and then placed her phone back up to her ear.

It was her marriage partner on the other end of the phone wishing to speak with her and asking her what was she wearing? He was just checking in on her and asking her what color panties was she wearing today? He loves to ask what color panties she has on because the sheer looks of her stuffed inside of her delicate panties always excites him more that her physical body does.

Although she was tired, she knew that she needed to entertain his stupid conversations because that is all that they are just stupid conversation even though his voice sounded bare-boned and crazy to speak with her she knew that it was all a game.

Melissa felt the blood draining from her head as she exchanged how her day went with her husband. Shit, she was thinking to herself that he had the chance to be in her company all day long but he chose not to now he wants to be entertained before he goes to sleep!

After a 45-minute conversation with her husband she had removed all her clothing and made him aware that she had just drawn herself a hot bath and she needed to be going! Her husband acted like he was not done talking with his wife but she knew in her head that when she is away on business trips that is when he really misses her.

If she is in the house he never pays her any attention but the moment she has something to do that is when he wishes to be the husband that he promised her that he would be when they got married. Melissa had to do everything but curse him out so she could get off the phone because he never talks to her like this when she is under his roof!

I guess God saw her struggling with him on the phone and allowed his other line to ring so he could allow her an escape! Brian wanted her to hang on while he checks on the other line but Melissa made him aware that she was tired.

He asked her what was she wearing to sleep in tonight and she made up some sexy outfit so she could get off the phone. Then right before he allowed her to hang up the phone he requested to know what color panties she was going to wear tomorrow for her meeting! She told him that she planned on wearing some red thongs. She just said a color because she had no idea what in the fuck color panties she was going to wear in the morning but red seemed to make him happy so she told him red.

They both told each other that they loved one another and which her statement was true she did love her husband but not the way she used too. Everything changes even love has its time and season and Melissa knew that her love for Brian was in a different season and she was fine with her feelings!

She hung up the phone and looked at her watch and saw that the time now was 10:15 that night and she had told Chase that she would call him and she was going to keep her word to him.

She whispered a silent prayer before she picked up the phone to call this stranger because she did not wish to make a fool of her herself! After her prayer was done and she cleared her throat she walked into her bathroom to run just a little hotter water.

She could ease into the tub and delight as the hot water eased her tired body plus she was already to leave a message for the young man because she prides herself in keeping her word even to a stranger. The phone rang 3 times and as he was forming a message in her head when Chase answered the phone!


There was a couple of second delay because she was loss for words to offer him. Melissa cleared her voice and said,

“Good Evening Chase, this is Melissa Good!”

“I hope you will be good to me!”

He let out a small little laugh as she continued to talk!

“Excuse me!”

“I was just being silly Melissa, please forgive me!”

“You are forgiven!”

“How did you day go?”

“Well, it is strange to say this to you but my day went really well and yours?”

“Now that you have called me my day has been perfect.”

“Good to hear that, hey let me apologize for calling you this late but I just made it back to my room and I have not been alone all day long and this was the only time for me to speak with you without anyone listening to my conversation!”

“I understand Melissa, I just was winding down myself but I was becoming concerned that you were just leading me on when you told me that you would call me!”

“Chase, I do not know you well enough to lead you on but like I said before, I am sorry!”

“What are you doing right now?”

She was thinking should she tell him the truth! She cleared her throat and said,

“I am standing naked in the bathroom about to submerge myself inside of the tub!”

Chase remained silent for a couple of seconds then he made her aware that he was sitting inside of the tub himself! They both began to laugh as he told her that if she had the time that the both could bathe together and get to know one another a little better. She asked him to hang on as she slipped inside of the tub and turned on some cold water because her water was almost unbearable!

Once she was secure inside of the tub they began to exchange snippets from each other’s lives. Chase was the first one to talk and when he was done Melissa told him parts of her life and before they knew it the time was 1:00 a.m. and she needed to be getting off the phone with him. Melissa told Chase that she had enjoyed her time with him on the phone because it is hard to find a man who could match her conversations because the strangest things entertain her at any given moment!

Chase inquired what time would be a good time to come by and pick her up and where was she staying! She told him the name of her hotel and he made her aware that he was in the same hotel! Both began to laugh as they could not believe that here they were staying in the same hotel and have been on the phone with each other for the past 3 hours.

Both had already gotten out of the tub and put on their P.J. and lying inside of the bed! Chase told her that he would love to take her out on a night on the town if she was up too it? She told him that if she did not get off the phone with him doing a night on the town was going to be next to impossible!

“Melissa, what is your room number?”


“Because I wanted to drop by and see you first thing in the morning and to make sure that you are really real!”

“What about this Chase, what is your room number and I will drop by on my way to my meeting?”

He began to laugh as he told her that he was on the nineteenth floor and his room number was #1975. She told him that she would stop by so they could glance at each other before they went on with their day! Chase told her that he could not wait to see her and he will be waiting for her in his room and forgive him if he looks at her rather intensely because he enjoyed looking her through the glass on the train as they rode in to the city!

“I never knew that you were looking at me in the glass?”

“You were not supposed too!”

She let out a laugh because she was flattered by his comments to her. Melissa told him that she was on the seventeenth floor and she was in room #1795 but she welcomes seeing him in the morning!

“I promise you my Lady that I will only make sure that you are not just a figment of my imagination before we part!”

“Good then I can make sure that you are not one of mine also!”

They ended their phone call and settled upon her stopping by his room at 8:00 in the morning! She was exhausted and happy all at the same time as she said her prayer and turned off her lamp!

Melissa finally got the rest that she so richly needed because her day had been long and she was eager for this sleep. I guess she found what it was that she was looking for inside of her dreams because she experienced several erotic dreams that made her weak with moisture when she woke up.

In one of her most vivid erotic dreams of the night she and Chase where lost inside of a Maze! She was thinking to herself what in the hell was a Maze doing inside of her dream but she was pleased with her dream starring him. He ran into her arms inside of this dream and told her that he had finally found what it was that he was looking for with her as his mouth removed all her clothing!

He made her stand inside of a circle and play a childhood game with him. He asked her to play an erotic version of Ring Around the Rosy! She twirled and twirled three different times and then he stood still and watched her fall! As she fell as they both finish singing that song Chase told her that he belonged with her. He then fell on top of her as his hands massaged her body and made her relax!

Chase hand began to raise her body temperature as he kept massaging her until she could not take it anymore. Then after his mouth melted into hers he took the time to tell her that if she were a Cruise Ship he would sail her up and down the seven seas!

Melissa was no longer lonely inside of this dream with this man as they both began to make magic with one another. His tongue began to sail in and out of her mouth as he had her on the soft ground because the ground almost felt like a pillow, as his mouth loved her!

Melissa had those volcanic thoughts again while he kissed her inside of this dream because she felt like she was about to erupt! And right as his hand was about to overextend itself so he could search her nice pink center her dam alarm clock went off!

Melissa reached over to turn off her alarm and then she stayed still because she wanted to see if she could recapture her place inside of her wicked dream with Chase. No such luck was to be had for her because that dream was lost and she knew that she needed to get herself up and dressed so at least her eyes will be satisfied as she glances at this fine ass man!

Her breath was quickened because she almost had an orgasm inside of her dream and she was mad at herself! She could not believe that she would allow a stranger to jump inside of her dream and how dare he almost make her have an orgasm while she was tucked inside of a dream. Melissa felt like a Junkie getting ready for her meeting with Chase her soon to be Pusher and her day long meetings with her all her associates.

The reason for her meeting was starting to fade in her mind as she continued to get dressed while she kept revisiting the erotic dream. She knew that it was not good for her to feed the monster that lives in her because she had gone out of her way to place her desire for sex on an indefinite hold.

Melissa had asked God many years ago to remove her desire for sex because it was unfair for her mind to taunt her so after 3 years of begging and pleading over the same prayer night after night and her prayers were finely answered!

As she opened her eyes while she finished applying her makeup to her face because she had already taken a quick shower to refresh her body. She placed her hair inside of a French twist because it was going to be a long day and she did not wish to be bothered with it plus she wore it down yesterday.

After she was done with her hair and makeup she walked back to her luggage and pulled out a dress and a sexy pair of boots to match! She slipped inside of her red bra and panties set because she told her husband that she would be wearing red all day long then she stepped inside of her dress and secured it to her body!

She checked herself out in the mirror after she was done getting dressed. She applied just a hint of perfume on her neckline and at the back of her legs. She was feeling like a little girl as she grabbed her laptop and briefcase before she exited the room.

She was making a small confession to The Lord as she placed her items in her hands then it came to her to leave her items here because she could stop back at her room before she goes to her meeting.

She was trying to keep a straight face as she placed her room key in her jacket pocket and placed a mint in her mouth. Melissa was telling herself to be a good little girl with this young man but it was falling on death ears!

The truth be told Melissa was a mess and only one thing could calm her down and that was to fall on her knees and ask for forgiveness. But that was not going to happen because the both were on a collision course as she made it to the elevator.

During their conversations from last night she learned that this young man was only 9 years younger than she was but they still shared the same idea and outlook for certain aspects of life as she pressed the button to call the elevator. She began to hum to herself as the doors opened and she stepped inside and turned on the balls of her feet!

She then began to whisper his name as a gift to her ears as the elevator deposited her on his floor. She then began to sing a song out loud as she walked to his room. Melissa began to sing “Knocking on Heavens Door” as she stepped up to his door and just stood there. This was a defining moment because if she turns around right now she could avoid all the chaos that was waiting for her on the other side of that door.

Melissa knew that she was not kidding anyone as she stood there and looked at his door! She raised her right hand up to make a small tapping sound on his door as slithers of electricity ran up and down her spine. She wanted to hold onto her self-respect because she loved her husband but he was not addressing her needs.

He was holding her prisoner and he knew it because he enjoyed when she would beg him for sex! Melissa held her head up high and turned around on her heels and began to move away from the door because she did not wish to beg for anything from anyone.

But it was like someone was holding her still because she became frozen as she just stood there and looked at his door! She wanted to be free of those crushing feeling that where trying to ease back inside of her head but she shook her head three times and knocked on his door!

Because all she really wanted was a kiss on the lips from this young man then she would be on her way but all the changes that were taking place in her life had caught up with her as she began to stand still and wait for the door to open.

Chase laughed as he opened the door because he had stood there and stared at her through the peep-hole! Melissa did not care if there was a crowd of people looking at her right now all she wanted from him was a kiss on her lips!

Her mind needed to finish the dream because he had already whipped her body into frenzy with passion from last night! She was not going to have any peace until she grabbed the feeling that she had enjoyed in her dreams as her eyes looked him up and down.

Chase had on a gray pair of pants and shirt to match with a satin looking necktie around his neck as her eyes danced while she looked at him. He smiled and extended his hand to hold her because he wanted to make sure that she was real also because she smelled so dam good.

She had on a subtle version of perfume named Cashmere by Donna Karan of New York! Melissa loves that perfume because she could wear it all day long and never be too overwhelming in the perfume department and it carries her from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Chase took her by the hand and led her into his room and fell across her body as he grabbed her and began to kiss her! His body ushered her into the corner and Pushed her like he was trying to hold her captive!

Neither one of them spoke as he moved her into the corner behind the door and began to offer her just what she needed. His tongue was reading her future for the next two days as he turned her all the way on in one swift jester. After he kissed the shit out of her, Chase said,

“Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night!”

“Hello yourself Handsome!”

There was nothing left to be said by neither one of them because they were two grown people who were discovering one another! They continued to kiss once more while Melissa was entertaining the thought of being a bad little girl.

The part of her that was logically and concerned did not like what she was doing with this stranger. What she was doing with Chase goes against everything that she practices because she had just thrown her morals out of the window.

But the bad little girl that lives at the core of her heart was screaming inside of her head to ‘Ignore the good girl Bitch and reach down and feel his cock!’ Melissa began to smile as this man had eased his hands under her jacket, wrap around dress and found his way to her breast all while he still kissed her!

Melissa felt as if her succulent pussy must be sending out smoke signals and he was reading what they were saying! So, as they continued to kiss one another without saying another word Melissa began to allow her hands to roam on his body as she began to touch his rear-end with force!

They both began to moan as he pulled away from her and untied her dress and allowed it to fall to the ground! Her lady parts were doing and Indian war dance inside because he had just what she needed and if his tongue and his fingers could not work out an orgasm for her to have before this day was over with then she was praying that his cock could ease her troubled mind with a Pow-Wow of a fuck that would render her stupid!

Chase crushed his body next to hers because they were both making sure that this event was real. Her mind was revisiting several conversations from last nights as she was searching his mouth with her tongue. Melissa learned that he is married with two children but he travels a lot and he lives in a suburb outside of Illinois.

Their kissing became intensified as the heat began to turn up another notch inside of the room as Chase led Melissa to the bed as he removed her bra! He lowered her body to the bed, as he could not hold off from nibbling on her breast. He kissed her breast as if he was a Hoover vacuum because the suction was intense as he fed his mouth each breast one after the other!

Melissa was trying to figure out how she was going to get herself out of this jam but for a moment she just did not care. Chase began to kiss down her stomach as his hands began to play Hide and Go Seek inside of her panties!

Her pussy was now a ticking time bomb! She was moaning and squirming once his mouth made it to her sweat lodge of a mound as he took his tongue and ran it on the outside of her panties as several scintillating feelings came to the surface!

His head felt like a nice piece of cake wedged between her thighs as he smiled at her and then took his mouth and began to remove her panties all the way pass her boots and ended up on the floor! Once her panties where off her body Chase raised up and placed his necktie inside of his shirt like he was about to dive into some really thick soup as his eyes said, 'Bon appetite' to Melissa!

He took both of his hands and spread her legs like they were butter all while her clit was blowing kisses to him because she was ready to explode just like a comet does when it is introduced to a different environment!

His mouth began to spread open wide to help his tongue to take all her inside of his mouth. Melissa was barely breathing as his mouth surrounded her fortified pink fruit from her pussy as she could no longer hide from this man!

A wave of passion shot through her body as soon as he made contact on the control panel of her body. She was certain that she was about to pass out as his tongue rode the crest on the tip of a wave of her lady parts.

Chase’s cock had turned into a surfboard firm and bold as he took her pussy inside of her mouth like he was a Junkie! The room windows began to steam up because so much heat was coming from their bodies.

Melissa was overjoyed as he finally had her losing her mind because he was making her mouth chatter out of control as he was making her body his! His tongue was like a rocket as it just stopped on by and gave her just what she needed to feed the junkie in her.

Chase’s face faded into her body and became paralyzed as he escorted her creamy pussy towards the needed orgasm that he began with her inside of her dream from last night! He pushed his tongue towards her clit and stroked her until she began to offer up praises!

Chase began to become all the way invested in her body as he held her tight and pushed his mouth towards her as she let out a little scream of joy! Melissa and Chase approached the thrown of greatness as he escorted her and her pussy down the real path of life.

No more make believes for Melissa because she was having a full-fledged orgasm with a real man who did not make her beg for pleasure. Chase was thinking to himself as he watched her become more and more turned on, he thought that he would follow her anywhere if she stayed excited for him like she was doing right then and now. He knew that he needed to make her his because he knew that she was about to pass out because she was shaking as her climax rushed all the way through her body as he continued to fondle her!

“Please stop, because I believe that I have died and gone to heaven!”

“Heaven will show up later tomorrow night or sooner if I am lucky!”

“Chase, you are tuning me into a Junkie!”

“Good, then I plan on being your Pusher and make sure that I supply you with nothing but me my Junkie!


Both let out a laugh as he placed his hand on her breast and began to squeeze them as he was still placed between her legs! She was a re-born Junkie and it felt great and if he was going to be her Pusher for the next couple of days then so be it! He helped her up off the bed and went over to pick up her dress!

Melissa stood up and waited for her sea legs to leave her because she was well pleased as she moved towards the bathroom. Chase had a totally satisfied look all over his face as he cleared his voice and said,

“So, are we still on for dinner?”

Melissa looked at his mid-section and then looked back at him and said,

“I do not see why not!”

She was becoming weak looking at the massive bulge in the front part of his pants. She was thinking of asking Chase to at least allow her to see his weapon but she changed her mind! She secured her undergarments and dress back on her body as she smiled to herself when she placed her panties inside of her pocket.

Then when Chase came over and asked her could he carry them with him for the rest of the day because he was desperate to have a part of her with him? Melissa reached inside of her pocket and placed them inside of his hand as they walked to the door together!

“I am going to think about you all day Melissa Good and I will come down to pick you up at your room by 7:00 tonight! And just let me say this, I plan on distracting the hell out of you real soon!”

He walked her to the door as he reached back under her dress and embraced her happy pussy. He pulled her ever so near to him and kissed her with a big smile on his face as he was promising her a fuck that was going to be worthwhile!

There was no space between them as he spent his time driving her wild with his fingers once more. Melissa had every intention to make this young man hers while her tongue began to toy with his package as he squeezed her once again inside of the corner in the room!

Melissa’s hand began to pamper and stroke his cock through his pants as they traveled down his thighs and almost began to wrestle with his zipper! She knew that she was going to use him up.

He was willing to be slaughtered by this woman and it was a win-win situation for the both as she held his cock as she was becoming frightened of herself inside of her mind. It seems as if Chase has tapped into a part of her that entertains whorish tendencies but with a little luck she can make him into her whore also.

He felt good as she decided to graze his cock with her right hand while she dam near fell to the floor from the sheer girth of his unit tucked between his legs. Maybe his body was sending up smoke signal also and her body was already getting prepared for the storm that was brewing between the both. His mouth taunted her as his finger began to pluck out a tune on her clit before he released her! Melissa stepped back from him and smiled!

“Listen, I need to be going but I welcome our meeting later tonight!”

“I am already late for my meeting downstairs but I am so glad that you gave me a sweet talking too Chase.”

“As am I Melissa, do you need me to walk you back to your room or are you good to make it back to your room alone?”

“Chase, I will be fine and I will see you later and have a good day!”

“You too my Lady!”

Melissa walked to the elevator and pressed the button to call it down too her as she was feeling sort of high! She stepped inside of that elevator as she began to smile because she felt like a Junkie and Chase was her new Pusher! She was not going to let this young man pass her by because she needed her fix and he was going to supply her with everything that she needed.


The Space Between!

Melissa went back to her room and refreshed herself then carried on with the rest of her day. She was involved in meeting new designers, touring warehouses and working on the next year’s calendar for her company.

Although, her mind kept drifting as she found herself staring out of the windows, as she was lost in thought. Melissa seldom remembers her mind drifting as she kept asking her co-works to pardon her absent looks but mentality she was happily distracted.

Her team thought that maybe she was experiencing some marriage problems because she is always so focused. But by the time lunch was due to be served she was a giddy as a school-girl because her mind was telling her that she was going to make Chase her new Handy-Man. She smiled at that new idea because she almost wanted to dance out of shoes because she was dreaming of strutting around his cock before she devours him later tonight.

It could be that at the age that Melissa was right now she was tired of putting her life off and begging for the things that she wants. Chase made her body dance and she liked the way that he made her feel and there was no room for guilt or shame as she thought about him on and off all day long. She was feeling heavenly as she finished up with all her meeting. Melissa had enjoyed her day as her imagination kept running away with her as she longed to see him.

Then when all her meeting where over with for the day and all her team members begged her to please go out and have a nice meal and drinks with them. She told them that she had something else to do but they kept begging her as she stood her ground and told them they would have to get together another time. Most of her teammates left her in the conference room all by herself as she began to finish up some last-minute proposals.

After her last entry on her computer she closed all her paper work and made her way upstairs to her room. Melissa stepped out of her boots and slid into the shower to refresh her body once more because she was already excited for this event that was going to show up for her with Chase. She put some Blues on her in-house sound system and began to finish dress as her cell phone rang.

She grabbed the phone as she placed her mountainous breast inside of her black bra! She was thrilled that she was done doing her hair and placing make-up on her face as she sat on the edge of her bed! Her mind was drifting as her sister called her to inform her of some new family bull-shit while she walked into the bathroom to brush her teeth! Once her sister made her aware of some troublesome family business she finished getting dressed!

Melissa was sitting on the edge of her bed securing her shoes to her feet when a knock came at her door! She was trying to tell her sister that she needed to be going but her sister would not be quiet as she had one shoe on and the other shoe off! Melissa hopped to the door and looks out the peephole to see Chase standing on the other end. She opened the door and placed her finger up to her lips and asked him to be quiet as she closed the door behind him.

Melissa was so thrilled to see this young man as her sister was going crazy on the other end of the phone she was accusing Melissa of ignoring her. Melissa moved passed Chase and pointed to a chair and whispered to him to have a seat! Chase sat down as his eyes were feasting on her as her mind was flying all over that room because she was not going to be lonely tonight.

She knew that she was not going to survive with him being in her room! So, she turned her back to him as she was trying to fasten her other shoe to her foot all while still talking to her sister. Chase glanced at her and saw a soft glow to her skin or maybe he was imagining what he thought he saw while she was struggling with her shoe as he moved to his knees next to her and helped her with the shoe.

Once he was done securing it he sat down on the bed next to her and just held onto his hand! Melissa body began to act up once more because this man was her new kryptonite and she was struggling to keep the excitement out of her voice as she continued to speak to her sister. He had offered her a very mischievous grin as he held onto her hand.

Melissa’s sister was swept away with the conversation as she took a nice long look at him. She was noticing how his cock was piled up inside of his pants while she looked away from him because her thoughts were eating her up inside and she was trying to hold onto her dignity!

Chase was going to play his cards right because he really liked her and her allure held him captive as he noticed that her breast was truly stuffed inside of her bra. He kept looking at her while she was on the phone as he eased over closer to her as she began to sneeze!

Her looks had bewildered him when he first saw her yesterday but now all he wants to do is to offer her some joy. Melissa looked over at him as she began to fall apart inside because she knew that nothing about her life was going to be the same after her encounter with this man but she was willing to play the game.

Chase thought to himself that he was not sure what was going on between the both because no one else has ever made him feel this way. Some type of wave of pleasure was filling the room as Chase thought to himself that he was not willing to watch her walk out of his life and not do a dam thing about it! He would risk making her aware that he really liked her and that he had a place in his life for her if she wanted it.

She decided to get up and move through the room to break up the sexual tension because she had already been on the phone for 15 minutes as he just waited for her to end her phone call. Melissa got up and moved to the balcony to get some air as she threw her finger up in the air as to ask him to give her just a couple of more minutes please. She needed to get some fresh air as his cock was sending out his own Morse Code message to her as she stood on the balcony.

She needed to place some space between Chase and herself as she was becoming weary looking at him so she stood out on the balcony and finished her conversation because her sister’s life was a walking disaster and Melissa had promised that she would always be there for her but her sister needed more help than she could give her.

Melissa was trying to find a spot in her sister’s conversation so she closes out the exchange but her sister conversation was trying to box her in a corner but she was not going to feel guilty as she was about to end the exchange. Melissa looked at her watch and saw that she had been out on the balcony for the past 15 minutes.

Melissa turned around on the balls of her feet and decided to look back in on him but as her eyes spun around to glance at him she knew that she was in trouble and that’s was trouble with a capital T.

She was strangely excited to know that she trusted herself enough to allow this man to be just sitting inside of her room without her policing his every mood. They did not know one another well but she felt secure with him and that was a beautiful thing as far as she was concerned.

But when she walked back into her room all she could do was smile! She knew that this was the perfect time to end her conversation with her sister because she had something that was distracting her at that moment! Melissa said to her sister Wendy,


And with that rather swift move she hung up the phone in her sister’s face and placed her phone on the dresser. You see, Chase had removed all his clothes except for his fire red briefs! He was lying across her bed with his eyes closed and a smile on his face when she stood at the foot of the bed. Melissa licked her lips and smiled at him and said,

“What do you suppose too be?”



Melissa could not come up with anything else cleaver to say as her eyes glanced all over his body! Her body began to relax because looking at his body made her aware that he was going to detach and dis-joint her body with pleasure!

She was more than willing to allow this young man to be her dessert for her because his body was shining as she looked at him as she felt tons of changes taking place inside of her body! Whatever she had on her mind had just walked out the door because all she was thinking of was how she wanted his fingerprints all over her body

“One kick question Chase!”

“Yes, my Lady, ask me anything!”
“Help me out with this one little bit of information. Because for the life of me I cannot remember what is my favorite dessert?”

“Red Velvet Cake!”

“Oh My, Red Velvet Cake”

Melissa let out several laughs as she licked her teeth for a couple of seconds then she kicked her shoes off her feet! She kept her eyes upon Chase as she just had one more statement and question for him as she almost spoke to him in a whisper as she cleared her voice and began to speak in a subtle whisper.

“I see the Red from your underwear and God knows that your skin looks like Velvet. But please kind Sir, make me aware of how much cake do I need to be ready to devour because sometimes my appetite is not that massive and the thoughts of what is store for me are haunting my brain right now?”

No more words were said behind her last statement or question as Chase stood up and removed his briefs from his body while he offered her his own version of sexual healing! Her body was already placing bids on his cock because the oven between her legs had become ignited with passion!

She moved next to him and bowed before him and then smiled because she knew that she was about to become a glutton. There was no way that she was not going to allow him to cause her hungry body some pleasure.

A lifetime was catching up with her and it was at that exact moment when she began to experience a supernatural occurrence that was taking place right before her very own eyes. Melissa clothes began to systematically remove themselves from her body because there was nothing left to say!

It was like her mouth and his body had their own personal tracking device turned on because her mouth began to water and sweat was removing itself from her body because she was about to get just what she wanted! Melissa looked at Chase because there was passion that was unheard of floating through the room. She whispered out into the Universe and said Forecasted her future,


“Yes, all yours!”

She took hold of his cock and capsized it inside of her mouth with one swift move. Sexual healing was being performed in that room as she laid hands on Chase as they turned that room into a sex filled jungle. She began to fall to her knees as he drove his male member inside of her mouth and cradled him next to her with no space between the both!

Melissa’s mouth had turned into a fireplace and Chase’s cock was the strong backlog that she needed as the embers were falling off the both. Chase allowed his cock to free-fall in and out of her mouth as she was going out of her mind because his cock was saying everything that she needed to hear.

Although his body was a superior fortress his cock kept putting in a full day’s work inside of her mouth. Melissa Good had been longing to please him all day and here they both were burning up with desire for one another. She was not taking for granted that this was going to last for a long time as she was discovering that she enjoyed having a nice and well-manicured but firm cock in her mouth.

She was not begging this man to please her as he was rearranging his unit inside of her mouth. Her body was becoming mellow as she stayed on her knees and pleased him as he softly placed his hands on the side of her head to hold it still while he delivered his dick to the spot in her mouth that he enjoyed the most!

She knew that she was pleasing him because the moans that were escaping his mouth made her aware that she was doing a grand job on his cock. She wanted more from him she wanted to know where his Achilles’ heel on his body was located because once she was aware of that information she knew that he would be hers whenever she called him!

She continued to wrestle with his cock but when she cupped his ball in her right hand and eased her mouth over his left nut, well that move rendered his helpless as she began to slowly suck on them! Her mouth was predicting his fate as his mind was flashing her name across the sky because he was happy to be able to be pleased like he pleased her first thing this morning.

I guess that move of her being stuck sucking on one of his ball made him incapacitated as he stood totally still and stopped breathing! Melissa knew that she had found his spot and now she was going to make him pay as her face became lost under him as she detected the massive vein that ran down the middle of his body.

She began to tinkle with his balls and nibble on them as he continued to get weak. He called her name as her tongue ran down the vein while he embraced her and lifted her from her knees and spread her out on the bed like a buffet!

Chase began to show her that he knew where her Achilles’ heel was located also as his cock roamed on the outside of her body for a minute because he wanted to formally introduce their genitals to one another because they were about to become real familiar with one another.

Then as he submerged himself inside of her, while he delivered to her the fuck that she was longing for all year long. Once Chase had snatched Melissa up off her knees and placed her in the middle of the bed and touched her on her thighs as he told her,

“Tag, You Are It!”

With his last 4 words to her this man began to walk all over her body and deliver an outstanding fuck to her. Even though he was trying to be kind and sweet to her there was something in his soul that made him aware that she wanted him to be sort of rough with her as he knocked her pussy into a coma! There was no space between the both as his body turned into a nice firm piece of cake and began to feed her insatiable appetite.

Chase transferred his feelings inside of Melissa as he found himself pounding her lady-parts while he was reflecting to her that he desired her too. But little did Chase know that she so wanted what he was doing to her because every time he delivered her a powerful thrust inside of her body she bounced right back and asked him for more!

Seldom do you find sex like the both were having with one another because they were having so much fun with each other. Chase paid attention to her breast all while holding her ample thigh up in the air as they merged together as one person while they both kept accepting the pleasure that sex was offering the both.

Anyone outside might have thought that these two lovers had joined the circus because it was sheer excitement going on in that room. He was calculating how many more firm thrusts his body could handle before he could no longer roam inside of her delicious pussy.

They were both making their own personal porno movie as her pussy was begging for mercy! Chase had found paradise between her legs and he was so surprised that he was taking her body on the trip of a lifetime as his cock kept disappearing inside of her. That was until his massive cock could not handle the pleasure anymore and released an excessive amount of love fluid from the opening of his cock inside of her!

Both screamed because Melissa was having an internal orgasm also as he swayed inside of her as she placed her hands on his neck and held on for dear life. Her orgasm caught her all the way off guard because it has been many, many years since an occurrence like this has happened to her as she called his name with a smile on her face as he is bumping her against the wall until they were both done with one another!

It took the both all their strength to stay in that bed because they were amazed with each other’s performance. Finally, when Chase disengaged his dick from out of her body he began to whisper to her that he had been dreaming of her as he leaned over and kissed her! Melissa was no longer lonely as she kissed him back while the both lay still in that bed as their spirits were buzzing above the both as they held hands.

The Universe had set both on a collision course with one another and they were thrilled to be in each other’s presence because they both fell asleep while holding hands but when her cell phone rang it woke the both up! She could tell that the phone surprised the both as Chase pulled the covers up on his body and offered her a brief smile as he continued to catnap.

She sat up and got her voice right before she answered the phone because she that it was her husband on the other end of the phone just calling to make sure that all was going well for her. They talked for 15 minutes as Chase just stayed still and allowed her to finish up with her phone call then once she was done speaking to her husband in a very soft and loving tone it was time to end her call.

She told him that she loved him as she hung up her phone because Melissa meant every word that came out of her mouth to her husband as she sat on the side of the bed as she promised herself that she was going to fuck this young man 4 more time before she releases him. And that was just what was going to happen after they both got up and ordered room service to regain their strength.

Once their meal was consumed and they took a nice and hot shower together Chase placed her in a corner in the shower and rocked her world once more! He fucked her like a thief in the shower and slowed his fucking down because he wanted to deliberately place nice and long hard thrusts inside of her. Then after that event was over with they sat in her room and talked about each other’s lives.

Melissa thought that she was ready to go to sleep but she was wrong because Chase had her body engaged inside of making her scream,” Have Mercy Babe” once more. She looked at her clock around 3 in the morning and inspired for Chase to screw her out on the balcony before their adventure was over with. Then after the both went back to sleep when she woke up and decided to take a nice hot bath and allow the both to rest.

A certain breeze must have been blowing for the both because he woke up and joined her in the bath as they cleaned each other and shared more life experiences conversations with one another when he began to fondle her once more. Melissa knew that he must be tired but she mentioned to him that she would grant him a rain-check.

She knew that she was taking advantage of this young man. But Chase would not hear of it as he showed her that he was up for the task if she was and how she was by no means taking him for granted! They both got out of the tub and dried each other off as Chase proposed a question to her!

“How about we go back in your room and play Carnival games?”

“I do not know what carnival games are Kind Sir!”

“My Lady that is where you come in the room and sit on my face and I try to guess your weight!”

The both began to laugh their Asses off as he took her back into the bedroom and romanced the hell out of her pussy with his mouth as she sat on his face! Although he never got her weight right but it was fun as hell while he tried. Chase took his time and taunted her pussy with his mouth because he knew that they might not ever get the chance to see each other again for a while because they lived different lives.

But while he had the chance he was going to keep rearranging his cock inside of her well-used pussy. He kept making the first move to please her because he did not want her to beg him for anything because he had been waiting for her also because his life needed her too!

He allowed his tongue to trace every inch of her body as she looked at him and enjoyed the pleasure that he was offering her as both of their bodies where acting a fool with one another as they kept pleasing each other because both had the look of lust in their eyes. But right before they were about to leave each other’s company for the evening, Melissa placed Chase inside of this big wing-back chair and took the chance and sat on him!

Her body began to ramble on top of his relentless cock as he touched every level of her snug pussy as she snatched him up inside of her body and delivered the fuck to seal the deal! She kept her eyes upon him as they pleased one another as she placed her diamond of a pussy on his encrusted dick as they both eased the stress inside of each other’s body because there was no place that either one of them wanted to be than with one another.

His cock was yearning to release itself inside of her because her pussy was rotating on top of him, as his cock kept re-enlisting inside of her. I guess he was not through with his tour of duty but both had lives outside of the room waiting on them.

His cock was chipping away at her while he watched her body move up and down as his eyes kept looking at them in the mirror! They were falling in love with one another inside of their eyes but neither one said the words out loud but they knew the feelings that were going around inside of their room as held onto her for dear life as their pleasure was escalation to the point of no return.

He released several smiles as her pussy put a choke-hold on his cock while his eyes where entertained by what he was seeing. Chase knew that he wanted to keep Melissa in his life and he was going to make sure that they exchanged all the needed information to do just that but for now he was enjoying her Goods as they layered each other’s body with pleasure. Because they both had become a nice and succulent piece of Red Velvet Cake as he Pushed his Junkie of a cock inside of her pussy while there was no more Space Between the both while they both came!

Bonus Offering


Homemade Banana Pudding

My first Two-Fisted Love…

My cousin is a self-righteous bitch and she ordered me to come down to hot ass Atlanta to be in her wedding for the summer. Mind you now, both of us are two ladies in our forties because she is 45 and I am 49 and swiftly knocking on the gates to be fifty real soon. but her command to me to be in her wedding made me laugh.

She was marrying a bashful man who treated her like a queen and I was happy for her because love and marriage had always seemed to escape her in the past but now she has stumbled upon a good man. He was not a hopeless sinner like some of the men from her past but he was a diamond who only wanted to shine in her life and she did not wish to let him get away.

So reluctantly I agreed to be her matron-of honor in this fancy wedding in the fucking south because she told me that he had serenaded her and he was a peaceful type of guy who made her feel whole. Who was I to stand in the way of true love even though I had lost my faith in the love arena years ago but I was happy for her.

I guess his words offered her salvation and hope and she had been lonely for so many years and it was time for someone to help to ease her pain and she did not wish to blow her chance at love so they set out to through the wedding of the season.

My saving grace came for me because I did not live in the south and I had no say in preparing anything for the wedding because I lived in Connecticut for the past 25 years but after years of giving myself to my husband we finally divorced after many years of wedded bliss as far as I knew even though both of our worlds had been shattered behind both of us being careless with one another.

But I guess he was being greedy because after we had said such harsh words to one another I felt as if I was fading into the scenery through-out his life. He thought that he could play with fire for years and years and never get burned but after I had brought into the dream of happily ever-after, I called the whole marriage off and walked away with all his shit!

And yes, it did hurt me to the core when I found out that my husband was not mine all to myself because he had acquired two other wives along with me even though I was the first one to marry him but I was not into sharing like he was.

I just finally stopped wearing my ring and now I have learned to soften my heart towards men because I found myself becoming bitter by how I was treated by him but I knew that I had two-many thing and places to go. Being bitter does not look good on me or most women so I now understand that even love has a time and a season to it so I moved out of state and began a new life!

Even though, I kept on thinking that I was off limits to most men but I was about to find out that I was wrong on so many levels plus I have removed all the complications out of my life and was ready for an outrageous adventure soon.

God has been generous to me and granted me a great life and I did not want for too much plus my kids were grown and my career was flourishing and I was as free as a bird to travel and do anything that my pretty heart desired. And knowing that I had seen enough bad times in my life to know and understand when fate was smiling upon you.

Well you better enjoy the sunshine for as long as you can because there are no guarantees in this life. I wanted to help my cousin celebrate a new chapter in her life as I prepared myself mentally for the trip because it was her turn to grab at her own version of happiness.

After untold amounts of phone calls to my and spending tons of money to send the perfect gift and to travel down to Atlanta, I found myself standing at the airport being shuttled over to retrieve my rental car for the week-end! I had family that lived in Atlanta but there was something about me that longed to be left alone while I rested at night because there is always something going on at everybody’s house.

I longed to see my family and to play catch-up with them but when it was time to rest and to relax and I needed my own space. I was aware that some of my family members did not really know me but I was hopeful that we could finally re-establish a peaceful relationship with one another because there are times when I really do miss them and wanted to show them that I am a better person for being divorced from my husband.

There are things about myself that have changed and I wanted to protect myself and everyone else because it would not profit me to get down to Atlanta and show my ass so I preferred to stay at a hotel as a precautionary measure for all concerned.

It seems as if I have learned something that could be devastating about myself because over all these 49 years of my life it looks as if I can become violent when I am exhausted so as a saving grace to myself and my family I have decided to check myself into a fancy hotel so we can all remain as friends with our integrity in tack.

I desire peace when I rest and it does not make me happy when to be disrespected so I have decided to remove myself from all the chaos that a big family event can offer because I only want the best outcome for this wedding to go off with-out too much Bull-shit!

I smiled to myself as I was handed the keys to my rental car so I can make a mad dash to the wedding rehearsal! I knew that I did not have the chance to go to my room and refresh myself but I looked pretty good for a 49-year-old lady because my one true desire was to be by my cousin’s side as she said her vows out into the universe. It did not matter that her wedding was sending me through a change or two.

All I wanted for her was to be loved and to experience love in return no matter how long it should linger in her life plus I have been in love before and it is a thing of beauty. I wanted her to be happy so as I pulled up to the church were everything was being held.

I sat still after I parked my car and said a couple of prayer’s because I just did not wish to battle with anyone this weekend because I was in a peaceful and non-judgmental frame of mind.

I got out of the car and sure enough as I made it to the steps to walk into the church this older gentleman was standing at the top of the stairs while smoking a cigar as I made it to the bottom step started moving in my direction! He was a midnight type black but he reminded me of a strange type of peace as he came to the bottom step and took me by the arm took my hand and held it so I could make my way inside.

His body was lean and he was tall and striking but the look of his hair fascinated me because it was very fine almost like the type of hair you might find on a camel with two humps! For the life of me, I did not know or understand why I compared this man’s hair to a camel with two humps. But that is what I thought of when I saw him. Maybe I was tired and needed to catch my breath and stay still just a little longer but I was here now so it was show-time for me and my cousin.

He introduced himself to me and told me that he was the groom’s uncle and his name was Vandal Stoker! I smiled to myself as I had to look at this man 3 or 4 times because for a brief second, I thought his eyes looked sort of blue as they began to twinkle too me. I told myself that I was exhausted because I have not had enough time to rest or maybe he was suffering with his own version of Cataracts in his eyes but either way they looked blue to me.

I shook my head several times as we walked up the steps as I introduced myself to him also. I abandoned all my fear about meeting any of the groom’s family members because this man did not remind me of danger and if anything, he reminded me of a calm part of the sky or he acted like he was a part of it or from it either way I knew that I was about to take a small detour as we talked.

Even though, he was a stranger and I did not know him from Adam, my thoughts were consumed about things that I needed to take care of before this event was over with because time was standing still as we both looked at each other.

“Nice to me you Mr. Vandal Stoker, my name is Willow Sometimes and I am the matron of honor for this little swor’e tomorrow.”

“Please call me Vandal and funny to mention this bit of information to you but I am the best man also. We all had begun to practice but my participation was somewhat limited because I needed my partner in you and here you are.”

“I just made it to town and I am so sorry for being a little late but now we can finish rehearsal so we can get this event behind us.”

“I feel the same way Ms. Sometimes.”

“Please call me Willow because there is no need for us to be so formal with one another because we are practically family.”

“Willow I hope that we are not related in the least bit because I could not handle the fact of knowing that you are a family member!”

“Oh, well you need not worry your head about that bit of information because I am only a cousin to her through marriage and since I am divorce from her first cousin so we will not be related to each other at all.”

“Good to know!”

“Well, see you on the inside Vandal and it was a pleasure to meet you!”

“The pleasure is all mine Willow!”

We both walked inside as I made my way over to my cousin along with the complete wedding party. After all the kissing and the introductions were done and we all settled down to rehearse for tomorrow I felt several eyes upon me! My cousin Tina and her groom Tsar wanted to finish up with the evening because we still dinner to attend and we all had a very long day ahead of us.

I was pleased at everything that was done before I had gotten there even though several of the bride-maids where sort of pissed at me because I was not here to help them but they knew that I lived out of town and this was all that I could do with them.

So, everyone settled down to finish rehearsal so we could move to the next event and I finally got a chance to really look and admire the best man for this event because he was a man who held dignity close to him or he was hiding something well. But he reminded me of something or someone but for the life of me I could not place my hands on what it was that he reminded me of.

His eyes did fascinate me because the outer ring of his eyes reminded me of the color that a pale moon has in the sky and it is such a rarity to encounter a black man with blue eyes as I counted myself lucky. Once we made it too the rehearsal dinner I found myself in the company of Mr. Vandal Stoker and I found out some interesting things about this rather complicated yet older gentleman.

I kept thinking to myself who in their right mind would name their child Vandal but since I am a simple type of woman who was I to question why his mother and father would give him that name. I guess I better change my expectations for this weekend and prepare to be amazed. Because that was how our evening was ending up as I decided that after our meal was over with I wanted to know some things about the best man. Maybe he will offer me a couple of precious secrets from his life and maybe I will not hide some things about myself from him either.

Our evening ended up at my cousin’s great aunts house along with the rest of the wedding party. Vandal kept a close eye on me as I visited with some of my cousin’s family because I knew the most of the relative’s since I was married to her first cousin but it seemed as if some of the family were mad at me for divorcing their relative.

I kept fielding some of their questions but they expected me to be an open book for some of their questions but the truth of the matter was some of my ex-husbands family never paid me any attention when I was married to their cousin and I was not concerned about they saw me now. I guess some of them woke up today thinking that they had some odd questions for me and it would be to my advantage to answer their questions as I was being interrogated.

I was here for my cousin because we have both been a big part of each other’s lives and I love her more than I care to say. I did not recognize how mean some of the relatives were being to me but I guess Vandal did and he stepped up to rescued me from their grasps and he wanted for the smoke to clear behind some of our exchanges.

I had already told myself to be on my best behavior and I owe no one an answer about parts of my life because I travels on the road to divorce their cousin plus I am just passing through for this event. I know my place in their lives and truth be told all those crazy, mean and frustrated women can all kiss my ass as far as I am concerned.

He stepped into the parlor and requested that I take a stroll with him because he wanted to go over any last-minute concerns that he was having about the big day coming up in the morning.

He was saving me from being trampled over from a pack of wild elephants because some of the conversations with the family members were getting out of hand and I admired that gesture on his part as I took hold of his hand as we walked outside to get some fresh air.

We had to climb over all the men on the porch because everyone was out their smoking and drinking as we made our way to settled down for our stroll as he placed his hand on my waist and guided me under a group of trees. Vandal took me right up to a swing as he held my hand to lower me to take a seat as I told him thank-you for the rescue and I felt like a child in his company.

Vandal began to smile before he made a comment to me as he looked at me and said,

“Willow, I did not wish to allow those women to place you on your knees to talk with them plus I know that some of them are mad at you for divorcing their relative and it was my job to watch over you.

And what type of best man would I be if I allowed you to be eaten alive by your cousin’s relatives so I was just waiting for the right moment to step in to rescue you plus I wanted to get to know you myself. We have a busy day ahead of us and I was unsure of how long you were going to stay her tonight so I decided to steal a slice of your time!”

“Really, stealing some of my time?”

“Yes, stealing some of your time because I heard you mention that you are scheduled to leave back out of here on Monday morning so I wanted to get a chance to know just a little bit about you if you don’t mind?”
“No, I do not mind Vandal but I have a couple of quick question for you if you would grant me a favor?”


“Although I am new to Atlanta, did I make a good choice in selecting my hotel?”

“Where are you staying?”

“Somewhere on Peachtree Street!”

“Anywhere on Peachtree Street is a great choice because it is well maintained and there are tons of cops surveying everyone’s, every move. I think you could not have chosen a better place to stay so what else is on your mind?”

I began to smile after he answered my question because I was just looking at his rather dark skin. I had several wicked thoughts entertaining my mind but I cleared my thoughts and then asked another question because I knew that I was going to be leaving real soon!

I was ready to lay my body down and rest plus my feet were killing me and I was eager to get out of my bra and submerge my body inside of a hot bath! I noticed that Vandal was popping his knuckles as he was looking at me as the both of us began to smile!

I have not seen to many people pop their knuckles in a long while plus it almost sounded as if he was removing parts of his fingers as I began to ask my question as his looks were charming the hell out of me because most days I am just a horny sinner trying to find my way home. So, I cleared out all those thoughts because he was bewitching me as I said,

“Vandal, whose eyes do you have because I have never met a black man with blue eyes?”

“That’s all you want to know because I thought that you were going to ask me how old I am or was I married!”

“Your age and you being married are not my concern right now Vandal but if you wish to tell me about your eyes then that is great but make no mistake; I am only here for my cousin’s wedding. And soon as I need to get too my room and get myself some rest for tomorrow because I tired I will forget about my rather silly question to you.”

“Your question is not silly!”

“Ok, then answer my question and we can end our exchange with one another.”

“Willow, don’t my actions of saving you warrant a little more of your time?”

“Answer my question Vandal!”

“My eyes come from my father’s side because all of the men in his family have a hint of blue in their eyes plus I literally took his eyes off him. (He let out a funny little laugh but I just ignored him and his laugh as he finished telling me about some of his family history.)

I have been told repeatedly that strange colors in my eyes are a form of genetic malfunction but I love my blue eyes and yes, they remind some people that they are fake but I can assure you that I am as real as you need me to be. Can you believe that when I was a young man I was accused of being an alien because my eyes did not look real but I am as real as you sitting here with me?

I think of them as rather odd or ordinary as far as I am concerned because they are designed to be used to look out of and that is just what I do. I would never correct them or have surgery to fix them and after so many times of people making comments about them plus if you believe that you see a color of the sky in them then so be it.

Who am I to try and make anyone see anything different than what they believe that they are seeing in my eyes Willow Sometime. My eyes have helped me to see clear for the past 61 years and I am thankful for that flaw!”

“Why are you going out of your way to mislead me behind a lie because you know good and dam well that you are not 61 and your eyes are anything but ordinary?”

“Willow, let me show you my ID!”

He pulled out his Atlanta ID and gave it to me then I took hold of it and looked at it then I looked back at him because this was a good-looking man but by no means would I have believed him to be 61 years old as his eyes began to twinkle at me once more. I turned away from him then I looked back at him because I was still baffled about his age.

I looked back at his eyes then I told him that it was time for me to go and there was nothing ordinary about the color of his eyes as far as I was concerned. I knew that I had to return to the house to say my pleasantries to my cousin and her family so as I stood up while Vandal continued to talk to me.

“Allow me to at least drive you in the direction of the hotel on Peachtree Willow because I would feel better knowing that I placed you at the door so you will not get lost!”

I knew that I had a high-tech fancy navigational system in my car plus my phone would guide me if I found myself lost and I had already printed out a physical map for me to look at if I found myself lost and my fancy machines would no longer work but if this man wanted to make sure that I made it to my hotel safely then so be it!

Suddenly, I felt a little funny taking advantage of him as he felt like a small mystery to me but I knew that it was not going to me any harm to allow him to drive me to my hotel as I said,


I gave him my cell phone number and then name of the hotel so he could make sure that I ended up at the right place. We moved back to the house as I began to yawn repeatedly plus I was so thankful that the wedding was not until six in the afternoon and that way I could spend just a couple of hours alone with my cousin then I will take that because we are scheduled for a massage in the morning and I plan on helping her get dressed.

I felt the sultry air blow in my direction as I walked back up the steps as I said my goodbyes to everyone. My cousin walked me to my car because tons of confusion was swirling around that house as I got the look of death when I stepped back inside from my time with Vandal. I guess one of the bride’s maids wanted to know why they could not go with us when we went and had our massage in the morning as I told everyone goodnight as I hurried stepped to my car rental!

There was a part of me that wanted to make them aware that I only came down here to let my cousin know how special that she was but it was not my job to entertain them and I could care less about what they needed to understand. I just did not give a good fuck about those other women and I already had some choice words to offer to my cousin as I tried to remain calm in her presence.

Once we were both alone at my car my cousin Tina asked me what was I doing down here trying to grab the attention of the most eligible bachelor in town and don’t bring my hot ass down here taking something that was not mine!

She then made me aware that she must live here and I was just a visitor and if I loved her like I said I did then I would leave this one man alone because he has been known to cause all manners of trouble and most women get weak after they encounter him and his dick!

Well I was so uncertain about what she was talking to me about because her words were filled with rage as she looked at me. I knew that I did not live down here but I had no clue about her asking me to leave this one man alone as my thoughts sort of scattered because I was tired and I did not wish to let her down and all I wanted was peace as I was mentally coping with her words.

She seemed as if she was carrying anger inside of herself that had nothing to do with me so I cleared my mind before I spoke to her with my own set of anger. Because maybe all these other women were getting weak as they looked at me and my new friend so I decided to make her aware that I was not down here to steal or to hijack the affections of this man. I was going to give her my reasons but as I looked at her a soft spot showed up inside of my mind for her!

I guess she was trying to get me to let this man pass me by plus she looked at me as if there was some type of betrayal going on but I smiled at her and took a couple of seconds before I spoke to her.

“Tina, make no mistake I am not here to steal or hijack anything from anyone, Vandal just happened to be standing outside when I showed up at the church this evening. I am not here to entertain nor steal anything and I do not appreciate your fucked-up comment to me about him. I am a grown ass woman and what the fuck do you mean calling me a thief?

Shit, I came down here for you and only you and if desire for me to leave him alone then so be it because I will ignore the hell out of him and all of you. Because finding trouble out here with these crazy ass women was the last thing that I had on my mind, Tina. Maybe you should tell Vandal to stay the fuck away from me because unbeknownst to him he is promised to someone else for this little event of your!”

“Willow, these are my family members so I need you to look at it through their eyes. You are a stranger in a new town and here you are charming the most eligible bachelor in the county and you have him already wrapped around your fingers also. I need you to do me a huge favor and steer clear of him because I do not need any more unnecessary shit from these old hens.

I want my day to go off without a hitch and if you can calm your hot ass down then we can get through this event without any problems. Can you do that for me Willow, stop distracting that man and give me my wedding day without offering up any more trouble? It is my time for you to stand back and let me shine; I need you to give me my day Willow!”


I kissed my cousin on the cheek as I got into my car because I did totally understand what she was asking of me and if I had to be disrespectful to her soon to be husband’s uncle then so be it. I sat there and lowered my head and started my car because being a problem was the last thing that I wished to do!

I pulled away from the house because Vandal was still inside and I just did not have it in me to harm my cousin because I loved her so much as my cell phone rang! I ignored it because I was sad about my cousin’s request for me to be a good little girl at her wedding. I was telling myself all manner of shit while my navigational system told me where to go! Maybe I was sending our crazy vibes and I all I really wanted to do was to scream because I was ready for this day to fade away from me and I did not wish to betray my cousin and her special day.

I pulled out onto the main road and began to follow directions to downtown Atlanta as my phone rang again! I just placed it on vibrate because I felt as if I was under water and I was drowning and my soul was sort of crushed but I knew that if I could make it to the hotel and I just get inside to hide from everyone then all would be well in the morning.

I found myself stopped at a major traffic light as this big Cadillac Escalade' truck pulled up next to me with its light’s flashing. I was amazed as I saw the uncle waving his arms in the air like he was a lunatic as I just kept on driving. I was not here to make any sort of connection nor was I here to tear apart her new life. If it meant that I needed to keep away from this man to keep the peace for her, then I had no problem with that remedy. I felt crazy as I was replaying my cousin words inside of my head as I had a crushing feeling going on as I drove myself to the hotel because all I really wanted to be to sleep.

I had humbled myself enough to put myself in her place because it was her turn to have the life that she so wanted because all I wanted to do was to go to the room and to get some rest. I maneuvered all through traffic as the uncle continued to follow me to the hotel as I was growing weary because I wanted to leave this day behind me and get my cousin married.

I pulled into the parking lot and allowed them to valet park my car as I stood on the side as the bell-man removed my bags out of the back of my car for me. The uncle pulled in behind me as I just turned my back towards him and walked inside and made my way to the desk all while there were sounds of confusion coming out of his mouth!

You could tell that he was truly upset with me as I took hold of my key and walked to the elevator! I thought that he would get the message and just leave me alone but he stepped inside of the elevator with me and just looked at me!

I would not look him in the eye ’s because I was done with the whole situation and I knew that if he did would not leave me alone and get away from me then I was going to call the hotel security and have him removed away from me. But once we had made it almost to my floor he reached over and stopped the elevator as he called my name out loud!

“Willow, Willow did I do or say anything to offend you because if I did I am so sorry? What happened back at the house because the last time I checked you were going to meet me at your car and I was going to make sure that you made it here all right?”

I did not wish to crush him with my words as I was just taking in small amounts of air into my lungs because I was trying to calm myself down before I spoke with him. Because the truth be told, I was not mad at him but I sort of was as I was thinking.

How could he lead me on as he was the one expressing an interest in me first. All while knowing that he had his other woman there watching his every move with me. I shook my head several times because I needed to focus on what it was that I wanted to say to him.

“Listen Vandal, I did not fly all the way down here to cause a disturbance with you and any of the women that you are pursuing. I was invited or suggested to leave you the fuck alone because you are the most eligible bachelor in the town and there is no way that I should explore a friendship with you nor should I be causal with you either.

My cousin did everything but beg me to keep my hands off you so, I am going to uninvited myself out of your life and after tomorrow Vandal more than likely you and I will never share the same air let alone anything else.

I am sorry if I was nice to you but I wish to get this event behind me without any problems so pretend as if I am just a no body as far as you are concerned because I did not plan to come here to cause any problems!”

“Willow, it is I how is sorry for causing you any problems because for the life of me I did not plan to offer you any problems with just talking to me. I am flattered to know that you have been warned to leave me alone but the truth of the matter is, I am a bachelor and I have no intentions of marrying any one right now.

It is also true that you excited me with your beauty, wit and charm but make no mistake yourself Ms. Sometimes, I did not plan to be captured by you or any of the other woman this week-end. I was just being a gentleman to you, no more and no less but I will limit my time with you also because I do not wish to make a nuisance of myself so have yourself a good evening Willow.”

“I know what you are doing Vandal, you are trying to charm me with your blue eyes and smooth talk!”

“Willow, if I was trying to charm you then you would already be under my spell but I can’t figure you out, are you friend or foe because I need you to make up your fucking mind!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”
“Friend or foe Willow!”

“Which would you prefer?”

“Personally, I believe that you and I could be great friends but if the coward that lives in you only does what everyone tells her to do then we both know who you are!”


“Willow, I did not mean what I just said to you and I did not wish to cause you any trouble and maybe we got off on the wrong foot so could we start over?”
“What in the fuck are you talking about Vandal?”

He backed all the way up to the doors of the elevator and just stood there and looked at me as another gentle breeze flew past the both of us! He looked as if he had just was about to make a touchdown as he smiled as his eyes began to twinkle as we were engaged inside of a stand-off!

I liked this man more and more as we were both sizing each other up because I just did not desire anymore bull-shit from anyone because I just wanted to be protected and I needed him to handle me with care!

“Allow me introduce myself to you, my name is Vandal Stoker and I am the best man and the uncle for the groom and you would be?”

I just stood there as he extended his hand in my direction and introduced himself once again to me. I looked at him as the elevator operator come over the intercom system in the elevator and asked me was everything alright?

My feet were killing me and I was tired and told the operator that all was well as I re-introduced myself to Vandal while the elevator stared back up! He shook my hand then he leaned down and kissed it as the main door to the elevator opened as the bell-man was standing at my door waiting on me so he could drop my luggage!

Vandal walked me to the door as he gave the bell-man a tip and then stood on the outside of the door and waited for him to leave. Once the bellman was exiting my room I leaned down to remove my shoes as Vandal just stood there and looked at me and smiled when I stood up from taking off my shoes.

He then took hold of my hand and kissed it once more and told me to get some rest and he welcomes seeing me for the wedding. He then said several sentences to challenge me as he cleared his voice and focused his blue colored eyes upon me!

“Listen Willow, I have no false charms to offer you or any spells to cast over you but all I know is that I had fun with you. So, would you do me a favor and put all this nonsense behind us because I wish to enjoy the wedding with you tomorrow. I have no significant other to cause any problems as far as I know but I want to make you aware that I require a dance from you and if you wake up and find that you and I are still friends, will you dance with me, and can you do that?”


“Good night Willow!”

“Good night Vandal!”

He turned to walk away and stood in front of the elevator and waited to leave as I watched him leave then I ran to the bathroom and pulled off all my clothes! I was eager to be alone and just rest and that was just what I did I closed my eyes as I made myself a delicious bath!

Once I was done and was preparing to go to bed because my bath was a thing of beauty, my cell phone rang as it made me almost jump off the balcony of my hotel. It was Vandal on the other end of the phone as he said good night once more as I laughed out loud! He was hiding something sweet inside of his voice as we ended our phone call because sleep was calling my name as I was ready for sleep to grab me and put me under its spell.

I was so glad that our body massage was not until eleven in the morning as the sultry air passed across my nose before I lay down to go to sleep as I felt special as I gave a smile to myself and just submitted to sleep.

Morning came as I got up to do all my last-minute stuff because I was going to dress with the wedding party at my cousin’s aunt’s house then we would all be escorted by limo to the church. I knew that I had to get my mind right to deal with those bitter woman as I had several phone calls to make as I waited for my cousin to show up because our massage was at the hotel in the next hour!

Tina got dropped off at my hotel as she showed up on time with a ball of confusion all around her as we walked down to the spa area and began to remove our clothes. She brought me up to speed about all the chaos that played out last night but she made me aware that I was in deed the center of the conversation during last night as she asked me was I tired? Because it seemed as if I was everyone’s mind as she made me aware that she was in crisis mode and she required that I be a good little girl today for her sake.

I knew that she wanted to out-number me with fucked up comments from the house from last night but I reminded her that today was all about her so no I was not interested in what was said about me.

I smiled because I did not care but all I wanted to do was to help my cousin get ready for the rest of her very day as the masseurs came in and delivered the massage of a lifetime. We relaxed because both of our hair and nails were already done and her dress and everything that she needed to take care of was a thing of the past.

Both of our bodies were under attack as those women made us feel like butter by the time that they were done with us we both relaxed from the massage. Both of our bodies drank up the attention that it had received as we relaxed before the rest of our day would get away from the both of us.

Then as we made it back to my room I had them deliver us fresh fruit and a couple of muffins as we nibbled on them and played catch up in each other’s lives. I had to have her give me her cell phone because everyone kept calling her with Bull-Shit and I knew that those grown ass women could all take care of the problems plus today was her day and I did not wish to lose control and go over there and whip all their ass for being so dam needy.

I knew that jealously had a lot to do with fueling their insecurities but today was not the day to show out with me around because I was already planning my swift and sudden exit once this day was over with. I knew that the church was already decorated and the makeup artist was scheduled to be at the house to do the ladies face and all we had to do was to load my items into the car and make our way back to her aunt’s house.

After the both of us packed my car and we settled down to have prayer with each other while her cell phone rang once more as I answered it for her because we were not going to have any more chaos to sit down and visit with us. It was a friend of hers on the phone desiring for Tina to take them to the airport because they had to go out of town for a family emergency.

I laughed as listened to her friend on the phone. I offered her my apology for Tina not being able to help her out with her dilemma as I reminded her that Tina was getting married in a couple of hours and her request was rude and disrespectful. Her friend was blown away by my matter of fact statements to her. She was going to have to figure out another way to secure herself a ride to the airport as I ended our phone call and hung up in her face!

Tina laughed her ass off behind my actions as we finished our prayer of protection for this blessed day then I gave her back her phone and told her to call her fiancée and tell him that she would see him at the end of the alter! She stepped to the balcony and had a private conversation with her soon to be husband as I pulled out their wedding gifts and got prepared to place them before her.

I sat back in my chair and waited for her to return when my cell phone rung, it was Vandal on the other end as I smiled to myself because he had already crossed my mind several times today.

“Hello Ms. Sometimes!”

“Hello Mr. Stoker and how are you on this beautiful day?”

“Willow, I am doing great but I wanted to stop and ask you a couple of questions before my day got away from me!”


“Have I already crossed your mind today and did you wake up with me being a friend or foe?”
“Yes Vandal you have already crossed my mind and I welcome inviting you to be a friend!”

“Good and will you save a dance for me tonight because I wish to finish our conversation?”

“I was craving to hear your voice and to make sure that you knew that you gave me a run for my money last night.”

“Really, why?”

“I find you strangely exciting and your actions of you walking away from me made me struggle for a couple of minutes because I felt as if I had just wasted my time talking to you for the past couple of hours.

I feel as if I am walking down uncharted territory being in your company and I now know that you do like to play any games about anything and I like that about you. My intentions towards you are pure and no matter where you seem to be today I will be thinking of you!”

“Good to know but let me ask you this one question my new friend, what are your intentions towards me?”

“My intentions towards you are honorable and admirable but trust me when I tell you that I only have high hopes for the both of us because I am just a simple kind of man and I will do no more or no less than you allow me to do.”

“Really, well listen closely my new friend because I am a simple type of woman like any other but I will not stand for any form of disrespect while you are in my company. So, keep your women in check because I am too far from home for any unnecessary distractions and if you can do that for me then I look forward to enjoying some of my time with you. My flight leaves on Monday night and you will be on your best behavior because I plan on it myself, can you do that for me?”

“I am flattered to know that I will be granted a chance to spend time with you and I can promise you that there will be no distractions from me unless you want them.”

“Good, well I will see you later my new simple man!”

“See you later Willow and I will be waiting at the end of the alter for you.”



I began to smile my ass off because I had no idea that I would stumble upon this new yet simple man down here in Atlanta! I sat still and waited on my cousin so we could get our day started because the both of us were relaxed and ready for the day to unfold as it should!

Everything was packed and ready to go as I heard my cousin laughing out loud as his comments were knocking her out as she ended her phone call behind several giggles. She walked back into the room with a smile on her face that was as big as the moon and I could tell that she was ready for the fun to begin as we both played it cool as we walked out to my car!

We strutted off to the car and finished the rest of our day as our conversations took us all around the world and back! I felt rich as I looked at the both of us laughing our ass off because finally my cousin was about to get married and experience her own version of bliss at the end of this day.

I told myself not to allow any of her relatives and friends make me angry because I had a long day scheduled for myself too and it would be a pity for me to lose my composure on my cousin’s special day plus I knew that I was not going to be dressed to do any type of jail time. Maybe my timing was realigning itself and I was due to enjoy myself with Vandal because I intend to meet him at the end of the altar also so we can enjoy each other’s company.

I just did not wish to lose my feeling behind any more bull-shit as I found myself gliding in the house with my arms packed full of all the items that I needed to prepare for this long day of festivities!

We walked into the house as several friends ushered Tina to a room for her to get dressed as I was made aware that there was not enough room inside of the room for me to get dressed but I could get dressed in the hallway with no privacy or in the basement.

I chose the basement because it had its own bathroom as I walked over and told Tina that I had been banished to the basement to get dressed. But a certain type of peace came over me because I knew that these women were fucking with me as the make-up artist told me that she will come downstairs to be with me and she will get the chance to help me with my make-up in a couple of minutes.

I was pleased that someone else saw that I was being picked on but I decided to not to allow their actions to trouble me as I kissed my cousin and descended to the basement to get dressed because she told me that she had more than enough help getting ready for her big day. The make artist told me that she will be down to finish with me in about 45 minutes and because she needed to make sure that Tina was perfect first.

I was not offended because it was Tina’s day plus I know how to polish up my own beauty because I did not wish to make anyone late by spending unnecessary time on me as I set out to get dressed. I knew that the woman was pissed because I was the last one to be seen before the flower girl and bride walk out so I smiled to myself as I found the perfect spot to get dressed in the basement.

I shook my head several times because I wanted all those crazy thoughts to leave me alone so I could put my best face forward but I just knew that some type of shit was going to happen before this night was over with but I remained cool.

I found an old radio and a couch along with a fancy bathroom. I turned on the radio and listened to some old blues while I prepared myself for the day. I unpacked my makeup and refreshed my face and pulled myself together. I was thinking to myself to not get angry because I guess someone wanted to see me lose my cool. I was not going to give it to them as I unzipped the garment bag that housed my dress and shoe’s.

I pulled the dress out as I had already placed my undergarments on my body after I placed some sexy perfume all over my body as I stepped into my fancy pink gown! I looked up as I heard a small tap at the door as the makeup artist began to walk down the steps all while announcing herself to me as I was shimmying inside of my dress!

The make artist held her breath as she made it to the bottom steps and placed a smile on her face! I had not seen myself all the way in this dress because I was concerned about not making anyone late plus this was my cousin’s day and there was no way that I could outshine the bride because she is a thing of beauty.

But I felt kind of special as she walked over to me and zipped my gown up and put some lip gloss on my mouth and offered some glitter to place on my body because all the other women had it on too! I just stood still and allowed her to do her job as she sang my praises as I stared out into space because her comments seemed genuine but my pride did not wish to be beat up any longer as I just accepted her comments about how I looked.

I moved to the mirror because I wanted to see what she was speaking about as she walked over and told me that most of the woman are all jealous of me and they have called me names all day and that they were praying that I look horrible inside of my gown but I was going to disappoint all of them.

I smiled to myself as I finally got to see the complete picture of me ready to be in this wedding for my cousin even though I was unaware that I was competing with her family and friends because this was not the way that I wanted things to be. I took the chance to forgive myself for what might happen once this day unfolds before all of us as I drifted to the top of the stairs as I placed a mint in my mouth.

Right before I opened the door I said another prayer because I only wanted to be a blessing and not a curse. I placed my hand on the doorknob and walked outside into the hallway in total silence as I stood at the bottom of the steps and waited for my cousin to come down.

One family member wanted to know why my gown looked different from theirs because we were all supposed to be dressed alike! I knew that I only wanted to make my speech to those mean ass women once so I waited till all of them were standing there in my company before I revealed to them that I wanted all of us to have a group prayer before we continue with our day and before Tina came down!

“Ladies just in case any of you were wondering why my dress, although still the same color of your but mine is made differently is because I am the matron of honor not a maid! Even though I am no longer married to her cousin I was married and that is the only reason my gown is different plus Tina chose this gown for all of us and if you have any questions about why I a different than yours then maybe you should throw those questions out of the window because this day is almost over with.

We all need to be on one accord for Tina and Tsar because this is their special day. Now could we all grab hands and bow our heads so we can pray for a great day for all of us because we all here for them and once this day is over with, I will be getting back on a plane and returning to my home and more than likely we will never see each other anymore!”

There were several laughs and giggles behind my statement as Tina came down the steps to show all of us what true beauty and class really looked like! There was a hush that sprang around the room as Tina had tears in her eyes as she showed all of us how much she values all of us being there for her and she was so happy.

We all were admiring how lovely she looked while a knock came at the door from the limo driver’s as they told us that it was time for us to leave. Several of the ladies were turning green with envy as Tina looked as if she was floating on air because nothing but beauty was surrounding her as we all smiled.

I grabbed Tina by the hand as we all walked outside as I sat next to her and the rest of the wedding party loaded into the limo so we could get to the church! I got a funny feeling in my stomach as we all made our way to the church as I pretend to ignore it because I did not have time to pay attention to those crazy feelings.

Tina squeezed my hand as we pulled up to the church and the wedding director came to the car and told all of us that it was indeed show-time! I knew that nothing or no one was going to come between this love affair with her soon to be husband who was waiting for her at the end of the isle inside of the church as her hands became wet!

I took out a tissue out of my handbag and wiped her nose and then dried her hands as I put just a little more lip gloss on her lips and placed a mint in my mouth and handed the box to the woman in the car.

Tina’s brother came to the car and knocked on the window and told all of us to get out of the car because he was ready to get his big sister married! All of us got out of the car and made our way on the inside of the church because we all had to line up and get this event over with!

Tina's brother Carlos kissed his sister on the cheek right before the both of us pulled her veil over her face so we could get her married to Tsar! This was going to be a glorious day as far as I was concerned and my cousin looked as if she had just stepped out of a dream because she looked lovely to all of us.

Once we all finally got out of the car and made a single file so we could walk to our places inside of the sanctuary of the church so the ceremony could get started we all became a little nervous. The music was playing as each bride’s maid walked out as the time was coming for me to take my place to walk downs the aisle for the festivities to get going.

I held onto my flowers as the doors opened for me as I looked back at Tina and blew her a kiss as I began to high-step down the aisle like I was a thing of splendor to be looked at and admired as I smiled and put one foot in front of the other and just moved forward. I was proud to be there for my cousin plus I had sworn to her years ago that I would be standing beside her when she ever got married and here I am fulfilling my words to her as my mind was flying.

With impeccable timing, I looked up as gravity was finely working with me because Vandal’s eyes were pulling me close to him as I looked over at him as he walked down the aisle to get me! I knew that I was on a sinking ship because this man had me dreaming of ways to get him alone because I knew that I wanted him to do some really bad things to me.

I felt the need to molest the hell out of him if he would just stay still and allow me too as I giggled to myself. Mentally I knew that I was playing a dangerous game with him but I was only here for a couple of days so I was going to make the best out of a bad situation and try to enjoy myself.

When I say that this man looked fine, well that is an understatement because this man looked like he was a newly discovered element being placed on the Periodic Table for everyone to look at! My insides were on fire as we both smiled at each other as he whispered to me once he took me by the arm that he was going to make me weak before the night is over.

His comments almost made me unconscious as I smiled out to the audience as we both took our place at the altar and looked back at my cousin walk towards her husband to be so they could join as once!

When the door opened to present my cousin to the crowd she looked as if she was wearing that dress as her skin because everything looked perfect on her. Some of the woman in the crowd looked green with envy as my cousin came down the aisle because she looked like a beautiful shooting star as she moved towards all of us.

Her smile on her face told the whole church that if her life would end today then she had had a great life because she was doing what she wanted to be doing at this exact time. My Cousin Tina’s body language was informing everyone that her life was perfect and she was in love with a man who loved her back.

The wedding went off without a hitch because everything and everyone did their part as we all stood at attention while the wedding took place! I cried while they exchanged their vows as Vandal looked at me and blew me a kiss because everyone’s emotions were running high as the wedding was coming to the exchanging of the vows.

I was so happy for the both because there was a way that Tsar looked at Tina which made me proud of the both but when he kissed her at the end of the ceremony, well that was the icing on the cake for me because my cousin looked as if she was floating in the air because she was so happy. I looked over at Vandal as their kiss was ending and he licked his lips and smiled at me then the Pastor presented them to the crowd as they began to walk back down the aisle as husband and wife!

Vandal took my arm as we walked down the aisle together as he asked me what where the tears for that fell out of my eyes about?

“They were tears of joy because I am happy for them!”

“Well, let me offer you some tears of joy”

We turned our heads towards one another as he pulled me close to him and whispered to me that he knows how I feel then he kissed me with an impeccable and lingering kiss! As he took his mouth away from mine that was when the fun began between the both of us because he had removed all the self-imposed bitterness that I had as his mouth threw me a curve-ball.

He then left out of my company and stood next to the groom in the receiving line for the wedding party. I was so turned on as he walked away from me and stood next to Tsar but I knew that we would get together later tonight as licked my lips as I took my place next to Tina!

We spent our time in the receiving line then we went back and took wedding pictures then prepared to go to the banquet hall for the reception. I was glad that all this pageantry was over with as I walked with the bride and groom to get in the limo but Vandal showed up and asked me to ride with him to the reception hall!

I looked at Tina as she shook her head for me to go ahead and enjoy myself as she was probably thinking that she had secured her man and she did not give a care about what other people would think about me and Vandal.

I took his hand and he walked me back to his truck and held my hand as I got inside with that pink gown on! Once we were both inside of the truck Vandal took his vehicle out of formation because we were all lined up in our cars to have a convey of us drive over to the reception hall but I guess he had other plans for the both of us!

If I had not have seen this man’s ID, I would have thought that I was in the truck with a youngster because he pulled out into traffic like he was on fire and just held onto my hand as we made our way down this country road and parked under this massive tree while a small rain shower showed up for us! He removed his seat-belt as I removed mine also and we met in the middle of his truck as we set out to do harm to each other as we kissed!

The feeling that I was getting from this man was making me swelter as we kissed like we were submerged inside of a hot ass cave while we played with each other’s mouth. We kissed as if we were each other’s only friend as flames were crawling between my legs as his body felt scared to me.

Vandal was offering me a new sensation as his hands went to my waist and my hands went to the back of his neck as we continued to chase each other’s tongue inside of their mouths! I placed my hand on his face as we pulled away from one another because our kissing each other was great as he was tempting me to a certain type of madness as he was waiting on me to make the next move and I was waiting on him!

I was not recognizing what was happening to me but I was understanding that this man was making me hot and he was making my body begin to desire to be rescued by his body. I smiled to myself because it was almost illegal what I wanted him to do to me because for some strange reason I sort of wanted to be on my knees with him as his body could give me what it was that I so wanted.

I pulled away from him as he sat back behind his steering wheel and just looked at me. My breast was trying to ease out of my strapless gown as he placed his hand over his crotch to hide himself from me as I leaned over to kiss him and to touch his hand to move it out of the way! Vandal did not wish to move his hand out of the way as I pulled back from him and just looked at him as we both smiled at each other.

I was sort of thinking that we were moving too fast so I looked out the window and told him that if he was ready to return me back to the wedding party then we could go when he got ready to leave! I looked back out the window and pretended not to notice that his hand was still covering his mid-section because I was not ashamed of my actions with him but if he thought that maybe I was being to careless with him then I was prepared to apologize!

“Willow, let me apologize for my body because I was trying with all of my might to be in control but I think that I need to take you to the reception now!”


“I am angry at myself because I did not wish for you to see me like this.”

“Well Vandal, I have not seen anything so you do not have to apologize to me about anything. It is apparent that I do not excite you so it is not a problem as far as I am concerned so whenever you are ready to go then it is fine with me!”

I began to fix my clothes back on my body as I thought about how ironic this whole situation was because here I am all hot and bothered but I happened to stumble upon the one man who was having impotency problems. My eyes had not seen anything that would trouble me plus I did not know what all the fuss was about as I was replaying some of my cousin’s comments to me.

My breast was still desiring to be kiss but I guess I was out of luck tonight as I sat still and waited on his next comment. Maybe I should have taken my ass to the reception with my cousin but I knew that most of this day was behind me so I was mentally counting down in my head.

“You are wrong Willow because the passion that I have for you is troubling to me but I am afraid to show you how much you really do excite me!”

“I am not afraid, so show me!”

“I don’t think that you know what you are asking me because not only do I have blue eyes, I am a simple type of man with a massive dick!”

“Really, show me!”

“Are you sure?”


He looked out the driver’s window for a couple of seconds because he looked like he did not wish to disappoint me but maybe his mouth has written a check that his ass/dick will not be able to cash! I watched as he released a button that moved his seat all the way backwards as he then undid his pants and began to slowly reveal his cock to me!

Suddenly, my mind went on the blink because I began to hum this song titled, ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’ as I looked on with total amazement while I looked away for a minute because his cock was inviting me to take a chance and just allow him to have his way with me.

I don’t know why but I felt as if I was at an illegal peep-show as I placed my eyes upon him because I was mentally sinning as I looked at him. I then placed my hand over my mouth and became hypnotize as I looked at his cock because this man’s cock looked like he had broken it off the tree that we were sitting under!

I heard him speak to me in a whisper but I was unsure of what he said because my hearing was gone and my vision was blurred as I gave thought to his dick and how I was going to get him inside of my body. It was apparent to me that I was taking my pussy for granted at that moment.

I looked at this man and his dick as I was telling myself that it was time for me to go home! His dick gave me a reason to really smile because I had several wicked thoughts dancing around in my head because his dick looked like it might need to be touched and that was just what I did!

I reached over and touched it like I was signing my name across it for storage for a later date because that was what I was really doing! His over-sized cock looked like it could cave in a perfectly well-working pussy as I was wondering would me and my pussy be safe from harm as I looked at him.

I reached over and took hold of his cock but one of my hands could not get the job done to hold him still so, I had to place my other hand on his cock to hold him steady. And it was then when my mind went galloping back through the archives of my life.

It flashed back to a song from my youth as I smiled at him and his cock. I was rubbing him up and down to try and inspire it to go down or to behave! I was telling myself that a dick like this could change my world as my body or at least my pussy was saying, “Yes, Yes, yes” but my mind was saying no, no, no to me!

My thoughts went to the title of this song by Phoebe Snow called Two-Fisted Loved but now I finally understood what she was talking about because it took both of my hands to hold him still. I looked back at him because he had a hunger in his eyes. I thought about doing some dangerous things with him. I just did not wish to mess up my gown as I leaned over to kiss him on the lips because I was truly bothered by now! But I was wondering if I was going to need a doctor after this man is done with me.

Something about him and that dick that sort of scared me but my lady-parts were jumping around with delight as I was thinking that I was in a fairy-tale because this man and his dick could not be real. I guess he had a hunger inside in as my touch was driving him wild as I knew that he could devastate my body right now if I allowed him too but there was a part of me that was curious or maybe I was stoned because there was no way that this dick was real.

I began to blink out of control because this crazy thought showed up in my head as I prepared to try and speak to him as I held onto his cock because it felt like it needed defending for a moment. Maybe another woman might have been afraid or another woman might have knocked her off her feet but for me looking at his dick was blowing my mind.

The love of cock was doing me in mentally because I was thinking of the permanent scars that a dick like his could leave on someone like me but those crazy thoughts faded out of my mind as my hand roamed on top of him for a couple of minutes but then I knew that I had had enough of him as I took my hands away from him.

There was a certain type of urgency in both of our eyes as I touched his face and asked him to put his weapon away until later tonight because I did not wish to be destroyed before we ate dinner. I told him as I licked my lips repeatedly that I was going to think of him all night long while my mind was telling me that he was some type of demon.

Because no man that I have ever met has had a dick like that before and I was not going to toss my pussy away to the roll of the dice with a man who could destroy my shit in one swift mood. But I was so conflicted as I reached for his hand and told him that we will pick this conversation up later tonight if both of us were good little boy and girl as I smiled back to him. I could tell that he was concerned about how far I was going to let him go with me. I began to reposition myself in his truck as he spoke to me.

Then he wanted to know was I afraid of what type of damage that his cock could do to my insides as I told him no because I was not thinking right as my pussy was burning up as I looked back at him! I knew that if he was not careful with me he could unwilling give me a hysterectomy but I made him aware that I was not ready to allow him to slip through my hands and if we took our time with one another then there is no telling how much fun we could have.

Vandal smiled at me as he placed his dick back in his pants as I asked him would he let me do one thing before he puts his pleasure machine away! I guess he was mentally suffering as he decided to speak back to me as a smile showed up on his face plus he knew that I was still sitting in his truck and the fear that I might have for his cock was not enough to drag me out of his truck.

“Willow you can do anything to me that your pretty little heart desires to me, for me or with me!”


I then took my right hand and reached inside of his pants and took hold of his balls to squeeze them also as he let out a nice long sigh! I was going crazy and now I understand why those women were going crazy over this man because he was walking around with a weapon of mass destruction tucked away inside of his pants.

After I held onto his balls for several minutes as we continued to kiss while my tongue rode all up on his, I then released his two-fisted type of love out of my hand and began to giggle out loud! Vandal wanted to know what was I thinking as I was trying to hide my face from him because I was tickled beyond compare.

I was trying to think of a calming and pleasing thought to tell him but the truth just ran to the front door of my mouth and shot out of it! I was becoming challenged in my thoughts as several lustful dreams flashed before my eyes and began to entertain my mind.

There was no two ways around my thoughts because this was not going to be going a love making sessions whenever we settled down to encounter one another in the sexual arena, this was going to be a Fornication Under Carnal Knowledge adventure or just a plain old Fuck session! I was trying to be pleasing as I delivered my soft words to him as I began to blush as I whispered,

“Mr. Stoker, I was just thinking of how your cock reminds me of three bananas well-woven together to make this one massive looking banana. I just don’t know what to do with your bold and delicious looking cock right now but the more I ponder my crazy thoughts about you I believe that we will have to put our minds together and come up with a plan to conquer this encounter because I have plans for you too.”

“So, my cock reminds you of three bananas woven together!”

“Yes, sir that is right!”

“Well, maybe Willow you and I need to set out to make some good old fashioned home-made banana pudding later tonight!”

“Home-made Banana Pudding!”

We looked at each other as we both began to laugh at one another while I began to talk to him so we could both calm down. I was doing my best to play it cool so he could take us to the reception hall to finish out the evening with the rest of the wedding party.

We kissed each other and held hands as we took off from under the tree as I was telling myself that I have hit the jack-pot as we held hands and drove off into the evening and towards the reception area! I was telling myself that I have stumbled upon a marvelous cock that looks like a branch off a tree and I better get ready to learn how to deal with him while I am here. Now I fully understand the envy that the women were feeling as they looked at the both of us toying with each other during this week-end.

The both of us were high behind our new discovery about one another and we had both promised to see this adventure through with one another later tonight. Vandal and I exchanged slices from each other’s lives as we made our way to the reception as several of the groom’s men came out to his truck to speak with him!

He told them to just give him a couple of minutes as he turned his truck around and got out and walked to my side to hold my hand as I got out of the truck! Once I was placed on the ground and standing right in front of Vandal, he looked down at me then he walked up next to me and gave me another kiss as he told me that he would see me later tonight.

His kiss painted a pretty smile on my face as I was thinking to myself that wild horses could not keep me from fucking that man and his dick tonight because he had just what I needed as I gave him a touch on his face as we pulled apart. I felt his cock sort of breezed past my midsection as he went one way and I went the other way as our mid-sections were blowing kisses to each other!

I stopped by the restroom and refreshed myself. I finally walked inside to see what was going on with the bridal party. I got several nasty glancing from woman in the wedding as I went and took my place next to Tina and Tsar. While I slide into my chair next to her as she leaned over and started talking to me!

I was thrilled that Vandal and I had the chance to sit and talk with each other as I felt as if I was glowing as I settled down and began to talk with my cousin as small drops of sweat was dancing on my head. I was thrilled that he was charming and bright but how was I going to get that dick inside of my body as I smiled at my cousin as I leaned over next to her.

“Just answer me one question Willow, is it like they say because I have heard some wicked tales about that man and the monster of a dick that he carries around with him and his blue eyes?”

“Yes, it’s true, it’s true!”

“Willow, just be careful because you do not wish to fall in love with him because I do not wish for him to break your heart when he is done with you!”

“Ok Tina, but know this bit of information about me because that I did not come down here to fall in love with anyone but I do plan on enjoying myself while I am here with him! I plan on letting him and that dick walk all over my body before this week-end is over with even though I just met him yesterday.”

“Ok, well just be careful!”


My mind was sending me on thrilling thoughts as Vandal walked into the banquet hall and sat down to eat his meal. He looked over at me then he began to talk with Tsar as they exchanged laughs and jokes. I finished my meal as it was almost time for the toast and the first dance for the bride and the groom.

Tina and I got up to go to the restroom and reapply her lip-gloss so she could dance with her husband as I went into the stall next to her. I finished with relieving myself once more as I began to walk out to be next to Tina. I was giving thought to how long I was going to stay here with the rest of the mean women. Once Tina and Tsar prepared to leave to return to the house to pack for their honey-moon! I washed my hands put more lip-gloss on and popped a couple of mints in my mouth after I had offered them to Tina while she was fixing her hair.

She was done as we walked arm and arm back to the main banquet hall as they were playing nice and soothing music while the DJ was calling for the bride and groom to make it to the floor. Once we got to the table Tina and Tsar took each other by the arm as I took my seat back at the table!

Vandal sat down next to me as he took hold of my hand and wanted to know how long did I wished to stay for the evening as my eyes searched his blue eyes and began to giggle. He placed his hand on my back and whispered into my ear as I was singing that song, Two-Fisted Love in my head as I looked at him and became thirsty for some strange reason.

I guess my body was yelling to me to drink more water because I was going to need all the moisture that I could possibly handle as I drank down a bottle of water because we continued with our conversation.

Vandal and I just made small talk while the happy couple danced then when they wanted the wedding party to join them on the floor that was when Vandal asked me was I still going to dance with him. I did not say one word to him as we made it out to the floor and began to dance with one another while I did my best not to touch his mid-section.

We had just finished with our dance when we were both asked to make our toast and stand next to them so they could cut the cake. After all the last part of the pageantries for the wedding were all said and done, and the crowd had begun to thin out. Tsar mention to Tina that they needed to be going in the next thirty minutes, because they had a flight to catch first thing in the morning and they needed to finish packing.

Tina asked me to walk with her for a couple of minutes as I told Vandal that I would be right back as I walked with her so she could kiss and hug her family members and friends. She really did not need me but I just stayed by her side as I pretended not to notice how some of the family members were treating me.

I clung close to Tina as I was mentally preparing to leave myself as I walked back to Vandal and told him that I will meet him outside because I needed to return to the house to get my things that I left in the basement. Some of the family members were sad to see me leave as I ran out on the dance floor and danced with the make-up artist and Tina’s aunt who had been very nice to me but I knew that it was time to be leaving as we all laughed and enjoyed our last dance.

Tina was done and walking back to grab her husband’s hand after they told the guest that they needed to be leaving. Unlike all if the other guest at this wedding Tsar and Tina looked in love with one another as several other members decided that they needed to ride back to the house.

Vandal and I drifted back towards each other after I had kissed my cousin and told her thank you for allowing me to be in her wedding! I asked her to call me before she leaves because I would not get the chance to see her any more.

She told me that we would talk at the house as I gathered all my things as Vandal walked me to the side of his truck and helped me get inside. I was dog tired as I leaned my head on his chest after we kissed once more as he took hold of my breast and told me that he was going to conquer me before the night was over with!

I smiled at him as we made small talk while he drove. My eyes looked down at his cock because, I was not worrying about what he thought that he was going to do to me. I planned on staying up all night long until we have both conquered each other. Because in my mind, I was no more afraid of him than he was of me but we both knew that we had an adventure waiting on the both of us as we continued to share slices of our lives with each other.

I guess while we were driving back over to the aunt’s house because we made it their first as I sort of felt adventures because I hiked my dress up and sat on his lap after I removed my seat-belt after he parked his truck and just looked at me!

I thought that I had heard his pants unzip themselves as his hands flew to my breast while his cock was punching out its own version of Morse-code under my pussy. I continued to straddle his crotch, because he felt as if he was carrying a heavy loaded weapon.

Vandal pulled one of my breast out of my gown and began to feast on it as he was hunting for an opening inside of my body but I was closed off to him right now as I laid my head close to his face and told him that I was going to use him up tonight.

I kissed him and placed my hand inside of his pants and took hold of my two-fisted lover and stroked him until he dams near exploded in my hand! Vandal grabbed me by my arm and asked me to stop because he did not wish to play this child-hood game with me anymore because he was a grown-ass man and he needed to be in comfort so he could fully enjoy all of me!

I was near to him but still far away as we both were making plans to unfold each other’s mysteries before the week-end was said and done. I pulled my hand out of his pants and smiled at him as the limo pulled next to us while I removed my body off his and fixed my breast back in my dress because I was not trying to be careless with him but I was enjoying what I was felling between his legs!

I kissed him and told him that I was going to go inside and get my belongings from the basement as I eased myself out of his truck as he re-zipped his pants after his cock went down for a couple of minutes. He watched me leave as he was shaking his head at me as I walked to the porch and went inside as my body was longing to hold onto that massive cock of his.

I went downstairs and grabbed my items as my mind was already planning on loving this man up and down tonight as I placed all my items back inside of my bags. I was not concerned about some of the woman looked at me as I walked past them to secure my items because as far as I was concerned the hard part of the week-end was over with as I listened to their snide comments about me. I knew that I was on my way away from them as I took my time to gather my things because I was not coming back out here.

Once I was done with gathering all my things and walked back up to the stairs to leave but for strange reason the door was locked and I could not get out! I began to scream and beat the door as I kicked it and pulled at the handle! I heard my cousin on the other side telling me to calm down because she knows that I have asthma and when I become too upset it throws me into an attack!

I knew that she was telling me the truth but I had no idea of how the door became locked because this was the same door that I opened and closed when I came down here to get dressed! I heard tons of confusion going on upstairs as began to cry while I sat down at the opening of the door and began to cry more, then I heard my cousin scream for her husband because I was working myself into a frenzy because I was scared and I was in a strange place.

I heard the door slam as Vandal began to talk to me as he was asking why the door was locked because I was just supposed to go and get my things but not cause an upset in the whole family. People were standing around accusing each other of locking the door on me as my cousin’s aunt was looking for the key.

She did not know where the key was as she was wondering around upstairs looking for it as I was losing my breath and began to wheeze more and more as the breathing passages in my chest began to narrow because I was scared.

Vandal told everyone to be quiet as he talked to me because he could hear me struggling for air! My cousin informed him that I am asthmatic and if I work myself into a frenzy then I might spiral out of control and just stop breathing.

Her words were breaking his heart as he was finding out some stuff about me plus we had plans for each other and here I was locked beyond the other side of the door. Vandal punched at the door as he called my name several times to calm me down but it was not working for either one of us. Tina said,

“Willow, do you have an inhaler with you?”


“Well baby, I need you to do me a favor and find your inhaler can you do that for me?”

I continued to cry and gasp for air as Vandal called my name and told me to talk to him as he warned the crowd to shut the fuck up or he would kill them! He called my name once more as he said,

“Willow, do me a favor and find your inhaler and use it!”


A shadow was falling over me because I was becoming confused and I was scared plus I am claustrophobic but I really had to keep telling myself to calm down. I walked back down the steps as I heard all manners of threat going on upstairs but I took hold of my handbag and found my inhaler and administered two or three short blast of med's to my lungs as I curled up in a ball because taking that medicine knocks me out!

Some days if I must administer my inhaler to help me catch my breath then there is no telling mentally where I might end up. There is something in that medicine that makes me sort of loopy and my life turns into a mystery as far as I am concerned!

The medicine in that inhaler gives me several chills before it starts to really work on me as I felt as if someone had placed my life on some form of credit as my ears and brain began to hurt as that medicine was cutting through my system.

I heard my name being called as I did not have the strength to answer him because I thought that I was regaining my composure while my breathing was being restored as my eyes were becoming heavy!

I heard several loud thumps against the door as I tried to stand up but I was too weak as I heard my cousin scream my name because whatever was going on up there had nothing to do with me as I closed my eyes once more!

I heard more and more noise as I thought I must be mistaken about my surroundings because a stampede of people ran down the steps and placed their hands on me!

I thought that I had looked up as I felt a pair of strong arms slid around me and lift me off the couch as I was dragged out of the basement and into another room in the house! My cousin was upset as she thought that I was no longer breathing as she asked for someone to call an ambulance because I needed to get to the hospital!

I released my inhaler out of my hand as I raised my head and saw Vandal holding me tight! My cousin began to scream as her faith was tested once more as she began to praise the Lord because she was pissed at whoever locked that door and caused this trouble!

Vandal would not release me as he told my cousin’s aunt that he would pay to fix the door to the basement because it seems as if he used an axe to open the door to get to me as I smiled at him! Even though I seemed to not have taken noticed of the sounds of the axe as they kept calling my name while I was locked downstairs.

I coughed several times as I began to regain my right mind as I sat up while I eased off his lap! My cousin told me that an ambulance was on their way because she would not allow me to leave without someone in the medical profession to checking me out!

I knew that it was pointless to argue with her because she has seen me have bad asthma attacks and I did not wish to take the chance myself as I looked back at Vandal and said,

“So, let me get this right Mister, you used an axe to get to me and you destroyed the door in the process? I guess you were named right.”

“Willow, I would tear down this whole house to get to you if I had too because I do not run upon too many people that are not afraid of me and who are willing to make homemade banana pudding with me like you claimed that you wanted to do with me.

I am sorry for destroying the door but I would do it again and again but let me apologize to you for me being careless with you because I should have never left your side!”

“Will you make it up to me for leaving me alone?”

“Yes, you can have me anyway that you want to but know that I will not be leaving your side until I have taken you to the airport if you are lucky!”


The ambulance pulled into the driveway as they checked me out because I had given everyone a scare plus I was sort of scared myself. My cousin stayed glued to me as the EMT workers told me that I needed another new inhaler but as far as they were concerned I was fine because my breathing had been restored back to normal and I was sort of feeling frisky once more as Vandal would not let go of my hands.

He was sorry for the trouble and he was scared because he hated to admit this to me but he was frightened at how things could have turned out. Even though I was no longer upset because maybe someone thought that I was down here to steal something from them but the truth be told I was frightening myself but that is all behind me now.

Once the medical team was gone and my cousin finally walked over to her husband and cried in his chest Vandal picked me up and began to kiss me as I asked for a bottle of water. My cousin went to gather all my belongings from downstairs as I told the aunt goodbye as we both held hand and walked out of the house!

Vandal walked me to his truck and told me that he wants me to come and spend the night with him because he would not feel safe if anything else happen to me then he told me that we will come back tomorrow to pick up my rental car. He called out my name as he told me that he sees the work of heaven as he looks at me and he does not wish to be careless with me any longer!


My heart was beating sort of out of control but that is one of the trade-offs from having that adrenaline forcefully introduced into my system. I still sort of off my game but if he desired for me to stay at his home so he could keep an eye out on me then that was fine with me.

I guess he was showing me that he was more than a pretty face as his eyes began to shine for me while I thought I felt like I wanted to go to sleep because I was confused behind some of the events that had just taken place. I was in a daze looking out of the window before he got inside of the truck. Feeling unsure of myself and sort of lonely but I did not know why. I just shook my head and closed my eyes for a minute to think.

He took my items from my cousin and placed them in the back of his truck as my cousin came to me to apologize once more! I told her that I was fine and after we grabbed something to eat then we were going to make some old fashion and homemade banana pudding as Vandal got in the truck and pulled me close to him!

My cousin told me that she would call to check in on me as I told her to do not worry her pretty-little head about me because I was going to be fine but she insisted and I told her that I welcome hearing from her later tonight! I looked over at him and told him that his parents named him the right name because he looked as if he enjoyed destroying that door with that axe. He looked back at me and said,

“I’m going to enjoy destroying you more!”


We held hands as he let out an almost wicked and sinister laugh but I had no real point of reference with him because I thought that was his real laugh. We drove to his home which was surrounded by acres and acres of land, we then pulled into his garage and kissed each other before we walked inside.

His house was a thing of beauty as I walked through it as he asked me did I really want something to eat because he was a good cook. I let out a laugh as my wicked side was speaking some crazy shit to me as we walked to his master bedroom. I already knew what I really wanted him to eat but I kept my comments to myself! I decided that we had work to do on each other as I told him that I will wait to dine on some food later as he just held onto my hand.

He had this wild-eyed look all over his face as he wanted to know did I wish to take a shower or a bath as he gave me a lustful glance because he looked like he needed someone to spend some time with him and just love him up.

I smiled and looked at him and began to move towards the bathroom because I thought I knew what I wanted from him and his body. I looked around his room and I could tell that we were going to have some fun with one another as his home reminded me of paradise.

I removed all my clothes as the sadness left out of his body because he still sorts of scared about what had happened to me behind my attack. He began to remove his clothes too as I turned my back to turn on the shower and get the water at a proper temperature for the both of us as my lady-parts were turning into a wildfire.

I took a towel and wrapped my hair up and just turned around and waited for him to remove all his clothes. I wanted to see what I was really working with as I giggled to myself. I had sort of forgotten what his cock looked like because my mind was still struggling to regain its composure from my asthma attack. I was waiting for him to share his secrets with me as I looked at him.

I had already made my mind up that I was dreaming when he displayed his cock to me earlier tonight but those thoughts ran the fuck away from me as I got to really look at him as my body began to send out smoke signals because I was in deep trouble and I so needed help.

He moved closer to me while dragging his dick behind him and gave me a hug as we both stepped inside of the shower and began to cleanse one another. Although my body was coming alive but my mind was telling me to get the hell away from this man because there was no way that this was going to be a peaceful exchange as I began to get chills and to shake!

But for some strange reason I was hell bent and determined to fuck this man one time plus he had torn down a door for me with an axe, as my eyes kept looking at him. He and his body reminded me of a Kangaroo because I was waiting for him to stand up on the tip of his cock and do a balancing act for me in the shower as I smiled to myself as I heard him tell me that he was going to be gentle with me.


I took a towel and applied soap on him but I hesitated for a couple of seconds then I took both of my hands and cleaned his incredible cock. I caught his cock in my hands and began to hum to myself as his hands set out to explore me as we kept looking at one another but when we figured that the both of us were clean he set out to turn off the water.

I had removed all the soap off my body and set out to get out of the shower as I walked to the bedroom and asked him for some water as I was mentally choking behind looking at this man’s cock. He left me to go and get some water as he told me that I now belong to him tonight and there was no one out here to hear me scream!

I told him to stop kidding as he walked away but when he returned he was no longer smiling at me as I felt a funny kind of vibe coming off him as he handed me a cold bottle of water as I drank it down.

I decided to try and to change the flow of energy in the room because I was becoming concerned behind some of his comments to me. It was then when I asked more questions. I looked back at him as I had a new form of grace holding close to me while, I formed a question in my mind. I was thinking of how to remove myself away from him because I was becoming troubled by the flow of energy between us.

There was something strange about his face as I turn my head back to look up at him as I was craving to know some of his personal history. Vandal had a certain type of sinister appeal to himself once more as his cock began to look angry to me. I did not wish to make any comments about his cock. I felt that our exchange would not be a proper line of discussion for me!

I had no regrets of what we had had done with one another so far as he looked as he was watching over me with those very intense blue eyes as I was hoping that our time together would be memorable while I spoke to him.

“Vandal how long have you been a bachelor? Your home is lovely and all the grounds surrounding your home are so spectacular. You can tell there has been a woman’s touch on everything in here?”

“Willow, sad to say this but I am a widower not a bachelor and yes all of this land belongs to me. It has been in my family for generations. Although, I am pleased that you got the chance to see my family home. I was trying to figure out a way to get you out here to really see where I live, because I am proud of my home.

I guess things worked out for me to get you away from everyone else. I wanted you all to myself and to think that I was trying to plan to get you out here. But, all I really had to do was to have someone lock you in the basement for me. Oh, I’m just kidding with you my new friend. And yes, all my wives have loved this home and the grounds that it sits upon. Because you never should worry about unwanted guest just stopping by because they happened to be in the neighborhood.

I have the ground electrified and several high-tech surveillance systems to watch out over me. You can never be too careful because I love sharing my life with beautiful woman, who can also appreciate the lovely surroundings too.”

His words offered me a slight tingle as he was revealing some aspect about his private life while I listened to what he had to say. I felt as if he was playing with me about having me locked in the basement, all to get me out here to his home sound sort of absurd as far as I was concerned. I was going to ask him why did he really want me out her. I changed my mind and decided to stay on track with my original questions.

I was stalling while I knew that his cock would not go in my body willingly as I kept my eyes on his cock! I needed clarification behind some of his comments to me as I drank down some water and then asked:

“Wife or wives because maybe I did not hear you properly and I desire your answer to be clear because for me clarity is a mother-fucker as far as I am concerned?”


“How many are you speaking of Mr. Stoker?”

“Willow, I have been married four different times but sad to say all of my wives have left me before I was done with them!”

“Define left?”

“Well, is not death definitive enough?”

“All of them are dead?”


“How did they die?”
“They all suffered from some type of internal injury or something to do with their lady-parts or their reproductive parts. I am unclear about the particulars but I have been left alone for almost two years but now I am ready to make some pudding with you!”

At that time, I started vibrating because I was afraid about what was going to happen to me. I did not come down here to die, I only came for a wedding. I was unsure if he was just teasing me about not having any physical contact with someone in the past two years. Then maybe he was sort of discussing how he was going to pound my pussy so hard that it was going to turn into pudding.

Then I got pissed off at myself because it was just my luck to stumble upon a man whose dick is killing women off left and right. I then told myself that if I should live behind this encounter with him and his dick. Then more than likely I might try my hand at being celibate. I might need a break from dicks after I am done with this man or should I say after he and his dick are done with me!

I took a couple of more sips of water because I was feeling ridiculous about making the choice to be with this man as my vision was becoming challenging to me as the room became dim because I was pissed off while I looked back at him and asked another question a smile on my face,

“Vandal, what are your plans with me here tonight? I would like to get back to my room so I can regroup and prepare to exit this state. It looks like I am not welcomed here and I am on somebody’s else territory.

Look at all of the misunderstandings behind our meeting each other yesterday. And now to know that someone really wants to keep me away from you, only lets me know that maybe we should call our little exchange with each other off!”

“There is no one else waiting in the wings Willow, there is just you and I. Know that I plan on doing some really bad things to you before this night is over with!”

“Will I be able to walk out of here tomorrow?”

“You can call it walking but more than likely you might experience a slight kind of limp and some internal cramping!”

“Limp and internal cramping!”

He then let out this wicked laugh and asked me to come here. I was surveying his house and trying to see if I should throw myself out of the window. Having a limp was not on the menu for me as my cell phone began ring in the background!

There was a moment of silence between the both of us while my cell phone rang. I began to move toward my handbag as I told him that more than likely it was my cousin calling to check in on me. I heard him cracking his knuckles once more. Mentally, my mind was begging for a rescue while I began to make my way back to my handbag! He looked at me with tons of anger in his blue eyes as his cock looked like it was about to ball itself up into a fist!

I knew that he was going to do as he pleased with me because we were all alone as he positioned himself to block the door as I kept my eyes on him as he did the same for me. I felt a shot of lightening go through my right arm as I began to tingle all over my body as I began to rub my arm as I watched his every move.

He moved next to me as his cock reached up and in an unkind fashion, it balled itself into a fist and casted tons of doubt upon what it was that I was really seeing. His cock, contacted my head and knocked me smooth the fuck out. After I heard his cock called my name several times!

I could have sworn that his cock had hit me so hard, that it had some of the contents in my head rattling around inside of my head for a couple of minutes. I paid no mind to his cock talking to me because I was under the impression that I was high and when you are high all bets are off!

Even though my eyes did not conceal my concerns about his cock talking to me. I just stayed still and waited for what was about to come next to me. Danger was stalking me as I was about to be shown what it was really like to have a fatal attraction.

I looked around for a couple of minutes because I was trying to get my bearings. I had no clue where I was, as I just kept asking for a drink of water because I was so thirsty! There was pain to be had by me as I was trying to keep my thoughts pure. I was mentally asking for my life to be spared as my body was moving towards the floor.

I was about to hit the floor like someone had applied grease lightening to my body. But it felt as if the carpet had reached up off the floor to capture my body. I guess I was of no use to anyone all battered and bruised if I hurt myself during my fall.

After the carpet had wrapped me up inside of it. I was ushered to the bed as I was placed in the center of the bed while my eyes remained open! My mind was trying to save my life. It was in the process of sacrificing my mental capacity. I looked around the room as some more crazier things began to unfold inside of his room.

Even though his cock had hit me in my head, I was not knocked all the way out. I found myself impressed by what I was seeing. I thought that I knew better but I was wrong! And it was at that time when a vision was burned into my memory forever. I thought that maybe I was having a mini-stroke. But my instincts were telling me that I was in deep trouble.

My imperfect vision allowed me to glance at how Vandal had walked over to this massive wing back chair in his room. Turned his back to face me because that was when it became official, at how I had finally lost my mother-fucking mind!

He swiftly turned back around to face me, while I was lying on the bed and I was saying good-byes to my mind. As Vandal’s cock began to disengage itself from his body! There was no consolation prize that could be offered to me as I heard him crack his knuckles once more plus, I was going insane. I must have lost my mind or been inside of a massive crash from the airplane. Because there was no way that I should be looking at this man unscrew and remove his dick from his body!

It was not even a question for me that I had gone crazy. This was the craziest event that I have ever encountered before in my life. It was almost like someone had snuck into the room and turned off the lights. Vandal began to dance and sway his hips to some unheard music as he began to whisper my name.

His cock became detached from his body and turned around to look at me! No matter what anyone might ever say to me in the future, I know I saw that man standing up and looking back at me. Even though, we did not see eye to eye, I know what my mind was telling me what it was that I believed was going on in his bedroom.

Vandal’s cock turned around and smiled at me as my asthma began to act up once more! His cock looked like a mean and mad version of one of my favorite actor’s. I thought that his cock had turned into John Malochvich as it moved next to me!

Vandal’s body sat down in the chair and crossed his legs as his cock jumped up in the bed with me and began to unwrap me from under those towels and carpet! But when his cock started talking to me, well I just laid there and waited to die. This encounter was not going to have a happy ending, no matter how I look at it. I was trying to figure out what it was that I had done wrong in my life so far.

And why is this man cock talking to me. I must have missed the memo inside of my mind. You know, the one that told me that before the day was over with, that more than likely I was going to be having a heart to heart talk with a man and a true verbal exchange with his cock!

Maybe, if I try to compromise with my mind or his cock, maybe we might be able to come to a happy medium or happy ending. As I was forming words in my already shattered altered life, his cock moved close to me and said,

“I am that something that wants to get lost inside of you!”

And with his last words to me, my legs began to spread eagle out on the bed and his cock ran around me three times. Then it began to sing to me before it kneeled to kiss my clit on my pussy! The cock said,

“Come on baby and relax so I can supply you with all of your needs!”

His cock then squirted some clear liquid out of its opening. Then it set out to walk across my clit as it began to conjure up an orgasm from me! because it would not give up on making me have an orgasm. His cock told me that it has already conquered many of universes and it knows where to pleasure me. Next, I was made aware that it would be to my advantage, to allow him to melt away all the troubles out of my body.

Because like his cock told me, that there is no more room for anything else inside of my pussy once it is submerged inside of me. But if I had an orgasm that was inspired by him, then more than likely it would be better for the both of us! He then reminded me that orgasms release all manners of endorphins! Which, help calm and soothe the body and place the mind in a sort of euphoric state of mind. I just needed to relax and enjoy myself with him!

Quicker than anything I had ever experienced in my life, his cock rubbed out three consecutive orgasms out of me. I was screaming my ass off as I was trying to appreciate what his cock was doing to me but I was wrong.

Mentally, I was degraded but secretly I was enjoying the hell out of those orgasms. He rubbed my clit until it was silky and smooth as I was becoming weak. Vandal and his cock had turned into villains in my life but what were my options? I laid in that bed because my body kept betraying me as his cock pleasuring my body as it took me for granted.

I had no willpower to brag about this encounter because on the last stroke from his removable cock. I could have sworn that my clit was about to burst into flames. Because it took hold of me, like I was just a plaything and drug out another orgasm from me.

I found myself smiling inside of my head because I did not wish to show any forms of enjoyment to Vandal and his cock. I did not wish for them to know that they were indeed the apple of my eyes for that moment.

But there was a worse fate in store for me. His cock turned around after my last orgasms and placed itself inside of my mouth. It began to twirl around with delight as I felt as if his cock was dancing inside of my mouth. I was trying to admire his skills for dancing in my mouth as my throat opened just a little more. I became very warm all over again and it was true was treating my throat like a fool.

His cock would not leave me alone because it kept telling me to get ready for it because we were about to make a wicked batch of banana pudding! I know that I am not the smartest person to ever entertain a crazy dream or thought. But, I kept trying to push his cock away from me as it kept falling to the floor as it was making me weak from all the passion and pleasure that it was giving me!

I knew that I was wrong for having three different orgasms’. But after his cock removed itself from my mouth and regained its composure from being on the floor. It then told me that it was a mind-reader. His talking-cock recanted several comments that I had made to myself. It then spoke out some comments that I knew were locked up inside of my head because I only spoke about them inside of my head!

The cock reminded me that I had mentioned that wild horses could not keep me from not screwing it tonight, as some unknown type of slime hung from my pussy’s lips! I guess all those orgasms were very taxing on my body. I felt myself becoming lazy as it kept informing me of some of my rather erotic comments to myself. I guess I was in store for a new type of sexual healing.

The cock was right because, I had indeed said some of those comments as the words fell angrily from its mouth. While his cock was captivating me by making me aware that I wanted this encounter just as badly as it did. I turned my head away from the cock because this was truly a mistake that I had made to come down here. The cock told me to relax because he knew that I had already enjoyed myself three great orgasm and that my body was almost primed for us to join as one with me.

I was trying with all my might to remove those crazy thoughts out of my head. I tried to cry but bliss had taken over me because my body was so calm and relaxed as the cock started playing with my pussy once more.

I kept turning my head away from the cock because I was disgusted by what was going on with me. He finally, finished playing with me because the cock stood up and told me to open wide! I gripped my body close because I did not want this act to take place with me. I guess, I left the cock no other choice but to make me open my body to it.

The cock offered me a firm warning-shot or a death punch right on my lady parts! Then as my legs fell open, I tried to relax while the cock mastered another crazy act. My eyes were almost coming out of my head behind what it was that I was really seeing!

Vandal’s cock squeezed out some clear liquid all over its body which then encased it like it was gift wrapped inside of some fancy cellophane. Then it moved to the center of me, as it began to sway from side to side.

But that not’s the craziest part of this encounter with Vandal and his removable cock. Something stranger happened to me as I just looked at that dam thing. His cock looked as if it was having fun as it was making its wishes known to me. After his cock had relocated itself to the center of me it began to bark!

I guess his cock had lost its ability to converse with me any longer because it was now wrapped and encased inside of this strange solution. So, it began to bark like a dog in my presence while it was submerged inside of my body.

I told myself inside of my mind that this must be the most demented and fucked up version of Lassie ever known to mankind. Because, not too many people can tell you that a man’s cock can bark at you! The barking cock has now left some really damaging imprinted thoughts in my head. I was trying to figure out what the barking cock wanted from me as my ears became muffled.

I started talking out loud to the cock like I was the little boy from Lassie named Timmy does when the dog was trying to tell the boy something. I began to ask the cock what was wrong as it continued to bark at me. I could not tell what was going on around me!

Then after I ran out of things to say to the barking cock, I just closed my eyes. I was ready to die but the cock had other things to do to me as a part of it began to hold me down as it plunged itself deeper inside of me as I began to scream! I screamed my head off because this cock was relocating my internal organs while it began to rock back and forth inside of me. Then it stood up on its head and dove down deep between my thighs and made my pussy absorb some of it!

My body felt generous as it took in most of that cock’s head. I was making a mental note to myself, that this must be what is meant when you hear people say that they wish to go out with a bang! This cock beat the shit out of my insides as my pussy began to turn to pudding as I continued to scream my head off. He was tearing me up with pleasure and pain!

His removable cock hit my pussy like a slow bullet as it cruised inside of me and began to destroy my pussy. He put my body on some type of lock-down. My pussy felt like a subway station as this man’s cock did some strange things to me as it ran deep inside of me.

I knew that I was no saint but this was no way for me to die. This was one of the biggest mistakes that I have ever made before in my life. This cock kept passing in and out of me as I had no comfort to cling too! The cock was taking my breath away as I was trying to surrender as it slid in and out of me. It felt as if it was dining off me as it turned my insides to true banana pudding.

This hungry and over sexed cock began to love me in a special way. My mind began to drift on what would El DeBarge the singer does in a situation like this. I began to hum that song inside of my mind, ‘Love me in a special way’ because I was going crazy?

When I thought that the cock had reached the place where it was going to release itself inside of me, it would go soft then flip itself over and get started all over again once it barked out a new command to me! This cock’s action became a mystery to me because it was still barking but then suddenly it became cold and as it fell out of me and ended up rolling around on the floor as my body began to shake out of control. I then saw Vandal stand up and then lean down and pick his cock up off the floor and then reattach itself back to his body!

Mentally, I was trying to rid myself of what had just happened to me in his room but I could not. I knew that I had just been fucked by a barking cock which belonged to an alien with blue eyes. There was a soft breeze and some strange magic going around the room as I knew that I would never be the same again for the rest of my life. Vandal walked over and looked at me as if he was curious about how I felt!

My voice was still silent because I could not scream as we just looked at each other for an untold amount of time. I wanted to be free from this whole nightmare as this man looked as if he was thanking me for sharing in on a dream of his but I was of no good to anyone anymore.

Maybe, he wanted me to thank him as he looked back at me. He moved his eyes up next to me as he leaned down to wrap me up inside of a kiss. The man sunk his lips next to me as my mind began to float away from me. I was waiting on someone to rescue as his mouth began to serenade me.

He must have been playing some type of joke on me. He began to hug me and kiss me like we were just some type of ordinary lovers. As he told me that he enjoyed making some home-made banana pudding with me and we should do it together real soon! But his comments had crossed the line with me as I became breathless as his words but I was telling him with my eyes to go to hell!

I guess he calls fucking the shit out of me with his massive cock, he calls it making home-made banana pudding. But deep in my heart, I knew that once my mind and body settle down. Then we will never have to share a breath together for as long as I live. He then turned into a debonair man as he stood next to me to help me stand up. I heard violins in the background noise as he was treating me like I was his lady.

I knew in my mind that this was the same man who allowed his cock to smash me upside my head. And invade my body and I was never going to forget what he allowed to be done to me. He threw back his head and began to talk rather softly and gently to me as if I was a stranger to him. I knew that he was not being true behind his actions towards me.

My face was slapped several times while I heard someone popping their knuckles once more as I opened my eyes to see my cousin and her husband standing over me! My cousin moved out of the way as the EMT workers looked me over. They believed that, I was having a bad allergic reaction to taking the adrenaline from my asthma medicine. Because it seems as if I passed out after I had administered that medicine to myself while being locked in the basement!

I guess I scared the whole wedding party because they could not feel my pulse after the door got knocked down by Vandal. My cousin passed out behind me, because she thought that I was dead too. There was mass hysterical running around the house when I would not come too! It broke Tsar’s heart to see his wife on the floor passed out. He had an anxiety attack and had to place his head between his legs then breathe inside of a brown paper bag as tears were flowing freely around the basement!

But now since we have all calmed down and we are sort of back to normal we can move on with our life as Vandal came over to speak with me! He looked sort of sad as he kneeled and got on his knees to talk with me. I was done with that man and his removable cock!

I’m not sure if I was having a premonition or if I was forecasting some major horror event that was in store for me. But I got the message to leave this man the FUCK ALONE! Somebody was giving me some good advice as my mind was waking back up. Reminding me of the shit that I had just been through with Vandal. And how it would be to my advantage to steer clear of him.

I backed away from him and grabbed my cousin’s hand and asked her to no matter what might happen from now on to do not leave my side! She told me that she would stay right next to me no matter what, as Vandal tried to kiss me on my hand. I blocked all his attentions towards me. I wanted nothing to do with him because I had already paid my debt to him!

He reached out to hold my hand as I did not desire for him to touch me in the least bit. No matter what was showing up in my life right now, I believe with all my heart that our exchange with each other was real! I did not wish to really see it again nor did I want anything to do with him. And more than likely, this was going to be our last encounter with one another as far as I am concerned because I had no place for him and his cock inside of my life.

Shit, I was thinking that I had no time to give him as I pulled my cousin close to me as to block his affections. Her husband Tsar called her to come and stand next him! I screamed and dam near jumped on top of her shoulder and begged her not to leave me as I gripped her neck rather snuggly! I could not experience anything else from this man.

It was strange to see this man become reanimated back to life as my mind was spinning out of control. Vandal leaned just a little closer to me and asked me would I give another chance so he could take me back to his home? I searched his face behind his question as I was making one small wish known to the universe. That if I was granted the chance to leave with my life in tack then, Vandal and I would never be willing on my part be in each other’s company.

I looked at him rather harshly because I wanted to slash his fucking throat. I could not believe that he had the balls large enough to request that I go home with him after what I had just experienced inside of my mind starring him! His actions towards me in my dream told me everything that I had ever wanted to hear and I got the message this time.

I shook my head no to his request repeatedly as he was trying to remove the space between the both of us! But then this wicked thought came back to me that of course he had the balls to ask me to come to his home.Shit, I held his balls for myself earlier today and they felt large and real to me but maybe I was wrong.

I grabbed my cousin closer to me and reminded her that we are family and I do not trust myself with Vandal and I am her responsibility. She told her husband that she had a duty to me because she is responsible for me so she will not leave me no matter what! There was no way that I was going to place myself in harm’s way with him ever again. He began to look sort of shocked that I did not wish to have anything else to do with him.

But that fake ass smiles on his face let me know that he was not real as he was masquerading as a human. I had done my time with him and I would die and go to hell before I found myself enjoying a meal or anything else with him ever again. Vandal kept inviting all of us to go out to get something to drink and eat. I was not falling for him and his cock to try and maneuver themselves closer to me! All of a sudden, I began to scream once more, because somewhere at this location I thought that I heard a dog bark in the background!

Well the dog barking was an unfortunate change of events for everyone. I jumped up off the couch and took off running! By the time my cousin and her family caught up with me I had dam near pulled off my gown and was babbling to myself because I did not wish to do anything with Vandal.

I told them to do not leave me alone with that man because he was an alien and I was not going anywhere with him! I did not give a good fuck if I had offended him because he and his cock had already cornered the market upon offending me as far as I was concerned! There was no reason for us to continue with our both being in each other’s company. I know what I saw him allowing too happened to me and I was not going to change my mind, ever!

Vandal moved close to me for a second because he was trying to whisper something in my ear. There was no way that I was going to let this man speak to me. Then as one of his blue eyes began to twinkle. I moved my mouth closer to my cousin, then I began to bite down on her arm as she screamed!

I was shaking out of control and was about to shit on myself but I did not trust that guy. I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing him again! Although, my cousin told her husband that she would feel better if they took me to a hospital because something was truly wrong with me. But I said,

“I’m sorry that this might sound rude but I need you to get that man away from me!”

I pointed to Vandal as I hid my face behind my cousin’s back because I feared him as everyone looked at me like I was the alien. I did not care! Vandal reached inside of his pocket and pulled out two one-hundred-dollar bills and gave them too my cousin’s aunt and told her to get the door fixed when she can.

Then he told her that if that was not enough money he would pay for the rest of it because he had no intentions of destroying her door. The aunt took the money as Vandal walked to the door and turned around to look back at me. He was trying to say something but I just did not wish to hear anything from him. I placed my hands up to my ears!

He cleared his voice but the dog outside in the backyard beat him to the punch and began to bark once more as I proceeded to choke the ever-loving daylights out of my cousin neck! My knuckles began to turn white as I was removing the life away from her while her husband came over to remove me away from his wife!

Vandal had walked out of the door when my fingers were pried from her neck as the color was coming back to her face. I walked to the living room to sit down! I guess I had underestimated myself about being pulled together because that dog barking sent me back inside of a tail-spin as I gave thought that maybe I am still sleep or unconscious or high. But no matter what everyone is telling me, I know that I saw that man’s dick remove itself from his body right before it barked at me and then fucked the shit out of me!

Although, I was half naked and just looking out of the window all while trying to calm myself down because this day has been an ordeal as my cousin’s aunt came over and gave me a bottle of water and a pair of sweats and a tee-shirt to put on my body because you could tell that I was noticeable shaken!

Mentally, I have been misbehaving because this has been a day that I would have never seen coming for me but it seems to me that this day really did happen. So, as my mind continued to fade away from me by what I thought I saw and I did not care what my cousin’s family might think about me because no one was there to help block the thrusts from that man’s cock!

His cock raped me and there was nothing else that needed to be said as far as I was concerned. All the damage was done to me. I know they believe that I have finally loss my mind because how I was acting was so out of character for me. I know it was all true because my mind would not betray me in such a manner.

It was me who had gotten fucked by a dick that barked out orders to me. I was so glad that this ordeal was over with for me. No one said anything to me as the family members were slowly leaving for the night as everyone was trying to figure out what to do with me!

Most of the family and friends that remained went to the kitchen to grab something to eat but I stayed put because my mind was still not back to normal yet! My mind felt as if it was walking around all by itself as I looked out of the window because losing your mind takes a lot of a person.

I wanted this day to end as I was mentally trying to squeeze my brain back together as parts of me where laughing it ass off. But all I wanted to be was nothing but safe. I felt so alone behind this twisted game that Vandal and his dick played on me.

Finally, I began to regain my composure and some things were making sense. I had already removed the pink gown from the wedding as I slipped the sweats on my body as I was finally feeling safe. My mind had already spent itself out of control! I must have been on some sort of mental delay before my mind and body were finally at ease. I was truly bewildered about this day and I think it is going to be a long, long time before I get over this day.

There were some unfortunate events that showed up for me, but I knew that if I could make it home real soon then I would be great. I was done with being down here in Atlanta. Maybe in the back of my mind, this was just a dream wrapped up with all the fucked-up trappings that make life pleasing. I have been scared to death today so all I wanted to do was to get back to my room and sleep.

But mentally my mind was still gone but it was slowly finding its way back to me. My cousin’s great aunt walked back into the living room where I was located and offered me something to eat! She placed before me a huge turkey and cheese sandwich along with a glass of sweet tea and a massive hunk of home-made banana pudding!

Well, I guess she will eventually figure out her error once I release her from my grasp and air has been restored back into her body. I had that old woman inside of a head-lock as the life was flowing from her. Although, I was troubled by her choice of dessert to me. I guess she will never make the mistake with me again. Her actions were showing me a form of betrayal because maybe she was an alien too.

I was ready to sucker-punch anyone that tried to force me to ever eat that dessert again as my cousin’s family removed me off the aunt and returned me to my hotel!

Although, one thing rang true for me as I was being driven back to my hotel in my rental car. There was this one question that kept resurfacing itself repeatedly in my mind. I remember Vandal asking me a question before our encounter was shot to hell, he asked me yesterday was I friend or foe?

I do not know why that question was on some sort of rotation in my mind. But it was and before, I fell to sleep as I answered the question out loud to myself. I said: “I was a friend but now I have no problem being a foe to him. I finally get to walk away with my life back in my hands. I believe that Atlanta will never see me in this lifetime ever again!”

I looked at my eyes as I walked back into the bedroom from taking a long shower to remove. Any of Vandal’s remains off me because I felt as if I had already lived several lifetimes as I heard dogs bark in the background. As chills ran up and down my spine. I was not sure if I was sure asleep or fully awake. As several crazy thoughts passed before me while I let my head touch the pillow.

I was not sure what I was mentally after but sleep seemed like I needed to sit down and have a visit with myself. My shower was great as I told my mind and body to calm down. My hand kept shaking but I knew with time that little twitch will leave me.

But several crazy thoughts were waiting on me as I told myself that this has all been a dream or several crazy side-effects from my medicine. I my thoughts continued to really mess with my head. I was thinking that whatever happened between me and Vandal were real because mentally. I was lost because this could have all been just a bad daydream.

Even though, I was coming down from my crazy day I began to think that I was a failure to stumble upon such a man like Vandal. Now that I look back on it he had several devilish qualities about himself. I began to smile to myself as I shook my head because as far as I know the Devil is cleverer than my experience here today. No matter how I looked at my last 48 hours here in Atlanta, there was no way that I made these events up as I heard a knock at my door!

I remained still and quiet because it could be that I was hearing things but there it was again, another soft knock! I then had a vision of events that I had just finished with as I was as numerous as a cat on a hot tin roof. I was not going to play this game any longer as I jumped up and moved towards the door and asked who was it? The soft voice that spoke back to me from the other side of the door said,

“Room Service!”

I did not remember ordering anything to eat but I could not explain how I was questioning my own mental capacity. I got up to answer the door! I opened the door as this young woman wheeled in a tray with a massive silver dome covering some item that I might have ordered. But, I did not order anything as I walked to my handbag to grab her tip while my cell phone began to ring!

I watched the young woman standing at the door waiting on me to give her some just rewards. As my mind finally decided to return to me as I grabbed my phone and placed a five-dollar bill in my hand to give too her. I thought that I was ready for what was about to happen to me but I was wrong. Because it seemed as if my days and nights have all merged together as a strange occurrence flashed before me as I was moving away from my handbag.

Mentally, I felt as if I was missing several steps from my life. I looked around for a couple of seconds. Maybe, my mind was playing hide and go seek with me. I did remember giving myself three doses of medicine from my inhaler. I have never had a bad reaction like the one that I was experiencing today.

How was I supposed to know that taking the medicine from my inhaler. To help me to regain my breathing pattern to save my life. It would offer me unintended side that vary from mass hallucinations and reappearing voices and sounds that would show up from out of nowhere!

Although, I must confess that some days I can be a fool for a man with a charming and cleaver mind. But what in the fuck was going on in my life. Someone was play a crazy game with me. I guess the scales were about to be tipped against me as turned my attention to my phone. I was tripping as I shook my head for a couple of seconds and continued with the rest of my night. I moved back to the young room service lady!

I opened my cell phone and told whomever it was on the other end to hold on. I had to give the young woman her tip! I offered her the money as she removed the doom off the tray for me to behold with my shocked eyes as I became afraid once more.

Whoever planned this calculated move towards me and it did not neglect the fact. That, I was already frail and unstable because there it was waiting for me. The one thing that this nightmare was made of for me, the elusive helping of homemade banana pudding. Which was displayed on a massive plate as I began to scream while I put the phone up to my ear and said, “Hello!”

Then it all became official to me that I was no longer dreaming. Is I heard the dick who thinks that he is a dog barking out orders to me from the other end of the phone for a couple of seconds. My mind was turning to mush! My cleaver Devil and his cock were tossing the dice in my direction once more.

But when Vandals voice came on the other end of the phone then I watched as he materialized inside of my mother-fucking room with dick as his side-kick standing next to him. He had leaned down and placed the phone next to the dick’s opening, so I would follow orders that he was barking to me! Vandal looked at me with his blue eyes then he smiled at me and said,

“There is going to be nothing left inside of you by the time that we are done with you!”

Well, I knew that I had to get the fuck out of there as I tried to bolt for the door. All while believing that my voice was screaming my head off. My body became frozen in place as the dick moved up next to me, all while nipping at my heels! Supernatural forces at play all while my clothes began to remove themselves off my body!

There was an extra amount of crazy running around that room as I sent up several prayer’s. I opened my mouth to scream as not one sound came out to share the danger with the other people in the hotel. I knew that I was about to be murdered by a dick and I did not know what to do.

I looked around the room to find a place for me to mentally hide. The dick moved next to me as Vandal took a seat and watched this little adventure continue with me and his side-kick. He smiled at me as this complicated disaster was taking hold of me once more as I fell to my knees.

I guess I was never going to live this encounter down. The fact that I had officially lost my mind made me feel just a little bit at ease. I was trying to cope with my fate. I was about to pay a heavy cost as the dick removed my sleep-wear and began to smear banana pudding all over my body. He tossed me on top of the dessert tray and began to move behind me as I looked over at Vandal for just an ounce of help. He waved his hands in the air and said,

“Willow you are not dreaming and no one will be able to hear you scream here, either!”

The door to my room opened as Vandal waved his hands in the air. The dick began to usher me down the hallway all while my ass was mounted on top of the dessert tray! I felt as if I was on a highway to hell! I looked behind me to place my eyes upon the dick. I had lost my mind somewhere along the way and I knew that I was going to wind up in a mental hospital I was being pushed to some unknown destination!

I could not believe that my mind had betrayed me to such a level. My future flashed right before me. I knew hat I was going to be one of those people locked up inside of a mental hospital. But here I am letting myself go once more as I am trying to escape what is going to happen to me.

Suddenly, I sat up in my bed and began to scream as I was trying to gain insight on what has happened to me. But mentally, I could not work it out! I looked around my hotel room as I pulled back my covers and discovered that my body had been soaked with banana pudding as my feet began to burn. My mind became ashamed of me as it knew about the scenes that I had just exited out of. I was trying to figure out if I had been sick, high, hallucinating or drunk but either way you slice up the cake, pie or offering of pudding from my life because it is official that I was not well!

It was a pity about how things had turned out. I had such high hopes for a memorable week-end with my cousin. All while mentally craving a fuck from that man, because I thought that maybe our encounter with each other was meant to be, but I was scared for life.

If a freight train would show up in my room right now, more than likely I would jump on board and get the hell out of here and for what it was worth. I knew that I had been a bad little girl but this just did not make any sense about how my night had turned out.

Then this wicked idea came to me as I screamed out loud because I had been mistreated enough in my everyday life. But now in my walking nightmares enough plus in my daydreams to last me for the next three life-times. As out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Vandal’s dick prance towards me and then move around in the bed as I saw a small harem of dicks on the floor trying to climb up into the bed with me. I said out loud as my voice began to quiver,

“No more desserts for me, ever!”

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