Red Velvet Cake

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Chapter 1

For your viewing pleasure, I offer you the first scrumptious slice of three prominent stories in one but will be delivered to you in layers from the same cake. I wish to take it nice and slow with you because these stories can advance your imagination or slow you down some. You can mentally rise to this special occasion, as I ask a small question! Have you ever set your sight on the most beautiful Red Velvet Cake that your eyes can be hold as time just slips past you? If you get the chance to gaze at how the cake glistens as you find yourself becoming a victim of desiring to encounter that cake on your own terms.

For me, the storyteller, the first thing that I notice during my experiences with this decadent dessert, is how the color of the cake is mesmerizing. It’s not all the way red nor is it the color of a rich velvet but it is both all wrapped up into one. The color of the dessert possess power as you find yourself wagging your tongue! You then wish to submerge a utensil inside of it so you can grab hold of one of the layers and decide for yourself if it delightful or not.

Next after you have sampled the cake with all its treats for yourself. Then you know that you are a true fan. As your taste-buds will always wish to be appointed to be the first one to stand in line for such a succulent treat like this mysterious Red Velvet Cake. Maybe, the erotic architect that lives in me, wanted to keep you up for an erotic tale before you move on with the rest of your life! That’s why these stories have come to life. I believe in what I am about to share with you so take a seat as I spin you a sexy little tale!

I now give you an enhanced, yet erotic offering of one of my favorite desserts! Sit back and be ready to dive in deep inside this rather succulent tale! I will try to offer you a picture of what the dessert looks like. But in my mind, these stories tell the real tale behind the names of the desserts! This first slice, that I grant you a chance to dine on is titled Red! Following up behind this story, will be the two unique slices and different offerings, to make up my compilation of these racy Dessert Novella’s! Bon Appetite’…

The Magician and the Genie…

This fascination of my sorted novel finds two soon to be lovers colliding inside of an adventure dripping with delights and sprinkled with allure! The Magician finds himself invited to a banquet with all manners of noble men walking all around him and speaking about their success. He believes that these people hold his career in their hands but he is experiencing wrong thought behind that notion because he is the one who hold in own life in his hands.

The Magician has forgotten how to read the book of his own life that has been placed before him and he is unsure of some the skills that make him special as far as he is concerned. He has taken his eyes off himself and now he is caught up inside of a wicked childhood game of Simon Say’s! This Magician is so special but he no longer sees the simple things that could make him happy any longer because someone has planted a seed inside of his mind that he is not worthy. Even though he is trying to make the best of this situation in his life because he feels as if someone or something is trying to place him on his knees but he believes with any luck he can recapture his splendor once again.

The Magician has always had his life locked up inside of what he does for a living and he has removed his eyes off the simple pleasure that he is a treasure to be around. He is under some assumption that people only wish to be around him because of what he can do for them. He has taken his eyes off his own history and therefore becoming a myth to himself! I guess he is struggling with his own self-worth but one day soon, he will be made aware that there are no coincidences in this life and he needs to learn to be tender with himself.

Now allow me to bring you up to date on this marvelous creature called The Genie in this rather ambitious tale! This gentle Genie believes that she is a perfect spirit in her own mind but the reality is the Genie has forgotten all the spells or placement of the words that she believes makes her special. She sufferers from being distracted at the drop of a hat! No matter what is going on in her life the most profound things capture her attention and then she forgets what she was supposed to take care of at a moment’s notice! Maybe losing her timing in life has been a bad thing for her because some days she seems to be mentally floating around as if she does not have a care in the world even though some people believe her to be spoiled but they do not believe her to be a magical creature because she seems as if she could not find her way out of a paper-bag if she had too.

This Genie has been mistreated through some of her life so now when it important for her to come to the rescue and a save family member or friend, she can’t remember how to fix the problem or she is too distracted to see that they are in real danger. The Genie has somewhat placed herself in a holding pattern because she has been made aware that she is far too young to retire but she cannot be relied upon to master the perfect outcome for anyone. She needs to find her way back to regain her own life because she is tired of seeming scattered out mindless during some of her life’s exchanges.

Today the Genie finds herself creeping in the backdrop of life because she never knows when her powers will show back up and offers her a different direction to move towards or when a distraction will capture her! This Genie also has a hard time sleeping so she naps often but it is always at the most inopportune time because when sleep has a hold on her she always ends up broken hearted or breaking her word. Her spirit is peaceful but there are parts of her life that remain mystifying even to herself as she believes that she is fading in and out of sight to some people whom believe that they know her and the skills that she possesses.

Even though, she has heard some talk from her past to remind her that every shut eye ain’t sleep and every good-bye ain’t gone! Sometimes she amazes herself when she is called upon to do a trick or to rescue a needed family or friend because her skills or gifts are not up to par when they are needed! And in the way, some of her fans or family members always fell as if she has let them down even though she keeps trying to make them aware that she is not in the rescue business anymore. The Genie knows that she still has power but she is mindful how she calls it into being because some of her spells can’t be undone so she is cautious when casting her spells.

Well on this occasion the Magician and the Genie find themselves at the same place and time attending this banquet inside of a beautiful Hall located on the west side of town. The Genie has been invited to attend this gala by some friends of hers who believe with all their heart that she still has a few more tricks up her sleeves. The Magician has been called to entertain the guest and to keep them distracted by his attempts to catch them off guard. He was instructed to whisper all manners of compliments to the party goers and remind them how special that he really is but he has been rendered Mute for this occasion!

Both are on the opposite sides of the room as they both smile at one another from the back of the building! I guess it is true what they say; magnificence admires magnificence because that was what was happening to the them. The Magician has a certain frame of mind as he glances at her and then smiles because she looks as if someone is shining a light on her face and he is enjoying what he sees as he looks at her. The law of attraction has a parade going on with them and that is just what is happening to them as a strange pull of has been bestowed upon them. There is something about them being pulled towards one another for some strange reason. The banquet offers all manners of food and entertainment but the Magician is scheduled to entertain the masses real soon as he only nibbles away at some fruit.

The Magician looks over at the Genie and smiles as he notices that she has on this spectacular fire Red pants suit as he applies his Red and black cape around his neck because it is almost show-time for him! He then secures his top hat too his head as he wishes to look the part of someone who is important and in control! The Magician is walking in circles because he is worried about his skills but he is unsure if he can pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat anymore. His skills are sort of rusty but he just hopes that he can at least still do his standard routine to entertain the people in the room. I guess he was thinking that his luck was too good to be true because not too many people get to meet a modern- day Genie as he really takes the time to notice her standing at the back of the room.

Although he has not spoken a word all day long he decides to go over and gaze at her because she was glowing in the back of the room. The Genie is aware that The Magician was struggling to perform his one last act because if he does not nail it total precision, well he is going to be out of a job in the very near future! He has unsuccessfully tried several times to show his award-winning tricks in the past with no luck! The Magician knows that he is in the company of a supernatural delight as he moves towards her. She looks at him up and down and then smiles in his direction because she already knows his plight as she decides to call out his name!

She says, “Magician, I’ve got a whole in my heart can you fix it?”

He looked over at her then held his head down for a brief second because he was unsure of himself and knew that his mouth and voice would not allow him to spit out a word as his name was suddenly being called to come to the stage and perform for this crowd of people! You could tell that he was a gentleman and he wanted to explode into her life and show off some of his skills. He wanted her to know that he could be a kind of poet with his words and charm the hell out of her but they would not get that chance to discover a verbal friendship right now.

The Genie took a chance and slightly moved closer to him and allowed him to touch her as he was making it to the stage. She moved up close and tight towards him and sprinkled several words in his direction. The Magician nestled up close to her also because there was something about her that reminded him of a massive Sunday Supper as he found himself growing hungry. She knew that she had the remedy for him but only if he did not run from her because she felt some type of strange magic as their bodies touched one another also.

He was in the process of changing his fortune as he touched her also! (Everyone knows, that to get the real benefit from a Genie you must either touch her or rub the place that she lives. This Genie keeps herself guarded and now lives mainly inside of her own heart but once you have touched a Genie then she is yours until you release her if no one else owns her!) They both stopped to look at each other; I mean really take the chance to glance upon each other’s beauty because there was something about each other that seemed familiar. It was like something was tempting the them to speak each other’s truth and that were just what they did as they held each other captive with their eyes.

The Genie whispered to The Magician before he went to the stage, “Please allow me to introduce myself to you, my name is Claire and I am pleased for you to meet me. Here is one thing that is truly puzzling me about you before you go. Do you believe that you have it in you to go out there and amaze the hell out of that crowd? And if you are unsure of yourself then at least believe in me because I believe in you my new friend and it might serve you well to pretend as if you are at a concert and the crowd is there to entertain you!”

The Magician whose name was Roy, took hold of her hand and offered up a kind thought to her because he was afraid to try and speak in her presence. The Genie already knew what his mental request was going to be so she had already summoned up her skills and blew them in his direction! The Magician had the courtesy to kiss her hand before he went on the stage! The Genie told him to go out there and make them never forget your name because you are more than they would ever know! The Magician released her hand as he drifted to the stage and began to perform his last and final act of the night!

The Magician felt something different, something about himself but he was struggling with all his simple acts because he felt sort of rushed! The Genie stood on the side of the stage and watched him destroy all his acts because he was being careless with himself. He was becoming weak and scared as he looked over at The Genie because he was not doing well! The Genie smiled at him and whispered into the air while he read her lips because she knew that she was going to stay still just long enough to rescue him. The Genie whispered, “I will see you outside after you Wow them with your last act! You are going to Shut This Banquet Down! I promise you, just believe in yourself!”

With her last words delivered to him The Genie was gone and The Magician was searching the back of the room for her. He became mad and upset with himself, as he was eager to get off the stage because he thought that he had no more magic left in him! A small wind blew inside of the room and ruffled the tablecloth at the largest table! The Magician took note of that table because they had been very disrespectful to him as he was failing to entertain them! They were taunting him and told him to get off the stage and to take his sideshow home!

The Magician moved through the crowd and found himself standing in front of that massive table with all the dignitaries seated all around! The room got really-quiet, as The Magician felt the energy flowing around the room and got this novel idea to try a trick that he saw when he was a young man. He never tried this trick because it required all the skill and the craftsmanship that he believed that he did not possess. The Magician walked to the head of the table because he knew that after he was done trying this one final act he needed to be able too swiftly get the Hell out of the room.

He had surrendered to this warm thought that went through his body as he stood there with everyone eyes upon him. He closed his eyes and cleared his mind as all his past negative thoughts about himself had burned down to the ground as his hands and heart grabbed hold of the tablecloth! He whispered to himself a couple of lines because he was offering up condolences because he believed that he was about to fail and he was trying to settle his heart down but there was something telling him not to give up hope as his thoughts sort of became confused! He then looked up at the ceiling and smiled as he received a calm feeling all over his body. He thought that he felt someone standing next to him but his physical eyes knew that he was indeed standing alone, like he has done so many times in his past! The Magician was on the verge of losing his mind as he attempted this wicked trick as he slowed his heart rate down and took in several massive breaths before he made his next move.

He placed both of his hands on that tablecloth and with one swift swoop; he snatched that tablecloth from off that table without misplacing one dam thing! The room broke out in total amazement and hysteria as all manners of people came over to congratulate The Magician! A couple of people had made note that no human could have done such a flawless act and it was virtually impossible for such a mere mortal like himself to pull off an act like he has just done.

Important people where making him aware of how proud that everyone was of The Magician because he had mastered a massive task and everyone was overjoyed about what he had just done! He allowed all the praises fall upon him as he turned to face the exit of that building. He knew that the shadow had been lifted off him but he wanted to see The Genie because he was longing to be in her presence once more so he walked out of the banquet hall after he had spent a moderate amount of time with them as his eyes began searching the crowd outside!

The Magician stood on the sidewalk and looked for his newfound friend but she was nowhere for him to seen. He was becoming sort of sad because he knew that out of all the people in the room, she was the only one that really believed in him! She believed in his abilities even as he stood there unsure of himself. He lowered his head as several people came out to speak with him about doing his act on a grander scale. The Magician tried to muster up some joy for them but inside he knew that he was absent of his friend because her being gone was affecting him in a negative sense.

He started to feel sort of broken hearted because he was trying to figure out did he just dream of his encounter with The Genie. He kept hearing all those people mention to him what a great job he did removing that tablecloth from that massive table! Everyone knew that the performance that he had just done required all manners of skill and control. The Magician thought that maybe he should have done a safer trick like walking on a wire across the room or setting himself on fire because those were tricks that he knew he could do with his eyes closed! But he began to smile as he looked down at his hands and wondered why would The Genie tell him that she would see him outside once he shut the Room Down with his performance? Although he did shut the room down and his faith had been restored back in himself he did not wish to discard his meeting of a new friend.

His heart was offering him a slice of pain as he began to walk away from the crowd! He left all his belongs in the banquet room as he moved towards his car! The Magician was somewhat down in the dumps because he did not get the chance to enjoy The Genie like he wanted too. He was becoming mad at himself and then he told himself inside of his head that maybe he should have followed her when she exited the building! He made it too his car and began to look down at the ground as he placed his keys inside of the lock to get into his car! The Magician was really dreaming of doing himself some harm because he let go of a dream and he was feeling twice as bad now as he opened his car door and was offering up thoughts to do himself some harm because he desired to see his new friend once more.

You see The Magician has had every intention of being a success in this life but things have never really turn out the way that you want them too most times. He was feeling hopeless and growing weary of being alone in this life and there has been no family to stand beside him during his downfalls and his pointless ventures to drink alcoholic beverages have only caused him more harm than good. He sorts of felt dangerous to himself tonight even though it came on the heels of one of the most successful nights that he has experienced in such a long time. Confusion was swirling around his head as he told himself that he should go home because he was of no good to anyone right now as he gave thought to consuming tons of alcohol when he got home to help soothe his pain.

Once the door to his car was unlocked he wanted to rush inside and hide as he was about to float inside because he was not feeling special to anyone. He felt a little crazy as he was replaying his conversation inside of his head as he was thinking that maybe she was a figment of his imagination once more because he had gotten really-good of dreaming up people but on most occasion in his past the people never talk with him they just seem to stand next to him during his conversations with them. But his oversized heart was broken because he felt sort of betrayed because once more he was standing alone but the joy that he felt as his knees buckled when he saw The Genie walking up next to him and his car!

His eyes, got really-big as he reached over and placed his hands on her shoulders and began to move her closer to him! He took hold of her and placed her inside of his strong arms and began to kiss her! He felt like someone was shining a light in his face because he just knew that he was glowing as he touched her! He had finally surrendered his negative thoughts about himself as he looked at her once more. Roy the magician took the chance to touch her face because he knew that she alone had unlocked the door to help place all his bad luck behind him.

They both knew that this encounter needed to move forward with full steam because it seems as both have both been betrayed in their past and they feared each other. But there was something that they needed to experience with each other before life made a fool of the both as they wanted to share a slice of loyalty before this affair began and ended. Both of their eyes begged each other to not betray me no matter what happens from here on out. Their eyes were both screaming to each other before their kiss because their eyes said: Show me loyalty.

His mouth brushed hers and his tongue traced the outline of her mouth then he took hold of her lips and began to express to her how he felt about her inside of a steamy kiss! His mouth began to investigate her mouth as he took his time delivering to her an everlasting kiss! Subsequently, The Genie returned his affection inside of her own kiss back to him because their mouths held so much power and pain inside of them. She felt like she was a night blooming rose as his mouth was apologizing for all her past hurts.

Claire, the Genie was under his spell because she felt as if lightening must be striking her and the roar of thunder was sure to follow their exchange. She had never been involved in a kiss like this before plus Roy had his own erotic thoughts going on inside of his head while they kissed. He knew that he had finally tossed his coin up in the air and it had landed on Heads because their kiss went on forever! Something was in the air for them as all the lies that they had told in their past was vanishing away from them as his kiss was delivering and drowning out some of her pain also as they were both breathing new life into each other.

Both were being renewed as their eyes and hands both encased each other’s body because they both had gone past the point of no return with one another because this one kiss had dropped the both off at their desired destination. This was more than just a passing fancy or a fling, this was the real thing as the tenderness grew between the them as his hands reached down and touched her rear-end as both let out breathless-sighs! He was happy just by seeing her once more because she reminded him of a left-over dream that he had been involve inside of on a rainy day so many years ago.

After their long and thoughtful kiss, he removed his mouth off hers and grabbed her by her hands! The Magician looked at her and wanted to speak but he had given up trying to speak because he knew that it was of no use but it was then that he developed a cough as he turned his head away from her as his throat became scratchy. He was praying that his voice would allow him to carry a conversation with her but The Genie did not give him the chance to speak because she wanted and desired another kiss! She leaned back closer to him and took all the words out of his mouth with her tongue as she kissed him! Her hands went up under his cape and began to make him crazy as their tongues began to dance next to one another once more.

Once she had sucked out all his juices from his mouth and swallowed down his sweet nectar while she backed away from him and smiled at him! The kiss that they had just shared was a thing of splendor and beauty because he thought that she had forgotten about him and she knew that she finally found the time to honor his request for memorable event to happen to him. The Genie did not become distracted with the trappings of her own life because she had stumbled upon a jewel in the magician and she knew that he needed someone to care about him because he had been alone for so long.

She decided to try with all of her might to help another soul to find his way home and the experience his greatness! She cleared her voice and then looked at him and said, “I saw you shut down the room with your last act and I am so proud of you my handsome stranger.” She then smiled as another giggle escape her voice while she looked him dead in the eyes and continued with her statements:

“Although, I would have loved to have seen you set yourself on fire or walk on a wire also!”

They kissed once more as her mouth was waking up his body as his hands touched her through her Red pantsuit!

The Magician did not waste any more time as he began to ask her as his voice was finally restored back to him as he felt a warm sensation in his throat,

“You saw me shut down the room?”

“Of course, I did, I had my hands-on top of yours as you took hold of that tablecloth!”

“I did not see you there.”

“You were not supposed too.”

“But you felt me, right?”

“Yes, I felt you!”

“You where the wind, right?”

“Yes, Kind Sir, I was the wind!”


“Wow indeed!”

“So, let me get this right, you where the wind that stood next to me and allowed me to do that magnificent act?”


“How so!”

“You believe in Magic don’t you Magician?”


“Then I was the soft wind as I stood by your side and helped as you snatched the tablecloth off that table! I find it hard to believe that you have never tried that trick before because you seem good at it. Maybe now that you have conquered that trick you can now believe in yourself!”



The Magician began to smile as he touched The Genie’s shoulders he then reached over and kissed her once more as they both got in his car! He looked over at her and flashed a killer smile as his hands reached over with delight to touch her again!

“Well My Lady Genie, if that was Magic then what am I about to make disappear inside you?”

“Sir, I pray with all of my heart that you have your Magic Wand handy because I require a strong and firm Magic Wand at all times. I believe with all of my might that you and I have several sexier and delicious entertaining acts to perform before this adventure is over with!”

“Would you mind if I allowed my Magic Wand to disappear in side of your vanishing box?”

“I so welcome your massive Magic Wand being allowed to linger inside of my rather snug vanishing box!”

“With the help of Magic, right?”

“But of course, kind sir Magic!”



The Genie could not wait to be consumed by the Magician because it has been a very long time since a magic wand has been presented before her vanishing box. They were both eager to embrace each other with a newness and there would be no more being lonely and not knowing how to get home and fell as if they belong to someone even if it is only for one night. You see, The Genie was already aware of all the sexual damage that she wanted to do to the Magician and knowing that he was a willing participant only made her more than eager to drift closer and put her fears aside and too stay in his life for a little longer than normal.

She had already dreamt of allowing his body to hitch a ride to the land of pleasure for the both! The Magician was so caught off guard that, A Genie would desire to be around him because he had no false charms and hopes to offer her. The only thing that she wanted from him at this particular-moment was pleasure and that was what the both were after. Both of their bad luck had been placed aside and now pleasure was what the both were after as the both told each other what they wanted from each other. As they drove over to his place seemed like they had both time traveled to some unknown land while they both searched one another’s face for desires.

Everybody knows that a Genie can offer any mortal earthy pleasures and delights but it is only a mortal who can whisper magic spells to a Genie, to feed her physical desires. This was a match made in the stars because little does The Magician know that The Genie had a massive amount of redeemable time to offer The Magician. She wanted to offer him a free-pass to do anything to her because she wanted to offer him untold pleasures also plus both really knew who had the real magic act to perform in each other’s company. She knew that his body was going to do his bidding for him as she was going to approach his body with care before she hounds him into pleasing her with his penis! The Genie already knew that the stakes were high and she could not make him fall for her, the only thing that she could do was to make her the center of his life.

If she did not get too excited she was going to let him ease her out of her clothing while she toyed with his body! She had every intention of removing any form of doubt out of his head about his abilities in the sexual arena because she wanted to give herself completely to this man. The Genie knew that her hunger was no longer going to be dismissed as they arrived at The Magicians home so they could both discover the treasure and pleasure that they both are eager to give away. The Genie took her hand and placed it on The Magician’s thigh because she wanted to feel the power and the majesty that he held in his body as she looked at him up and down for a couple of seconds.

Her hand began to shake as he placed his hand on her breast and began to rub them in a circular motion! Both where smiling at one another as he placed his hand in the center of her lap and unzipped the pants on the Red pantsuit! They knew that dessert was about to be served up for them because this was a supernatural event that was about to take place as began to feel free. He knew that deep in his soul that anything that he wanted to do to her was on the menu for him to request and dine upon!

Once her pants where undone The Genie reached over and placed her hand on top of his magic wand and begged him to make it all disappear inside of her! The Magician was amazed about what was going on with him and her but he knew that he was about to allow his hands to approach her mid-section because he wanted to hold a slice of her cake that she was smothering under rear-end as she sat down in his car for only a couple more seconds! His hand eased down to the heart of her as his head began to request mercy from her because she no longer wanted to be alone!

The Genie let out several hot and heavy sighs as her hands reached out and unfolded his magic wand that was stuffed inside of his pants. The Genie was pleased as she saw his wand being deployed like a massive dick air bag! His cock rolled out like it was about to save her life and the truth be told it was she knew that she had all the time in the world to be delighted by the Magician as she placed her face close to his and whispered,

“I know what you just wished for!”
“Really, then show me!”

The Genie let out a giggle as she blinked her eyes and rubbed on her ear so they could both appear inside of his bed with all their clothes removed in advance! He wanted a nice wet piece of her cake to be devoured by him before the night was over. The Genie was barely breathing as her body lay there waiting for him to offer her his scrumptious Magic Wand! “Presto, Changeo and Voile” were the words thrown around the room before the dance of sex was to be bestowed upon them. The Magician sliced The Genie into succulent little morsels as he set out to devour her after she took away the strain from his cock because it had been a long time since he had been taken care of in the sexual arena!

The Genie pulled the most outlandish disappearing act on The Magician as she generously called out his name and then set out to blow his mind as she deconstructed his dick inside of her waiting mouth. If Roy, the magician felt speechless earlier today then what Claire the Genie was doing to him made him feel like a new born lunatic because she made him suffer as she delivered to him what it felt like to have your cock reconstructed by someone who wanted to give him the mysteries of the universe with her mouth! The sex between them was wrong and right all at the same time as his cock was not disgraced when it shot out its load before they both had the chance to really get into the groove of sex.

Her body was hungry for his but after their first encountered each other Claire unlocked the door that held her captive and placed a spell on Roy and made him pleasure her with all his might. Her mouth took slices out of his body as it required her to fuck her, repeatedly plus he was surprised that he could muster the strength to pleasure her twelve different times during a twenty-four-hour period. Roy was the man for the job as his magic wand kept tapping away at the moist slice of cake nestled between her thighs because it was in both of their will to make each other one another prisoner. Her screams of delight mad him grow stronger as he placed her in every conceivable position to deliver to her the thrust from his body that she wanted. Roy tried to knock the bottom out of her pussy but little did he know that she gained her strength from fucking him as all her past spells showed back to her remembering as she was filling up on him and his body.

Roy held her have tons of orgasm as she made him glad to know that she could love up a Genie because to her he was not a fraud. She loved it as he delivered to her pleasure, over and over again several not so nice fucks because sometimes it seemed like she was not satisfied but he was wrong. Claire was glad that Roy was her lover as he appreciated her body because he wanted and needed to be a legend to her while he placed her clit on fire as he rubbed it so long that she thought that it was about to disappear. Their sex with each other was generous as Claire had Roy begging her to please sucking on his dick several times because they were both having so much fun with each other as his body was soothing her as she went down on him for the last time. She was almost about to ignore his request to leave in cock alone but she did not wish to kill him because she needed him in her life so she allowed him to rest for a couple of hours before she put in more request to pleasure one another.

Somehow, The Genie grabbed ahold of the worn-out wish that he had thrown away from this rather ordinary man and made it come to life as he was losing control of himself with her. Although Roy did not mind what Claire was doing to him over the days that they spent together because it felt as if she was preparing him so she could gently place him inside of an oven and turn him into some sort of delicious bake-goods as his mind and body were laughing out loud! Roy’s body was under attack every time Claire took hold of him and placed his massive magic-wand inside of her mouth as they kept connection with one another. Claire loved to listen to him moan as she sliced through him as she has his body on lock-down as she was regaining all her strength and helping him conquer all his past troubles. They both took advantage of one another as his body kept disappearing inside of hers as they made magic in its purest form with one another because when sex is done right it is like Magic!

The Second Slice/Moist Red Velvet Cake:


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