A Little Spark

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Chapter 10

This woman, Annabel, was kinda confusing me with this. What was I picked for and who do I have to be good for? I didn’t realize it was so late, looking at my watch it had already surpassed 7:30- the parties are beginning to warm up, their loud music heard in the distance. I looked both right and left- trying to see if Nsokohir was here to walk me home. I felt a slight ping in the pit of my stomach when it was just I around here. No cool breezes, no warmth of his hand, his voice, his breath.

I began the walk home. It wasn’t a very long one, but it was not the most safe. I decided to take a longer way home, going through a little courtyard to avoid the increasing traffic on the pathways, as well as the party homes. As I walked forward, I kept my head down. I didn’t hear any footsteps until feet came into my view. I snapped my head up, just in time to see Alin take a hold of my wrist.

“Come, Leigh, we’re going to a party.” He said, his mouth twisted in a sinister grin. His eyes were fully dark, radiating no life nor no spark- this was not my brother. I planted my feet into the ground, burying my heels so his strong pull wouldn’t take me as far as he hoped. This was as shell of my twin, not the one who I parted all my secrets, all my life- whom I would take a bullet for! This was not him.

“No, I’m not going to any parties..” I said, my voice wavering as he attempting to pull me harder, his grip on my wrist tighten until it was almost painful.

“Come one brother, live a little! We can go to a party and get smashed- hey, maybe you’ll even meet a cute guy to take your first.” What seemed impossible happened, his eyes turned even darker than they were. I gasped, pulling my arm back with the little strength I had- though all it ended up doing was bring him closer to me.

“Who are you? Is there any bit left of my brother in there? In you? Do you still hold any humanity? Where is my brother Alin?!” I shouted, my voice breaking, the emotions I was feeling coming to surface as tears pricked my eyes.

“I’m right here Leigh, have you been up all night studying again?” He asked, his grin turning more into a snarl as the humor previously there faded. “Now, We’re going to this party!” His grip on my wrist turned painfully tight.

“No, my brother wouldn’t bring me to this, my brother would know I don’t like this, you’re not him, you’re a shell of who he was!” I shouted right in his face, his snarl turning deadly before his fist collided painfully to my jaw, knocking me back and onto my butt. I felt the tears escape through my eyes, as I looked up to see his shocked face. His soulless eyes began to recede a bit as his hands covered his mouth.

“N-No, Leigh, I-I didn’t mean to hurt you...” He took a step towards me, causing me to scramble to my feel, holding my throbbing jaw.

“Don’t you dare say you didn’t mean to! You fell into their grasp, you’re turning into them! Our soulless siblings! What’s next, you’re going to began to taunt and torment me too? Are you going to leave me residing in piles of blood and tears? Are you going to try and molest too?!” I screamed right at him, the pain coming back immediately of all those years. Where I blamed Nsokohir for what they did, just so he didn’t lose his siblings for me. He took a step back, his hands covering his mouth, his eyes turning back to his own, yet remained wide.

“L-Leigh, I’d never-”

“Don’t you dare go on, you’re becoming like them, you’re already soulless! You let them get to you, and now you will never be the same! Never be my brother Ag- No- never be... Alin again. Alin is dead.” I turned around and began walking, yet after a few steps I felt my knees grow weak, the emotional exhaustion beginning to affect my weak body. I felt strong hands lift me up, carrying me bridal style. down the courtyard. Everywhere our body touched left sparks in between us. I looked up to see his concerned white eyes staring back down, as he held me tighter to his bare chest.

He finally set me down on a blanket outdoors, away from the pumping sound of the parties, away from cars, away from people- it was secluded quiet spot, one not often taken for no buildings reside near it. He placed my backpack away, moving himself next to me. I accidentally took my chance and rested my head on his chest, feeling almost hollow inside. My tears had previously dried, the current adrenaline turning into coldness. His hand released my hair from it’s ties and began running gently through it, those sparks going to comfort rather than arouse me.

I looked down on his chest, seeing the faint lines of his markings decorating his body. They lit up when he got very mad, or when he was using his powers in a strenuous ways. I absentmindedly began to trace the delicate lines with the very tip of my finger. When I went over his perky nipple, I felt a shiver go through his body, as well as his hand wavering for a moment in my hair.

“Do you feel it too?” I whispered, continuing to trace the marks all the way up to his arm, each swirl or solid line leading to new places. I felt as if I spoke too loud, the moment would be ruined.

“Yes.... I do.” His soft response shocked me- at least I was not alone on these feelings. These tingles, these sparks- they ignited our arousal when kissing, yet calm our emotions when touching. I closed my eyes, continuing to feel my way around the lines. My mind was focused most on Alin- my best friend, my brother, my twin....

“T-Tell me... did he do it.. on his own accord?” I asked softly, tilting my head up to see his eyes, measuring if he will tell me the truth. He looked down into my eyes, as if determining the level of truth he can or cannot tell me. A sigh left his mouth before looking up at the night sky. I followed- seeing the very few stars above us. It was slightly depressing knowing that everyone we see shining has long since died..

“No.... they pawned him into it...he was easy to mold, needing their acceptance.. That’s why he did it. They arranged it.. yet he allowed it. Unfortunately, his soul was taken by my rival, Aicoria. They are heartless, cold, and very competitive. We both are in a competition to gain the most power... But they took your brother soul mostly to smite me. Trading deals for soul is a lot harder and more time consuming than bonding with a human, like I did to you.”

“But.. you’ve been with me for 10 years, it takes longer for deals?” I asked confused, deciding to learn about his world and ways to try and forget about my own. When I mentioned Alin before, it began to bring unwanted emotions to the surface. I needed new knowledge to fill the hole in my soul.

“Well... When you get to my level, we don’t bond with human. It’s very uncommon for a demon without their horns to bond with a human under puberty age... though the only thing that is needed is the digestion of a demon’s saliva for them to get in.. Anyway, what it normally takes when bonding is as little as a year. You bond to the human before their 18th birthday, you seal though sexual relationship, and then you kill them right afterwards- claiming their soul with no problem.” Casual on the ways if the demon was Nsokohir’s finest aspect.

My heart practically stop, my blood growing cold. What did he mean ‘kill them right afterwards’. I sure didn’t want to die, I was just starting to live.. He seemed to know just what I was thinking- especially since he could read my mind. Nsokohir met my eyes before lightly shaking his head, comforting my fears.

“No... I don’t plan to do that with you. You can have my word. If I wished to murder you in cold blood, I wouldn’t have invested so much in developing you right. I am risking losing my edge for you. That as well as I wouldn’t want your blood to be on my hands.”

“Thats besides the point, when a demon does a deal with a human, before the soul can be rightfully claimed, they have to fulfil their part of the deal. Normally it is a request for power, fame, fortune, talent- things that can take a while before they are satisfactory enough on our terms. Like your brother Derek, his demon might be stuck to him until he is in his 30′s, until he is compelled with a famous career That is a dwindling process, yet most do that if they just need to gain access to earth for a while, or of they are just starting and their methods for persuading a human are lacking.” This some of the most that he explained to me about the demon world. He never really talked much about it, though I have been there while I’m sleeping.

He says that when humans sleep, our souls are so easily taken from our bodies, though normally our minds keep us there with pointless dreams. Why lucid dreams and nightmares can be so horrid, because it’s your soul reliving or creating experiences. So, while I’m sleeping, Nsokohir can lead my soul to the demon world without consequences of remaining there. I was sworn to secrecy though, not that it was a problem. With my track record, it would just end me up in a white jacket. But Nsokohir was never very vocal when it came to his ways of living. Come to think of it, I didn’t know much about him, other then he was very old, very powerful, and very smart. Thinking of demons brought me back to the substitute.

“Oh!” I turned my body so I was more laying on him, turning so I could see his face and eyes. He looked down at me before looking back at the sky. I smiled, liking how we were like this, so calm, so open, relaxed. I just needed to keep my mind off of a certain area. “I think my substitute was a demon. She called me human. She was really confusing though, like, she looked nice and talked nice and all but something about her just made me... uncomfortable. Do you know her, or is this something bad?” I reached into my pocket and took out the card, knowing better than saying the name out loud. That granted any demon access to your soul. He looked at the card for a moment, his brows furrowing before a large smile filled his features.

“You can trust her, my pet. She is an acquaintance of mine. I had gone to her partner before, to speak of official terms, and she was there. We spoke on light words and she is very interested in you, but what made you uncomfortable was her comfort color. If you haven’t noticed, ours is purple- that color brings us comfort and confidence. Her and her partner have yellow, which is on the opposite side of visible colors. It makes us feel out of place when around those people. ” I put the card away and sighed happily. It was nice to actually have a demon on my side. I laid back as I was before, curving my body up to his, cuddling my head onto his chest.

“Demons can have partners?” I asked softly, returning to trace the marks on his chests.

“Yes, we have many sexual partners, some just fancy the company of others. Yet, those two have a special case.” he said, the pause afterwards leaving me questioning if he would continue. It was as if he was contemplating it himself. I heard him intake a sharp breath before he let it out.

“She was just a human, yet their souls gained together to be one.” What did he mean by that? That she was human and turned into a demon, because she was soulmates with a demon? Did they even have souls to be able to mate with each other? I always remember Nsokohir calling himself heartless, soulless.

“You might be questioning if demons have souls, yet it is very true. Ours is very weak, that is why it takes much for us to regain power, we have to devour the energy of others just to be able to sustain happily. When bonded, it supports us enough to remain full until death. That means I will no longer have to feed on you after we complete the ritual, yet until then it is how I am able to stay on their earth- our original bound giving me reason, your soul giving me power.” He spoke softly, seeming like he was avoiding the question. The one which sat right in the front of my mind. I always read about soulmates before, in those romance novels that lingered in my mother’s bookcases. How when they first met, they both were attracted to each other quickly, how after that it hurt for them to be away, how when they touch it was filtered with sparks, how without one another, they felt incomplete.

My body went tense. Was there a hint on this? How every place on my body that touched his lit sparks between us, how when I’m without him I feel wrong, almost miserable.. How when we are together, like this, I am happiest? I opened my mouth to speak when he continued on.

“That’s why you need to be most careful. Because Aicoria and the others know that you are still up for grabs. The ritual only works when the human is a virgin at the time, so if they take yours before we are able to get rid of the parasite, it will make your soul ‘up for grabs’ when you do pass on. ” He said, almost as if he was telling himself, staring up at the stars unwaiverly. My mind was still swimming with thoughts of soul mates. He says he’s killed people before for their souls, why not me? Was it because he knew we were soul mates?

We sat in a comfortable silence as I went over everything in my head. How, when we first met at that playground, I looked right at him and walked directly to him, not questioning if he was there for me or not. How I trusted him from the very beginning, even though I knew better than to trust strangers, I was raised better than that. How, he was always there to help me, and even when he hurt me I could do little to hate him. I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried. No matter how many times he striked my skin, no matter how many scars lingered on my body, I couldn’t hate him. I closed my eyes, cuddling into his chest more. I felt most comfortable right here, this close to him...

I finally realized why I was thinking so hard on that, because I was avoiding thinking of my brother. Alin striked me just as the others, plotted nefarious activities with me under the guise of a party, spoke to me in such a harsh way- he was becoming just like them. Soon he would try to take advantage of my body and mind, he would try to hurt me and torment me, he would try to make my life a living hell, just like them. My twin, my brother, my best friend... The emptiness regained itself in my stomach, causing a deep depression to warp through my body. I closed my eyes tightly, trying to keep back the tears, yet soon they were freely flowing. My body began to shake with my sobs as I was brought closer to Nsokohir.

“Why my only brother? I-I loved him he-he’s.. he’s...” The shaking plagued my body so harshly I was hardly able to get out what I was trying to say. Though he knew what I wanted to say. Nsokohir always knew just what I wanted, what I needed. He just held me protectively in his arms, his hand rubbing up and down my back in a comforting way. He even began saying comforting things in my ear, just the right things to get me to calm down. It took over 30 minutes before my body finally stopped shaking, until the tears finally stopped flowing.

“Shh..... you’ll be alright.. you have new people who are willing to be there for you, new people who will love and support you but.. you also will have me..” He spoke softly, finally getting me to raise my head and look up at his face. He was looking at me with his eyes filled with emotions, of sympathy, of concern-

Of something else that I couldn’t name.

I moved up and placed my lips against his softly, my eyes still locked with his. He returned it, yet kept it very sweet and gentle. At first, at least.

It only took a minute before the sparks took over, deepening and intensifying our kiss until I could no longer control it. Nsokohir licked my bottom lip, gaining access into my willing mouth quickly, creating the intoxicating dance between our tongues once again. His hands went onto my butt, kneading it forcefully as his mouth claimed mine relentlessly. My hand went to behind his head, keeping us close together. I almost cursed my human body when I removed my lips from his, filling my torturous need for air. I was panting, ever so often a moan escaping my lips- especially when he placed kisses on my neck. He turned us around so I was laying on my back and he was ontop of me, his lips trailing down my clothed body, his eyes looking at me with pure lust.

Suddenly, his body went rigid. His eyes went wide, his slotted pupils widening for a moment before returning, similar to a cat. a sound obviously caught his attention and woke him up from his lust induced haze. I laid beneath him, looking around almost desperately yet the darkness yielded nothing. His chest moved up and down as he attempted to regain his composure. He moved himself off of me, watching as two students walked across the pathway in the distance, laughing loudly. I sat up, smoothing my hair back in an attempt to calm myself down as well. I looked over at Nsokohir, catching his light white eyes look lost in thought. He stood up, offering a hand to help me. I took it happily, allowing him to continue the contact as we began the track back to my dorm, my backpack hung on the back of Nsokohir, in true gentleman fashion.

As we began walking, I heard my name called behind me. I turned around, catching eyes with Ethan and Terrance, who quickly walked over. “Leeighh, I’m glad you’re here, wanna go to this great par- oh.” Ethan said, before his eyes went to Nsokohir. I looked over at him, worried that to these two there would be simply a floating backpack. Yet I almost busted out laughing when I saw Nsokohir in a very...normal looking appearance. He had short black hair, grey eyes, and actually wore a shirt again, some kind of band symbol on it that I had seen around campus. The markings that trailed up his neck and into his hair were no longer there.

“Who’s your friend?” Ethan asked, Terrance looking at me, then at our hands, then back at me, then at him, his face looking really confused. I let go of Nsokohir’s hand to run a hand through my black hair, feeling nervous. How was I going to introduce him? I sure can’t say his name unless I’m asking for trouble. I opened my mouth, not wanting to leave them hanging for an answer too long before I got interrupted.

“I’m Noah, I’m an old friend from back home. I came here to see my buddy Leigh.” he put an arm around my shoulder, bringing my person close into his embrace. It made those tingles to come back with vengeance, yet it made me even more uncomfortable since Terrance was right here before me, watching me practically squirm under his scrutiny.

“Noah, these are my friends, Ethan and Terrance.” I said, as if I needed too. Nsokohir stuck out his hand towards Terrance, yet I saw the challenging look on his face. Terrance immediately responded, placing his hand within Nsokohir’s for a very strong shake. His eyes then went to Ethan’s with a slight grin, taking and shaking his hand as well. Ethan looked confused for a second before his eyes lit up with understanding. Their eyes locked for a short moment before Ethan finally looked away, their silent conversation leading Ethan to squirm.,

“Come on Terrance, unless we want to be left with the cheap beer we needa get to the party soon.” Ethan stated, looking at us with a slight smile. “Have fun you two, I’ll probably be back for lunch tomorrow, I gotta work in the morning.” I giggled, Ethan always doing that. Staying out and partying all night then going right to work in the morning as if he wasn’t hung over. Terrance gave me one last look before joining Ethan’s side, continuing their walk towards one of the partying frat houses.

“Well, that was pleasant.” I sighed, taking Nsokohirs hand once again as he lead us inside my dorm, and up the stairs. I still refused to take the elevator still, even if Nsokohir wasn’t in the mood to scare me or torment me. Come to think of it, he hasn’t been in that mood for a while. Since the bathroom, and the shower, he’s been pretty docile. It’s kind of weird. It’s been as if he was avoiding me in private spaces, not typically showing up unless Ethan was with me. I just wondered what was going through his head.

As soon as we walked in The safety of my bedroom, he went straight to my closet and threw my pajamas at me. “Put these on, and get to bed. Tonight I’m taking you to the demon world, so as soon as you’re sleeping, we can go.” He commanded, his voice full of authority. Once again he was his original appearance, that fake Noah persona gone behind close doors. I knew better, however than to deny his command. I was kind of excited, I haven’t been there for a while and I always looked at it as a little vacation when I couldn’t physically leave my room.

It only took minutes was dressed in my night gear, sitting in front of my mirror as I ran the brush through my hair a couple of times. I saw in the mirror Nsokohir standing with his arms crossed, his eyes lost in thought as he watched me brush my hair. When I was satisfied I wouldn’t wake up with a rats nest, I walked over to him. With a gentle peck on his cheek, I walked over to my bed, laying down, hugging Soko tightly against my chest. Nsokohir’s features lightened as he kneeled next to my bed, caressing my cheek gently.

“You know... My teddy is named Soko.” I giggled, getting comfortable. Obviously he did, but I never said it outloud by him. A smile made its way on his face, as he looked at the light switch and with a simple nod, all of the lights turned off. I felt like a little kid like this, him next to me, hugging my stuffed animal (when I was young I had a blue rabbit), as he send me comforting waves to help me to sleep. Especially after rather harsh treatment from my siblings.. Soon enough, I was taken asleep by the idea of Nsokohir with a cute, little purple hair child, reading him a story as he once done for me. I didn’t have enough time to even process the thought as the darkness overtook me.


When my eyes opened once again, I was laying in the middle of a poppy field. Nsokohir was next to me, chewing on a flower as he watched me. “Well, good morning. ” he joked, taking the flower stem out of his mouth. I giggled, sitting up with the help of my demon. One of the many rules here was to never eat or drink anything, nor put anything in my mouth. I wasn’t sure the reason, however I wasn’t going to challenge it.

Nsokohir then stood up, looking down at my tired person’s. He rolled his eyes before offering his hand for me. I placed it in his own, that warmness filling my deeper inside, the tingles shooting through my hand. When we were here, he was always so warm. I giggled with his false annoyance, standing up yet keeping our hands together. With a small nod, I allowed him to lead me out of the field and into the dense city environment. The field was there because not only did these demons like to eat the flowers, it was also the only place that human souls could arrive at. It was placed thusly near the deep city, so the demons had easy access to their visiting human. Nsokohir held me close as we walked down the skinny city sidewalks, gaining the respectful distance between us from every demon we walked past. I saw most of them had horns- Nsokohir didn’t at all. Neither did that other demon that my brother had sold his soul to. I would bother him about it later. Now I was focused on keeping myself as close to Nsokohir and as far from the others as possible.

I never really liked being in the city, but since walking was the only way of transportation for those who were not royalty, or advanced enough to be considered it, the only other option was to walk. It sometimes took a long time to get out of the city, way too long for my comfort. It reminded me of an article I read on New York, how it was full of tall, tall buildings and people walked in lines because of how many there were. There was close proximity of everything convenient and inconvenient at the same time.

Our destination was always outside of the city.

We continued to walk until we arrived to a row house, one that looked just like ours in the dense human world. This one was identical as all of the others around it. With a few raps to the door, it opened up to produce Annabel, a smile lingering on her beautiful face. She would catch the eye of every student now, she was twice as beautiful as compared to her human form, when she was my substitute.

“Lord, Leigh, please come in. It’s good to see you.” She said with a slight giggle, looking at me happily. My mouth was probably open like a fish. Of course, she was attractive, not to me, but just to know that I had been taught by a demon was mind blowing to me. I followed the guiding hand of Nsokohir, being ushered in through the tight hallways and to the grey living room. This entire place gave me that feeling that I had before, a kind of anxiety inducing nausea, the yellow aspects littering around the tasteful decoration. However it was very homey.

As Nsokohir and Annabel spoke in soft voices, a buff, attractive man with bright yellow eyes and matching hair and two long horns coming from his forehead entered, taking a seat across from me. Annabel rose and excused herself, leaving us alone with this stranger. His face was hard, his slitted eyes maintaining a powerful contact with me. He didn’t lose that seriousness in his face as he spoke. “You must be Leigh. I am Mechtilde, a lesser demon to your own. Do you know your reason for being here?” He spoke softly, his voice much more gentler than his posture. He maintained that stony expression as Nsokohir joined me on the couch.

“No, we are about to speak on his parasite, as well as an introduction. I see your partner has already met him.” Nsokohir spoke with a deep authority, the demon looking at his feet in a sense of full submission. This kind of inferiority missed me, because sitting across from him, I felt like I was above him in dominance for some unknown reason. Though logically I knew very well that he could still tear me to pieces without breaking a sweat.

Annabel returned with a large book in her hands, sitting down on the seat adjacent to my own. Mechtilde, the stoned face demon, finally broke his face of unemotional responses when he glanced at his lover. He watched her with amused eyes, eyes full of love. I giggled, finally remembering that these are the two soul mates. I really liked that idea, they did look cute together. All ignored my sudden sound, yet I still felt my face get hot. Annabel opened up to a page, taking my hand gently.

“Now, this is going to hurt a bit, okay hun?” she said very calmly, motherly even. She took a blade from the side of the book and sliced the palm of my hand. I didn’t so much as flinch- this pain was not the type to get a rise out of me. She seemed generally surprised as she placed my bleeding hand onto the page of that book, before slicing her own with the same blade and placing it on the page right next to it.

Her eyes went wide and I kept my hand there, watching her facial expression turn from shock to full annoyance. I giggled yet again- that was the look she had given the boys who were seriously after her phone number in class the other day. When they didn’t drop it, her face turned horrifying and then back off completely. Why would you even want to look at another man when you have your soul mate right before you?

Then, her face turned very confused. Her eyebrows were screwed together, her eyes suddenly closing tightly. I looked at Mechtilde, seeing that he himself looked concerned, that stony look off from his face once again. Nsokohir, though, looked restless. “What are you seeing?” He asked, a tone of annoyance in his voice.

“T-This is confusing, I-I don’t know what I’m sensing, it’s... It’s... There’s more than just A Parasite keeping you back, there’s something more. This is very wrong, very, very wrong. I-It’s like it’s blocking me out from seeing who is also within connecting to it but.. but... it isn’t good, I’m not high enough power to reach it.. We would need to go to the human world and bring in a stronger witch to try and break this lock, if even they could...” She spoke softly, opening her eyes. Mechtilde was at her side in a second, a hand rubbing her back comfortingly. I took my hand away, looking at the still-bleeding wound. Nsokohir took my hand, gently rubbing his rounded claw over it, it beginning to heal.

“But, I can very well sense that you-.. that what we spoke about previously is true. Mechtilde, I do wish to help them. I am currently dealing with that human teacher, so I can aid in finding a higher level witch who can maybe help us out. Though I can tell you they won’t do it for free, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I sensed one on the same campus, so we won’t have to look far...” She said, looking lovingly at her partner. He looked back, though he looked concerned.

“I understand your draw on helping them, Annabel.... but please, do be careful. Lord Nsokohir, you will protect her as long as she works under your vessels wing, am I correct?” He asked softly, his yellow eyes sparking up with thought. Nsokohir just nodded slightly, his eyes focused on me. These two were an afterthought, while I was the main focus. I blushed and looked away, towards Annabel who looked at me with a cute smile.

“Now, for the parasite it will take a detachment ritual to get him to even loosen up. This mysterious being that is there has been edging him on tighter and tighter. Plus, whomever it was that summoned him did it before his birth even happened. This makes it more difficult. I am concerned that if we do it before learning the second source, it might just cause more.. unneeded pain. But I feel on the way it is now, it is of most urgency that we get him going. He is being sought after by many people. ” Annabel said, very seriously. My eyes were wide. Who would want me?

I understood that the parasite was placed on me because I was a dying baby before birth. It would be very easy for any of my mother’s nurse mates to suggest or even do it without her permission. But besides that? It’s a mystery to me. I was just a normal human who was trying to live like anyone else. It could be another of Nsokohir’s enemies- and if that is the case, then I will stand and fight against them as best as I can.

Nsokohir nodded his head slightly, looking at her seriously. “I will need as many eyes on him as I can receive. If you keep to your word on protecting him, I will protect you.” His voice rang his authority, receiving a hesitant nod from both of the two lovers. “Now, come with me Leigh.” Normally, I would be up and quickly out, listening to his words carefully, but I didn’t feel the pull. The need to follow his orders was faded from my typically rigid body. I fact, I was feeling a sudden wave of annoyance over being given orders. I didn’t even know this side of me existed.

“One second.” I said, getting a confused look from all of them. Of course, me denying my demon any world was unheard of, but I just didn’t feel that fear keeping me back. I walked over to Annabels side, giving her a gentle hug before I allowed Nsokohir to bring me anywhere. That was a weird thought from me. That I would allow him to bring me anywhere. Not the other way around. Annabel gave me a soft pat on my back, her hand then shooing off her defensive lover. It was in all a honest hug. Appreciative in manner.

With soft spoken departures, My demon and I spent the rest of my time in the demon world walking around with Nsokohir before we spent my last hour in the field, just enjoying the weather. It was a crisp day, with a gentle breeze covering over the field like a chilly sigh. We were at peace, however I did have a question in my mind.

“Why is it, when I’m here I always feel like I’m... less weak?” I asked softly, sitting back, looking up at the light orange sky. It was always this color, yet it didn’t give those whom color is blue an uncomfortable feeling at birth, it was just there. It was pretty much just there for appearance, since apparently most demons don’t enjoy to look into nothingness. I hear, that if you wonder out of the boundaries of the city and suburbs, it begins to lose its appearance of civilization and even like, ground planes. Apparently it is rather horrifying. But those are just rumors that I overheard while Nsokohir and I were waiting for our turn to walk the street, or waiting for the royal carriages to pass by.

“That is a good question. I hope that we can discover this soon.. It is very, interesting, to see you suddenly so willful. Reminds me of the run in we had with the police and the demon hunter. You managed to be the perfect little brat for that.” he said with a smile, lightly bumping my shoulder as he chewed on his flower. I giggled, remembering that. I was willful, by myself. Annoying even, like the people of read in classical stories who use their wit to challenge dimwitted antagonist. It was honestly fun to piss off John’s dad like that, Carter included. I closed my eyes, suddenly feeling very tired. Nsokohir lightly took my hand, kissing it, allowing that to help me back into my own body.

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