A Little Spark

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Chapter 11

felt my body being shaken and my named called eagerly. I opened my eyes wearily, a groan escaping my lips. All I could see was a blur of light before a dark skin, blond hair man was before me. “Woah man, you alright? Leigh?” He called out again, looking into my blurry eyes concerned. I sat up slowly, trying to avoid getting dizzy but it was inevitable.

“Leigh, are you alright?” He repeated again, handing me a bottle of water. I took it and eagerly drank it down, the back of my throat was just crying for water, it had even gotten hard to swallow my saliva.

“Yeah, I’m fine... what time is it?” I asked, rubbing my head again. I was sure that it was at least 5 on saturday, since Ethan was back. His eyes made me a little worried though, he did look pretty concerned.

“Dude, it’s Sunday. I got back a little while ago and here you were, sleeping like a baby still. It’s also about 6 pm.. I brought breakfast anyway.” He walked to his desk, reaching into an unmarked brown bag to pull out two chocolate espresso brownies and a bowl of oatmeal for me. I smiled, it smelled heavenly. I always liked the food his work place made. It just was a little far walk to go before classes in the morning so I would normally bring Ethan lunch when he worked and we would sit and talk then. I always liked their chai tea.

“Thanks Ethan..” I said, grabbing a plastic spoon and the Oatmeal, cuddling back on my bed with my back against the wall, Soko sitting next to me. Ethan took his place on his bed, breaking pieces from his brownie to eat.

“No problem, just a little worried you were out for the count,” Ethan started, yet was interrupted as I looked to my left, feeling Nsokohir just before he appeared, his eyes set hard and dark. His posture was very tense, his jaw set hard in a scowl.

“When were you going to tell us, Effathoyne Blackcast?” His voice came out deep and accusatory, almost a growl. I saw no reaction from Ethan, he just popped another section of his espresso brownie into his mouth, leaning back against the wall next to the bed.

“I didn’t think it was important.” He shrugged, seemingly ignorant to the fact that he was pissing off Nsokohir very quickly. I looked between the two, eyes wide, eating a few bites of my oatmeal. I felt like the neutral viewer, unable to be effected by a possible battle before me.

“You don’t think it was important to tell us you are the most powerful human witch in the country?!” Nsokohir practically yelled, causing me to choke on my oatmeal. What? He was a witch? A powerful one on that? Ethan seemed so innocent, so casual, even surprised with everything Nsokohir did- it couldn’t be true! It was well known that the supernatural world knew each other existed. I looked over at him, trying to notice any indications of him being a witch. The only thing a little shifty was the fact that his bleached blonde hair was growing out, revealing his roots as a bright orange color. Most people with skin dark as his don’t have orange hair.

“Nah, Didn’t think it was important.” He spoke calmly, plopping another bite of his brownie into his mouth. Nsokohir jumped up and was just about to lunge when his hand seem to collide with something very hard, a wall almost. Ethan looked up at him, his hazel eyes glowing with small flecks of green floating in them.

Annabel suddenly appeared, placing a hand on Nsokohirs arm to get him to relax, to get him to sit back down and not try and strangle my friend again. Honestly, I wouldn’t have stopped him the answer ‘I didn’t think this was important’ was very irritating. This was some big news we just received, which could have been easily informed the second I said I was possessed.

“Hello, Mrs. Rosenthal. A pleasure to see you again, how is the mate?” Ethan asked, a cocky smile filling his face yet again. She blushed slightly, looking away from him.

“Fine... Just Fine... What I am here about is Leigh. I have taken it upon myself to help him and Lord Nsokohir in each and every way I can, for the obvious reasons...” She looked back at my demon before looking back at Ethan, her postured more intimidated than I felt needed to be. It wasn’t like she was speaking to Nsokohir, who had the aurora of one who could pounce at any moment. Ethan had a very relaxed feeling to him, he made everyone around him relaxed with it. They obviously had history that made her uncomfortable, nervous even. “Whilst I was looking into his soul, I noticed something much more, much heavier in there. He isn’t only plagued with a parasite, but something that has enough magic power to restrain my low-level magic from making it apparent.. So I am requesting you look into his soul, so that we have knowledge on how to deal with it.”

A very simple request, if this magic stuff was easy at all. I mean a cut in my hand and a book and there we go, nothing more to it. Of course Ethan would do this for me, he is my closest friend.

“No.” Ethan said plainly, leaving everyone in the room staring. Nsokohir stood yet again, his anger apparent through his clenched fist.

“No? Why the fuck not?!” He growled, looking ready to throttle Ethan. Curse words were very unacceptable to him, however in this current situation I had some to use on Ethan myself.

“Because my employers wouldn’t like for that knowledge to go out that easily. Now, I can tell you a little about it. For one, there’s no chance of it intercepting the completion ritual, so there is no worries there. Two, the parasite is placed there for a reason. It will remove itself once it’s duty has been completed. Now, I do wish the best for Leigh. He is not only my reason of employment, but my friend. If this harmed him in anyway, I would reverse it, but it’s not. This is way above what both of you know, and what I am not allowed to tell. All I can tell you is to rest your pretty heads, but not too well. What his future holds is one full of troubles. Even now, he is being harassed, stalked- you must watch him with your lives. For, if his blood is spilled by one other than Nsokohir, it shall reign in death. Now, you are dismissed Rosenthal.” His voice was edged with something I have never heard before. It made him actually kinda scary. But I knew better than to fear him.

Annabel looked over at me, giving me a quick friendly hug before she disappeared, leaving the three of us together. Ethan had finished his brownie, stretching out on his bed. “Wanna watch a movie? Terrance left his cords here. You’re welcome to stay too ‘Noah’.” He joked, his voice completely changing from hostile to the normal Ethan. It only took me a moment before i decides I just had to... get over it. Thinking and stressing about this and Ethan wasn’t going to do anything for me. He walked over to set up his laptop to the cords that dangled down, opening up the movie viewing system. I giggled, walking by and taking my well-claimed place on the floor. Nsokohir had to think about it a lot longer then me before he sighed and joined us, though he was still sulking. He didn’t get a chance to fight him.

“Oh, and demon? Make sure when you take him to your world that you at least give him 8 hours to sleep. He lost his entire saturday for your childish behavior!” Ethan scolded, though a smile was still on his face. Nsokohir rolled his eyes, sitting back with his hands behind his head.

“Whatever, Effathoyne.”

“Effathoyne?” I asked, a giggled coming to my lips. Ethan groaned, laying back next to me as the movie began playing.

“Don’t ask about it. I’m the 12th in my generation. It was a cool name back then. It didn’t transfer that well in this century.” All I could do was giggle on this, thinking of such an old person name on Ethan, or even more, picturing Ethan as a stereotypical old witch.


Yet another routine picked up again. Each day, I would go to school with Nsokohir as ‘Noah’ walking with him between classes. Terrance would get lunch times, and then I would hang out with Ethan or Jose during the night. It now turned out I’m not allowed to go to any frat parties, as told by who ever ‘employed’ Ethan. Even though I had no wish to. The weekends I would spend in the demon world with Nsokohir, hanging out with both him and Mechtilde and Annabel.

Today, about 2 weeks since Ethan told us who he really was, I was walking alone for one of the first times in weeks. Nsokohir had to go to some demon meeting or some business in his realm, so my walking buddy was gone. It wasn’t a good feeling, not having his hand in mine, or allow us to talk on the little walks to and from my buildings- I felt more hollow, more empty. That long length from one campus to another always gave me a bad feeling, however now my senses were telling me something was really wrong.

I had been walking through a courtyard of an apartment complex to save going all the way around it. It was a small short cut that saved me a couple minutes, and somehow made me feel a false sense of safety. I stopped in my place, seeing a cloud of smoke being blown out in front of me, an intentional signal blown by a familiar, intimidating figure. John’s father walked out from behind a large cedar tree, a cigarette dangled between his scowling lips. He dropped it aggressively to the ground, stomping on it with his combat boot.

“Well, well, I get to see you again, you disgrace to the human race.” He growled through gritted teeth, walking right up to me. I backed up a few steps, trying to avoid him but my step was smaller then his long ones. Yet unable to avoid him, he grabbed the front of my shirt tightly, lifting me up off the ground. My feet dangled off the ground as I was forced to make eye contact with him. “You fucking disgrace have ruined my son, what the fuck did you do to him?!” He shouted, pushing my light body against a tree trunk.

I made his eye contact, marching my grey eyes to his stale brown ones. “I turned him down! Okay! You gay son wanted me, but I turned. Him. Down.” I growled right into his face, the spark coming back harder than ever before. I felt my fingers tingling once more, a power instilled in me even more. A smile crossed my face as I knew that if I needed it Nsokohir would help me out here. It was obvious my harshness caught him off guard as he twisted the front of my shirt tighter in an attempt to ring the truth out if my neck, crushing my chest against the tree with his arms.

“Stop fucking lying, what the fuck did you do to him?! “ He screamed in my face, spit flying out of his mouth, baring his normal teeth. I twisted my arms around so they were pushed against his chest, then allowed the power to move from the core, down my fingers, then out through my fingertips. It blasted him back harshly, pushing him back flat on his butt. He groaned in pain, as I checked that my backpack was alight and the few times of my pockets were picked up.

Just as I was about to bid Johnson, and this situation a goodbye, my arm began to burn once more. That meant only one thing: Demon hunter. “Johnson!” Carter yelled, running towards us right from his squad car, parked back out on the normal street. He looked up at me with a scowl, kneeling onto the ground, placing Johnson’s bleeding head in his lap. I guess I had pushed Johnson hard enough that he cut his head.”What did you do to him?!”

“I told him the truth. His son didn’t take my rejection well, and therefore is in a depression. He didn’t like the idea very much, and I didn’t feel like lying.” I shook my head lightly, beginning to walk away when footsteps came running at me, too fast for me to respond. Suddenly, a burning hand wrapped around my arm, giving me the sensation of holding my hand over the fire. Carter stood there, a determined look in his eyes.

That spark was larger than ever before. I turned my entire body and in one fluid motion pushed him back by his chest far enough that he repeated Johnson’s action, landing flat on his butt a few feet away. I growled, glaring before I collected myself once again. My arm still tingles with a burn, but it was bearable. I stretched it out, moving my fingers out and back in to see if it was okay.

Carter stared at me with wide eyes, as if he wasn’t able to believe it. “W-What..What are you?” He whispered as I turned my back towards him and walked calmly away, feeling more authority going through my veins then I ever felt before. I didn’t feel the need to answer to him, I didn’t feel the compel to. Yeah, he was police, but I was- more. He was authority, but I felt like somehow, deep inside, I was authority, higher than him. It is a weird thing to think about but I more or less just needed to get out of there.

I continued walking with my head held higher than ever before, distracted from my thoughts swimming with the situation that I handled by myself. until hands reached out and pulled me into a dark alley. From the tingles that immediately traveled throughout my system, I knew that I should not be afraid whatsoever. I looked up into his bright, white eyes. I smiled, that spark daring me to lean up and plant a peck on his lips. He didn’t give it back, the look of worry more consuming than the look of lust.

“Are you okay? Did he touch you? What happened- are you alright?” He asked, taking my arm and turning me in a circle before he began lifting up my shirt and examining my body. When he seemed satisfied with my mostly clear skin, he let me go and sighed, leaning against the wall. “I was so worried..” I heard him whisper under his breath, his hands rubbing into his eyes. I leaned in closer, placing a cupped hand to my ear to exaggerate listening, a grin on my face.

“What? you were worried about little ol’ me? You going soft, aren’t ya?” I said teasingly, poking his chest lightly. His eyes went wide for a moment before they took over that very stoney look. The joy between us dissipated in the air in a blink of his slitted eyes.

“No. You are my property, therefore you may not receive any markings on your skin outside of my own. Of course I don’t care about you, not at all, you’re just a little human I am using to ruin the lives of o-” I didn’t let him continue his little spell before my lips were instantly on his, shutting him up. Somehow, from either our connection or from the spark, I knew it was a front. A very large front. He was trying to be the stoney demon I always took him to be in the past, but he wasn’t. At least, not anymore. He had gotten a soft spot for me and there is no way that I was going to let him down on that.

After a few moments of kissing, I realized the time and broke it, running past him. “I’m late for class! Bye!” I called out, waving at him as I rushed towards my next classroom. The burns on my wrists were good as gone, which was surprising, considering Nsokohir still had a little mark from the brush he got from the demon hunter. I went to class thoughtful yet excited, feeling a newfound confidence that I didn’t know I had.


Unfortunately, all feeling of comfort and confidence was stripped from me when I heard news of who was causing the dorm to go into a frenzy. I had been peacefully sleep in Nsokohir’s arms when Ethan came busting in, a doo rag on his head and a duster in the other. He ran right to my side, smacking me in the face with that used duster.

“What the heck Ethan!?” I shouted, jumping onto my feet quicker than I should have. Nsokohir actually had to appear behind me to keep me from falling. His arms wrapped protectively around my body, holding me even though I was stable on my feet once more.

“Get cleaning. Both of you! Our ‘sponsor’ is coming and will be visiting family in these dorms. All the way from England. Get the drift now?” It took a minute for the words to sink in. The sponsors from England of this school are my parents.. Ethan must be mistaken because they would not come all the way out here for their kids. They never once had before come to visit Derek or Everette or Aveline, even if they had something very large and important, my father would never take time away from work to do such trivial things. He was never invested in the lives of me and my siblings. As long as we kept out of scandals and kept our name clean, he supplied all of our financial needs. My mother, as well, could never come out our way She was very particular of where she spent her time. For her children, once they were birthed they were no longer her trouble. She just wanted to see them be more successful than other children. A bragging symbol, even. I never was one of them, yet that was fine by me. I didn’t want to be talked about more than possible. They spent a lot of money to keep my story secret.

“You’re confused, they wouldn’t be coming here... right? Right?” I looked back at Nsokohir, my eyes wide and pleading. He needed to tell me they wouldn’t be here, tell me it was a lie. My heart began to race, my head began to spin. The way he was watching me with a look of distaste on his face, I knew it was true. They were coming here to ‘check up’ on my siblings and I. I wonder how they will feel if they notice that Alin sold his soul to a demon. But by the amount of time they took on us, I doubt they will even notice a thing different about him. Just like Derek, they never knew what happened to him. They don’t know anything except the highlights of their academic careers, or the massive failures. Once, I heard Derek received a B on a midterm grade- they all but shipped him back home and md him.

“Heed his warning, my pet. What he says is truth. They are on a flight back to this area for a purpose of checking up on their investments. Your mother has her mind set on visiting your dorm, to witness how you as assimilating into a social society. At least that is what she claimed to your father.” Nsokohir said plainly, releasing me from his grasp to retreat to the window. Ethan watched him with one eyebrow raised, as if he was questioning something. I was left out of the loop, remaining in the dark as I tried to gather my thoughts. My parents were coming to check up on me- or more importantly, to check up and see if I have ‘assimilated’, whatever they mean by that...

They never took the time to care about me before, Why would they start now?

“Now, we got to get cleaning. The entire building will be inspected by whoever the hell your father hired to make sure it is up to his standards, and if it isn’t we lose funding for all of the electronics we have. They also want to check up on the whole situation with Johnson, so you better watch yourself.” Ethan spoke more worried than I ever heard him before as he attempting to hide all of our little personal belongings under the bed. “Out of sight, Out of mind.” Ethan gave me a sly smile, while I stood absolutely frozen.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay Leigh. I’m sure they’re just coming to check up on all of their kids- you have three other siblings who still attend here who they could be interested in... Oh! Even your oldest one still lives around here, right?” Ethan began trying to coax me to move, but my mind was working way faster than I could comprehend even more with that new information. Everette still was around here? I didn’t even know, he finished college a long time ago and after that I never heard again from him. He was the one who participated in my bullying but always looked a little guilty afterwards. Maybe it was because he was so much older then me, or felt sorry for me. I wasn’t sure, I wasn’t ever very close to him. But hearing he was living nearby gave me a feeling like maybe I could get help from him, tell him what Derek is doing and what happened to Alin. Maybe that will help, maybe he still had a soul.

“Leigh!” Nsokohir’s commanding voice snapped me out of my mental daze, bringing me back to where I was at in current time. Looking around, I noticed our room was clean but Ethan was gone. Nsokohir was standing right in front of me, his light purple eyes boring straight into my grey ones. He grabbed my jaw firmly, but not painfully, bringing his face close enough that his minty breath fanned my face. It was always as if he was chewing gum, yet I never seen him eat anything but poppies. I held my breath as my eyes went down to his lips, which he lightly wet with his purple tinted tongue. A smirk went onto those devious lips of his as he brought his lips mere millimeters from mine. I didn’t make the first move, I couldn’t.

He finally moved that small space between us, giving a light peck on my lips. I returned it as eagerly as possible, hoping he could feel my desire and need between our small bond. It only took him a few seconds before he took over, pushing my back against the open wall, pinning me against it. His mouth took to devouring mine, leaving me gasping for breath and burning with lust. My hips moved on their own accord, rubbing myself against his toned body as if I was a wanton cat. He released my lips to move on lower down my body to my neck, allowing me to mewl and pant for more.

I groaned in complaint when he removed his body from mine, leaving me excited past the point of cooling down. My entire face was red from embarrassment of what I just did. I practically was begging for him to do more. What more? I wasn’t sure but I wanted more and I wanted that more with him. But he didn’t grant me that. Instead, he just gave me a devious smirk, giving my lips one more strong peck before he vanished before my eyes. It took a good 5 minutes before I could finally breathe comfortably once again. I threw myself on my bed, closing my eyes tight. Why did he always have to tease me like this? At least he didn’t demand my soul energy right now with it, though I sure would have given him anything he asked for. I didn’t want to be out for a couple of hours. Though I did have to admit I felt a lot more relaxed than before, even with the knowledge that my parents were coming to judge every aspect of my life in just a few hours.


Nsokohir didn’t reappear after our little kissing session in my room. I had hoped he would be next to me, if not in a physical stance but in a mental state, but nothing. I didn’t even feel that comforting buzz in the back of my head. It was like when Kole chased him off once again. It just made me feel unsettled. Luckily for me, Terrance was right by my side, holding my hand. Without him there I probably would have turned around and retreated to the darkest corner of the building. My heart was beating inhumanly fast in my chest.

We stood right before our dorm, waiting for my parents limo to arrive in all of it’s prestigious honor. Beside me and Terrance stood the other three of my siblings. Not one even looked my way. Derek still had that cocky smile on his lips, which I learned was his general face, while Alin looked a lot more troubled. Aveline stood as her normal confident self, looking straight ahead. It was weird being this close to them without myself being physically or mentally abused. Just, unacknowledged.

All of our heads turned as a limo appeared from around the bend in the road. It came to a stop right in front of us, the windows tinted a dark black. The driver quickly got out of his own seat to open the door for the affluent passengers. Within the darkened interior showed my mother. She appeared as always, wearing completely black clothing with that black veil covering her eyes and the majority of her face. From its continuous wear, I never learned what her eye color was. With the help of the driver, she stepped out and in front of us, walking straight for me. My father, Everette Throne Sr., stepped out right behind her, talking straight into his phone as if this wasn’t the first time he saw his children in years. He hardly gave us the time of day, looking towards the door and making a quick motion to my mother. With that little point, he disappeared behind the doors.

“Leigh, child, you appear healthier than normal.” Her sickening sweet voice wrapped itself around my poor ears, practically forcing the air out of my lungs. I gripped terrances hand tighter as he cleared his throat, gaining the attention he wanted from my mother, who just stood there with her covered eyes, watching me. Her eyes went right to our hands and back to his face. That normal slight smile on her lips turned into a painful scowl.

“Who are you?” Her voice came out cold and demanding as she approached closer to Terrance then I. I watched wide eyed as Terrance tilted his head to the side, as if he was trying to understand something about her.

“I’m Terrance Gibson, Ma’am, Leigh’s boyfriend.” Terrance spoke with only a little uncertainty in his voice, like he was questioning rather he should have put it that way or not. My parents don’t care of our sexuality or who we were with ever before, since within our high society, as long as the eldest reproduced that was all that mattered. It was even a sign of “strength” to accept a gay child. But, by the increasing scowl on her face, I got the impression that she now cared.

“That is a surprise to me, Mr. Gibson. A very big surprise. I was under the impression that Leigh was already spoken for, but it appears I am mistaken..” Her voice faded at the end, her head tilted to the side as she looked me up and down. I wasn’t sure if she was looking at me or not, because of her veiled eyes, but I felt like I was being judged to the ninth degree

“Now, if you will excuse me, I have to part ways.” She turned her body on her heels, walking the way my father had went. I let out a strong breath, turning my entire body to cling to Terrance. He rubbed my back gently, giving me the comfort I was lacking. Though, as always, his touch wasn’t right to me. It wasn’t what I wanted, who I wanted to be comforting me. I only then noticed that I had 3 sets of eyes on me. All three of them were watching me as if I was utter trash. Even Alin was, with his entirely black, soulless eyes.

Terrance noticed the almost threatening stares from them, so he took it upon himself to walk me back inside and to his room. He made sure I was completely protected, just like I knew he would. Even from those who I conventually shouldn’t need protection from. Terrance didn’t even know about my past with them, yet from my discomfort alone he took action. We sat in his room, listening to the soft music playing from his radio.

He sat down on his bed whilst I laid my head his lap. His fingers ran calmly through my long hair, which I had released from it’s usual tied back state. I knew eventually they would request my presence again, yet I wasn’t sure I could emotionally stand another judgemental meeting like that. At least I had Terrance with me, holding me, claiming me, being just so.. him. Always stable, always kind... It relaxed me so much, more than I thought I could ever get with a certain other person.

Nsokohir always held a powerful feeling, like any moment he could hurt me, and sometimes he does for whatever reason he had. Even when unintended, he harms me by making me sleep, sucking out my soul, teasing my heart, my head. It was unbearable. Something that stable Terrance never would do. He’s upfront about his feelings, always so calming. No chance of harm.

“How are you feeling, Leigh?” He asked softly, that smile I was becoming all too familiar with lighting up his features. I sighed happily, cuddling my head more into his lap.

“I’m better now... I just... I’m not on good terms with any members of my family. So it’s just tough when stuff like that happens..” I said softly, taking the hand that wasn’t running through my hair and playing with it. I looked up to see a playful glint in Terrances eyes.

“Well, I can think of a few ways we can distract you from it.” He spoke mischievously, gently lifting me up so I was sitting on his lap. I allowed him to move me, blushing like the virgin I was. Sitting on someone’s lap was way more intimate than I was used to. Except, perhaps, my demon. My heart started beating faster and my breath began to become shallow, just from the knowledge of what was between a few layers of cloth. I felt the excitement start already before he even did anything.

Terrance looked between my eyes to my lips and back, as if asking for permission. He moved his face closer to mine. I let out a soft whimper, but that was all he needed to move the rest of the distance to connect our lips. It was a little strange for me, since earlier when Nsokohir was in his place I had become a mewling, heated mess. With Terrance I didn’t feel the burning lust, I didn’t feel the uncontrollable desire to strip myself and let him have his dirty way with me. But I did enjoy the way our lips molded and moved together in sync, and how he attempted to deepen the kiss my pushing my body flush with his. I was left straddling his lap, my lean torso pushed right up against his defined one. It started to get a little more heated, though it took a lot more time for me to warm up then it did before. He let our lips go when I began panting for breath.

His hands moved to my sides, slipping under my shirt so he could caress the gentle skin. I was focusing mostly on how his lips cascaded across my neck, nipping at the sensitive skin. It was obvious to me he had done this before by how expertly his mouth worked. Yet it still didn’t set me off into another world like when Nsokohir does it.

It’s weird, while having my body kissed and caressed in such a sinful way, I was comparing it to Nsokohir, my mind not totally connected to what I was allowing him to do. It was only when I felt his hand go to the button of my shorts did I allow my eyes to flutter open, my mouth to let out a little sound of dismay.

“Shh, it’s okay, I won’t go all the way..” He spoke as the button slipped through its designated slit. His hand followed suit, slipping into the space between my shorts and my undergarments, right on top of my slight arousal. Though I wasn’t nearly as excited or aroused as with Nsokohir- the comparisons still ravaging my mind. I squirmed my way back, getting back onto my own two feet. I didn’t want to go anywhere lower than that. Though my body was betraying me in practically screaming for his attention, my head was telling me the consequences would be worse than the short term pleasure it would bring.

“I-I’m not ready for that..” My face was burning red, I could hardly look at him in the eyes. I was still fighting over catching my breath. He stood up, moving his tall and large frame before my own small and slender one. He leaned down, pecking me on the lips once again. When I finally forced myself to look into his eyes, all I could see was that caring kindness and understanding that just made my heart melt.

“It’s okay, Leigh.. We will move however fast you want.. I mean.. I know ways we can have fun, without even being in the same room together.... But we will get to that later. Remember that I am your boyfriend now, so it is my duty to make sure you stay happy. So I won’t force you.” He put both hands on my tender cheeks, moving our heads so our foreheads pushed together. I let out a relaxed sigh, wrapping my arms around his muscular body.

“Thanks Terrance..” I gave him a slight smile and a peck on his lips as I turned to collect myself and fix my clothing. I’m not exactly sure what he meant by ‘fun’ but the simple idea sent a shiver down my innocent virgin spine. I had just managed to get myself looking presentable when the door burst opened.

“Leigh, you’re being requested by her highness.” Ethan exclaimed, scoffing loudly. I blushed an even redder color, avoiding all eye contact with every person in the room, leaving right out through the door. I’m sure Ethan knew just what was happening in here before he arrived, I mean, my hair looked like I was just fooling around and my shirt was wrinkled from being lifted off my body. He followed behind me, yet I could practically feel the smirk that played on his lips.

I grabbed a hair tie, working quickly to get my hair back into the clam tied-back state it normally is in before facing my mother. I mean, Ethan knowing that i was fooling around with Terrance is embarrassing enough, I sure didn’t need my entire bloodline knowing it either. Ethan lead me out of the safety of our dorm, all the way to a very large and elegant estate that I was sure was just for professors to live in. I guess my parents were staying there as well. He lead me inside, taking me past the few guards at the door and right into the tea room. My mother sat there, wearing her veil as she always has. It was like she was forever mourning something, though what, I wasn’t sure.

“You’re excused, Mr. Blackcast.” My mother’s chilled voice rang through room, causing a shiver to rack my spine once again. Ethan gave me one last look of pity before he ran out, closing the door behind him. I stood there awkwardly, my arms crossed over the front of my body almost protectively. “Sit.” She ordered, not even glancing my way. I let out a little nervous squeak and sat myself down on the chair that was as far away from her as possible. I avoided looking up into her covered glance.

“My, my, my... You still are a weak little thing,” She clicked her tongue as if checking something off a list, “You still must rely heavily on those around you.. Especially that Terrance boy. I don’t want you with him, Leigh. He is just going to get in the way of our plans.” Her voice held a undertone of something dark, something that finally caused me to look up at her face. She slowly moved her hand up, pulling the veil back from her face. I could see her eyes for the first time in all of my memory. She had eyes as dark as derek and Alin- as if.. As if she had sold her soul as well.

I audibly gasped, jumping onto my feet as quickly as I could, almost hurting myself in the process. Her lips turned into that devious smirk as she stood up, stalking closer and closer to me. I took steps back until my back was pressed against a wall, locking me into place as she approached me. She moved her body a few inches apart from mine, her soulless eyes watching me closely.

“If you screw this up, Leigh, I will murder all that is good in your life...” Yet another gasp leaked out of my lips, my knees began to shake out of fear, threatening to fall beneath me. I was trapped here, with the mother whom I grew up not knowing so close to me... All those years, they spoke of her as if she was one with a weak heart, with a fragile body. But that was far from the truth. Just as they called my demon an ‘illness’, they repeated the same action towards her. Only, I didn’t choose to do so.

“Go back to your happily little life with your demon, and pray that you don’t make a stupid mistake.” She finally turned back, dropping her veil as she gathered herself on her seat yet again. She returned to sipping her tea as if nothing happened yet a sinister smirk remained on her lips.

“W-What plan are you talking about?” I finally gained enough courage to ask, yet I remained on the wall, relying heavily on it to keep me upright. She turned her head towards me, cocking it slightly to the side.

“The one in which you become the prince of darkness.”

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