A Little Spark

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Chapter 4

Terrance followed Ethan and I back to our dorm room, to continue the conversation we were having on the walk back on the ‘best book series’. He was defending Harry Potter with his life, yet I begged to differ, I found the Vampire Diaries better. We had gotten pretty heated when there was a soft knock on the door.

Ethan got up to answer it, while I listen to the rebuttal Terrance was throwing at me about the defenseless female situation suggested in the story, and how it was unacceptable in our current developing social structure. We ended silent when Ethan gasped, stepping backward.

“It’s...It’s...It’s...” He hardly could get out a word before the tall, lean woman walked in. She held herself high, her head tilted upward to look down at us. With her heels she matched my supposed height easily of 5’10. Her light brown hair fell into curls down to the small of her back. Her bright green eyes scrutinized our little group. Behind her came Alin, a smile on his face. He always liked our siblings, he never knew what they used to do to me. If I had a say in it, he never will. He didn’t need that extra threat on his plate.

I felt the presence beside me, rigid and tense. Nsokohir sat there, his eyes trained on her body, his sharp teeth bared at her appearance alone. No way she would try anything with these others in the room, it could harm her appearance. She was upheld to a certain kind of performance, and she would surely do it. That performance being, perfectly prim, proper and elegantly behaved. She looked over at me, her eyes finding that sinister glint that they normally had. She towered over my seated position. This type of hierarchy of power still made me feel small comparatively.

“Leigh, brother. It’s a pleasure to see you after all this time.” She said, her face plaster with a fake smile. To anyone else, she looked like a sister excited to see her brother after years of separation. But to me, I saw her hidden meaning. She was excited to be able to torment me again. She was excited to get me back as her slave, she was excited to exploit me with all she had yet again. I stood up, standing to meet her face-to-face, not slouching this time to have at lead even height with her.

“Aveline.” I responded with a slight head nod. She smirked, liking how she was affecting me. I was sweating, I knew she could smell my fear. Nsokohir stood beside me, his hand holding my arm hard. His hand was leaving marks visible on my skin, yet there was nothing I could do about it. The slight sting did keep me grounded to where I stood. My attention was fully to her, that pain nothing to the emotional tremol I was facing.

“What a nice way to greet the sister you haven’t seen for 4 years.” She said low, almost a growl. She looked right from my eyes to my arm, her smirk turning to a snark. She knew about him, knew he was real, and she flaunted herself just to get a rise out of him. Because she knew he couldn’t touch her. The last time he did, I was punished for 2 months because she said I did it. With those two months, it lead to constant observations from my all to eager personal aid. A shiver wrecked down my spin at that thought. The idea of where they would put me if he attacked again causes my skin to crawl.

“Splendid. Now, if you will please.” I said, pointing to the door. The two innocents in the room gasped, staring at me. I looked at why they were saying that, just to notice the little strand of blood dripping down the arm I pointed at the door with, but not only that- my shirt moved back showing my tattoo- and that it was glowing purple lightly. I collected it in my hand, hearing the soft chuckle of Aveline.

“As you wish brother, but I will see you later.” She spoke, looking at Alin. He had yet to say a word to me, he was just staring with his eyes full of confusion. My own filled with tears-I turned away from her. “Come.” She ordered, walking out of the door with her hips swaying lightly, everything a person might desire. My brother followed as if a lost puppy. When the door closed behind me, Terrance ran to my side.

“Here, let me see this...” He spoke softly, getting my open and ready first aid kit. I looked back at Nsokohir who was gripping his hands at his side in fists, his eyes the darkest I’ve seen in a long time. He was staring at the door, snarling softly- I could feel the anger coming off of him in waves. He walked that way, disappearing through the door. I yelped when the sharp pain went through my arm.

“You got a wicked tattoo man..” Ethan spoke up first, a smile on his face as he admired it on my arm. “I mean, glowing ink? Haven’t seen that yet... What’s this symbol mean though?” He asked, just trying to make conversation. I looked at Terrance and sighed, deciding to just tell the truth. It makes me look bad but there is reasons for everything.

“Well, it’s a satanic representation, like the pentagram. It’s called ‘Brimstone’, which is another form of sulfur. “ I explained, getting a confused look from Terrance and an understanding look from Ethan.

“Why would you want something satanic on your arm like that? I mean, if you are satanic that’s cool and all, I just don’t see you as wearing black and hoods and stuff. Slaughtering goats, worshiping demons, it doesn’t fit you.” Terrance asked, placing a purple bandage on my arm. It was a larger cut this time, his claws having dug deep in his anger and protection. I just shrugged, looking away from him. It was hard to explain it. No one would tattoo a young child, nothing but those fake ones that come off in the bath. After drinking that liquid, it was there. My mind was working quickly, but finally Ethan spoke up for me.

“Didn’t you say you had gotten harassed and they put it on your arm?” He asked me, making eye contact with me so I understood what he was suggesting. Terraced looked at me, eyes full of concern. That was a good enough cover up, why couldn’t I think of it? It says I was homeschooled, obviously, but that didn’t mean they knew I was a hermit.

“Yeah... It wasn’t a very good experience..” I sat myself back down on my bed, the room filling with uncomfortable silence. Both of them immediately went to their phones, taking them out to pretend to be busy. I shook my head, hating how phones were a ‘fix all’ thing. How people would run to them when uncomfortable. But as Terrance was pretending to check something, it rang in his hand. We all jumped at the sudden ‘meow’ sound coming from it.

Terrance blushed red before bringing it up to his ear. “Hello? Oh, yeah, I’m not busy.. uh huh.. Okay, I’ll be right down.” He hung up, looking between us two. “I have to go, duty calls. I’ll catch up with you two later.” With that, he left, the tension in the air leaving as he closed the door behind him.

I crawled myself into a ball on my bed, shaking with the fear that overwhelmed me. Fear for facing her again, fear for Nsokohir doing something drastic, fear for having to talk about her, about the pass, to open those old memories... All I could do was cry when my roommate, and new friend, wrapped his arms around me and let me sob into his arms until I drifted off into an emotionally exhausted sleep.


I was stalking my prey, my sight practically red with rage. How DARE she even approach my pet, my human, after what she did to him. Those years she and the other had tormented him, bringing him to tears and bone-chilling depression multiple times. I was not one to defend him, for I enjoy his torment, but it has to be from me. Not from another human.

She was walking with stride out the door, returning herself to her dorm, the replica of my pet returning to his room with a casual wave and ignorant smile. It was on my notes to no longer take twins, for their opposites make their transformation more obvious. But as her heels clicked on the stone ground, the anger flares up like gasoline on a fire. I wanted to see her blood, I wanted the life to fall from her eyes as she looked into mine, I wanted her to suffer worse than she ever had before. I was stalking her, making my physical presence available now. She obviously noticed me, for her stride picked up a little faster.

I was shadowed in the darkness, following her as she turned down a less used path. Tsk, tsk, tsk, what a mistake she had made. The road less traveled isn’t always the safest one. Especially when a infuriated demon was following you. With the flick of a wrist, the lights flickered purple then turned off. I heard as her breath visibly gotten shaken. She finally took a chance, looking back, scanning the darkness for me- yet I remained just a lingering thought in her head. A shadow in the night. The thrill of the hunt was rushing through of my system, almost as much as my desire to see her bleed.

In the back of my mind, I could feel Leigh. He was speaking to the other humans, in a detached tone. I needed to return to him, but not until I made this pathetic excuse for a human suffer. Finally, her lesson had to be learned. I was stronger now, more available to destroy her, more willing. If only she knew just how high those necks on the back of her head should stand.

She was just about to burst into a full-blown run when I stood before her. She ran right into me, knocking herself backwards into her behind. She looked up, able to see the markings on my body glowing purple, my eyes, presumably dark now, glowing back at her. A gasp escaped her lips as she took in my barely dressed body, all the way down to my navel, daring to not look lower.

“You..” She breathed, her voice visibly shaken. I grinned, glad she remembered me. But, how could you forget the one that stole your virginity before you could pawn it off to the most able-bodied member of your society? But, she did not connect me to Leigh, for our ‘visits’ remained without his knowledge. She didn’t know I was edged by her treatment to my pet, no. She just knew I was a presence not to be reckoned with. I leaned down, pushing her body against the dirty ground, taking her face sharply in my hand.

“Human, you are angering me...” I spoke, using my powers to invade her mind, making her body fill with heat and desire for me. She bit her lip, her perfectly tweezed eyebrows held together in pain, as she attempted to fight off the desire.

“W-What did I do..? N-No, Don’t!” She cried as I ran my claw down her shirt, ripping open the fabric, leaving marks on her stomach. I smirked, seeing the faint scars from our last encounter. It has been nearly 2 years since I last used her body for my own pleasure, for her pain. My claw was slicing her skin hardly, just enough to start dripping blood. But I was after more, I wanted to ruin her body, ruin her mind, break her down one by one until she was nothing but putty in my hand- and a pool of blood on the ground.

I was moving my claw lower, her voice calling out in both need and refusal. I was just about to slice off the last bit of clothing separating me from her bottom when I got this strange sensation. My bond with Leigh told me something was wrong. I stood up, looking down at her crumpled form. I snarled in disgust- she was disgusting to me. I wanted nothing but to ravage her body, corrupt her soul as I’ve done countless times before. But Leigh needed me.

“You’re very lucky this time, human. Next, I won’t be hesitant.” I spoke sharply, bringing myself back to the dorm room with Leigh and the human Ethan. I saw him curled up in a ball, crying his eyes out. His thoughts were on the abuse she caused him, the pain she inflicted to her own flesh in blood. He couldn’t get over it. He had managed to suppress it for so long, with a little help from me, but no longer could he, not when she faulted it in his face. The Ethan kid hand his arms around him, attempting to comfort him. It wasn’t sexual, so I allowed it. That Ethan human had no sexual feelings whatsoever towards my Leigh, so I would keep him. Touching still wasn’t acceptable, but in this new environment I would hold myself above it.

I leaned over, placing my hand on his forehead. It gave him comfort enough to allow him to drift to sleep. I was suppose to enjoy this torment, I was suppose to relish in the thought of him breaking down, of him crying out. Revenge for how he failed to react with that brute, for the ways he embarrassed himself around the human. I was suppose to feel pleasure from his soul so wounded. But I couldn’t. Was it, that with his very harsh life, I had gathered a feeling of pity for him? No, that couldn’t be right. I have done this for hundreds of years, I never pitied. Even the lives of the lowest of humans did not get this from me. But, what was this feeling to protect him? The need I felt to comfort him?

Maybe it was just the fact that I hadn’t claimed him yet. I growled softly, remember the parasite soul he was born with, sucking his life source in any way he could. If he was still there when I took him, there was a chance we would be intercepted right before the ritual finished, and said parasite could claim his soul. I needed to get him out, I needed to make him mine. But this feeling, this strange feeling deep within the very depths of my soul, wanted him to be mine for a very different reason than I intended... I couldn’t allow this to happen.

When his mind emptied as he welcomed sleep, I decided to allow him the healing sleep his body needed. I should torment him more. I should press on his thoughts and cause him to be in pain, extending it until he could take no more.

But I couldn’t. I left to gather myself. I couldn’t be doing this now. There was no time for such feelings. But looking down onto his innocent face, the way his body reacted to every touch I gave him, the way his soul relished all attention, the tingles I felt between the contact- something new to me, edging me on more again and again, I just-

‘No. Stop it. He is nothing but another soul for you to collect, as you have done for all these years.’ I spoke to myself. There was no way, no possibility. What was this feeling? I was a cold hearted demon, I wanted nothing more but to devour souls and gain more power! But..but...

Was it...I cared for this human?


Waking up in a fog, there was an arm lightly placed on my body. With the tingling lacking in contact, I knew it wasn’t Nsokohir. I opened my eyes, glancing over at the man sleeping right next to me, on his back. Ethan was deep asleep, snoring softly. I smiled lightly, happy like this. He was my friend, and he had stayed to comfort me.

As predicted, there was the urge to use the restroom, as always in the morning. With some careful moving that my thin body allowed, I managed to rise without waking Ethan. But once up, I was stumbling on my feet, struggling to get myself outside of the dorm room, holding the walls to help guide me. I still wasn’t up to my full awareness as I tripped into the community bathroom, landing on my knees. I just laughed at myself, before rising and continuing my business in the stall.

I walked out, going to the sink. A soft tune hummed through my lips lightly to myself as I washed my hands. Within a moment’s change, my entire body froze, the water still cascading down my hands. I felt him standing beside me. When I managed to look up, I could see him standing there in the mirror. He was looking at me with eyes dark as night. I bit my lip- he was very angry.

“G-Good morning...” I voiced out, turning off the water. I was about to turn around when his body pushed my own against the sink, in a more painful way than I expected. I let a gasp make it’s way from my lips, trying to use my hands to protect the tender skin on my hips.

“You’re nothing to me...” He growled harshly in my ear, his hands on my butt tightly. What did he mean by that? I was nothing to him. A whimper escaped, he was getting at me. Nothing? “All you are to me is a body, and I can do what I want to you.” He growled harsher, his words cutting me on the inside. I wasn’t even sure why it hurt.

His hand reached up, taking my hair and yanking it back, exposing my throat. “I’m determined to ruin your life.. Any way possible... And I’m going to, I’m going to damnit! You mean nothing to me! Nothing to me but amusement, but a body to torment, to use...” He growled, his claw coming to my neck, running across it. I was whimpering, the pain not the cause. The cause was fearing for my life, the hurtful words he installed in my head. This was a new place of anger, my body trembling for the unknown future. I could possibly die today. If I meant nothing to him, then I’d be less than nothing when dead. But even as he was holding me painfully, the sparks ignited between our contact.

“I’m going to enjoy every minute of this..” He purred into my ear, before taking my body, spinning me around quicker than I could process. He shoved me into a stall, sitting my body down onto the toilet before he started slicing at my back with his sharp claws. I cried out with every slash, gripping the dirty toilet bowl tight, the cold pressing on my burning skin.

“That’s it, cry out, cry out in fear of me! Cry out in pain! You’re nothing to me!” He shouted, each cut hurting more than the last. I was crying, tears streaming down my face, falling onto the floor. The door to the stall was being pushed.

“Leigh, open up!” Terrance shouted out, pushing the door back and forth, trying to get the lock to let loose and open the door. Nsokohir turned that way, growling louder than I’ve heard him do before. His body was tense, the anger was radiating from his body. He looked at me, his growl turning to a smirk.

He walked closer to my slumped body, taking my limp, lifeless arm. He put a finger to his lips, indicating I would be keeping quiet as he began making horizontal cuts on my wrists. I covered my mouth with my hand, shaking. What was he doing? Why was he doing this?

“Leigh, It’s Ethan, open up!” Ethan’s voice echoed Terrence’s cries. Nsokohir seemed pleased with his handy work before disappearing, not a word uttered from his mouth. I was crying, my body shaking. I hardly managed to get onto my feet and open the door, turning my back to their sight quickly.

Ethan pushed himself in, quickly closing the door before Terrance made his way inside. He gasped when he saw me, the blood splatter on the wall and on the floor, coating my ripped clothes. The drips that fell down my numbing back.

“Terrance, go to our room and get the first aid kit, quick! Kole, get me some paper towels! Wet them!” Ethan took command of the situation quickly, removing my tattered shirt and looking at the severity of my cuts. I rested my head against the wall, not caring about cleanliness. The cold wall against my hot cheek just felt better.

Both Terrance and this Kole guy had to pass things under the door, because Ethan refused to open it up. He quickly wrapped up the cuts on my body, especially those on my wrists. I was like putty to him. He cleaned up the floors and the walls with the paper towels, flushing them down the toilet.

He took off his light jacket and placed it on my body, zipping it up to cover everything. He helped me to my feet, which I needed lots of help with. I was still shaking, I was horrified. He ignored the yelling of Terrance as he lead me out and back to our room.

Terrance sat on Ethan’s desk chair, with a large huff. He was frustrated, we could see that. The second I was seated, Ethan ran over and they started at it. Yelling about this, and arguing about that. Who should have ran the situation, what Ethan was hiding, whatever. I hardly focused on their words because there was a third figure there. He walked in, looking at me with his bright green hair, and bright green eyes. He sat down on the bed next to me, watching the boys arguing such as I did.

“I know he did it...” He said softly, a soft smile lighting up his boyish features. He? Did he knew who he was talking about? I didn’t stay anything, just sizing him up. Maybe Ethan told him.

“Nsokohir is a hell of a bully...” That got an audible gasp out of me. Not even Ethan knew how to say his name! He knew something! I covered my mouth, practically shaking. Or, maybe I still was from how bad my entire body felt, the numbness crawling up my spine relentlessly.

“Wha..how, how...”

“You might know me as ′parasite’ That’s what the demon calls me.” I let my eyes trail to the boys still arguing. This is the parasite? The thing protecting my innocence? Even though sometimes I wished for it just to be taken, I was largely grateful for his protection. It was something I could own full heartedly. Honestly, I was horrified of what sex entitled. Especially with a demon.

“A...Are you a parasite?”

“No, he just calls me that out of spite. No, I work for my position on your soul. Yes, I sometimes take your life energy but no where near what he does, and I give back in health! He’s the real parasite.” I could hear the resentment in his voice. I had opened my mouth up, to defend Nsokohir, but he raises his hand, cutting me off.

“No, don’t say it. He’s brainwashed you. You know, like kidnapped children start feeling for their captors? That’s you, you’re a kidnapped child. But, I’ve always been there for you. Ever wonder why your cuts heal in a few days, when for your siblings it takes weeks? How, a week for your bruises but months for them? It was all me. Protecting you, healing you, like I was called to do.” He said, moving closer to me so we were almost touching.

“Called? What do you mean?”

“Well... When you were about to be born, they didn’t think you were going to make it so.. I, a wandering spirit, was called to latch with you and help you survive. You know your family couldn’t take the scandal of a dead child. Your poor mother’s heart would have stopped. I did it then and I continue to help you now. Because I actually care for you. I will keep caring for you too, Leigh. Anyway, do you remember what he said about me?”

I stared at him, trying to recall. All I could remember was his hands on me, his mouth caressing my soft, tender skin- No, don’t think about it. If he was in me, he’d have seen that too. I blushed red, not being able to remember it. I shook my head bashfully.

“Well, as long as I’m here, he can’t claim you. And as long as he can’t claim you, you can get rid of him!”

Get rid of him? As in, for good? I furrowed my brows together. I mean, he did hurt me more than not but... Did I want to get rid of him? He said he brainwashed me, but I still can think for myself... Right? Maybe it was him making me think like this, think like I can’t get rid of him.

“How?” I asked with a hint of spunk, feeling the need to show he couldn’t control me. I was strong myself, I didn’t always need another ‘helping’ me, especially this stranger who just got here. I am my own independent person. Right? But with this, if he was gone, I could think what I want, do what I want, not always what he wanted me to do.

“All in due time, All in due time. But just know, we will get him out of you. Or if we can’t, we’ll get someone else to claim you, not him, then it will hurt the bonding process, and he’ll have to leave!” His eyes were glowing he was so excited with this. I nodded, a smile going on my face. Maybe there was a way to stop this after all! These beatings, these harassment, his taunting me mentally and physically.. his kisses.. his soft voice.. his help... h-his comfort.. I was about to turn him down when he interrupted, yet again.

“I’m going to keep protecting you, even if it hurts me. I’ve been with you since before you birth and I’m sure as hell not going to give you up now.” He took his hand in mine, his voice gently soothing me. What was he saying? He was going to protect me? Keep me safe? But, did I even need it? I think I did. I needed to get rid of Nsokohir. He hurt me, he tormented me, he kept me from living my life all this time... Suddenly, the background noise ended, but Kole’s face turned animated quickly. His hands moved from my hands and began flailing them around in an overdramatic emphasis on his fake conversation.

“And he was like ‘dude, what the hell man?’ and he was like ‘man, I dunno!’” He said laughing, the sound musical to my ears. But, it sent a shiver down my spine, like... something was not right. I nodded my head slightly, smiling. Kole blinked, as if surprised, and looked at the boys.

“I was just catching our little hero here up on the times. I mean, challenged that big bully John!” Kole giggled, rising to his feet. “Let’s get going Terrance, we need to work on that project together.” Terraced furrowed his brows together before shrugging. He seemed to pick up on some subtle cue to leave me and Ethan alone. Terrance walked over to me and ruffled up my hair.

“Stay safe buddy, I’ll check in on ya later. Maybe I can mooch some food off of you guys again.” Terrance smirked, winking at me. I laughed and pushed his shoulder lightly, playfully.

“In your dreams, college boy! Off you go now, I’ll call you later.” Ethan said with a grin, escorting them out. He then went to his drawers, fishing out some clothing and grabbing a little black bag.

“I’m going to take a shower, then we can go get some grub. That sound good? “ He walked to the door, yet hesitated as he got to it. I stood up, nodding my head. He was casually dismissing what he saw, something I was so grateful for. If he started into a 20 question it would make the numbing if my back fade into a painful throb. I needed to get it out of my head for now.

“It sounds good. I’ll be in the lounge when you’re done.” I said softly, going to my drawers. I didn’t feel like trying on any new clothes, so I got what I knew was comfortable to me. I put on my knee length khaki shorts, my white button up shirt, and my purple bow tie. I still kept the jacket Ethan let me borrowed over my clothes, in case the light fabric exposed some of the bandages. Though I knew I should brush my teeth, I was afraid to go to the bathroom alone. The probability of two attacks was slim, but still there. I went to the mirror instead, smoothing back my long hair, back into it’s normal ponytail. I did want to cut my hair shorter, but the last experience was not very, friendly, to say the least.

I got out my makeup bag, shamelessly placing it on my face. I always tried to cover up the bruises, always tried to cover up the scars, or the bags under my eyes from restless nights. It made me happy to not see them anymore, as well as less ashamed to be in public. I had just finished my layer of foundation when I heard a growl behind me. Losing oneself in their activity was a bad decision, especially when I need to keep aware of my surroundings.

There he was, his eyes still very dark. He hadn’t gotten his anger out before? I held very still, letting only the light sound of my breath fill the room. My eyes were trapped within his own.

“You think you can get rid of me? You think you can survive without me? You’re wrong. You couldn’t last 24 hours without me!” He growled, his hand going behind my neck, holding tightly. I winced, my muscles tensing up.

“I don’t want to get rid of you.. I want to get rid of your beatings, I want to get rid of your hurtful words, your torments. I want the nice you, not this monster!” I rung it out, having courage against him, my eyes filled with hot tears. I let out a whimper, expecting him to do the simple task of snapping my neck. But he didn’t.

His hands fell to his side and he watched me with cold eyes, his face remaining emotionless. He looked me up and down, as if sizing me up. “Fine... I’ll leave you for 24 hours... If you’re still alive, it will be a miracle.” he said, scoffing, turning his body and leaving me, his presence leaving as quickly with him.

I felt, wrong... Very wrong. That soft warmness, my sense of security was gone. I was left without his warm presence in the back of my head. I felt...

Cold. Empty. Hollow.

How was I going to survive 24 hours like this?

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