A Little Spark

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Chapter 7

“What’s the matter, brother? Are you...Scared?” Alin whispered, his body moving almost mechanically as it squatted down to my position on the floor, his face inching closer and closer to mine. I yelped in surprise, turning my head away from him, feeling the fear he caused deep within my core. His voice had two tones, a deep undertone lacing every word he said, causing it to sound evil. I looked towards where I once last saw Ethan, but he was already cloaked by the curtain, the water running right past his ears, deafening him to this horrendous sight. He couldn’t hear us. But if I were to yelled it wouldn’t help.

I knew what I had to do, the only thing I could do. I closed my eyes, calling Nsokohir to me with all my power, all of my fear, I wanted him, needed him, my brother was dangerous now. I didn’t want to to get hurt again. I could feel my sanity begin to rip the longer I was around Alin’s intoxicatingly evil aurora.

“What, calling on your precious little demon? How cute... He hasn’t even claimed you yet- maybe he’s repulsed by the thought.” He grabbed the front of my shirt, lifting me up with one hand, as easy as if picking a pillow off the ground, sliding my back up the stone wall, until I no longer connected with the floor. A whimper escaped my lips, my bottom lip trembling. My feet were dangling helplessly off the ground.

“Maybe I should just claim you now... Take the burden away from Nsokohir....” He laughed, a deep, sinister laugh. I felt a few tears fall down my cheeks- this wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be. Alin would never sell his soul to a demon, it had to be a mind trick. Alin would never talk to me like this, he’d never lay an angry finger on me.

My mouth opened and closed I. Meager attempts to speak, cry out, beg for help, for mercy- anything, anyone to end this pain, to stop my fear. Alin’s face was too close, his eyes were too dark, his hands gripping my shirt were too tight.

Nsokohir suddenly appeared between the small space before us, pushing Alin off with a force strong enough to have shot him back like what I did to John, reaching the other end of the bench area. I felt Nsokohir place his hand on my chest, holding me back as he took a protective stance in front of me.

“Aicoria, you know better than to approach my vessel like that..” He growled, his voice low and threatening. Alin took a few steps to the side, the shadow that once was my brothers shaping menacingly like a demon, their solid appearing where he once stood. I buried my head in Nsokohir’s back- this new creatures appearance was very intimidating. Their short blue hair ended with spikes so pointy, I feel my hand would be cut touching it. Two of their eyes were black as night, darker even so- the industrial lights of the shower room not even reflecting off of them. The third stayed in a saturated, bright blue color, never ending it’s unsettling shifting. Their torso was shorter in comparison to their legs and arms, which sat lanky and long at their side. Just a glance made my blood run cold.

“Awwww, you letting the little human get to you? Common, the demon I knew would claim their vessels soul right at the strike of midnight on their determining day, not wait. You going soft on the human?” Aicoria taunted, their disproportionate arms reaching into a pocket of their relatively modern pants and taking out what looked like a lollipop. They ripped off the wrapping and threw it to the ground, a motion which looked almost automatic to them. When their tongue released from their mouth, it wrapped around the sucker which was held almost an entire foot from their face. Their long, blue tongue made haste of the sweet candy. The sight of it horrified me- I yelped and returned to my position hiding behind Nsokohir.

“I’m dealing with a parasite before I can do that, It’s none of your business anyway. You should just worry about your own vessel there.” He nodded towards brother, who stood motionless, Alin’s now dark eyes glazed over. He wasn’t moving an inch even.

“Oh, you know they are like that the first couple days you own their soul. This one wasn’t too surprised though, his brother as well as his mother seemed to have a hand within our realm anyway. His brother was the one to convince him to call me anyway. Which I am thankful for, it was getting quite boring back in the homeland.” They yawned, their arms above their head. I closed my eyes tight- My mother? What did she have to do with anything? It felt almost like an insult coming from their bright blue mouth.

“You know, before you would have been willing to share the claim on him. Remember the last time we split a soul? That was a ton of fun!” They took a few steps closer, but the deep growl trembling Nsokohir’s body caused Aicoria to stop and put their long, freakish hands up in defeat.

“What’s wrong with you and this human? Not only did you connect to this one so early in their life, you also are protecting him now! From me! The one whom is your closest friend, and your equal enemy! “ They let out a dry laugh, moving close enough that their body was mere inches from touching Nsokohir’s.

“You better watch your human.. The first sight I get of weakness from you.. I’ll take him. For your own good..” Nsokohir just growled, not returning a word. Aicoria looked back at my brother, their grin spreading larger on their face then should be physically possible. “Come human, let’s go play...” They grabbed his wrist and left, leaving Alin’s bag of toiletries here. Alin had no objections, no words, not even a glance in my direction.

I didn’t realize I was shaking until Nsokohir turned around and collected me in his arms. He embraced me tightly, as I felt the tears slip out of my eyes. Alin’s been there for me my entire life. He’s always been my rock, my connection to sanity. He’s gone through beatings from Nsokohir for me for god’s sake! And now this? Derek convicted him, maybe even forced, there is no way my brother would willingly sell his soul, he’s seen first hand how twisted demons can be. But.. Why him? He’s my twin, my brother, my only family... Why him?

Sobbing into Nsokohir’s bare chest, the sparks between us no longer give their typical feeling of arousal, no. This time they were comforting. I hardly realized it when he brought me to the shower, stripped me of my clothes and began the water. Only when I was immersed in the warm, relaxing water did I feel able to function again. Nsokohir was still there with me, watching me with a face and posture full of concern.

“I’m alright now...” I said softly, giving him a wet hug. I heard him chuckle lightly, his hand running gently down my glistening back. I looked up into his eyes, my heart was beating rapid. How could he do this to me?

I jumped into Nsokohirs arms when there was a clatter sound. It was Ethan, sliding the bottles of body wash and hair soap into my shower stall. “I’ll be out here when you’re done!” He called out over the pounding water. I got back down on my feet, putting my hand to my chest. Was I really being that jumpy?

Nsokohir bent down and picked up the two bottles. He opened the top and sniffed them, his face contorting to displeasure. “These don’t smell like you. You need to recover your own toiletries. ” He said plainly, setting them down on a small ledge. I scoffed, picking up the ‘shampoo and conditioner in one’ bottle, pouring it into my hand then rubbing it onto my scalp.

“Oh, I could, so eagerly but guess what? They are taken for a crime scene investigation because someone had to act on their own feelings, leaving someone’s bottles there as evidence!” I didn’t realize it but I was sharply poking his chest with soapy hands, looking into his eyes. My anger was returning, I still was hurt that he would do that, even if John was a bully. He had intentionally had sex with another person, even against their wishes.

He watched me with a smirk on his face, his eyebrow raised. “Why, aren’t you feisty today? What are you.. Jealous?” He whispered in my ear, pushing me back until my back was against the wall. I looked into his eyes as I saw them twinkle with amusement. I opened my mouth to answer, but closed it, taking a breath to collect myself. Let’s not do anything out there quite yet...

“No.. I just don’t like you leaving me to be accused of your actions!” I practically squealed, his body pinning me against the wall. He bent down so that his head was right next to my ear. I could feel his soft breath on my neck.

“Why? Do you want me to do those things to you... To touch you... To have sex with you... Make love.. Bring you pleasures you’ve never been allowed to know...?” He whispered in my ear, his soapy hands moving up and down my chest. I started up at him, my face flush and mouth parted. Oh god, I did want that. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t give in. He thought I was jealous? Just wait.

Just wait. I’ll make him Jealous. Show him just what jealousy really was. However the last thing I wanted was his hands to remove themselves from my body, I didn’t want to lose the closeness of our persons. I managed to respond, after regaining myself. “Not of yet..” I spoke softly, I pushing him back and turning away from him, rinsing off the suds he put on my body.

When I turned back around, he was gone. I let out a breath of relief, turning off the water and changing into my clothes. Oh, did I have plans on making him jealous. Those plans involved a certain human he didn’t fancy.

That night I slept in my drug-induced slumber, thanks to Ethan and his thorough check of my mouth, without a peep from him. He knew better, for I had fallen asleep with my mind swarming of things that would bother him. I felt a sinister spark deep within me, edging me on. Just what could I do when I put my mind to it?


Terrance came just at the time he said, showing up with his handsome self in a nice button up shirt and faded jeans. I was dressed as normal, except I went for black jeans which hugged my body more then those others. My tie, which I had bought on my shopping trip, used to be black but now had purple polka dots on it. But I didn’t complain, I was use of having all of my clothing be adapted to his color.

“Hey Leigh, you ready?” He asked, walking in to give Ethan a friendly hug. Ethan had given me some of my pocket money. I really wasn’t sure how to do anything with money, especially American dollars. Well, I hardly know anything about our Euros or pounds or whatever, yet this foreign money was farther out there.

“Oh, yeah, one second...” I grabbed my backpack, placing it on my body before turning around. He was giving me such a heartwarming smile I felt myself smile though my nerves. He seemed to calm me down almost as good as Nsokohir did.


“Well, let’s go, we don’t want to be late.” He reached out, placing my small hand in his large bear claw. I heard Ethan give out a happy sigh as he watched us make our leave.

“Have fun you two! Make sure to use a condom!” He said the last bit just to get to me, I knew that. I partially choked on the spit I had in my mouth. Terrance just laughed, walking us out of the room, out of the floor, out of the dorm, and to his car. His car wasn’t anything spectacular, but it worked and was safe so that was all that matter, especially to me. I didn’t like flashy things, like my brother Derek had bought a sports car the second he got over here. $120,000 for a death trap. Though deep down, the car’s scared me. Anything mechanical did.

I got in, buckling myself up as Terrance started the car. I watched as he worked the handle and the gas pedal, my head tilted to the side. I was observing it well, because hardly was I allowed to sit in the front seat of anything. It was a learning chance for me.

The few times we would travel, I would be seated in the back of dark tinted window cars, the drivers separated by even more dark tinted windshields, keeping my privacy mine, and the drivers theirs.

“So, do you drive?” Terrance asked as he pulled out onto the highway. I shook my head, though my eyes hardly left his posture. I was trying to remember all of his little actions into my mind, how he would look at his left and right mirrors before changing lanes, or all the way back when turning left or right.

“I might teach you one day. It’s pretty convenient to know how to drive. Just in case something happens. The only good thing about not knowing is that you never are made the designated driver at parties.” He said, a smile on his lips. I now switched my closely analyzing gaze to his face, looking at his handsome features. His sweet smile, the way his lips and strong jaw line would move as he told his story, and when he got to something he liked, or thought was funny, his blue eyes would open slightly more. Sparkle even.

“Well, tell me a little about yourself?” He asked suddenly, after finishing his story about him being the designated driver and how everyone forgot that he was and were trying to get him to drink. He was 3 years my senior, but it still was illegal over here. I didn’t have much of a problem with it, because my brother has been drinking since the day he turned 18. I never really liked alcohol. I didn’t understand forcing down strong, nasty liquids for dizziness. I tried it once from my brothers drink and that was all I ever needed. Nsokohir was proud of me at that moment.

“Well, I’m from the U.K like my siblings.. I was homeschooled from the 2nd grade all the way until last year.. I never watched TV, or movies, or used the internet- as well as not owning a phone. I also don’t want too, though now I’m seeing electronics can be fun.” I said, trying to keep the bad memories pushed back and only positive things up front. “We lived in a large house, all of my siblings and I... My mother and father are wealthy aristocrats in the area, very looked upon, as well as my siblings... All except me, they didn’t very much like me at their events, for fear I would act out..” A smile made it’s way to my lips, remembering the one year that Nsokohir contaminated the punch with a stomach bug, causing all guests who ingested it to need to use the restroom for constant hours thereafter. I, myself, was blamed, but it was worth it. They were rude and very boring. One even attempted to insult my family for my upbringing, which is what sparked Nsokohir’s little action.

“Wow, that’s not cool... I personally have gone to school, public, and- hold that thought, here we are.” Terrance gave me a kind smile as he pulled into a parking lot. I looked astonished as I saw where we were going- an arcade. I’ve only read about these in stories, places in where you run around playing games and earning tickets that you can exchange for small prizes and trinkets. Kind of like what we had done previously, except this one had electronic games. As well in the middle, there was a circus act that would happen once an hour.

He walked me in, exchanging some money for tokens that we used to play. I couldn’t believe how much fun you could have on these things! Even though I was poor at most games, Terrance would show me how to do anything. More than once we were pushed close together from the fluctuating crowd, leaving my face red and my nerves on end, craving his touch. Especially when his hard, fit body would press against my back, my side- I was left speechless on too many accounts to recall.

We had seen the show, arriving too late to gather a seat so we stood next to the stairs out. But, when the show was done and we were still watching as the person did some simple stretches, simple to them but amazingly flexible to me, the rush of crowds pashed by us, pushing me into the chest of Terrance. I looked up into his eyes, feeling very heated. Not only my face, but deep within me, warming up my body at every place ours made contact. I felt that spark of revenge, needing to get back, but it also filled with a thought of fear. Maybe I was doing the wrong thing? I knew Nsokohir would be mad, but... I did it anyway. I leaned up the short distance to place a soft kiss on his lips, my hands finding their way to his neck. He was too shocked to return it, taking a moment to process what I had done, before he placed his lips to mine again, more stronger, leading our kiss. It was making my entire body heat, all the way from my head to my toes.

When his hands ran down my back, all the way down to my round behind, I could hardly believe it. I felt like something was wrong though, horribly wrong. This gnawing feeling within me kept reminding me this was wrong, but I didn’t stop so easily. I finally broke it when a little girl next to us started laughing and pointing at us kissing.

“Mommy! Mommy! They kissssingggg!” She said, giggling, her mother pulling furiously at her hand, dragging her away. I blushed, releasing my hands from behind his neck, looking down at my feet embarrassed. For my second real kiss, it sure was nice. Not as good as Nsokohir’s, but, still nice. Terrance tilted my head back up and pecked my lips once again before pulling my hand to the food court, getting both of us some dinner of fried fatty foods before we made our way home. I was really content, my night very exciting. He had kissed me, I kissed him back.. I was feeling that warmth of, now happiness, in my core.

We collected my medications for that night before making our way back to the dorm. It was weird to me that he was completely comfortable with taking his date to collect their pills before dropping him off, he didn’t look disturbed or disgusted at all. It just made me develop more of a crush on him.

We walked to the door, a comfortable silence surrounding us as we made our way there. We finally had gotten to hold hands, which I felt was just way too sweet for me. This was something Nsolohir could never do, those claws harsher and harder then these soft paws of Terrance. We held hands all the way to my door. I turned to face him, smiling at him.

“Well, thank you for such a good date...” I said softly, wrapping my arms around his neck and bringing my body flush with his. His hands met right on the small of my back.

“No problem at all, we should do it again sometime...” He leaned his head down to peck my lips- a sweet, carefree kiss. I nodded my head, giving him a hug before collecting my key from my pocket, opening the door. I looked around, just to notice Ethan wasn’t there.

“Well, I’m going to get ready for bed... Goodnight, Terrance.” We parted our ways, leaving me alone to the soft buzz of the lights in our room. I began changing my clothes, when a breeze pushed through the room furiously, whipping my hair harshly against my body. I jumped back, left without a shirt on, my Pajama bottoms the only article of clothing I had on. I backed up against a wall, my eyes looking for any known sight of him- he was mad. Just like I thought he would be. He suddenly appeared right before me, his hand making it’s way to my throat, holding me possessively. I let out a whimper, gaining a twisted smirk from his lips.

“You have crossed the line.... Why can’t you just fucking see? You belong to me.... No one else, your lips, your curves- all belong to me.. No one else..” He growled, grabbing a rope that appeared out behind him. He began tying my hands and my body up, collecting it to the ceiling which a hook appeared at. I had known better than to try and fight him. I was strung in front of him, my hands high above my head. I couldn’t move, all I could do was stare at him as he decided what to do to me.

“You will deserve everything I give to you, I will beat the thoughts of that disgusting “Terrance” creature out of your fucking head!” With that, his claw made it’s way across my back. My back arched as I let out a cry in pain. The tears began to roll down my face as he continued again, and again.

“Say ‘Nsokohir, I belong to only you’. Say it and I will release you!” He commanded with another slash of my back. But I couldn’t. No matter the pain I was put through, I couldn’t back down like that. I had to make him realize that he didn’t own me, I wouldn’t let him own me. His anger was getting the best of him. I cried each slash he gave, each command he ordered at me, but I refused. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of breaking me.

It seemed like this happened for hours, though I knew it couldn’t have been more than 30 minutes. The blood had made it’s way completely out of my bounded hands, the pins and needles painfully tickling throughout my body. My joints and bones were aching in pain. But I refused, no matter what he did to me would make me submit to him. No amount of physical pain leveled with such emotional trauma went through me when I was informed on what he did to John.

Suddenly, the door made a ‘click’ sound. I held my breath, hoping to everyone, god, the devil, whomever, that it wasn’t Ethan. That it was just some random person who went to the wrong place and somehow unlocked the door. But no. In walked Ethan, with a few books tucked away in his arm, his head buried in his phone. When he looked up, he dropped all the books immediately to the floor and ran to me. “Leigh, oh my god, what’s going on?” All I could do was cry out as Nsokohir pushed Ethan back to his bed, Nsokohir looking between me and him. This fierce growl that was making itself a terminate resident of his face turned into a sinister smile. His eyes were entirely black.

“Well, I feel we can take advantage of this situation.... “ I could tell by the size of Ethan’s eyes that he showed himself to Ethan, in his full glory. Ethan just stared at him with his back against the bed, lost for words as any sensible human would be. I began struggling against my restraints, with much refusal from my joints. I cried out when the pain jolted down my arms, and across my back, to the very end of my feet.

Nsokohir’s smirk never left him. He picked up Ethan by the back of his head, forcing him to kneel before him, looking up in a frozen shock at this ungodly creature. I couldn’t even look as I heard a zip, my entire body cringing in horror. With light persuasion, Ethan was like putty in his hands, of in this case, in his pants.

It was always an urban legend that if you taste a demon’s seed enough it will draw you more and more addicted, until your very soul itself is devoured by the desire for more. I couldn’t let this happen, not to my friend.

Ethan doesn’t deserve to be a succubus’ plaything for eternity.

“Say it and I’ll release him... The longer it takes you to decide, the closer he is to get addicted...” Nsokohir licked his lips, an audible gasp coming from my friend as the lewd sounds filled the room at a stronger and stronger pace.

“No! Let him go, no!!” I cried loudly, struggling more and more against my restraints. Not this way. I didn’t want to go down this way. I didn’t want to give myself to him, when he would do things like this, forcing himself on others just in spite, in the most unworthy, twisted way. Ethan never deserved to be brought into this mess, he didn’t deserve to be forced to do something that could potentially ruin his life, worse then the most addictive drug.

I looked down at the ground, finally opening my eyes to the scene before me. It was all I needed to see, the push I needed to open my mouth and speak. Allowing the tears to shake my body, my hopelessness expanded across my body. “I-I belong to you....” I whispered weakly, finally breaking. I couldn’t let him do that to Ethan. He immediately dropped Ethan from his poisonous temptations, replacing himself before he approached me, that smirk twisting over his entire face. His eyes were glowing now, a dark purple.

“Say it again.. with my name..” He held my chin tightly, forcing me to look him in the eyes. I winced, sobs racking my body.

“I belong to you... Nsokohir...” I whispered, looking up into his eyes as they burned brighter. The markings on his skin began glowing just like he was, as he leaned in and his lips caressed the base of my neck, where it connected to my shoulder, before his sharp teeth bit in. I let out a soft moan as he began sucking out my life energy. Ethan sat, crumpled into himself in a ball, watching as he drain my very existence.

Darkness began to consume my visions as I felt him release himself from me. I let out one more soft cry before falling into unconsciousness....


I cursed, finally regaining composition of my anger. I had really messed up this time. I took him down, taking away the rope and the hooks from where they were. I laid him on his stomach, beginning to put the human ointments on his back. I suddenly felt a hand next to me, handing me an alcohol pad. I looked up, meeting eyes with that Ethan kid.

“Thanks..” I grumbled, using it to clean up his back. I had really did a number, his entire back was consistent of scars and cuts. Two days this week I let the anger get the best of me, which lead to hurting him. The other cuts seemed to have finally began healing when I opened them up once again.

The human kid stood next to me, handing me everything to ensure his back would remain in once piece. When I was satisfied with my handy work, I turned him over onto his back, looking at his sleeping face. I rested a hand gently on his cheek, allowing him pleasent dreams without myself this night. I didn’t know why I felt so guilty, so bad for hurting him. I was suppose to relish in his pain, enjoy it! But... But I couldn’t. I sighed heavily, tucking him in with his blankets. I also put that bear of his and tucked it under his arm, knowing it brought him enjoyment. I turned around to face the human. He looked up at me, relatively short. I had to look down for our eyes to meet.

“So, you’re the demon. Nice to meet you finally, I’m Ethan.” He reached his hand out, showing no hesitation nor fear in his body. I cocked my head to the side slightly, meeting my hand with his own. It was a firm shake between us before he released my hand. Something seemed off from our contact, yet I was unsure of what.

“Now, by the look on your face, you didn’t want to do what you did. Why did you get so mad in the first place?” He asked, as if he was not speaking to a demon. Especially one who just basically forced himself on him in order to manipulate his friend, and abuse said his friend. I looked him square in his hazel eyes, sizing him up. He seemed innocent enough.

“He was out with that Terrance boy, and he allowed them to kiss. In my world, that is claiming your possession. He was doing it to smite me, which is not acceptable...” I said shrugging, going to make sure all signs of me was gone, as well as the droplets of blood on the floor. I was actually cleaning up this time- because of how bad I felt. I normally would just wait for him to awaken and clean it himself.

“....Do you love him?” He sprung that out on me, causing me to drop the rag I was using to clean up the blood. Blood was such a purse substance “encouraged” cleaning never worked well enough on it. I turned to stare at him hard. Me? Love? Impossible. I was a cold hearted demon, who had hundreds of souls under my belt, in my possession. Not one had ever gotten to my likeable side even! Except him, this human named Leigh.. The one I sealed with at such a young age, the one I raised and molded just into the person I wanted him to be, whilst allowing his freedom just enough to maintain the spark of his soul... No, No! I couldn’t love him. I couldn’t love period.

“What are you on about? I am a demon. A cold. Heartless. Demon. I do not love, I inflict pain upon my victims and laugh at their torments, Love is not a word in my vocabulary.” I snapped back, picking up the rag. I was squeezing hard enough that the red water was wringing out of it.

“...I think you’re falling in love with him and you’re afraid. So, you’re taking it out on him.” He leaned against the wall, his eyes trained on me, challenging me. “It’s pretty obvious it’s more than just a master-slave relationship here, you’ve fallen in love.” He didn’t even wince when I appeared right in front of his face, growling deeply at him. How dare he make these accusations about me!

“I have half a mind to tear you up into painful little pieces right now for saying such blasphemy!” I growled between clenched teeth, grabbing the front of his shirt. He shrugged me off, going back to his bed. He was too nonchalant with this, is unsettled me, but my mind was more focused on his words.

“I’m stating the obvious. You need to realize it before you lose him... If you tell me you love him, I might consider helping you keep him away from Terrance. Until you do, I’ll push him to go out. He needs someone to control his life- a man, a top. You’re not doing it good enough. You’re missing his biggest aspect of his young adult life- his romantic one. So! Up to you.” He leaned back, hands behind his head. “I know you won’t hurt me, hurting me would ruin your one contact to Leigh through here. Who else is going to watch out for him like I did? Clean up after your mess? Huh? So! Go and sulk, I’ll be here. If you decide to be a man for a change, tell me. My offer will stand.”

I was growling loudly, but I found myself listening to him. I made my way quickly out of the room, needing to make space between me and the two of them. I walked across the streets, not sure exactly where I was going until I found myself at the dorm of a certain pet of mine. The female sister, Aveline. She was going to get my anger, the blunt side of my desire. I let myself in, interrupting her violin practice with the thing her mind and body desired.


I woke up in fuzzy warmth, feeling happy for some reason.. I smiled, letting out a quiet sigh as I stretched my bones. I felt tense in my shoulders. I thought back to last night, my smile growing. My date with Terrance was so nice... I wonder if Ethan made it back before it got too late? I turned myself over, seeing his lump in his bed. I checked the bright letters on the digital clock at his bedside table- it was 7:30 A.M. Tomorrow we would start school, start education like we came here for. The entire school had been on a break for 3 months, for ‘summer vacation’. We were allowed a week ahead of class to live here, but that time was coming to a close, with a few classes already requiring homework. Everyone would be getting into the swing of things again, or learning their own methods.

I threw my pillow over to his side, landing my target easily- right on his face. He let out a large groan before he threw it back at me. “It’s too early..” He groaned, covering his head with his own pillow. I giggled, collecting my pillow from his bed then returning to my own comfortable side. I stretched out, the happy warmth still blanketing my body. My back ached slightly, but the dull pain didn’t stop my happiness. My hair was running each and every way, nothing containing it. I finally decided to get up, trudging over to the mirror to do my hair back. I loved my hair but I hated when it was flying all over my face and body.

Since Nsokohir didn’t get mad about my date, or my kiss, with Terrance, I was in good spirits. Maybe he finally was allowing me to live my life! ‘Good morning, Nsokohir!’ I thought right at him, knowing the safety of thinking his name more confidently now. It was just when it was in the air between us, did it become dangerous.

With no answer, or even notice of receival, I tried again. I felt he was ignoring me. But that’s okay, It was better he ignore me then to attack myself and Terrance out of anger. I would happily take the silence treatment over anything else more...Violent.

He was the violent type, that’s for sure.

This day was very boring. All I could possibly do would be to lounge around by myself. Ethan had to check up on his classes, as well as do a number of things that had him frantic. Terrance, on the other hand, had to get all of the new latecomers in, help out the dorm by showing people to their rooms and such. So, I was left on my own accord. I had finally decided to plot my walking path around to my classes. Most were pretty close to each other, except there was one sketchy pathway to another one of my classes, which was a mile walk.

They attempt to keep generals all clumped, but this was a more major specific class in the intended building. I was informed that when I got closer to finishing generals my dorm would be over there. This was just to allow my interest to be known or rejected. Today was an okay walk there and back, with two dogs approaching me during with happily little smiles on their little snouts.

Afterwards, I returned to the lounge to watch people struggle out of the elevator with bags, as well as watching the Spanish soap opera. I giggled at a funny pun they made, when I caught the attention of another person.

He approached me, speaking in straight spanish. I learned that his name was Jose, and that he didn’t speak any english. This college boasts “diversity” yet the majority was wealthy white people. He was glad that someone else knew his language here, so he wouldn’t be isolated. He was here to study english, speaking and writing, but also religious history. Our friendship sprang quickly then, as we both were at the outside of the social boundaries.

So, Jose and I sat around watching the spanish television until it got dark. I was almost too nervous to sleep, but after a dose of my crazy pills it lead me into happy unconsciousness once again.

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