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L.A. is her alias. No names are used where she works. Everyone at the university believes she is an escort; her parents think she is not smart enough to study medicine. And the man she loves is dead. This is Federal Agent Adriana Lorena's early career story as a private investigator, catching drug dealers, and other criminals whilst pretending to be an escort. This is a story about love, friendship, and honour. Adriana Lorena falls in love for the wrong person over, and over again until she finds her career is the only thing that matters. Defending the weak, reprimanding the corrupted cops she is hired to investigate. In the midst of all, she finds her true calling and pushes her self to study medicine, but not until she has to kill the man she falls in love with. Lorena Adriana gets trained to uncover crimes she never expected to uncover. Born in the land of drugs, Lorena and her contacts in the USA all undercover police officers catch drug Lords. L.A. also known as Laura Lane is determined to finish off with the stereotyped Colombian story, Narcotrafic has to end, and Laura has got it. Or does she?

Romance / Action
Lucia Henao
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Adriana Lorena Nunes Gaviria has always been dreaming about walking through the doors of the University of Sydney. She has travelled all the way from Armenia Colombia to see her career take off. However, she was walking through those doors four years later than expected. Adriana Lorena lived by herself in Sydney, her father supported her financially from the US but life in Sydney was not cheap; so, she had to put off her dream to study at USyd until she could afford it.

Adriana Lorena, or better known as just Lorena has been living the not so glamorous life compared to the one she had back home in Armenia. Slowly making her way through, working different jobs, she has finally been accepted into the University of her Dreams. The only problem is that she did not get into the career she would have liked, or could have afforded back home in Colombia.

The first day at anything is always nerve-racking, but for some reason that first day at USyd was easy for Lorena. Lectures were interesting, the campus was magnificent and for once Lorena felt as if she was at the right place even though deep inside she knew she wasn’t.

‘So how was your first day?’ Amy asked Lorena. ‘It was amazing, I loved it there! Although, I think they’re not kidding when they say classes have begun but I think with a little bit of patience I’ll get the hang of it.’ Lorena tells Amy. ‘I’m glad to hear you’re happy.’ ‘So, what’s happening, what do we have?’ ‘You’ve got a root canal.’ ‘Well isn’t that great, my favourite, not!’ Lorena says sarcastically. ‘I didn’t mean to ruin your happiness; well I guess you can spend the next forty-five minutes remembering why you are going to Uni, to quit this job!’ Amy says enthusiastically. ’ ‘You make an excellent point Amy!’

Lorena and Amy became good friends, working as dental assistants at the Gibson & Partners Dental Clinic. Lorena, Amy and Isabel were the permanent assistants; Isabel being the manager and the one dental nurse working at the dental clinic for the longest time. Isabel was a good friend of Lorena as well, but the age gap between them probably didn’t make their friendship as close as it has been with Amy.

Lorena has been working at the dental clinic for the last four years hoping she could find some inspiration in Dentistry; her father being a lawyer and her mother a plastic surgeon nothing less was expected from her. Lorena did find dentistry interesting it was one of the most artistic health sciences but after four years any magic she might have found was already starting to vanish.

‘You started Uni already, how is it going?’ ‘Well it’s the first week; ask me again before mid-terms.’ ‘I’m sure you’d be just fine.’ ‘I certainly hope so.’ ‘Could you please pass me some paper points?’ Robert requests politely.

Working as a dental nurse is rewarding and fun, and it’s the closest you can get to experience what it feels to be a dentist without being one. But Lorena found that one of the best things about working at Gibson & Partners Dental Clinic is working next to Robert, a young dentist whose passion is inspiring as well as being breath takingly gorgeous. Lorena had developed a crush on Robert not only because he is attractive and an amazing friend but also because he represented hope in the possibility of one day becoming a dentist. To Lorena, Robert was more than a simple crush he was what she wanted to become, a formidable dentist who loves making others happier.

Spending an afternoon working next to Robert was like having to hang out with your secret crush and getting paid for it, in other words, it was awesome. Amy and Isabel knew about the not so secret crush Lorena had on Robert but they both knew nothing could happen between them, Lorena wasn’t Robert’s type and Lorena was far too responsible to ever make a move on Robert. If the work place relationship remained as it was, a just work relationship, there would never be any issues.

‘So, tell me, how tedious was your afternoon? Oh wait, you assisted Robert the whole afternoon, I guess it was fabulous for you.’ Amy mocks. ‘Shut up... I had a very boring afternoon thank you very much, root canal, bridge prep, and two fillings.’ ‘Well, you didn’t have to sit next to the fire throwing dragon.’ ‘I guess not. Was she in a bad mood?’ ‘No, she was in a horrible mood!’ ‘Why is our boss so grumpy?’ ‘Her husband left her and took half of her money, I think that’s a pretty good excuse, don’t you think?’ ‘I feel bad for her, I mean honestly she’s gorgeous, she’s got money, she’s smart and the bastard leaves her for a twenty-year-old with no brain! I think if she’s been dumped, what hope do I have in finding a good man?’

‘Oh, darling good men don’t exist. Isabel introduced herself into the conversation.’ ‘You think so, Isabel? Lorena asked worriedly.’ ‘Don’t listen to her; she’s trying to scare you. Amy eases up Lorena’s evident tension.’ ‘No, I’m not trying to scare Lorena, what I’m trying to do is to make her see reality. If she’s thinking there are good men out there she’s going to be very disappointed but if she knows that there aren’t good men out there at all, she’s going to lower her expectations and find a fantastic guy one day.’ ‘Well it actually does make a lot of sense, but I don’t think Lorena should lower her expectations, she’s a good girl she deserves the best.’ Amy contradicts.

‘Thank you, guys, for trying to make me see reality and make me feel better about myself but I think it isn’t necessary. I mean, I know the right guy is out there.’ Lorena said staring into the distance. ’Oh! No. No. You are not thinking of...’ Isabel trailed off. ‘Don’t even say it; it gives me the creeps imagining them both together.’ Amy shivered. ‘Girls relax! I do not have a crush on Robert, I swear!’ ‘Are you sure? Then tell me why do you put makeup on when you work on Tuesday afternoons? You know you never put makeup on. You only do it on the days Robert is working.’ Isabel pointed out. ‘And the extra splash of perfume?’ Amy added. ’I do not!!! Lorena exclaims while she’s clearly being caught.

Every day for the last three years and a half Lorena had tried to get Robert’s attention, but nothing has worked. She couldn’t help but to blush whenever Robert talked to her about anything unrelated to work, her knees trembled when she knew he was standing next to her in the lab room and his smile would speed up her heart beat a thousand miles per second. All Lorena has achieved in two years is make him laugh twice when she narrated one of her dates gone wrong and when she tripped over at a night club breaking her left foot. Even though the girls were still mentioning her crush on Robert, Lorena was starting to get over him; if he hasn’t noticed her maybe it was time to move on, after all he wasn’t the only guy in the planet.

‘Hello ladies!’ Mathew greeted the girls who were gathered at the park across the clinic. ‘Look who it is!’ Amy screeched. ‘It’s my favorite dentist!’ Lorena shouted. ‘You just say that because I fixed your night guard for free.’ Mathew mocked. ‘No, I love working with you man!’ Lorena stated.

Mathew Smith is the third dentist working at Gibson & Partners Dental Clinic; he is the youngest dentist, extremely good looking and gay. All the girls adored him and quite frankly there were more female patients requesting him than Robert, if only they knew he wasn’t interested in the ladies.

‘Whose life are we discussing girls?’ Mathew asks. ‘We’re discussing Lorena’s love life.’ Amy responded. ‘Oh dear, I better go, I need to go and feed my cat.’ Mathew joked. ‘Haha Very Funny Mat, next time I see you stalking your ex on Facebook I’ll tell Tina you’re using the internet for work unrelated stuff.’ ‘I’m only kidding, what about your love life?’ Mathew says sounding interested suddenly. ‘There’s nothing to say.’ Isabel announced. ‘Well, there’s Robert.’ Amy suggested. ‘Would you give it a rest?’ Lorena shouted. ‘Oh darling, Robert is not interested in you, trust me he would have done something if he was.’ Mathew sounded very apologetic.

‘I know that, and I don’t like Robert... I don’t like him in that way, he’s a cool guy but I’m not interested in him either.’ Lorena tentatively explained. ‘Right... And I’m not gay. Darling, you can’t hide it, you love him.’ Mathew says as politely as he can sound. ‘Love him? Where do you guys get all these from?’ Lorena asks astonished. ‘We can tell; you should just get over it though.’ Isabel said patting Lorena on the back. ’Oh relax, if I was “in love” with Robert I’d be over it by now, wouldn’t I? Lorena emphasized in love with air quotes.

‘If that’s what you think.’ Amy said with disbelief. ‘Girls let’s move on to more interesting stories. Have you seen the outfit Tina was wearing today?’ Mathew suggested a new topic of conversation. ‘I think she’s starting to date someone else.’ Amy said. ‘It’s about time! That poor woman has suffered enough, and we have suffered enough throughout all her moods.’ Isabel added. The girls kept talking, gossiping about their boss’s much more devastating life.

Tina Gibson was the daughter of George Gibson a Dental Surgeon who worked for years and left his business to his only daughter. Tina was a woman in her early fifties; she looked great for her age though. At the age of thirty she inherited her father’s business and married an unemployed artist, she was very in love with him. They had two beautiful twin girls and their marriage lasted twenty years. He left her for a much younger woman and made sure he took all her money, which he never helped her to get.

Tina was a great person but for the last three years her life has become miserable and she couldn’t work with a smile anymore, her two daughters hated her because they thought it was her fault their father abandon them and the man she loves left her alone and took all her savings. It was no surprise Tina had a temper but Lorena enjoyed working with her, she could see through her anger a very sad woman who only wanted to turn the clock and get her family back. Every time the girls and Mathew gossiped about Tina, Lorena tried to ignore them and simply not make any comment.

‘So, Lorena, are you doing anything exciting this weekend?’ Isabel asked Lorena noticing her lack of input in the boss’s latest gossip conversation. ‘In fact, I am.’ ‘Really, what are you doing?’ Amy asked enthusiastically. ‘I’m going to Magenta, the new nightclub in The Rocks.’ ‘Are you serious? I’ve heard is really good.’ Mathew said in disbelief and slight excitement. ‘Yes, I’m going tomorrow night.’ Lorena replied. ’Who are you going with? Amy asked curiously.

‘I’m going with Paloma and Jeremy her new boyfriend, Ethan, his brother Henry and his fiancé Ruby and their sister Vivian. You guys should come!’ Lorena suggested. ‘I want to go, but I have a dinner at Charlie’s parents.’ Amy said annoyed. ‘I’d love to go but I have wedding details to go through.’ Isabel said a little less annoyed than Amy. ‘You know what, I’ll text you; I’m probably going to be out for a while so why not check out Magenta.’ Mathew resolved.

‘Well girls it’s a shame you can’t come but I’m sure you’re gonna have fun this weekend. Matt I’ll see you tomorrow?’ ‘You have fun for us Lorena and stay safe.’ Amy recommended. ‘Yes have fun and don’t do anything I would, or do everything I’d do.’ Isabel said as she waved. ’I shall see you then darl. Mathew said as he walked away and waved goodbye as well.

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