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Blindsided By Love

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Love is never supposed to hurt, but for Alexis who thought her boyfriend for many years loved her but he had hidden secrets. Colin was the only man who she has ever loved. Everything was going great Yandy lay there bleeding from the head wound she received from a gunshot. As her life started to leave her body she thought about everything she had done to Alexandria and all the people she had hurt in the past. “Damn maybe I shouldn’t have fuck, she thought to herself. She had no family because everyone that she knew she either screwed them or put them in the dirt house by taking from them and never seeing them again. Her own mother disowned her because she slept with her step father Mack, now she had fucked over her best friend. As the reality sat in that death was inevitable. She never meant to hurt Alexandria she but Colin had caught her at a vulnerable time. She had met Colin before she had Alexandria but it was still no reason to betray a friend she thought as smoke filled the house.

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Chapter 1

Yandy laughed a little to herself as she thought about what was going to happen next. She knew that she might not live to see another day but living was worth it or so she thought.

One year earlier:

“Yandy Giles”, the receptionist called out.

Yandy got up out of her seat smacking her lips, “you don’t have to yell my name out like that”, and she told the lady at the desk.

“Mam would you please fill these out and bring them back when you are done?” the receptionist asked.

Yandy snatched the clip board from her and took it back to her seat. “I don’t know what your problem is lady”, she mumbled to herself.

Yandy Giles was a twenty-four year who loved to talk shit to people. She was the daughter of a crack head mother and she never knew her father. Yandy stood five-feet seven with a long black hair and weave. She had a beautiful face with hazel eyes that made the men go crazy just looking at her. You would think that she was innocent from the way that she looked but her mouth and her actions had no filter. Yandy was told once to use what you got to get what you want from her mother. She kept that motto and would fuck her own dad if she knew who he was.

After she finished with her paper work she took it back to the desk and sat it down. She looked at the receptionist with a smirk on her face.

After waiting for fifteen more minutes, her name was called, “Yandy Giles”, the nurse called out.

Yandy got up and switched her ass as she walked giving the people plenty of attention especially the men that was there with their women.

“Come this way please”, the nurse said.

Yandy went in the room with the nurse, “I’m Jackie and I will be taking your vital signs for the doctor; do you want to tell me what is going on with you today”, Jackie asked.

“No I don’t but I will say this I need something for my pussy cause it’s burning”, she told Jackie.

Jackie looked up at her with a frown on her face, “are you saying you are burning in your private area? She asked.

“Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying; do you have a problem with that?” Yandy said with an attitude.

“Ahem”, Jackie cleared her throat.

“Ok let me get your blood pressure and temp and the doctor will be with you shortly.

After Jackie left the room, Yandy sat there scrolling on her face book page, “I hate this bitch”, she said referring to someone on her page. “She don’t know I just fucked her man last night”, she said with a laugh.

“Knock, knock”, the door opened and a beautiful black lady walked in with a white coat on.

“Hi Yandy, I’m Dr. Shana Nichols how are you doing today?” she asked Yandy as she shook her hand.

“I’m alright”, Yandy mumbled.

“Ok tell me what’s going on today”, Dr. Nichols asked.

“I been burning down there Dr. and I need some more cream”, Yandy told her.

“What do you mean; you have had this problem before?” the doctor asked.

“Yeah”, Yandy told her. “Well take your clothes off and we will check to see what’s going on”, she told Yandy.

Chapter 2

Yandy did what she was told, taking her clothes off while the doctor was in the room. She could smell herself and she frowned up a little from the icky feeling she was having down there.

“Ok I need for you to lie back on the table for me”, Dr. Nichols said.

Yandy did what she was told while the doctor pushed a button and a nurse walked in.

“What she in here for?” Yandy yelled out when she saw the black nurse that came in. “She is here to help me honey”, Dr. Nichols told her.

“I need for you to put your legs up in this stir up and we can check to see what is going on down there”, the doctor told her.

The nurse helped Yandy put her feet in the stirrups and also put the doctor’s material beside her.

While lying back on the table a smile came to Yandy’s face because she thinking about last night party that she attended with her friends.

“Hey watch what you doing! Yandy shouted and rose up a little to give the doctor a hateful stare.

“I’m sorry about that, you are a little swollen and red down here”, Dr. Nichols told her.

The nurse in the room with them gave Yandy a glance and shook her head. “Bitch I don’t know what the fuck you shaking your head at me for”.

“Mam I don’t mean no disrespect to you but all of that attitude is not called for”, she told Yandy.

Yandy just turned her head and waited until the doctor finished examining her.

“Ok all done”, Dr. Nichols said with a cheerful grin.

The nurse helped Yandy sit up and she put her clothes back on.

Dr. Nichols put the specimen under the microscope and started writing something down on a chart.

“Ok Dr. what is going on with me?” Yandy asked her.

“Well looks like you have a build of yeast and also gonorrhea, so I’m going to give you a shot and some antibiotics and everything should clear up in no time”, Dr. Nichols told her. “You shouldn’t have sex with anyone until the infection clear up and also I try to teach my patients about having protection when they are having sex with each other; I’m going to supply you with a bag of condoms and I want you to use them. We don’t want another mishap like this”, Dr. Nichols told her.

Yandy looked at the woman with a smirk on her face.

After making sure she had everything she needed Yandy left the doctor’s office and went to the nearest Wal-Greens to fill her prescription.

“Yandy Giles”, the pharmacist called out.

Yandy walked to the counter, “you should take these as prescribed and drink plenty of water and no alcohol”, and the pharmacist told her.

Yandy paid for her prescription and snatched the pills out of the woman hand.

On the way home she decided she wanted to get something to eat and went by Pinero’s for a sandwich.

While waiting for her food Yandy saw a sexy looking specimen walk in by his self.

“Mm”, she moaned out to herself.

The man looked at Yandy and smiled his pearly whites at her. He was dark skinned with short hair that was tapered on the sides and the waves in his head looked so nice that she wanted to run her fingers through them. He had tattoos on his arms and neck. He wore a body shirt that guys that work out wore with no sleeves.

He walked over to Yandy, “Why is a beautiful woman like you doing in here alone?” he asked in a deep baritone voice.

“I like to eat alone is that a problem”, she said.

“Nah ma that ain’t a problem but today is your lucky day”, he said.

“I don’t even k now you and you talking about my lucky day’, she said.

“I’m Ryker”, he told her as he grabbed her hand and kissed it.

“Well Ryker I’m still not impressed”, she lied trying to play hard to get.

“What’s your name ma?” he asked.

“I’m Yandy now that we got each other name you can leave now”, Yandy told him and turned to walk away.

Ryker grabbed her hand and pulled her back, “give me your phone”, he said with a firm voice.

Yandy looked at him and immediately did what he told her.

Ryker took her phone and put his number in it and called his phone so that he could have her number. “Now I’ll be calling you soon and I expect for you to answer”, he said and walked away.

Yandy stood there with her mouth open not even hearing her order number being called.

When she got home she ate her food and took her pills. “I don’t even know where I got the shit from”, she mumbled with a grin on her face.

“Oh well I guess I’ll take a nap until it’s time to go to the club”, she said to herself.

Yandy lie down and fell asleep, when she woke it was nine o’clock.

After taking her a long shower she got her outfit out which consisted of a black Gucci strapless jumpsuit that hugged her curves. She decided to let her hair hang down her back tonight.

After applying her Mac makeup she was ready to go.

Yandy pulled up at the club at eleven ’clock and called her friend Alexandria who was the same age as her but not as bad. Alexandria and Yandy met when Yandy tried college for a while but quit after a month because she didn’t want to do the work but Alexandria went on and graduated and found her a job working as an abuse counselor.

“Hey bitch where you at?” Yandy asked.

“Just pulling up now”, Alexandria told her.

“Well hurry up I don’t want to be standing in this damn line waiting on your slow ass”, Yandy told her and hung up.

Yandy stepped out of her black Mercedes Benz and stood by her car waiting on her friend.

Alexandria walked around to Yandy and spoke, “hey girl sorry so late but I didn’t get off work until after eight”, she told Yandy.

Alexandria was beautiful with wide hips and flat stomach. She stood about five-feet seven inches tall. Her skin was light brown like cocoa. She wore her hair with the natural look like they have today with the twists in it.

Alexandria carried herself like the woman she was and she was always on Yandy about her mouth.

“Come on girl, I don’t know why you won’t let one of those high paid nigga fuck you and take care of the things you need; it ain’t like they ain’t got the money”, Yandy said as they walked toward the door of the club.

“Yandy I have told you over and over again I don’t need a man to define who I am. I make my own money and pay my own bills. Men think that that they can control you if you let them do something like that for you”, Alexandria whined.

“Girl you talking bullshit now, ain’t nothing wrong with letting someone take care of you”, she told Alexis.

The security guy standing at the door of club ten was a big black guy who looked like he could break you in half with just one hand. “Hey Killa”, Yandy spoke.

“What’s up Yandy; when you gone give me your time?” he asked as he looked Yandy over.

“I told you will see what you working with”, she said and walked past him into the club.

The place was packed as she and Alexandria made their way through the crowd. The DJ was playing “Low Life” by Weekend and Future. The people were dancing and moving to the groove of the music. Sexy men and women were walking around trying to find their victims for the night. Alexandria took in the scenery as Yandy cruised around the club looking for a new distraction. She didn’t agree with her friends lifestyle because she had never betrayed her, and plus she figured Yandy was grown. Alexandria was growing bored as Beyoncé played in the background she wasn’t the clubbing type she just tagged along with Yandy to escape the pressures of college. She was caught up in her thought when Yandy walked back up with two men tailing behind her. “Hey girl, this is Mark and Colin,” smiled Yandy. Alexandria was speechless as she was automatically was drawn to Colin. Alexandria was at a loss for words. She had never met a man so handsome in her whole life.

“Hello, pretty lady,” smiled Colin as he extended his hand.

Caught off guard Alexandria shook his hand her body reacted to their hands touching, so much so that she caught chills throughout her body.

“Hello, nice to meet you,” stammered Alexandria as she smiled at Colin.

Yandy saw the awkward interaction when she said, “I know Colin from back in the day he’s a good dude.”

Colin smiled as Alexandria blushed. “Well, thank you for the endorsement,” joked Colin.

“Okay, if you’re done playing matchmaker let me holler at you,” interrupted Mark as he pulled at Yandy’s waist.

“Mark chill I’m making sure my girl good,” hissed Yandy.

Colin through his arms up in surrender at her words. Alexandria smiled at Yandy then responded, “Girl, go ahead and enjoy yourself he seems harmless.”

Colin laughed off Yandy and Alexandria comments. “Y’all know I’m standing right here ,right?,” he quipped as Mark grabbed Yandy’s hand to give Colin, Yandy a chance to get to know each other.

Minutes later Yandy and Mark had finally left. “So would you like a drink?,” asked Colin Alexandria still caught up in the fact that Colin was showing her interest answered, “No, thank you I’m the designated driver for tonight.”

Feeling the awkwardness between them Colin said, “So tell me about yourself.”

Yandy told him about her background, told him that she was pursuing her degree in social work. Colin listened attentively as time flew by.

“I go to JCSU as well. I’m the quarterback for the football team,” interrupted Colin.

“Stop playing I’ve never seen you on campus,” flirted a now comfortable Alexandria as talked the night away.

They had talked the night away it was nearing the club closing when Yandy, Mark returned.

“I hope you not over here lying to my girl,” smiled Yandy.

Alexandria shooed Yandy words away. “Stop hating on my man,” interjected Mark. “Yeah, I do hear that hate in her voice,” added Colin. “She’s a big girl.” Alexandria smiled at how protective Colin was.

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