Diner Girl

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Zoey is your average girl who works for a better life. She grew up in an orphanage after what she believes that her parents abandoned her. She is a Diner Girl with a heart of becoming the first female American football player. An incident of her didn't go unnoticed by the Captain of the College football team. He offered her a chance to turn her dreams into reality. Will she accept his offer or will she continue to be just another face in the crowd?

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Diner Girl is removed due to being in the process of being edited and rewritten. If you were in the middle of reading, I apologize. If you just started, I apologize too. I will try to return the chapters as soon as possible.

Please don't ask me for the next chapter or an immediate update with every quest I'm going to take my time and will only public the chapters to my liking and maybe even stop publishing. It is really annoying and a

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