Diner Girl

By Bonza101 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor

Chapter 1

15 years ago...

“56, 21, 5, 9” My dad yelled at the huddle. My dad stood up passing me the ball, I took a few steps back and passed the football downfield towards my dad’s runner.

My dad let out a hoot and picked me up in his arms. I let out a giggle as we scored a touchdown.

“My little girl is on fire!” My dad said twirling us around with me in his arms.

“Because of you, dad!” I said smiling.

“You are going to be a champion American football player one day.” My dad said and I pulled a face. “I thought girls are too weak to play football?” I asked and my dad snorted.

“There are no such rules. I believe if you are good enough and put your heart to it. You can achieve everything.” He said and I smiled.

“I want to be like you one day, dad.” I said and my dad chuckled.

“You will even be better. I know it.”


I shook my head and look up. Everyone at the table stared at me and they looked quite irritated. “Sorry.” I said clearing my voice and taking their order.

“She is useless.” I heard the girl tell her so-called boyfriend that has been cheating on her for 4 months.

“One cheeseburger, one salad. One diet coke and one normal coke!” I yelled their order to our chef. “Sure thing, Zo!” The chef yelled making me smile.

I helped my other tables and said goodbyes. I delivered their order to their table, the girl rolled her eyes at me once I stayed too late.

“Hope you enjoy.” I said with a tight smile. Just to irritate her.

I walked back to the back and saw Brenda shaking her head. “Is she giving you trouble?” She asked and I shrugged. “At least I am not the one that is in for a surprise.” I said and Brenda raised an eyebrow.

As closing time rolled on, they finally decided to leave as they got all touchy and flirty.

I handed them their bill and the guy handed me the money. Not even bothered about their change because all they cared about was to get out of here.

“Teenagers.” I heard Brenda mutter as I handed her the money.

“I wish I had something like that.” I said and she rolled her eyes.

“Not a guy that cheats on me or only uses me. A guy that really cares about me, takes me out on dates and only have eyes for me. You know.” I said in a dreamy way.

“Call me if you find a guy like that.” Brenda said handing me, my tip. I smiled at her. “That is why there is something called, dreaming.” I said with a wink walking off.

I helped the other waiters to clean up the tables and the Diner before we went home.

My shoes were killing me once I reached the College Dorms. Before I decided to take the stairs, I kicked off my shoes and rubbed my tired and sore feet. I looked up once I heard screaming and giggling. And then footsteps that followed.

Senior boys running down the stairs with junior girls on their heels.

I turned around to look at them. They have the opportunity to be young and reckless. I never had that opportunity.

Instead of growing up and becoming a famous girl American football player, I ended being a famous Diner Girl.

Working her ass off to get into University and still working her ass off to pay for her accommodation as no one wanted to share with her.

I decided to take the stairs towards my room. I unlocked the door and entered my lonely room.

My room was decorated with American football posters, footballs I even had a football pillow.

And then my favorite all-time player, Shane Martin. Now retired, but he was the best Quarterback the Falcons had. Now a coach that trained rookies.

Even know I can still remember the times my dad coached me, those memories are not enough to get me on the team.

Only if my parents didn’t decide to abandon me and I hadn’t ended up at the orphanage. Maybe I still stood a chance.

It felt like I was wasting my time studying for something my heart was committed to 100%. I knew what I wanted but it was only a dream that was unreachable.

I sigh and sat down on my bed.

I just wish I could get a chance to ask my parents why they abandoned me, wasn’t I good enough or even beautiful enough?

Today was not a good day.

First, it was a cold rainy day. Secondly, the bus drove off without me. And now I was wet and late for class.

I just wanted to turn around and go back home but I knew I couldn’t I worked too hard for this.

So, I decided to embarrass myself and entered the building soaking wet and late. I walked towards the bathroom to dry myself off just enough to get through this day.

Once I was satisfied, I decided to go to class. The lecturer just nodded at me as I entered the classroom. I found my spot and found out what they were busy with.

I couldn’t wait for a break as I was starving and in need of coffee. My hands agreed as they couldn’t even hold a pen upright.

When that bell went off signaling it was break time, I was the first one up and out. The queue wasn’t even that long yet.

I couldn’t wait to get my lips on that coffee cup once I received my coffee. I wanted to moan as the warmth spread across my chest bringing a moment of warmth to my body.

It gave me strength for the rest of the day. I took a bite out of my sandwich and started making my way towards my other class. I think I was too long in heaven because I walked into someone or they walked into me but I wasn’t going to fight about that.

Because I didn’t know if I should be sad about my spilled coffee or the person I walked into.

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