Trusting Him (Journey to Love, #2)

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09. Cold Winter

Jules's POV

There is nothing better on a cold winter's day than to lose yourself inside the hot pussy of your girlfriend. It's even better when your girlfriend is having those exact same thoughts and she is trying to rip your clothes off even before you reach the front door; and it's the dead of winter so there are a lot of clothes to take off.

"Why do you have to live on the second floor, the ground floor would have been much better." She complains, not for the first time that we have to climb the stairs to get to my apartment. Even though some might find that annoying, right now it's just adding more fuel to the fire and I agree with her and even though I've never hated stairs like this before in my life, there is definitely a first time.

"I'll make sure to kick out the sweet old lady in the apartment below me just so you don't have to climb the stairs." I throw over my shoulder and laugh as she spanks my ass with all of her strength. I say all of her strength because it actually stings a little bit.

"That's exactly how you're going to win bonus boyfriend points." She jokes as stumble into the apartment and I get the weird sense of deja vu from a couple of weeks ago when we came home from the club and we did just this.

I also wonder why we're not like every other couple our age and fucking all of the time, especially when we have such chemistry. It's always like thunder and lighting between us when we come together but we always let the wrong heads do the talking and that gets in the way.

"Have I officially been given the title boyfriend?" I ask with a smile on my face as I close the front door behind me and guide her into my bedroom. Tonight at least I don't have the same all consuming doubts that she's going to leave me before I wake up, I think we have managed to jump over that hurdle and I couldn't be happier.

"That title can very easily be taken away." She raises an eyebrow at me but I've decided that I'm going to bring down the last of my walls. I have been pushing her and running after her for months now, and it's a little hypocritical for me to want her to give this relationship her everything when there are still parts of me that I am too scared to look back on.

"You're not going to get away with using such empty threats against me." I laugh and quickly pick her up, tossing her onto the bed in the same breath. It seems that even before she hits the mattress she is taking off her sweater and leggings, as she managed to ditch her coat and scarf before I threw her onto the bed. There must be a trail of clothes behind us leading right back to the front door.

"I think we talk too much, we're not going to get anything done." She mumbles and I have to smile in satisfaction as her words trail off when I take off my own sweater, and I see the way her eyes right now are only focused on my chest and wherever her eyes can reach.

It might take me a little extra time to get up to speed being that we came in from the freezing cold only a few moments ago and sometimes my body needs to catch up to what's happening in my head. Lily doesn't seem to mind that I'm not hard immediately as she crawls on all fours towards me, at the end of the bed with that same smirk on her face as from when she first did this.

I've only had a few girlfriends in my time but I have never heard of a girl who loves giving blowjobs as much as Lily does. We might have only been together a few times but I have never even had to hint that this is what I want her to do, although it's not like I find anything between us missing in any way.

"Are you going to use that pretty mouth for something else?" I ask just to irk her a little, although I know she likes the dirty talk, I've also noticed that when she gets really worked up, she just wants to get straight to the point and even a sentence is too much talking for her.

"This pretty mouth is going to rock your world." She smiles before unzipping my jeans and pulling my ever hardening cock, I guess my old friend doesn't need that much time to catch up to the rest of me.

I would like to think that words actually made it out of my mouth but as soon as hers wrapped out my lower swelling head, all thoughts and words vanished from my brain. I think normally she likes to tease me but today doesn't seem to be one of those days; she uses one of her hands for balance as the other wraps around the back of my cock as she starts to glide her tongue down the side of my erection.

"Fuck." Is all that I manage to say as she starts some magical combination of sucking, licking, stroking and humming. I have no idea how she does it all but I am the luckies mother fucker to have her with me.

My skin starts to prickle with heat everywhere, as every part of me is getting warmed up and blood flow is back to normal, I take off the shirt I had on under my sweater as I don't dare move my legs in case I disturb the magic that she is doing.

Not before long she has me hard as a rock and I think I might have let out a squeal as she took my balls into her mouth. My hands are now lost in her silky hair, I don't even care if she is going to kill me for making it tangled.

"I love how you taste." She purrs as she looks up at me with my cock touching her cheek while her hand is still stroking me. I have no fucking clue when I hit my head and entered heaven but I know for sure that I am in the best place on Earth.

"You're the best girlfriend ever." I exclaim as she sucks just the head inside her mouth while still looking up at me. I only close my eyes for a couple of moments before I feel the loss of her mouth and it's like I have been electrocuted because of the sudden loss of heaven.

"I think you should let me sit on this pretty face of yours." She grins from the edge of the bed and I groan while quickly trying to get out of my jeans properly. I have never gone down on a girl with her sitting on my face but I love that Lily says what she is feeling and is unafraid to express herself sexually at least; I never have to guess if she wants to be with me or if she is enjoying herself.

"I would have to be an idiot to say no to you." I reply as I lie on the bed beside her and not so subtly manhandle her so her pussy is right above me. It take me a little while to get used to this position but if this is what she wants then I am more than happy to make her happy.

I place my hands on her plush hips and bring her down flush to my face, I don't want to do this the wrong way and it might take me a couple of seconds to get the hang of it. But even before the doubts can fully set in, she leans forward to balance her hands and weight on my legs.

"Fuck, I love your tongue." She laughs as her hips do a little whine on my face. It might be messy but I can confidently say that I am loving the whole situation of having her ride my face.

The best part of this whole thing has to be the evidence of her desire covering my face and hearing her loud moans from above me. Her hands cover my erection as she sets off where I interrupted her, her mouth soon following as I have to fight the urge to throw my head back and surrender the feeling of her mouth surrounding me.

I have the advantage as I press a finger inside of her tight and hot channel, flicking my tongue against her slit and suck it into my mouth for just a moment. I love the noise she makes as she tries to move away from my mouth but my hands on her gips are holding her close. I take a chance and flick a finger against her asshole, but not pressing in and I am rewarded with her hums surrounding my cock.

I am going to have to remember for the future that my girl likes ass play.

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