Tales Told Out Of School. 4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

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A cat among the pigeons, and even more.

“You may touch me if you like, Tony.” Had she actually dared to say that to him?

He seemed to be paralyzed, so she helped him do that, by taking his hands—he was nervous—and placed them directly upon and then under her breasts to lift and support them, then leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, feeling him return her warmth and eagerness.

After some moments his hand moved down to touch her in a way that excited her as his fingers tugged at the top of her panties to pull her toward him, moving them further down her as she moved to release them from under her. They slid inexorably down toward her knees.

She felt helpless, as well as knowing exactly what must now happen between them, and she would make it happen.

With reckless disregard for what she knew should not happen, but was intent on seeing it happen anyway as she wanted it to, she put her legs much further apart, and decisively guided his hand over the top of her panties to touch her between her legs, as she looked into his eyes, silently pleading with him to take pity on her.

She turned his hand as she stood up, leaning over him, so that he was now touching into that small orifice where she wanted him to be. She put both of her hands on his shoulders then, as she moved her hips forward toward him, she spoke gently, inviting him to do more.

“Don’t be shy, Tony. Please. Not now. I won’t be. Explore me. Touch me everywhere! I want you to go into me, please!” She took his hand again and pushed it more firmly into her there, seeing the startled look on his face at her words, and at her invitation.

She had got him started to where she wanted him to be; and then she felt his fingers begin to explore along her, moving slowly as he found his way into that warm and wet area, and then to go into her, creating sensations neither of them had ever known before. She felt breathless and reckless, and knew what needed to follow. She felt his other hand move onto her breasts, and began to caress, and even for him to kiss her breasts too, as they leaned in to each other once more and kissed again with much more focus and intent this time, as they both breathed more heavily. Her shirt-- the little that covered her-- was in the way, and so were her panties hindering her now from letting him get into her properly. She knew now that it would happen just as she had hoped it would.

She took off her top, before her natural caution, rapidly fading now, stopped her, and threw it to one side. She brought his nervous hands up onto her substantial, and now fully exposed breasts once more to touch her nipples, to explore her areolas, and just to hold and caress them with his seemingly small and nervous hands, unable to encompass all of them, as she touched his, inside of his unbuttoned shirt.

He was a lost man about then, just as she was a lost woman. Her panties followed, and without any hesitation, knowing that time was against them, she clumsily, and with all of her fingers turned to thumbs in her eager haste, undid his coveralls, took hold of his underwear pushing everything down his legs to free him, revealing him standing fully erect, as he certainly was by then, in front of her.

It was the first time she had seen anything so big, so hard, so eager to be at her, so close.

She moved over to lie on the clothing beside her, with her legs on either side of the bench and her vagina fully exposed and open to him now, inviting his more intense attention. She gradually brought him fully onto her, pulling him over her.

“Come into me, Tony, we need to do this now before anyone else might get here. I would like you to come into me.”

She wasted no time, but put a lot of that lotion on her fingers and smeared it along him, touching him for the first time, and then put the remainder onto herself between her legs.

He needed no further invitation after what she had been doing to him.

She was afraid for a moment, what she had started might be too much for her to take, and then on herself, and felt him begin to slide into her as she fully intended he do, and without delay. She felt unusually moist and was even distended enough for him to start into her, but that did not help. Even his tip; slippery with something that had leaked out of it from his own body, was big for her, but it would soon be followed by the unstoppable rest of him that would be even bigger and more awakening as it slid forcefully into her.”

He was breathing in a labored way by then.

“The first time will be the most difficult, Tony. Best if it is got out of the way as soon as possible. It will be easier the next time we do this, and much better, and we will!" How had she become so determined, so emboldened enough to take charge?

“Come, kiss me! Don’t stop. Come onto me, touch me everywhere, love me, go into me, and don’t worry about it!”

He was far too eager and ready for her by then to think about anything else.

He was pleased to hear her say that there would be a next time, becoming well aware that he was her first, never having had anyone in there before him to open the way forward, and that she was his first. He watched for signs of pain on her flushed face as he moved steadily forward, into her, feeling her resistance almost immediately to what he was doing, but gradually feeling all resistance being overcome as he moved slowly and more deeply into her and as she constantly relaxed more around him. She gasped as he broke through her hymen, but she did not let him retreat from her, which he could not have done even if his life had depended upon it.

He then did kiss her strongly, before he lay more upon her and focused upon what was happening to him even then, as he moved steadily and even rhythmically into her, moving with increasing urgency.

The poor boy had no choice in any of it, any more than she did by then, but he did not resist. He was too excited for his own good and could not have been stopped anyway, as he came over onto her breasts and slowly drove deeper into her as she arched herself to help him, unable to avoid crying out at the force of it all as he went into her.

He knew better than to stop, even if he could have. He couldn’t.

She ignored the initial feeling of discomfort, stretching, and slight pain; overwhelmed as she then was by the sudden urgency of doing what they were now doing together before the others came in.

The pain was manageable, and was soon overlain by the sheer excitement of what was happening within her own body. She found she actually welcomed the urgent force of it all, the way every fiber of her body began to tingle with excitement.

They gradually began to move more energetically as he drove into her with her hands at his waist and then on his buttocks, pulling steadily at him to get him deeper into her—surprising even herself—as he held her breasts, and kissed her as they breathed heavily upon each other.

He came quickly that first time as the wonderful violence of it increased, driving him even harder into her.

It was wonderful!

They kissed each other feverishly on nose, lips, eyes, neck, and then lips again where they finally settled, in the final convulsive throes. He ejaculated deep within her with a cry, and with her legs raised up and touching him at his side, before they both died, wrapped in each other’s hot embrace and in a different world, with him as deeply buried in her as it was possible to be that first time, and still getting rid of himself as he gasped with each ejaculatory spasm.

He released his breath in a long sigh as he continued to push hard into her, letting out some interesting sounds as he thrust ever more gently and slowly into her with gentle cries.

Soon after, he became totally spent, and then dropped exhausted at last, onto her breasts, with her legs trapped above his.

It was all so strange and wonderful to her that she had managed to bring all of that energetic encounter about with so little effort, and just the right encouragement on her part.

She would have to thank Emily for this, except Emily was far from her thoughts at that moment.

After that, trembling at the sudden release of the tension, and with him still inside of her, they laughed, heard only by each other, and almost shyly, at the sheer daring of what they had done.

They kissed more gently as he continued to move within her, still hard, at the novelty of it all, and then, after some moments, recollecting where they were and that others might soon intrude, he reluctantly began to withdraw slowly, from her.

“Don’t leave me yet, Tony. You can stay in me for a few more minutes and do it again if you want to. I would like you to.” He relaxed back upon her as they continued to kiss, looking into each other’s faces.

After a few more minutes he slowly came out of her.

She was as flushed as he was.

Far from being an unpleasant experience, as Iris had heard that the first time usually was for the woman, it had been nothing like that. She still tingled, could still feel him in her, even though he wasn’t. She would never get enough of that closeness, the wondrously intimate violence of it all

They both stood, holding each other steady, recovering their breath and kissing, as he touched her body everywhere he could reach, and even behind her on her buttocks and under her in those hairs, to discover where he had been; moist now, from him, distended, and with him even leaking from her onto the floor.

She groaned and moved even closer into him, then touched and held him for the first time, amazed that all of this had been deep inside of her, and amazed that he had even been able to get into her without her screaming her head off.

He seemed not to want to leave her, and was even becoming hard again. Already?

He was the one who then laid her back down along the bench and went into her again. It was easy this time, and as if he had not left her.

They were like that for at least five more minutes as he moved forcefully but slowly within her. Where he got the control from, after that first explosive action she did not know, but this was a different man now. He was slow, deliberate, in charge, and in control.

At least until he came again.

He was still hard, but damp from her, and bloody too when he left her that next time, and they continued to kiss hungrily, as though they wanted to consume each other, or find something more.

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