Tales Told Out Of School. 4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

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This cannot end here, and it won't.

“We shall do this again, Tony, you and I, if you would like! Tomorrow.”

She intended that they would.

“I would like you to, and as often as possible now.”

He nodded in agreement, not trusting himself to say anything at just that moment.

He could not believe how lucky he had been. He knew he should not stay here any longer, though he desperately wanted to.

She helped him cover himself and fasten his coveralls to hide all indications of his still-excited state as he continued to caress her. For them both to linger here any longer might be to invite discovery.

“Thank you! I would like to do all of that again too, Iris.” He had lost all of his shyness now. He still had his hand between her legs, confidently touching and fondling where he had been—now moist, from them both—and with the other hand on her breasts, unable to entirely retreat from her, or them, it seemed.

His head was spinning. He was still breathless and not sure what had happened or how it had happened so quickly, and maybe feeling cheated at the sudden haste of it all, and that he must now leave her.

She saw him reluctantly turn to leave, before others came, buttoning up his shirt and looking decidedly ruffled and red about the face and neck, after she had assured him that he had no need to rush off quite so quickly.

They both knew that he had to go, even before she had completely finished with him, or him with her. He could have continued for hours but for the threat of others coming upon them.

She would have liked to have washed his bloodied member off for him at the sinks, had they the time, and to see him in a less rampant and in a more tamed, state, if possible—unlikely, with her touching him—but she could do that the next time, and satisfy her curiosity about it.

‘Comes in like a lion goes out like a lamb’. That statement about March weather now held a different meaning for her. He had gone into her as stiff as any pole, and raging like a lion, as the verse said, and though he had not emerged as a soft and gentle lamb, he might soon get to that state after he’d got enough of her, which had not happened.

She hated leaving him with them both clearly wanting more.

When he left, after they had kissed more, he had been a different man, and she, a different woman. They now had secrets to share, and knowledge of each other and what had been promised.

She let him get back to his pruning, if he could put his disordered mind to it and not fall off the ladder, daydreaming. She laughingly shooed him out, unlocking the door, leaving it open, before anyone else came and surprise them.

She leaned back against the wall, watching him go, and analyzed the sensations that she had felt, and still felt when he had first pushed into her, and had been deep within her, moving into her vagina with gentle strokes each time, and smoothly, while not losing any ground in her. Then, he had exploded, and had come, so powerfully within her. She found it all amazing. She felt weak and jubilant at the same time, wanting to announce at the top of her voice across the schoolyard, what had just happened to her, but somehow resisted doing so.

It would not do for others to find out what they had done. They would find out similar things for themselves in their own way, if they were lucky. She was definitely no longer a virgin, but that was the way she had decided it had to be, even as she had led him into that building.

She recovered before anyone else came in, and turned on the showers as she got rid of her socks and tennis shoes, feeling more of him start to dribble from her despite her clenching her legs hard together to trap all that he had left within her. All of them were strange sensations for her, and ones that she would think about and savor, as to how she’d had the outrageous courage to make it happen as it had, and how it would certainly happen again now and even when it would happen. She had seen that in his face.

She would clean herself off thoroughly under the shower to hide all evidence on her body of what they had done, but would first use that damp cloth to wipe up any slightly bloody evidence that had dribbled from her across the floor, and onto her shoes and down her legs, before the others arrived.

She would rinse that cloth out under the shower with her, to get rid of that slightly pinkish stain leaking from her; from the damage he had done to her vagina and hymen, that first time for them both.

Unfortunately, there was no time to pick up the clothing strewn on the floor beside the bench they had lain on as he had coupled with her. It did not matter.

She could put some lotion on her own bruises from her fall, still remembering the first surprise she had felt, along with concern, feeling his hardness, holding him as she had smeared some of it on him, as she had directed him into her. What she had the courage to make happen had shocked her, but it had been worth it.

If she chose, she could now let others know how easy it was to seduce any boy if they wanted to and how to do it, but that was not the way it was supposed to be. They would need to find out for themselves. She decided she would keep quiet, as befitted someone who at least paid lip service to still being virtuous and respectable, after what she had done, and able to keep the more damaging secrets hidden; as all wise women did while they often led another existence altogether out of sight of society.

That, was what separated the supposedly respectable women from the madams and others. One group kept quiet, and just smiled... the other, was sometimes too obvious.

Her education now began to have meaning for her. Better to keep certain secrets to oneself, and to be mistaken for a lady, than to boast of what she had just done, and remove all claim to one.

Tony, for his part, sang inwardly as he continued his work, watching the half-clad girls from the gym begin to stream into the change room.

His mind was elsewhere. He was in love. He vowed he’d not wash his cheek or down there for a week or more after that.

She had moved close to him with her breasts hard up against his chest, as close to him as she could possibly be as they had kissed again, standing up together. She had helped him again to go into her once more, with him almost coming again before they parted.

She had apologized to him yet again for her previous mistake about the wasps as she’d held him in her hand, causing him to blush profusely.

He wondered what there was about this school that was different; that made the girls he’d come across so assured and confident. He’d be hard for the rest of the day thinking about what had just happened.

Before they’d parted, she’d told him that she would be at the brass-band-concert in the village, that Saturday; tomorrow, at 12:45 pm, when the military band would be playing.

If he was there, which she hoped he would be… she had blushed as she said that and had started to do up his buttons on his shirt, …they might have an ice cream together afterward. Or, they might go into the café for a snack, before she returned to school.

He stammered his acceptance immediately.

Nothing on God’s earth could keep him from the village tomorrow and all of its promised adventure. He had been well and truly hooked, but then, so had she, in a timeless interplay between the sexes when two people came together in such an intimate way that both of them wanted at that moment.

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