Tales Told Out Of School. 4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

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The Band-concert.

More, intimate-real-estate transactions between Iris and Tony. After that first time, there was no stopping the beast. But who wants to stop it from galloping out of control? Not Iris. And not Tony.

Iris met Tony by the fountain in front of the village clock tower, at 12:45 in the afternoon, as they’d arranged. He was not sure how she might greet him, and he seemed to be shy after what had happened between them, and that he had savored in his mind all night. At least she now had respectable panties on, though no one else other than him, would find out about that.

With her smiling, and by the openly happy yet restrained and circumspect way she greeted him as though they were nothing more than casual friends, and her obvious pleasure at seeing him, she soon put him at ease. They were cautious about being seen by anyone from the school, so had made it look as though they had met by accident and did not greet each other with the affection that they both ached to show.

He was equally pleased to see her, though he was also pleased to see that she intended to be careful and not throw herself onto him and openly kiss him, for everyone to wonder about. They did see enough in each other’s smiles, and their eyes, to confirm everything that had happened the day before, and gave promise that it would happen again, and soon, if they could only be alone anywhere.

It was all polite and restrained so far, at least in public.

He knew that she was beautiful, but he had never looked at her so closely before to see all that there was about her that interested him. Men saw breasts first and general build, with hips and legs before their eyes returned to the breasts again. Now that she was dressed, he saw her face better now and heard her speak, just to him, with a smile. He realized how beautiful and interesting she was. He’d get to the other parts eventually when they got to wherever she was leading him.

She, for her part, was surprised to see that he was well dressed and had even picked a small blue flower for her, from the garden of the old woman who looked after him and his brother. He also smiled at her delightfully, in a way that took her breath away.

He spoke politely, and well, as though they had just met in a formal way, and without any hint of what had already happened of an intimate way between them. He seemed more refined and better educated than the other girls gave any of the two younger brothers credit for. She knew that his memories of yesterday were the same as hers, though he could not know how they might go forward now, whereas she did. She had even brought some of that Lanolin cream with her, just in case they needed it. She was still tender down there where he had stretched her on that previous occasion, but was not about to let that hold them back from what she intended. She had to build upon what they had begun, not fall back from it.

He’d also visited on the previous evening with Mrs. Williams, Joan, his much older brother’s wife-to-be, and told her what he dared tell her, and asked her advice about what he should do and how he should behave with a young woman who had come to mean so much to him so soon, but not in a way he dared describe.

The single flower had been her idea. He’d never been close to a young woman before, and confessed how she had him all flustered when she had seen to his stings, though he mentioned nothing of the changing room or what had transpired there.

Joan saw much more than he told her. His lips seemed swollen and bruised, and he had a strange look in his eyes, just as his eldest brother had, after their first passionate and attentive night together; followed by others just as intense, and it still happened that way through-out the day when her own young girls were at school.

He never seemed to get enough of her, or she of him. No one needed to know those exciting details either. Fortunately, they had set a date for their wedding, which was just as well, as she was now carrying again, and was happy about it. They both were.

Joan hoped that Tony would not be hurt by some fast woman or girl who might soon lose interest in him and break his heart after leading him along so intimately and letting him become familiar with her.

She needn’t have worried. The moment she met Iris—as she had learned her name was, though that first meeting would still be a week away, when Iris was invited to lunch—she would see for herself how serious they were for each other, and that she had nothing to worry about. At least not about the usual things. She would have to have a word with her about taking precautions though.

She had seen the bloody state of his underwear which he did not seem to know about when she had dropped them in the wash after he had changed them that night.

Joan told him not to worry about how their second meeting would go, but to just be himself. He was nervous. She hoped the young woman would not be too forward, herself, though too late to worry about that now. Some of the modern-day young girls could be quite reckless, and far too fast for their own good, and a lad could barely help himself against that kind. Still, it wouldn’t do him any harm to find out a few of the realities of life and of love, though she did not want to see him hurt. He and his brother, Nigel, were both sensible young men, but they had also led a sheltered life, and boys handled such things differently from girls, and could be hard to stop, if you wanted to, and were much more fragile, despite what anyone might say.

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