Tales Told Out Of School. 4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

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I hope we are not seen. But if we are, so what?

Iris felt nervous too, and hoped she’d not see any of her own friends at the concert, or they would rib her mercilessly about being with a boy—a young man they all knew by sight—and torment her about what they might have done together, even without them knowing anything about it; indeed what she intended they would do, if they could leave the crowd behind without being seen. They did not need an audience for what she intended; what had to happen again between them.

They had been able to walk away from the small crowd without being seen, soon after the concert had begun, and to stroll off by the river, hand in hand, and quite far away from the beaten track. She soon discovered, once more, that almost everything she heard about boys in their meetings from Dorothy and others, had been wrong, and did not apply to this young man. She already suspected it anyway.

This one was different. She soon realized that he was paralyzed by shyness and uncertainty about what she intended for him, even after the previous day, almost as though it had not happened as they both remembered but had been a dream; unreal. She had no need to be concerned, she knew that. He was eager, but uncertain of what she intended, so she would need to tell him and learn from him what it was that he wanted and expected from her.

She would have to lead the way to everything they would do together at first, including holding hands to move through the throng, or linking arms as they strolled, and talked; even to their first kiss following that hectic rush of earlier. She did not mind. There would be a better understanding between them before they parted. They had listened to the first pieces of music, and then had gradually eased themselves away from the main crowd without being seen, and strolled off down by the river, walking quite a long distance, though still able to listen to the band in the far distance over the noise of the water. She noticed that he had been erect with anticipation as he had greeted her and was still that way as they had walked, seeming to become more erect the further they had walked and the closer she held him to her. She had even had the mischievous courage to reach out and touch him once, to let him know.

“Soon, Tony. Not far now.” That had helped him get over any shyness with her but also brought him along faster.

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