Tales Told Out Of School. 4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

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On the river bank.

They laid together, a few hundred feet back from the river bank as she drew him down to her out of the way of prying eyes after that, and she had led him along to discover her again inside of her panties.

She lifted her skirt up, and out of the way for him, and led him there with her own hand, pushing her panties down so that he might touch her and explore gently, once more in those hairs in a way that obviously excited him as well as her, and made them both breathless and eager to do much more. After that she had moved his hand into her shirt, once she had got him to undo both it, and her bra, but with less urgency and less shyness or restraint this time, but not much less, knowing full well, what would be sure to follow, and with no interruption.

He eased her panties off her then, as she’d suggested he do, with her help, and had been able to provide her with more serious attention as she laid back beside him and they kissed, as they touched.

Where they were, was well hidden up on the hillside above the path, and out of the way. They had undressed each other entirely, after those initial discoveries, and after touching and exploring, and with her putting more lanolin on him, properly this time and without haste, they made love again.

She explained how he should go slowly if he could, as she was still a little sore after yesterday, but she would not let him refuse her out of concern about hurting her. He would have been deeply disappointed and frustrated, and she did not want that.

She eased him into her, finding that it was a lot easier than she had feared, and they made love again, slowly, much more leisurely this time, at least at first, and with less discomfort for her as he sensed her tenderness, and did everything more slowly, though with just as much excitement and interest this time as on the first. He could do nothing to slow down the explosive climax however, but as he was deep into her by then, it did not matter.

Both of them were completely naked, and able to fully explore each other again afterward, even before he left her, which they did over the next hour as he recovered, and as he learned of her and her body—every hidden groove and every delightful crevice, fold of skin, the interesting and alluring swell of her mount of Venus., all of which he examined and kissed, learning all about her body, just as she learned about his.

He had been buried in there. He learned again of her interesting and delightfully substantial breasts, and then that moist fleshy area with the hair barely covering it, and whose delicate, unfamiliar and deeply disturbing inner structures, interested him the most, for a while, and that he would soon go into again.

He placed the little flower he had given to her, there, along that groove, between her inner labia, and sitting as decoration on her mount of Venus as though it were growing there among the hair. They had both smiled at that.

Then, back to her breasts! All of her was to be touched, kissed, and explored repeatedly. They, her breasts, seemed to endlessly fascinate him as he touched and caressed, licked, mouthed, kissed and sucked at them, over and over again, as she did similar things to him and moaned at his so intimate caresses and investigations.

She learned of herself too. He explored her as she had never explored herself; quite taking her breath away at what he did, and touched; electrifying her in every way, and she also learned of him at the same time, all as though by instinct.

She was fascinated by his erect member, his foreskin—no longer covering his policeman’s helmet (he told her that it was called that because of its shape, like a policeman’s helmet of a few decades before). She saw the effect her touching him achieved; stiffening him up even more, before he laughingly and breathlessly cautioned her as to the inevitable outcome if she continued along that way.

He was circumcised, she learned, though with it so erect as it seemed to be all of the time with her touching it, and being interested in it, she would not have known what that meant. There were also his testicles to discover and understand. He was covered with more hair than she had seen before.

Ejaculation with her help, so that she might see what happened so explosively inside of her—could wait. The other, where he was deep inside of her with his erect part when that happened, was too intimately exciting and necessary for both of them the first few times to waste in play, until she was not able to allow him into her that way. Although even that awkward time for her might not slow him down.

She would be that way in a few more days when her period came. She would not deny him then either if he was eager for her and did not mind, but she would need to tell him that it might get quite bloody for them both, and it might be sore for her at that time.

She didn’t care, though she would need to make sure that they had access to somewhere to bathe and clean themselves off. She would not refuse him, although he might feel repulsed by that time of month and the blood, and she did not want to see any such reservation in him, but began to realize that there would likely be none. Dorothy had said as much. That if a man was eager enough, nothing would put him off.

The weather had turned warm enough for such open relaxation and intimacy. They had talked and touched after that, and kissed never-endingly before he revived again, and he was much more confident with her after that, as he moved slowly but decisively into her again, with her guidance.

She was no longer as sore as she had been. He came once more, gently, comparatively speaking, but none of it was entirely gentle, considering how hard he was, and how big, and how forcefully he drove himself into her. That was when he stiffened, gasped, and ejaculated in a burst of energy, and spurts, as before, within her.

They laughed and kissed after that, feeling much more confident in each other, and with lessening fear of encountering any of those usual personal difficulties. They found they liked each other. Loved each other. He had not left her for some time after that, bringing her uppermost to lie upon him. They enjoyed the moment, as he continued to move within her, kissing her breasts hanging in his face. There was no urgency this time to retreat and leave before they might be discovered. They would not be discovered, as out of the way as they were.

She squatted after that when he left her body. She was still tender, but less bloody. He watched her get rid of him from inside of her, curious about it all, never having watched such a well-built, naked young woman before, his woman now, his property in a way, and that he was free to admire, considering how interested they were in each other. It would be a waste of time her getting rid of him, considering that there would soon be more of him in there, and often after those first times.

She smiled at him as he told her that. She explained that her response was natural and unavoidable. She had to do that. She had done it under the shower too, after their first time, and had just stood up from doing that, seeing a slightly bloody discharge disappearing down the drain, when the other girls came blasting in, wondering how she might still be in the shower when she had left the class so long before. She had not explained.

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