Tales Told Out Of School. 4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

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We should continue as we mean to go on.

They slowly dressed each other after that, amidst caresses and laughter, then investigated each other again as they kissed. She left her panties off, deliberately, until later, not only to excite and inflame him with that thought gnawing at him as she knew it would, but recognizing that he might recover again before they had to leave, and she did not want to stain them, and invite comment when she got back to school to change, though her room-mate, Emily, could be told some of it.

She was not disappointed. They stood, leaning up against a tree that next time, and she raised her legs about him, as he drove much harder into her than he had before, easily able to support her weight. It was not at all painful for her, so she did not mind. She was getting used to his size in her by now. He would be helpless to refuse anything she asked of him after this, but she would be helpless to refuse him too. They seemed to do that for each other.

He had been nervous about each of those steps at first. Left to himself he would not have made any attempt to take any liberties with her at all without her leading the way. It would not be that way the next time they met, however, and he would be keen to be at her, just as she would be to have him do so. They had, at least, found that much out about each other. Next time they would have difficulty keeping their hands off each other, unless others might see them.

She had not been disappointed by what had happened. He hadn’t inveigled her with any empty pleading of love to seduce her, as Dorothy had described was what men usually did. She, had seduced him, and had been pleasantly surprised how easy it had been, but then there had been nothing hidden about what they intended for each other, or how it would go forward after she had provoked the responses that she had in the change room.

What they did from here would be mutual, based upon honest love and the passion of first love, and inexorably driven by the lust and eagerness of youth. They had both been captivated that way, and it had indeed been mutual. There had been no reservations or hesitation. After that fifth time (damn, she was losing track already of how many times they had done it), she had washed herself out in a nearby trickle of water coming down the hillside as he had curiously watched her do that too, and even helped her, but became too intent on touching there, and inside her in his fascination with her, until she laughed at him and told him that if he did any more of that, they would not get away for another half an hour.

That was actually the way it worked out. They had stopped then, as they fell back upon the grass together with him on top, kissing her, and lifting her skirt out of the way, as hard as he ever was to pick up again where they had left off, amidst laughter at the inescapable inevitability of it all, and he slowly slid into her again as he fondled at her breasts. She would have to wash out her skirt when she got back to the school. Those stains left in the fabric there told too much of a tale about what they had done together.

They lay back together, exhausted after that. “Would you like to see me again Tony, often, and do all of this, and more, again?” She knew the answer to that before ever she asked. Those were always the safest kinds of question. His hand was on her warm soft belly, and moving slowly into those hairs again and down to that other part that so held his attention.

“Yes, Iris. Yes, I would. As often as I can. I’ve never been around a girl, a woman like you before that so excited me. Oh dear.” He laughed as he thought of something. “I was told I should not be too keen on our first real meeting, but I forgot. Not surprising after what we did. I never expected anything like this to happen. I would very much like to see you again, and to do all of this again too.” He hadn’t been able to help himself, and could not hide his excitement at being with her, and wanting to touch her constantly when no one else could see. It made her feel special. She was the same with him. She knew that she would have to be careful however, and lead him along gently and discreetly, if that were now possible.

She would also need to give some thought to the possibility of pregnancy. One did not go to that particular well too often without getting caught, but she was safe for the moment. She would discuss that with him later, too.

They had not yet spoken of a more formal relationship; about engagement or marriage, but they would need to, and soon, though that might be rushing things along too fast, and might scare him off. Although that was unlikely now. They both knew each other that way at least, despite a short relationship, and even though those words had not yet been spoken.

Like Maria, she was just filling in the year at school now as she had to decide what to do for herself. It had become clear to her, what that would be. She would talk about that with him, tomorrow. She hoped that what she intended for them both, would not come as too much of a surprise for him, or cause him to rethink what had happened. She already knew that it wouldn’t. The only real change would be in her life, not in his, so much. Though even as she thought that, she knew she was wrong. His life had just been turned inside out; upside down too, but he wouldn’t complain.

They walked back slowly, as they held each other close. Nothing needed to be said. When they got closer to the village. He took her panties from his pocket, where he had placed them for her and would have helped her on with them amidst more gentle exploration. She told him to continue looking after them. He was still curious and attentive, and wanted to investigate more of her, which he did, and to be into her again, and to feel her breasts in his hands. She wanted him to do that too, but she had to get back to school, before she was late for the evening meal, and might be missed.

He fastened her bra as a penultimate step, but there was no urgency with her panties. They straightened each other’s clothing and inspected each other for bits of grass or other marks they may have missed.

As they walked away she felt his hand ascend up her skirt behind her, mischievously, and set her dancing about excitedly with soft squeals at the shock of it until she relaxed more to let him touch as much of her as he wanted to.

She put her hands on his shoulders and with her legs apart, looked up at him with love, encouraging him to investigate her under there again, and even to go into her once more. This time, with risk of discovery and nervousness he had not come as he had before, but it had been close, until a dog had started to bark over the wall they were leaning against, and caused them both to become cautious and shy of being discovered.

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