Tales Told Out Of School. 4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

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Coming to the end of a glorious day.

Later, if anyone watched them in the village square, they would have smiled at their seemingly shy reservations with each other.

They celebrated what they had done, with a shared ice-cream while they still had some time to spare; it was more personal that way, and meant they could sit closer together without raising too much comment, just outside of the ice-cream shop, and under a spreading chestnut tree. They sat opposite each other as they carefully passed it back and forth. As the opportunity permitted, she adjusted her skirt to sit just above her knees, and allowed her legs to drift apart so that he might see all of her again under there, as he wanted to do.

As she felt more adventurous, she raised her feet onto the seat support, just in front of her, using her elbows on her knees, to slide her skirt even more up on her legs for him, so that he could easily see her. That, was taking too much of a risk, though they were far from prying eyes and could both keep a careful lookout.

He smiled, and was able to confess to her, that he had seen her that way too while he had been repairing that wall to the change room.

She was no longer embarrassed by that, but smiled at him.

“I’m glad. I forgot that I’d got rid of my damp panties at the fountain. Somehow, subconsciously I suppose, I wanted you to see me like that. You deserved to see that, and much more, which you now have, and we have done other things too that I never dreamed might be possible so soon.”

The temptation was to put his hand up her skirt too, when no one might be able to see, and to refresh his mind about what was up there, but that was dangerous. Apart from those intimate touches, their hands touched as they passed the ice-cream back and forth, to lick suggestively, as they lingered over it.

After it had gone, he took his handkerchief, and wiped at her chin as he held her at the side of the head. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes. His hand moved from her head, and unobtrusively up her skirt. He was too close to her for anyone else to see what he was doing as he leaned in to wipe at her face with one hand, while touching her so intimately with the other. She smiled at how mischievous they both were, feeling his fingers moving into her again. She adjusted her position to let him do whatever he wanted.

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