Tales Told Out Of School. 4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

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Correcting a mistaken assumption. Oh dear!

“You were wrong, Iris.”

Instant silence fell over the group at what Morgana had so forcibly said. She sat there with her legs crossed and her skirt pulled well back on her legs, not caring that her panties were visible, as she cleaned out her fingernails.

“You had no right to attack him as you did, because there really was a wasp’s nest in that wall. I was the one who reported it after I almost got stung, and he—that Harcourt youth; not a bad looking young man either—did get stung getting rid of it, before he got it cleaned out. I saw his stings. We should be thankful none of us blundered into it.”

She looked at Iris.

Iris had indeed flustered the poor man. She was so annoyed that she had forgotten about the way she had been dressed, or not dressed, and about protecting her modesty at all times.

“You must have encountered him just after that, yet you didn’t see how those wasps had attacked him. The other thing you didn’t know, is that there are two walls of brick there; an outer and an inner one, for strength. The nest was between them, so he couldn’t see into the change room anyway to spy on Solange, or you, or anyone else, though I wouldn’t have blamed him if he did. Looking, is harmless.

“He’s a man, don’t forget (how could any of them forget that), and he can’t help but be curious about us and our developing bodies, just as we are about him. Don’t frighten the poor man off. You were wrong about him. He is not what you think, but is thoughtful, intelligent and also kind. He was the one who put off cutting that tree down until the baby birds had flown the nest, and he was also the one that took in that stray kitten and fed it. It’s living in the furnace room now where it stays warm and well fed. It follows him everywhere. I wouldn’t mind getting to know him. He can spy on me in the showers any time he wants to and I would say nothing.”

Iris blushed. “Okay, so I admit I did react a bit strong, but I didn’t know I might be wrong.”

“Yes, you did overreact. You may not have noticed, but he never goes into the change room to do his work on those pipes, without a girl checking in there first, usually me, or him shouting loudly, and he won’t go in there without being sure that there is no one in there.

I even sit with him in there as he works, so that no one can blunder in on him and accuse him of anything, and he never tried to take advantage of me, even when I used the toilets in there while he was working. I am sure he could hear me peeing. He could have seen me to, as there are no doors on those cubicles.

“He was innocent of all charges. You owe the poor man an apology, Iris. I suggest you grovel, suitably, and beg his forgiveness in some suitable way. Maybe by you cornering him in there, undressing him, then undressing yourself, and letting him get to know you in that rigid-digit sense! Let him screw you, if you want it without any sugar-coating. There were several gasps from the more uptight and proper girls, at Morgana using that dreadful expression, but at least she hadn't used that worse one.

Morgana looked at the two girls who had expressed shock.

“What? You’ve heard that word before, and even the 'f' bomb, and if you hadn’t, you’d better learn about it. It’s what happens to all of us when we leave here, if we intend to find a man to fit into our lives after first fitting him into our bodies and letting him screw us.”

She glared at them.

“Get used to it. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Say it six times before breakfast every morning, and when you go to sleep. Just don’t let a teacher hear you use it. They don’t know anything about that glorious action between the sexes anyway or they wouldn't be here, infecting us with their spinsterish, virginal, prudery, but would be out there getting fucked every chance they could get it.”

Iris had used that ‘f’ word herself at other times, so was not shocked by Morgana using it. She had been deservedly taken to task if what Morgana said was true about those wasps, and it probably was. After that, and learning that there had been a wasp’s nest, she realized that the only right thing to do, was to try and make amends for what she had wrongly assumed, but not quite as radically as Morgana suggested. Still, it was a thought.

Iris looked at Morgana.

“Why don’t you let him do you instead? It’s easy to suggest for someone else. You obviously have the opportunity when you are in the change-room with him and have got rid of your panties by force of habit when you cross the threshold, if they are not already off, as we nearly all do. There are always any number of exposed tits of all sizes, and quims with various decoration upon them, to interest him in there.”

Morgana smiled. “I would, but he’s not my type. I’m working on his younger brother, Nigel, instead. I’d take my panties off for him in the blink of an eye, but not yet.”

Iris was not going to give up so easily. “Are you sure about the wasps? He looked guilty and embarrassed, lying there with that brick out of place. I never saw any wasps.” Iris recalled the look on his face.

Morgana had an explanation for that too. “That’s probably because you were angry with him; and were standing too close over him when he was on the ground doing that repair, and he’d got rid of them by then so he could make that repair.

“If I know you, you'd just come back from Hockey practice and you were hot and sweaty, and had just come from the fountain to cool off. Most of the girls get rid of bras and other things about then, if they are forgetful of him working in that area, and are not careful about such things, and damp themselves down under there and inside their blouses, if they have those on. Some even take off their skirts and panties before they head into the showers if there are no teachers to see them. Yes, he would really get an eyeful about then.

“I tried to warn them about contractors working around those buildings at certain times, but they didn’t hear me, or were being deliberately reckless or daring. You get like that too, Iris, taking clothing off before you go in there. I’ve watched you.”

Iris was blushing.

“I was hot. I don’t remember what I’d taken off, but I was still covered. Mostly.” A fatal qualification. Maybe she hadn't been.

“Maybe not. You wouldn’t know what you were showing him if you were annoyed, and I know you were. Chances are he could see up your skirt and to all that you possess, even if you had a skirt on. Most of the girls get rid of them at the fountain to wet them down and sometimes leave them off, though the stings were probably of more concern to him about then, than what you might have been revealing to him as you bounced by, especially if you had taken your panties off at the fountain as you often do and hadn’t put them on again but had damped them down to wipe at yourself under there.

If you entertain any man like that, wet panties on, or not, but especially if not, and had them in your hand, he’d be like that, tongue tied and confused. What man wouldn’t be?”

Morgana could see that Iris wasn’t able to remember just how lightly she had been dressed about then, and was blushing.

Iris got confused over certain things when she was angry.

Iris backed down. “Okay, so maybe I wasn’t fully dressed, but I was annoyed with him, and forgot about a few things.” She was blushing now. Morgana had been right about her getting rid of things and being careless about it when she shouldn’t have been. Maybe that was why he had been confused

“Face it. He’d be helpless to ignore you no matter how you were dressed, and he’d have that kind of a dreamy look on his face if he was on the ground, as you say, and looking up at whatever you were showing him.”

And she had certainly been showing him!

Iris had been too angry to notice what she might have been doing to unconsciously torment him as she'd lit into him, but she had been mostly covered. At least, she thought she had been.

“I still had my panties on. I think.” She said that, but her words told everyone that she hadn’t been sure about it.

“Unlike some of the other girls”—she looked accusingly around the table—“I usually don’t take anything off until I get right into the shower room (there were some disbelieving groans over her denial)… most of the time, though I might loosen my shirt to damp myself off by the water fountain after a hard match and throw water over myself.

“I may have also loosened my bra; but my panties…?” She struggled to remember.

“I don’t remember. Lots of us do that. It’s not far from the change room; just a hop, skip, and a jump, and it’s private.” She began to correct herself forcefully and blushed.

“Okay, so I may have got rid of more than I should have. I couldn’t help that, if I was too hot.”

If it was too hot, they sometimes played in just their panties and tops if there were no teachers to stop them from undressing.

She had got rid of her brassiere at the fountain as it was too constricting about her, and she didn’t want to get it wet as she damped herself down, and her shirt might have been too clinging after that, but she said nothing of that. She’d even been carrying her bra in her hand when she’d come across him, but in the heat of the moment had forgotten about other things. Maybe she had taken her panties off too! She had been only twenty feet from the change room.

Morgana was not about to let the subject drop.

“That would do it! Especially with a body and big tits like yours; short hockey skirt... if you had one on... sweaty wet panties with a damp spot staring down at him enticingly—if you had any of those on either as you stood over him—and failing that, a delightful display of interesting maidenly foliage to decorate and frame your inviting nether region on full display, just for him! He’d have a hard-on for a week if you did that, dreaming of a hole in one. Yours, on his, 'big one'.

There were a few chuckles from the other girls at the confusion they could see on Iris’s face. It was not too much to imagine the ferocious Iris standing over him with one foot on his chest posing like Britannia, and unaware of how exposed to him she might have been. Even Iris couldn’t remember. Not only that, but she had accused him wrongly!


“If that was the case, along with a gaping shirt that he could easily see up, considering the size of your boobs pushing it out, like Solange’s”—Morgana lifted her hands expressively under her breasts, and stuttered like one cartoon character she recalled ‘b...b...b...b… big’—“or your tank top was clinging to your sweaty wet body with no bra, and with your nipples standing out enough to take someone’s eyes out, and standing over him too...? Poor man. I’m surprised he didn’t have a heart attack. He would certainly be ‘little boy blue with the horn’ about then.”

Morgana painted too vivid a picture to ignore, and had everyone’s attention.

“He would be a lost man about then. Any man would be. What didn’t he see about you? That, would definitely overload his circuits and blow his fuse…turn any man’s crank that would! The poor boy’s probably still lying there in shock and with an erection that would knock a hole in that wall, if he hadn’t already taken a brick out, and wondering if Christmas and everything he might have wanted, and dreamed about had come early. He probably came too, several times after that in anticipation of you taking pity on him, which you didn’t do.

“I wish I’d been there, I would have known what to do. What a waste, with so many of us aching desperately for intimate knowledge of thatkind, of any man! We talk about it enough, but most of it’s just wind, isn’t it, when you get close to the sticking point? For some of you anyway.”

But not for Morgana. She was a dark horse, and was too assured not to know all there was to know about boys, or men.

“Now me, I would have got rid of my panties, stood over him, and plonked myself down onto his face and let him eat me”—there were those confused looks again—“or I could have liberated him and dealt with what must surely have been standing rigidly to attention just for me by then. What couldn’t I have done with that sliding into me?”

She seemed flushed, just thinking about it. “Those opportunities are not often presented. You blew it, girl! You owe the man an apology, an abject apology, and like I say, you now have the perfect excuse to approach him, and if you do it right, to learn much more about men and let him learn much more about you in the biblical sense. Don’t blow it again, though you could blow him.”

Iris was feeling miffed. Yes, she had been wrong, she knew that now, but she could also fix it properly, if she thought about it, even if it didn’t go as far as Morgana suggested. But why not? they all talked about it enough. Except she would move it along slowly at first, and decide how best to make things right between them, and let it go wherever it would go after that.

Most of the other girls did not understand what Morgana might be suggesting ‘plonk down on his face’ or about ‘eating’, but they would soon learn about that, in this outspoken setting.

“He would like to be doing to you, exactly what the young Mr. Delaney is actually doing to one of us in the barn on an almost daily basis, but I shall not mention any names.”

She didn’t have too. They all suspected which girl it was and she was sitting at the table with them.

“I wondered what would happen if he caught one of us alone in the barn with him after the chores, or before them, and give her a tumble or two in the hay. It’s been happening a lot over the last few weeks, but it wasn’t me. I don’t think he even notices me, when I work in there.”

“Who? Which girl?”

Morgana saw a brief look of alarm flash across Eunice’s face, before Eunice looked out of the window rather than have anyone see her blushing. Morgana said nothing more. So her suspicions had been correct. The young farmer was the one who was intimate with Eunice every day up in the top of the barn. So she was right about what she had seen. She decided to say nothing more. She might ask Eunice about it, later, and tell her where her panties were, after she had forgotten them, and had left them behind one time in her mad rush to get back to school in time for the dinner bell.

“How would I know who it was?”

She saw Eunice begin to relax once more.

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