Tales Told Out Of School. 4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

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Cornered by Emily. Some heart-felt advice.

“So how will you recover after giving that poor boy such a difficult time?” Emily stopped her in the corridor, guessing that Iris felt embarrassed by being so wrong about something. Everyone liked Tony, so what Iris had done, and wrongly, didn’t sit well.

“I don’t know.” Iris also felt bad about it, but seemed at a loss as to how to recover.

“Morgana was right you know. Would you like to know?

Iris looked at her. “Yes. Of course I would.”

Emily stopped her and spoke very plainly and in language Iris could not misunderstand.

“As Morgana suggested; you should let him screw you, Iris. I'd let him screw me if he wanted to.”

Her listener gasped.

“Encourage him. Corner him. Give him no choice. Let him see you, more of you than he’s seen before. Let him touch you, touch your tits."

She sighed from all of the skating around saying what was needed, and blurted it out. "Oh, Girl. Let him fuck you. It's the only way to recover from this.”

Iris was shocked.

“I couldn’t… daren’t…” but she was weakening. She also liked Tony, had dreamed about so many possibilities and now she may have blown it with him. Maybe Emily had a point. Term would end in a few weeks and she’d lose him forever if she didn’t do something.

Emily could see the confusion in Iris’s face, but knew that the seed she’d planted would soon sprout.

“That’s the best kind of apology for misunderstanding him so badly and ripping into him the way you did. I don’t know how else you’ll recover from this. It’s either that, or lose him.”

It was not the kind of advice Iris had expected from Emily, but hearing her put it like that brought it into sharp focus. She was shocked. “I can’t just do that! I don’t know him that well.” She still protested, but her resistance was falling.

“Why not?” Iris’s room-mate looked blankly at her. “He couldn’t possibly misunderstand you if you did that, and would certainly accept that as an apology. What man wouldn’t? You’d really get to know him then, in a way most of this school would be envious of, and he would get to know you, in a way most of the girls here can only dream of. You have the inside track, girl, and the body to go with it. Now use it.”

Iris was blushing intensely. “I couldn’t. I wouldn’t dare.”

Emily had no patience for this. “I could, and I, would. A man can do so much more for me than any of the girls in here ever could, even though we do have a lot of fun at times after lights out.”

Stinky girls were no substitute for a man, even if they knew which nobs to tweak, and were more relaxed with each other.

“Would you like me to approach him instead, and do it for you? Except I’m not sure he would go for me."

Surely, she wasn't serious?

“I know how I’d do it. Get him into the change room when it will be empty for almost an hour, get yourself undressed. Get him undressed.”

Iris didn’t like that thought of someone else getting close to him in any way, never mind intimately, and what Emily was saying made sense in an exciting kind of way. The change room would be ideal. As long as it was empty.

No, it was her apology to make, but letting him fuck her right off the mark seemed a bit… extreme… and might frighten the poor guy. She had to get to know him better, first. But how? And how much better? A fast approach might be the best way.

She closed off that other voice in her head that kept trying to slow her down.

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