Tales Told Out Of School. 4. Iris Corrects An Unfortunate Mistake.

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There you are!

Iris looked up into the tree he was working in, just next to the change room, and tried to get his attention. She apologized for what she had said earlier, and that she had been wrong to have spoken as she had.

It took him a while to realize that someone was speaking to him from somewhere below. He’d never expected that, and was caught flat-footed and not sure how to respond. The wary look on his face, remembering her forceful language on that previous occasion as she had stood over him, had been transformed into a delightful smile as he thanked her for her apology, and she should think no more of it, that her mistake had been understandable.

His response was quite encouraging. Perhaps he had not been looking up her skirt, thank the lord, but at her. But even if he had been looking up her skirt and had been entranced by what he had seen, so what?

“But you got stung, and I know that was hurting you. I was wrong and there must be some way I can make it up to you.”

She could see that he tried to keep his eyes from admiring her generous build, as he would have liked to have done on the previous occasion as she had stood over him. She was now almost directly below him and not above him, unfortunately, and he clearly had difficulty observing all of her as he would have liked to have been doing, as Iris could see from his wide eyes and reddening face.

He could no doubt see enough of her, in the top of her loose shirt from which the bottom had been cut off, leaving just enough to cover all of her breasts when she had a bra on, but less than all of them if she didn’t.

She knew she was better than just well built; she was stunningly well built (like a brick shithouse, was one description). She was interesting that way to older boys and even to older men in the village when she went there and caught them off guard, with their measuring and admiring glances before they looked away.

Solange, and her, were on a level footing in that department where size of breasts were taken as the measure of the woman as far as men were concerned, though, if anything, hers were the more solid and firm. Nonetheless, she liked the feeling of being admired.

She was flattered to notice that the young Mr. Harcourt had colored up to be so kindly spoken to after her previous verbal assault, and needed to be reminded by her, that he was up high on a ladder, before he fell.

“Please don’t forget that you are on a ladder, Tony.”

She fully intended to use his first name. “Remember that what goes up, must come down, and unfortunately a lot faster than you might intend.”

Sometimes as quickly and as surely as was intended when it came to panties coming down with some help.

He smiled in a foolish way to have been read so easily. She had caught him in his distracted state and knew all about him after those few words. He would be like putty in her hands.

“I hope your wasp stings were not too painful.”

“I’ve had worse.”

She learned by that simple answer that he had not misled her.

He hooked the saw over his ladder and showed her the bumps still visible on his hands and arms.

“I was going to trap them in there by putting a brick in fast, with mortar around it, but then I realized that they might then find a way inside that building; into that change room if the mortar were as bad on the inside, and make it all so much worse.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t get inside to check it, or to do anything about it with a girl changing in there, Miss Solange, I think, so I put up with it and blew an insect killer in there first, and then cleaned them out. I didn’t realize there were so many of them, or I would have done it differently.”

Iris listened patiently, and then took over.

“I think you should come down from there, Tony, before you fall, and let me see to them for you. Unless you’re too shy or are still too annoyed with me over my unforgiveable mistake and speaking to you as harshly as I did.” She pleaded with him.

“But if you are, I will try to understand.”

With her playing such a deviously tormenting part, and being nice about it, she knew he would be helpless in her hands. That double-barreled challenge, along with other unstated things, her pleading, and charmingly disarming smile as she blushed at him and played coy with him, got him down where it was safer to talk and to get things moving forward.

“I’m not annoyed with you, Miss. You did what you thought was right.”

She touched him on the arm. Perhaps it would not be so difficult. She was already feeling heady and excited just by being close to him.

“But I was wrong, and my name is Iris, not, Miss. I can at least try to put it right, so please don’t be annoyed with me.”

He wasn’t sure how she thought she might ‘put it right’.

“She took his rough hand as she had put her own out to shake his, and held on to it, to see more of his arms, and to see for herself how painful it must have been.

“I was not annoyed with you, Miss. I understood your concern, but I wasn’t trying to spy on anyone in the shower or that room. I’m not like that.”

He was a different man than she had remembered as she’d stood over him, that day. He had been shocked then and tongue-tied. He was as unnerved, now, as he had been then.

Fortunately, he said nothing about what had caused him to be that way, betraying nothing of what he might have observed about her on that previous occasion and that might embarrass her, but then she did not expect him to.

He was gentle, despite the surprisingly large size of his rough hands relative to hers. She had never been this close to him before, close enough to smell a mustiness that made her want to melt into his arms.

Perhaps she should faint and have him carry her into the change room where he would then take over as he should do. Except he might carry her to the school office instead. That would not look good with her panties near her knees.

She clenched her legs together as though he were already touching her there, which he was, in her mind.

She could see that there were numerous small bumps on his hands and arms.

“I think you should come with me, Tony, and let me see to those, as I should have done on that day, so now it is my chance to make up for my poor manners.”

She did not let him go, but led him across into the change room, almost having to pull him, noticing that he was not sure what she might be up to.

He objected, and dragged his feet when he saw where they were heading.

I can’t go in there, Miss! Not without permission beforehand, and not without me shouting loudly enough in the door first, to let any lasses know what I intend. And I can’t go in there alone with you!”

She was not about to let him escape that easily.

“Of course you can. There is no one changing in there at this moment. They are all in the gymnasium. There will be no one here for some time, at least for another forty minutes, so we shall be entirely alone, so I should be able to see to you properly by then.” Her eyes twinkled with meaning.

“And I need to clean your arm off to see to it. I have some lotion for your stings.”

And for another use too, if it got that far, and the omens looked good for that.

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