A Christmas Not More Perfect

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This is about family togetherness during the holiday season.

Romance / Children
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

The Christmas tree was both shining and sparkling. Lilly Louise and her husband Jeffrey had decorated it with a rainbow of both stars and baubles. In the window, there was the universe’s cutest’s teddy bear for their son Baxter. It seemed to greet him with the widest grin ever.

The mood in the house could not be more perfect. It inspired Jeffrey to sing. He turned on the radio to a Christmas music station and started to dance with Lilly Louise.

For this minute in time, these two were lost in a universe of their own. It was like they were dancing in their own ballet. Their daughter Sandy Sue came out of her room and clapped with joy when she saw her parents dancing together. The entire family laughed as one and shared a hug.

Baxter and Sandy Sue could not help but laugh and cheer their parents on when Jeffrey kissed Lilly Louise under the mistletoe. They started blowing kisses to their parents. All four of them shared another hug and agreed that this Christmas could not be more perfect.

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