Gone Before Tomorrow

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Chapter 11: Family Tree


Paisley looks back up at me from her hands but immediately looks away again; fear and tears filling her eyes “I don’t know, it just looked nice. I’m sorry.” she says barely above a whisper. I see one tear fall slowly down her cheek and then another, then another. I can’t help but think back to the first time I met Georgiana


I walk nervously through the halls of the hospital, trailing my fingers over all the walls. My mother is saying something about something but I’m not listening. All of a sudden we stop outside a door covered in pink and purple flowers. The doctor that has been leading us through the dark and dirty halls pushes open the door and we walk in. Sitting on a bed, cross-legged, with her back to us is a figure with brown hair just like mine, and blue eyes just like mine. My eyes light up and I rush over to her, my parents again say something but I don’t hear them.

I clamber as best I can onto the too high bed and place myself in front of the girl; a grin plastered across my face. Her head is down and so she doesn’t see me. “Amy.” I say loudly. No response. “Amy!” I say again, louder. This time she looks up ever so slightly and I gasp. Her eyes look so hollow and empty.

She cocks her head to the side confused “Who are you?” she manages to croak out through her cracked lips.

I laugh “It’s me your little brother, silly goose.” I say playfully hitting her arm.

She winces before saying “I have a brother?”

I just stare confused “Of course you do. We used to play together all the time remember? I was the cowboy and you were the robber remember? We used to go to the park and you would push me on the swings remember?” My voice rises with each sentence as tears prick my eyes.

She just shakes her head before turning her gaze to the doctor who has made his way behind me. “Why did you bring these people here?” She asks slowly “Why did you bring these strangers to my room? Why are they here?! Who are they?!” With each question her voice goes from barely above a whisper to a piercing shriek. “Why didn’t you let me die!” she yells throwing herself on the bed sobbing and yelling. My mother buries her head in my father’s neck as she too begins sobbing. My father just holds her rubbing her back and whispering in her ear. My eyes go wide as I jump off the bed shaking my head. ‘what’s going on?’ I think looking around for some kind of escape ‘what happened to my sister?’ my eyes land on the door and before anyone can stop me I bolt out of the room and down the hallway. My dad yells something but of course, I’m not listening.

I run, and run and run until I am too tired to run anymore. I stop in the middle of an unfamiliar hallway and try to catch my breath. There is a door just to my right and I throw it open in hopes of escape, but it only leads to a courtyard. I let out a yell, step into the courtyard and punch the door as hard as I can. My fist makes a sickening crunch as it collides with the steel door. I wince and cradle my hand to my chest. I turn and look out into the area thinking ‘that was a really dumb move.’ There’s a tree in the middle of the manmade field and I begin walking toward it. When I am about halfway there I stop. There is a person sitting under the tree, crying. All thoughts of Amy and my probably broken hand fly from my mind as I walk over to the person. It’s a girl. I sit in front of her and poke her shoulder with my unharmed hand. She looks up, tears still streaming down her face.

“What?!” she snaps at me

“Nothing” I say back “I just wanted to know if you’re okay.” The defensive scowl drops from her face as she hangs her head and shakes it. I scoot closer to her and put my arm around her the way my dad does with my mom. “What’s wrong?”

“My daddy says I’m crazy” She sniffles

“Are you?”

“No!” she waits a few moments “Well maybe.” I pat her back a little trying to make her feel better. “He says I have to stay here until I am all better.”

“Do you want to stay here?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Did you tell him that?”

“No” she whispers. We sit in silence for a few minutes.

“Well maybe when I come visit my sister I can visit you too, would that make you feel better?” I ask quietly , looking into her bright green eyes.

She thinks for a moment before saying “Yeah.” She then scoots away from me sticking out her hand, all formal like, and says “My name is Georgiana.”

I reach out my hand and we shake as I say “Derek.”

End Flashback

I feel tears rolling down my cheeks as I sink to the ground. I cover my face with my hands trying to force the tears back, but to no avail. They come fast, and hot pouring down my cheeks with reckless abandon. “Why did she leave?!” I sob into my hands. “What did I do wrong!? What did I do to deserve this?!” I begin punching the ground again and again until I feel hands cover mine gently. I look up, tears still falling at lightning speed, into Paisleys insanely dark eyes.

“Don’t do this to yourself.” she says firmly, looking me dead in the eye. I shake my head and move my hands so that I can resume my assault on the ground. In an instant her hands are at either side of my face, forcing me to look at her. “Derek, no.” she says. This time all my resolve melts and I dissolve into a blubbering mess. She flawlessly pulls me into her arms and hold me as I cry like a little baby. Every once in awhile she whispers into my ear “It’s okay, It’ll be okay, I’m here, shush, it’s okay.” After some time of this I am finally able to control myself and pull away from her embrace. I stand and turn away from her trying to compose myself.

‘Crap, what am I gonna do. God what if she starts asking questions? Or worse if she thinks I’m a baby? Or she might tell...’ I hear rustling behind me and turn to see the girl had risen to her feet.

With her eyes trained on the ground she says “I won’t tell anyone okay?”

I nod and then realizing she can’t see I say “Thank you.” She nods and starts toward the door but soon stops.

“Umm I still have no idea where I’m going.” she says turning to face me blushing.

A small smile manages to creep onto my face as I walk to where she is standing and hold out my hand to her “I’ll walk you.” She looks quickly from my hand to me then back to my hand. I give her a little nod and she hesitantly takes it. As she does I intertwine her fingers with mine and begin making my way back to her room.

When we pass the dining hall doors she stops forcing me to stop as well. I raise an eyebrow at her as if to ask ’what?′ She blushes again and I can’t help but think ‘She’s adorable when she does that’

“We promised Jamie that we would go color with her.” she says looking down the hallway “But I mean we don’t have to if you don’t feel up to it.” she adds hurriedly.

I let out a little laugh and begin leading her down the hallway towards Jamie’s room “Come on can’t keep the princes waiting.” I say looking back at her. She lets out a light laugh and all I can think is ‘Man I’m screwed.’

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