Gone Before Tomorrow

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Chapter 16: Like Father, Like Daughter

We walk slowly and silently down the hallways back to my room. Once there I sit on my bed and look over to Derek who has taken a seat in the chair opposite me. We just look at each other for a few minutes, thinking. After a while I say “That was really something” and as soon as the words are out of my mouth I wish I could take them back ‘That was really something? You really couldn’t come up with anything better than that was really something?’ I think mentally slapping myself.

Derek nods and says “Yeah I guess it was.” he sighs “I haven’t ever talked about them like that in...no i’ve never talked about them like that. It felt...good.”

,“That’s good, I mean you could keep talking about them if you want I’m a really good listener.” I cringe slightly at my words ‘God I’m bad at this’.

A small smile creeps onto his face “Thank you I would re....” he begins but then Dr. Kirkland rushes in cutting him off.

,His hair is messed up, and he looks like he’s been crying “Paisley how are you feeling? Dr. Quinn told me about wha...“. His eyes narrow when he sees Derek. “You, out now!” he yells pointing to Derek then the door. When Derek doesn’t move he grabs him by the arm and lifts him from the chair.

,“Dr. Kirkland what’s...?” I begin asking but then I am cut off by Derek.

,“Why do I have to leave?! Paisley is my friend!” he wrenches his arm out of Dr. Kirkland’s grip.

,“Friends, just like you were with Georgiana?” he fires back, eyes blazing.

Derek clenches his jaw and I can see tears forming in his eyes “How many times do I have to apologize for that?” he says softly his voice breaking “I loved her, don’t you think that what happened kills me inside every day.” his voice gets louder as the tears begin to spill over “Don’t you think I’ve spent every day since then thinking about what I could have done differently?! What I could have done to save her?!” tears are now flowing rapidly down his cheeks and his fists are clenched “I don’t even know what killed her!!”

“You killed her!!” Dr. Kirkland fires back taking a step toward Derek. I back away from the two slowly until I am on the opposite side of the bed. My knees up to my chest, eyes squeezed shut, and hands over my ears. It doesn’t make much difference, I can still hear every word. “You killed her!!” he yells again “You’re the reason she started refusing treatment and died!”

,“I lost my sister!” Derek yells louder, and I squeeze my eyes harder. My heart starts beating faster and my breathing becomes labored. I can tell I’m having a panic attack but there’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to sit there and listen to them fight. . “My sister died and my parents blamed me! I couldn’t come back and face that! How could you or anyone expect me to come back here after Amy died?! Georgiana understood! She forgave me!”

The room is silent for a few moments before Dr. Kirkland begins laughing lightly “You have no idea what happened, you said yourself that you don’t even know what killed her.” his voice is sharp and cold “You might have lost your sister, but I lost my daughter. And it’s all your fault. If you hadn’t been so selfish they would both still be here.” I hear Derek sobbing and open my eyes slowly. Derek is on his knees on the ground with his head in his hands. Dr. Kirkland is still standing, looking down at him with so much rage I can’t bare to look a moment longer so I close my eyes again. “You killed them, and you’ll have to live with that the rest of your miserable life.” Then I hear loud footsteps walking away. I open my eyes and rush to Derek’s side. He is still on the floor sobbing. I wrap my arms around him but he pushes me away.

“No, n-no get away from me!” he yells backing away from me quickly. I blink confused up at him. For some reason I feel tears spring to my own eyes but I easily push them away. In a blink he is up on his feet and rushing toward the door. I spring to my feet and rush after him, managing to grab his arm before he can leave the room.

,“Derek slow down.” I say forcefully using all my strength to turn him toward me and part of me wished I had just let him go. His eyes had lost all of the light they had held only five minutes ago. All the life that had once occupied his face is gone, he looks broken beyond repair. His cheeks are stained by tears and his hair is falling into his face messily. My breath hitches in my throat as I take in the sight of him. I reach up a slowly and brush some of the hair out of his face. “Slow down.” I whisper gathering my courage. I let go of his arm and to my surprise he doesn’t run away. Instead he collapses. I manage to catch him before he can hit the ground and hold him in my arms. I check his pulse and it’s fine, as steady as ever. I sigh and try to come up with a plan. Looking around the room I see one of the wheelie chairs that the doctors use. I lay Derek gently onto the ground before going over to where the chair is sitting in the corner of the room and bringing it to his side. Using all my strength I manage to get him onto the chair, and wheel him to the bed. I take a few deep breaths before wrapping my arms under his armpits and lifting him onto the bed. Once he is safely on the bed I place my hands on my hips and try to catch my breath ‘Either you are really out of shape or he is really heavy’ I roll my eyes and let a small smile form on my face thinking ‘I would assume the former.’ With no response and all my wind returned I gently tuck Derek into the bed. I look down at his face, normally people say that someone who’s sleeping has a very peaceful face but Derek’s is twisted into a look of excruciating pain. I sigh and check his pulse again, it’s almost exactly the same. I sigh and sit myself in the chair Derek had been sitting in only a little while before. I pull my knees up to my chest and block out all the thoughts competing for my attention. A yawn escapes my lips and I realize how tired I am. I get into a more comfortable position in the chair and close my eyes ‘I’ll only sleep for a little while.’ I think before falling into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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