Gone Before Tomorrow

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Chapter 18: With Sprinkles on Top


I open my eyes slowly, and feel arms wrapped around my waist. I close my eyes again and move closer to the person; enjoying the the heat radiating off their body. I hear laughter and my eyes fly open. Tilitting up head up my dull grey eyes are met by Derek’s shining baby blues. His cheeks are tinged pink and a small smile has worked it’s way onto his lips.

“Goodmorning sleepy head” he says pushing a few pieces of hair out of my face.

I blush deeply before responding “What time is it?”

“About midnight” he looks down at me teasingly.

“How long have you been awake?” I ask sitting up against the backboard of the bed and looking down at him.

He stretches lightly before propping himself on one elbow and looking up at me “A few hours.”

My eyes go wide “A few hours!” I yell mortified “You should have woken me, or turned on the TV or…”

He laughs cutting me off “I would have but you just looked so cute I couldn’t bring myself to do it.” he takes my hand “Besides you looked so happy I didn’t want to take that away from you.” he smile sweetly “What were you dreaming about? Was is me. I bet it was me.”

I snatch my hand away rolling my eyes and trying to keep the smile off my face “No it was not you.” He raises an eyebrow as if to say ‘oh really’ I roll my eyes again and continue “I was dreaming about when I found my puppy.” A small smile returns to my lips as I look past Derek reliving the memory. “It was raining horribly, and I was walking home from school ,since I missed the bus, and there she was. This little scruffy puppy sitting in this giant puddle of water not moving. I honestly thought she was dead but when I touched her, her eyes opened just a bit.” I close my eyes and shake my head “So I took her home and cleaned her all up, even put one of my favorite hair bows on her. Just imagine this tiny brown ball of fluff with a huge red and blue bow.” I begin laughing at the thought and take a minute to regain my composure. “When my parents came home I figured that they would be so proud that I found her and cleaned her all up that they had to let me keep her. And the did, I named her sprinkles and she was my pride and joy. I loved her more than anything in this world.” I sigh and take my hand out of Derek’s and place them in my lap looking down at them.

“You said you loved her more than anything?” He asks sitting up. I nod not looking up. “Did something happen to her?”

I shake my head “No, no nothing happened to her. But something happened to me.” I sigh and look up at Derek plastering a small smile on my face “That’s not important now. What is important is that it’s midnight and I am starving”

A look of concern flashes across his face before it is replaced by a look of mock horror “God woman, you really gotta get eating regular.”

“Hey it’s not my fault” I say poking him in the side “someone decided to get in a fight and pass out on my floor which prohibited me from being able to go get food at a normal time.”

“Who would even dare to do that?” he asks standing

“Oh I don’t know just some tosser.”

He places a mischievous grin on his face before picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder “Who are you calling just some tosser?”

I begin giggling uncontrollably “Derek put me down!” I squeal trying to look at him

“Not until you admit that you are madly in love with me.”

“We only just met!” I continue giggling “Come on put me down.”

I feel his head shake “Nope not until you say that you Paisley are madly in love with me Derek.”

I laugh and feel the blood rushing to my head. I squeeze my lips shut in protest; however, I soon feel hiccups bubbling up my throat “Fine fine fine!” I yell “I Paisley am madly in love with you Derek. Now can you please put me down!”

With a laugh he lifts me off his shoulder and sets me on the ground, his hands still on my hips. I look up into his eyes and feel my breath hitch in my throat. He pulls me closer, placing one hand on my cheek. I instinctively close my eyes and lean into his hand. I open my eyes and see that he has gotten even closer. He looks into my eyes before saying “Is it okay if I…”

I cut him off pressing my lips lightly against his.

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