Gone Before Tomorrow

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Chapter 20: Don't Let me go


My eyes flutter open and there are people, way too many people, standing over me their eyes trained on me intently. I try to move and one of them rests their hand reassuringly on my arm and shakes their head. I go to speak and can’t. There’s some sort of tube in my throat. That’s when I begin choking, willing one of the pairs of eyes to take it out and let me breathe, and after what seems like an eternity of hacking and gagging one of them finally does. Once the intrusion is one I take deep gulping breaths trying to stop my head from spinning and fill my burning lungs. One of the people in the room inserts an IV in my arm, the tiny prick causing me to wince softly and shut my eyes. A booming voice echoes through the room accompanied by loud footsteps.

“What happened here?” Dr. Kirkland demands as he comes into my line of view and shifts his gaze around to all of the other people in the room. The sharp, almost acidic nature of his tone causes me to shrink back as much as I can with an IV in the arm closest to him and someone holding tightly to it. He continues to scan the room and all of the occupants, probably nurses, drop their eyes. He gives a long sigh before finally looking at me, a look so filled with worry and grief I almost want to cry. With careful and tentative steps he makes his way closer and takes my hand, the nurse who had been holding my arm quickly scampers away. Dr. Kirkland gives my hand a gentle squeeze before asking softly “How are you my dear?”

I nod softly trying to muster my courage to say “I-I’m fine” I try to sit up but am unable to, and awkwardly continue from my position in the bed “I think it was just a bad panic attack. I really am fine.” I then turn my gaze to the other inhabitants of the room who are all nodding, some ticking things off in charts and one by one they all exit the room.

Once they’re gone the doctor takes a seat on my bed, still grasping my hand, looking at me with a mix of relief and worry I want to ask what happened but he just gently pushes me back onto the bed. “You need to rest young lady” he croons softly. “In the morning at a more proper hour you’ll be moving in with all the others.” With a small smile he gets up from the bed and starts to walk away. Once in the doorway he gives a small sigh and turns to me “Paisley darling…Please watch out for Derek he has got a lot he doesn’t know how to handle.” I give the doctor a confused look but before I can push him for more information my eyelids grow heavy and sleep has pulled me under yet again.

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