Gone Before Tomorrow

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Chapter 21: I Am A Princess

I yawn and roll over in my too big bed with bright pink and purple fluffy blankies that my mommy bought for me. I wipe my eyes as I sit up looking at the light pouring into my room from the window and then to the usually empty bed across from me. However, today it wasn’t empty. There was someone in the bed. With a little squeak I get up and run out of the room and down the hall to Derek’s room and jump on him “DEREK THERE IS SOMEONE IN MY ROOM AND I DONT KNOW WHO IT IS SO YOU NEED TO COME RIGHT NOW AND GET THEM OUT!!” I squeal at him, making my voice as high pitched and whiny as possibly.

He groggily rolls over and wipes his eye much as I had and melody says something about how it makes him look like a little kid but I push her away, starting to shaker Derek. He groans and looks at the clock on his bedside table seeing the time which I hadn’t bothered to check and see it’s 6:08. With anotoher squeak I hop off of Derek’s bed and begin pacing softly, all the voices yelling and laughing at me for waking him up so early. Before I know it I am no longer standing but in very familiar arms. Without thinking I wrap myself around Derek and hide in his neck as his whispers softly in my ear. After a few minutes I have calmed down and Derek puts me down, before taking my hand and saying

“Well lets go see who’s in your room princess”

At the nickname I smile and nod pulling Derek along the dimly lit corridor to my room. Once there he stands looking at the same name he always does. I don’t ask but patiently wait for him to open the door, and after a few moments he does. I hide behind his legs as he slowly approaches the bed where someone is still sleeping. He pulls back the covers gently and I squeal happily when I see who it is.

“PAISLEY GOT PUT IN MY ROOM!!! PAISLEY GOT PUT IN MY ROOM!!!” I run around the room yelling at the top of my lungs before putting a hand over my mouth and looking at the very sleepy form of Paisley still on the bed. She gives me a sleepy smile and I return with a sheepish one for waking her up.

Derek’s eyes go wide and a smile spreads across his face as he sits on the edge of Paisley’s bed and begins talking to her in a hushed voice. With a pout on my face I march myself over and jump on the bed next to Paisley, wrapping my arms around her.

“DEREK STOP HOGGING MY ROOMMATE” I yell still pouting at him.

He looks taken aback for only a moment before ruffling my hair and standing “A thousand apologies princess” he gives a deep bow before looking back up at me with a smile which I happily return.

I jump off Paisley and start to push Derek out the door “now get out so the ladies can get ready for the daayyyy” I trill as Derek backs up toward the door. After I get him out and close the door behind him I go over to Paisley and jump back into her bed cuddling up to her. The girl looks surprised at first but soon wraps her arms around me pulling me close. I yawn softly and look up at Paisley, her eyes closed and her breathing steady. With a small smile I close my eyes and with the voices for once silent, I am able to drift right off to sleep.

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