Gone Before Tomorrow

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Chapter 2: Waking Up


It felt like I was drowning. Everything was dark and I couldn’t move. I needed to get out, I needed to wake up. I willed my eyes open and was met with blinding lights. I groan lightly before attempting to sit up only to feel a sharp pain in my right arm. I look over and see a needle sticking into my arm. I roll my eyes lightly and flop back down onto the pillows and lightly shut my eyes. I hear footsteps to my left, and turn my head to see a doctor dressed in green scrubs and a white lab coat. He was looking down at a clip board and mumbling incoherently. In an attempt to get his attention I clear my throat. He shifts his eyes over to me and they go wide when he realizes that i’m awake. I give him a weak smile as he hurries quickly over and sits in a chair next to my bed that I hadn’t seen before.

“Hello, dear” he said, well it really sounded more like a purr, with an accent I identified immediately as english “How are you feeling?” he asked smiling sweetly.

I felt a slight blush tinge my cheeks and manage to squeak out “I-I’m alright, but um” I pause for a moment looking around “where am I?” I begin to play with my hands nervously fearing that I sounded foolish asking such a question.

My eyes immediately snap to the doctor as I heard a light laugh escaped his lips “Oh well dear you’re at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Beverley, East Yorkshire.” A gasp escapes me as thoughts flood my mind ‘Do my parents know i’m here? How did I get here? What happened after...’ I was snapped out of my reverie by the doctor placing his hand on my shoulder. “Darling do you remember anything?” his eyes hold a look of parental concern I had not seen before.

I let out a sigh blowing my bangs out of my eyes in thought before saying “All I remember is the pills, and....” I trail off pulling out my left arm from under the covers only to see that from my elbow up is covered in a bandages. I look sheepishly up at the doctor before continuing “and the cutting, and there was a dog barking, but after that everything went black.” I move my gaze from my arm up to him expectantly.

He sighs and runs a hand through his short brown hair “Well then let me fill you in on what has happened and at any point you feel it is too much please tell me” He looks down at me with green polls of concern and I manage to nod before he continues. “After your parents found you they called emergency services of course and the higher ups decided that it would be best to send you to us.” He sits back in his chair bringing his hands behind his head “We had to pump your stomach and stitch you up” he says motioning to my arm “and as you can tell you made it, but you were out for a particularly long while. Gave us quite a fright little lady.” He says the last part with a little laugh as I work up the courage to ask him a question.

I avert my eyes to the floor before saying “H-how long was I out?”

“About four days” The response comes quickly

“And my parents where are they?” I pry my eyes off the floor and manage to look the doctor in the eye.

“Well that’s where it gets tough” He sighs and rubs his temples “they thought that it would be in your best interest if they gave you legally over into our custody.” I feel my mouth drop open and tears prick my eyes. In moments a pair of strong arms are wrapped around me “Paisley shush Paisley it will be alright” He whispers in my ear as tears begin to roll down my cheeks. He pulls back after a few minutes when my tears have stopped and returns to his position on the chair before going on to explain that once they no longer need me to be under observation they would move me into one of the dorm like rooms on the other end of the hospital, but I wasn’t really listening. ′How could they just give me over like I was nothing? Because you are nothing’ the thoughts keep running through my head over and over as I feel the tears begin to well up again. The doctor seems to notice that I am not paying attention and places his hand on my shoulder. “Why don’t you get some sleep and we can talk more when you wake?” I nod and lay back on the bed. I pull the warm comfortable comforter around me. The doctor gets up and begins walking away clipboard in hand. He reaches the door and turns around “Oh I’m doctor Kirkland, please feel free to buzz if you need anything.” and with that he was gone. I burrow deeper into the covers as my eyelids start to droop. I give into the darkness without a second thought.

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