Gone Before Tomorrow

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Chapter 5: Uninvited Guests


I just stare blankly after Derek as he walks away, presumably back to his room. “Paisley?” I hear someone say behind me, snapping me out of my trance. I turn toward the voice and see the doctor from before sitting in one of the chairs next to my bed.

“Oh, hey Doctor Kirkland” I say walking into the room and sitting on my bed.

He looks up at me from his clipboard smiling “I’m glad to see that you are up and active so soon after recovery.” I blush scarlet and nod slowly turning my eyes to my hands. Doctor Kirkland chuckles lightly before continuing “Well we still want to keep you here under observation, but if you would like we could begin integrating you into group therapy with some of the other patients.”

“Will Derek be there?” I ask before I can even register the words coming out of my mouth. My eyes go wide in shock and my hands fly over my mouth. The Doctor looks at me with his jaw clenched and fists balled.

He lets out a huff “So i see you’ve met Derek”

I remove my hands from my mouth and push a piece of hair out of my face before saying hurriedly “I mean, we haven’t like met met, it was more like I ran into him in the hallway; and i mean like literally ran into him. Then he just kind of walked me back here, well not really he just kind of walked next to me back here.” I pause to catch my breath and look up from my hands and into the eyes of Doctor Kirkland.

His happy facade has returned, but I can see this time that his caring smile doesn’t exactly reach his eyes. He reaches for my hands and says “Calm down, and breathe love it’s alright. Just be careful.”

Why? I want to ask but the rational voice in my head says ‘Just keep your big mouth shut like seriously.’ so I just nod and remove my hands from the Doctors grip. He nods back then stands saying “Well I think it would be best for you to get some rest, as it seems you’ve had a rather exciting day.” I nod again as a yawn escapes my lips. Doctor Kirkland gives me one last strained smile and walks out of the room.

I sigh and lay down on the bed, and just stare at the ceiling for a moment before closing my eyes in an attempt at sleep. Of course this is when the voices decide it’s time to come out to play. ‘Why is mister doctor man all uptight about Derek?’ I just shake my head in response, as if to say ‘just please let me sleep’. It’s quiet a moment before before another chimes in ‘I don’t know he seems like a giant jerk’ I open and roll my eyes at the ceiling letting out an annoyed huff. “Can you please just shut up.” I moan out loud holding my head.

“Sorry didn’t know my breathing was really that annoying.” A voice says from the doorway. My eyes instantly dart over to the door and see the one, the only, Derek Mc whatever-his-last-name-is. A little squeak escapes my lips as I fling the comforter over my head in an attempt to...I don’t know...escape maybe? ‘Maybe if I just close my eyes then maybe he will go away’ I think squeezing my eyes shut. After a few seconds I peak out to see if he is still there. ‘Of course he is still there dork!’ a voice screams at me upon seeing Derek ,now sitting in one of the chairs by my bed, looking back at me one eyebrow raised in amusement and a smirk on his face.

I clear my throat and look him dead in the eye before saying with as much sass as I can muster “What do you want Derek?” However my voice cracks when I say his name taking whatever edge my voice had held out of it.

His smirk only gets wider as he leans back in the chair, stretching himself out, and making himself as comfortable as possible. “To get to know you.” He says plainly.

I look back at him shocked before diving back under the covers ‘I’m so fucked’ I think before closing my eyes and somehow falling asleep.

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