Gone Before Tomorrow

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Chapter 7: Who's Past? Who knows


I smirk a little to myself as Paisley throws the blankets over her head. ‘she is seriously strange’ I think before striding into the room and sitting myself in the chair next to her bed. My smirk only grows wider as I see her peak out from under the covers before squeaking and hiding herself once again.

I smile and lean my head back closing my eyes ‘everything feels so normal’ I muse trying not to, but untimely failing, think about how things could go from normal to terrible in a moment.


I strode confidently into the room and sit myself in the chair I was so used to occupying during my time here. “Hey Georgi-o” I say smiling brightly and stretching my arms over the back of the chair.

“Hi dork” the familiar brown haired figure shoots back at me.

I place a look of mock hurt on my face and grasp my chest “Georgiana Marie I am shocked at you.”

She jumps off her bed and delivers a quick light punch to my arm “oh come on don’t be such a baby Derek.” she laughs walking over to the dresser and pulling on a grey sweatshirt. She stuffs her hands deep into the pockets of her sweatpants and looks up at me; a devilish glint in her eyes. “race you” Georgiana says simply before bolting out of the room . I quickly jump up and follow her to the familiar giant oak in the back hospital courtyard. I pump my arms in an attempt to catch up to the former track star but to no avail. When I reach the tree I am doubled over, hands on my knees, trying to catch my breath. I hear her laugh and lift my head slightly. “Lost your edge Walters.” She says sprawling out on her back and closing her eyes. I follow her lead and lay in the soft grass but keep my eyes open.

“I’m sorry” I mumble looking up into the sky “I know I said I would visit it’s just..”

She cuts me off “Save it.” the anger all too evident in her voice “I don’t want to hear it.” We sit in silence for a few minutes as I pick at the grass around me and staring up into the sky. Suddenly she surprises me by moving closer, wrapping her arms around me and laying her head on my chest. “All that matters is that you’re here now” she sighs. I sigh as well and wrap my arms around her shoulder taking in the breathtaking beauty of the scene around me and the girl in my arms. A slight smile playing on her lips and a breeze blowing through her hair.

We lay there in silence for another few minutes, after a while I look down at the girl in my arms and notice something strange. Her back isn’t rising and falling the way it should be. I shake her shoulder lightly “Georgiana” I whisper into her ear. No response I shaker her again, harder this time “Georgiana!” I yell. Nothing. I jump up from my position on the ground and pick the girl up in my arms bridal style. I sprint back into the hospital. The halls are deathly quiet. “Help!! Someone help me!!” I yell making my way back to her room. I place her gently on the bed and run my hands through my hair unsure of what to do. I try yelling again “Nurse !! Someone!! Help she’s going to die!!” I feel hot tears streaming down my face as I stare into the face of the girl who minutes ago could not have seemed more alive. I fall to the floor as a nurse and a few doctors finally run into the room. I can’t see them though, can’t hear them either. All I see is her. Her face, her laugh, the way her hair flew behind her as she ran through the halls.

Flashback end

I hear a strangled yell from the bed next to me which snaps me out of my reverie. I bring a hand to my face and feel wetness there ‘tears’ I think to myself quickly wiping them away. I stand and push a shaking hand through my hair ‘I seriously need to get this cut.’ I look over at the bed and see Paisley. She is flailing and her cheeks are wet. She screams and my eyes go wide. I’ve never heard someone sound so lost or in pain. I begin to walk toward her bed hesitantly then all of a sudden she stops moving. That’s when the heart monitor begins to flat line ‘crap, crap, crap’ I think walking the remaining few steps to her bed and placing my hands on her shoulders. “Paisley” I say shaking her. No response. “Paisley” I say again shaking her a bit harder, still nothing. “Paisley!!” I yell. Her eyes fly open and the heart monitor begins its steady beeping again. She is panting and shaking slightly, I want to hug her but instead I opt to say “Shit Paisley what was that? Are you alright? God I thought it was happening again and...” I stop myself before I say too much and remove my hands from her shoulders.

I slump into the chair and put my head in my hands. I press my palms hard into my eyes trying to stop the flow of tears I feel getting ready to burst. All I can see is Georgiana’s lifeless body lying limp in my arms, and her eyes how they had gone from so full of life to so empty in moments. ‘It’s all your fault, you’re the reason that she’s dead. She’s gone because of you and...’ my thoughts are interrupted as a hand comes into contact with my shoulder sending a jolt through me.

“Umm uhh it’s okay?” Paisley says confusedly. It takes all I have not to tell her to piss off, and that everything is far from “okay.”

As opposed to being a jerk to the girl who almost died I stand up, and consequently almost knock her over. She manages to catch herself and I glare at her, why? I have no idea, and see the fear fill her eyes as she looks away. I rub my temples for a moment trying to release the anger that has built up. ‘It’s not her fault, she doesn’t even know.’ I say to myself before my expression softens and I let out a sigh. She looks up from the floor tentatively, and as soon as we lock eyes a pink blush creeps onto her cheeks and she looks away again. Then her stomach growls...loudly. She turns bright red and I smile. I run a hand through my hair before extending it to her “hungry?” I ask my smile turning to a smirk. She gives a small nod and crosses her arms. I look from my hand, to her, and back to my hand again and say “Well come on then.” She raises an eyebrow at me and I let out a little laugh before taking her hand and pulling her with me into the hallway. I look back to see her face as we fly down the hallway and I can tell that she’s thinking. This can’t be good.

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