a diary of eternal memories

By aishwaryarishitha All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

a misfit

"life's true gift lies in your freedom to design it beautifully.With each rise of the sun,you get to chase the opportunity to fill your days with meaning.

I'm no ordinary.I don't fit in .This is my journey.The fog on the windows has just cleared.I was in a deep thought .As a child i never was as the so called ordinary normal child.I was the one with wild expectations , high ambitions and moreover entirely different from this world."lucia...lucia...aren't you coming down your getting late",mom said.Though she has been calling me i couldn't hear her,i was in another world far from reality but this time i have to break out and get down i am getting late to school.Lucia adelle's my name and this is my journey.I have that serene look on my face and an unseen smile,jet black hair with rose gold highlights ,extraordinarily metallic or edgy features,streamlined body .I don't owe my creator a ton for my look as any other girl would.I had my smoothie and off to school.As i walked down the hallway of my school, many eyes followed me not mentioning the whispers.
"...she is such a weirdo,oh my gosh i wish i had her looks but not her weird personality",somewhat like that .Every teenager goes through a mental phase of hyper tension , peer pressure and crushes.But people like me who are rare and are not accepted by people are strong willed though they face much serious problems .As i entered my class gazes did follow mw but one was too different from the rest.One which did not define me as weird but one which admired me for who I am.

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