Blue Butterflies, Book 3.5 of Pagosa Cliffs

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Chapter 29

Warning: this chapter contains violence and abuse.

After she arrived, Donnie had taken Tonia to a very exclusive boutique where all the mannequins wore giant butterfly wings. He bought her a dress and one of a kind heels with butterfly wings on the back, and some beautiful lingerie before taking her for a very nice dinner, then back to his mansion and screwing her almost senseless.

Tonia came down the stairs from the bedroom in a silk robe that barely covered the negligee she wore underneath. Donnie was sitting in his office, working on his computer when she found him. Perching on the edge of his desk, she let him look at her near nudity before she leveled him with her surprise. But she was the one surprised that he barely glanced at her.

“Donnie darling, you haven’t asked me about my visit,” Tonia purred, trying to gain his attention.

“I figure you needed more, like most of my whores,” he answered, then he reached in a drawer and casually took out some cash and set it next to her before going back to work.

She looked at it in disdain. “ Oh no darling, this visit is going to cost you a lot more than that.”

“You’re not worth it,” he said flatly. “Now if you had brought that lovely angel with you…”

“I am worth every penny.”Tonia’s temper flared at the insult and she interrupted him, “And my daughter is the real reason I’m here. You made a mistake, Donatello and you’re going to have to pay for. It seems you made a little deposit and now I am here to make a withdrawl.”

“Stop talking in riddles, you sound ridiculous.”

She huffed, narrowing her eyes at him. “Fine. How much is it worth to you to stay out of prison?” She paused for effect but he just looked at her unconcerned, so she tried to bait him more. “Tatiana is pregnant and unless you want me to go to the authorities and tell them who the father is, you’re going to have to pay to make this little problem go away.”

“No one will believe you. Bring my angel and child to me, I already paid for them,” he said unconcerned, and started clicking on his laptop.

Tonia could only stare at him in disbelief, she expected him to get upset, to be afraid but instead he acted like it was nothing, like he expected her to just surrender her daughter for the five thousand he had paid for her virginity. “I am not giving you Tiana,” she argued “I am not going to give up my only daughter and she wasn’t going to have your illegitimate spawn ruin her figure and future diving career. She has the opportunity to be in the Olympics.”

He had laughed; it was a cold, evil sound. “Tatiana had belonged to me from the moment you had accepted the money for her virginity. I would have paid ten times as much for such a pure and perfect body and soul, and I have.” Cruelly taunting he added, “Honestly, the only way I was been able to screw you last night was to pretend you were her. You’re used goods, Tonia, not even worth the services you provide.”

She had screamed her outrage at him then she slapped him hard. He slapped her back, she was so shocked she froze and he had taken that moment to punch her too.

“You shouldn’t have tried to play me, Antonia.” He picked her up by her hair, his eyes shining with malevolent intent. “Now I am going to have to teach you a lesson about respect.”

He had then beaten and assaulted her sexually for the rest of the day. Finally, he said Tonia had a choice, take him to Tiana and his child and forget they ever existed, or she could die and he would just take Tiana for himself.

By late Sunday evening, Tonia was desperate to save herself. She had begged Donnie to take the money from the charities she had access to and let her go, promising to never tell anyone the truth of who he was. He had let her sleep after she completed the transactions while he waited to verify the money had transferred and confirmed received.

Monday before noon, Donnie had kicked the bed to wake her. There was a phone call from her uncle, somehow he had known where she might be and called Donnie’s boss to get the house number. The old judge revealed that Sheriff Tanner had applied for and been granted a search warrant for her house to look for evidence of the funds thefts and Tiana’s rape. He also revealed that the state attorney general had granted the sheriff access to the state crime lab and a CSI to investigate a link to Donatello Valtini. Her uncle hadn’t listened as she tried to hint to him that she needed help, only saying he was done helping her. The call had ended her one chance to be set free.

As soon as her uncle hung up, Donnie grabbed her by the throat. “Why didn’t you tell me they already knew my name?”

“I… I d-didn’t know, I swear. They n-never t-told me they had a s-suspect,” Tonia stammered as she pulled at his arm.

“What did you tell them? What did she tell them?” His eyes were almost black with rage. She had never seen him look like this. He was going to kill her, she was certain. He was enraged that she had not told him before that law enforcement was involved.

“I just told them you were some guy I met through an online dating service. That I didn’t know what you did to Tiana. That’s it, I swear, Donnie. I don’t know how the learned your name.” She cried as he shook her.

“I don’t believe you, Tonia. I think you are just telling me what I want to hear. You did come here to try to blackmail me after all. I think you need another lesson in respect.” His voice fueled her terror and she fought to get away, but he was stronger and more determined than ever to punish her. She answered his every question multiple times; he wanted to make sure she was telling him the truth as he tortured her. After a few hours, she begged him to just kill her.

Laughing as he injected her with a sedative, her last conscious thought was hearing him say, “You don’t get to die until I have your daughter to replace you.”

Tonia lifted her head when the door unlocked, before letting it fall back onto the mattress. The handcuff that secured her to the wall by the iron bed cut into her wrist. It only allowed her the freedom of movement to lay down or get up and use the portable toilet placed next to the bed. She didn’t know where she was, she didn’t know what day it was, she didn’t know why she was still alive. She had woken yesterday in this place with only a bottle of water and a white pill on the table. She took it thinking it was an aspirin but she knew now it was a narcotic. She realized had been very stupid, stupid to go alone to see Donnie at his house outside Las Vegas. She knew now he was going to kill her when he was done with her.

“Hello, my little whore.”

“Go to hell, Donnie,” Tonia hissed in false bravado.

“Now, now… Don’t be that way, or I’ll have to punish you again.” His voice was amused.

He chuckled as a whimpering Tonia scooted as far away from him as her restraint allowed. Her terror was his favorite aphrodisiac but he didn’t have time to play right now.

He relished the feeling of power it gave him while he explained, “It seems we have a problem, Antonia. You lied to me. My angel isn’t at the Ridgeline Ranch or with any of her friends. She isn’t anywhere in that town. In fact, the three days I was there, I didn’t see her once.”

He stalked around the bed, eyeing Tonia like a wolf eyes an injured deer. “Now tell me where my princess is, or I will just have to give you to one of my friends and they aren’t nearly as gentle a lover as I am.”

“No. please no.” She begged with tears running down her face. “I told you the truth, Tiana’s with her coach, Coach Wallace. If they aren’t at the ranch, then it’s because they are in Florida at the Spring Nationals Diving competition. I don’t know how they could afford the trip without the money from the team account, but if they aren’t at the ranch, that’s where they are. Please, please believe me. Please let me go.”

“How do I know you aren’t lying?” he taunted.

Tonia begged, “Please, please believe me.” She turned her head away when Donnie caressed her cheek, she couldn’t help trembling in fear.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, now, was it. Giovanni, come in here.”

A large man with similar aquiline features and darker eyes entered holding a bit of black cloth and her butterfly heels. Everything about him made her worry and she wondered what game Donnie was play at.

“Antonia, this is my dear cousin Giovanni. Gio for short. He was just released from prison a few months back and hasn’t had time to make the acquaintance of a lady with your particular motivation to please people,” Donnie smirked.

Giovani looked at Tonia like he wanted to eat her and she didn’t want that. She didn’t want anything to do with him.

“Now this is what is going to happen. Gio is going to take you for a bath and to get ready for dinner. Play nice. Do whatever he says and you won’t be punished, but if you do anything foolish or try to escape, I will give you to him. Believe me Antonia, you don’t want me to do that. Do you understand?”

She nodded terrified, biting her lip. Donnie left and Gio came to stand over her, his eyes roamed her body and she curled into a ball trying to cover her nakedness. It made him smile, the kind of smile that made her blood run cold. The kind of smile she imagined a snake had when it looked at a trapped mouse before it squeezed the life out of it. He gently unlocked her wrist, his hand holding hers as he looked at the cuts she had from pulling at the restraint. She whimpered in terror as he first kissed then sucked the still bleeding cuts. He grabbed her neck painfully, drawing her up and closer to his face. His breath smelled of her blood.

“Please resist.”

Tonia shook her head violently. Gio just smiled, and led her to a bathroom that would have been the one of her dreams if she wasn’t terrified for her life. He told her to get into the prepared bath, telling her how to wash herself and making her shave herself bare. He watched her dry, and lotion her skin, telling her how to fix her hair, wear her make up before giving her a tiny black fishnet dress with nothing underneath to wear to dinner. She stood humiliated and fearful as he tightened a black dog collar around her throat.

Kneeling he slipped the butterfly stilettos onto her feet, she resisted the urge to kick him as he ran his hand up and down her legs and pressed his face against the fishnet barely covering her sex before standing. She despised Gio but she was more afraid of him than of Donnie. Tonia knew he had violently murdered a woman a few years ago. The case had been the talk of the town and the whispers among the call girl community were that the unfortunate woman had disobeyed the eldest living grandson of Godfather Valtini and he had raped her to death.

“I hope you disappoint Donatello sooner rather than later.”

“I told him the truth,” she hated how her voice trembled. “Once he has Tiana, he promised to let me go.”

“We shall see, belle mia,” Smirking as he walked around her, then he led her down to the dining room in a gentlemanly way.

The food tasted amazing, better than any restaurant she had ever been to and she was so hungry she ate more than she normally would have allowed herself. An asian girl in a short black maid’s pinafore with nothing underneath cleared the dishes. Tonia tried to catch her eye but when the girl looked at her, it was a look of pity, of someone looking at an animal about to be sent to slaughter. Tiana had that look when her dog had to be put to sleep, Tonia had been annoyed with it then, but now she was the recipient of that pity. She watched the girl walk out without looking back and began to be more afraid.

Tonia didn’t listen as Donnie and Gio talked about some horse in the upcoming Triple Crown. She had to find a way to escape, if she was good, if she was obedient, maybe they would drop their guard enough she could get outside and run away. She had to get away before Donnie found Tiana and brought her back, she didn’t want to die and she didn’t want Donnie to give her to Gio. She feared she would never escape this place. If she could get out, get away, she could steal back the money and use it to live as someone else. She could leave and never look back, she promised herself.

“Tonia... Tooonnnnniaaaaaa... Antonia!”

Tonia looked at Donnie, a terrified squeak, “What?”

“You lied to me again. Tsk tsk. Tiana and her coach are not in Florida. No one seems to know where they are. The rest of the kids showed back up in Colorado without them today.” He sneered and stood up. “Giovanni, have a good evening with your new plaything, and don’t kill her like the last one. I may still need to ask her questions in the morning.” Donnie walked out with a sly smile.

Gio smiled in a mirthless, malevolent way, rising slowly. Tonia, terrified to her core, ran for the glass doors that lined the wall. He followed her slowly as she tried to open them, all were locked. She cowered in the corner whimpering, screaming as he picked her up by her hair. She stilled instinctively, the toes of her beautiful shoes barely touching the floor as his face hovered an inch from hers.

His dark eyes bored into her soul, a velvety deep voice insisted, “Please resist.”

Giovanni wandered into the bedroom with just a towel around his waist, humming a childhood tune that their grandmother used to sing to them when he and Donnie visited her in the old country. Grinning out at the grand vista, he was almost happy, contented, for the first time in almost a decade. There were no bars or wire between him and the sky. His broad tattooed torso was crisscrossed with scratches and a few bite marks. He licked his lip where she split it. It had been the best night in a long, long time, since Ramona.

He stretched, flexing his muscles, thinking, ‘Let Donatello chase his virgins. Mature women are so much better, they fight so much harder.’

Antonia lay on the elegant king-sized bed, ecru silk sheets enfolded her like a shroud, a bloodied veil between her flesh and the chilled air of the room. The room was ornate like a five star hotel, beyond the giant windows was a majestic snow-capped mountain vista that she didn’t see. It was a room out of a fairytale, a fairytale from hell. She just stared at nothing, thought nothing, felt nothing.

Gio walked over to the bed, and knelt down in front of where Antonia lay flaccid. A firm hand gripped the back of her neck and guided Tonia to a sitting position, “Time for a bath, belle mia. Stand up.”

Tonia’s eyes flicked alert and she glared at him with a hatred he relished. Her hand shot out and slapped him.

It made him smile wickedly. “I’m glad I haven’t broken you yet, Antonia,” he breathed her name with a lover’s desire. His hand tightened painfully around her neck until she whimpered, tears rising in her eyes. Her finger closed reflexively on his wrist, clawing at the skin as she fought for air.

“That’s it, resist.” His lips bruised hers but before she could cry out the door slammed open.

“Who the F* is Kyle Hightower to my Tatiana?” Donnie yelled angrily.

Gio stood up and began cursing at him in what sounded like Italian, he still gripped Tonia’s neck possessively. Her face pressed into his bare chest, her stomach against his erection with only his towel between them. Donnie and Gio argued for a few minutes. Tonia stayed as still as possible, the last thing she wanted was to have both of them at her. Donnie had been terrible but Gio... Gio was a monster.

Suddenly, she was yanked to her feet by her hair, Gio growling in her face, “You will tell my cousin everything you know about Kyle Hightower.”

Tonia balanced on the balls of her feet trying to relieve the painful pulling of her hair, “I... I only met Kyle. He’s a developer, he owns Blue Water Resorts. He is building a resort outside Pagosa Cliffs. He... he had a daughter with Coach Wally a long time ago, she’s called Gracie, and they have a niece too. Camille adopted Willow when her sister died. She hates him but he says he loves her, he’s crazy obsessed with her. Always sending her expensive flowers and saying stuff about how he will get her back someday. He is very rich. Has properties all over the world and was engaged to some supermodel. That’s it, that’s all I know about him. Please don’t hurt me anymore,” she begged. She would tell them anything.

Donnie and Gio talked, she didn’t understand what they were saying, but it was obvious Giovani had dealings with Hightower before. They also mentioned Pagosa Cliff, and Blue Water Resorts like they might go there.

“Where are they?” Gio demanded, giving her a painful shake.

“I... I don’t know...” Gio’s face curled into a snarl. She whimpered helplessly, trying desperately to divert them back to the search for Tiana. “Maybe he paid for the team to go to Nationals, he’ll do anything for Camille, for the girls. Camille’s fostering Tiana for DHS. If you find them, you’ll find Tiana.” She couldn’t see anything but the malicious intent in Gio’s eyes. “They have Tiana. I don’t know where, please, I don’t know.”

Something in his eyes changed and Gio lowered her down to the bed, “Very good, Antonia, you may go have a bath now. But leave the door open, I will join you when I’m done speaking with my cousin.”

She scrambled to get out of sight. Tonia scrubbed herself quickly, wincing at her bruises and had just wrapped a towel around her body when Gio walked back into the bathroom, he looked disappointed. She tried to scurry past him into the bedroom but he caught her arm, pulling her against him, not resisting as he ran his hands over her.

“Put on the blue lace and your heels. It’s time for breakfast. And after breakfast, you are going to tell me everything you know of the famous Blue Butterfly.”

“Coach Wally?”

“Yes, Camille Wallace. How well do you know her?” His smile made Tonia wish he hadn’t asked.

“Why?” she whispered.

“We have a mutual friend, my former cellmate. I would very much like to make her acquaintance and see her famous tattoo personally.”

“I know her very well.” Lying, Tonia realized this might be her chance to play up to him, so she smiled at him, “If I tell you, can I go shopping again?” She held up the butterfly heel saucily, “A girl really likes to have more than one pair of custom stilettos.”

“If I like what you tell me, I will reward you. I may even let you leave.”

Tonia managed not to exhale in relief that he agreed, “What do you want to know?”


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