Dog Days.

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Chapter Thirteen: Chris.

I told myself no, at least a million times a day but everything about Daisy drew me to her. Her soft appearance, blue eyes, dark hair. The full shape of her butt and thighs, her round and large breasts, the way she tried to suck her belly in around me like she had something to hide. Her laugh, her smile, and the way she worked with dogs. But that list of everything that I loved about her I was always trying to push them away when she was here. She was young, only twenty five. What was wrong with me? Catching feelings for someone fifteen years younger then me. Yet, at the same time, the more I was around her it seemed less and less. I didn’t think of age or reasons to say no. Today, something about the way she looked standing their made me throw it all to the wind, kissing her without thinking about anything. Foolish? Maybe. But I couldn’t seem to make excuse for myself to not to anymore, especially not when she started to kiss me back.

Her lips were soft, just as soft as I always thought they would be, and tasted like peppermint. Her tongue rolled against mine in a way that made me want to melt right there. How did my dog walker have such a hold on me? Did she train me along with my dog?

I don’t know how me made it into my bedroom, but the sexual tension that had been felt between the two of us slowly drifted away with each kiss. The moment her back hit my bed, it was over. My ragged breath was impossible to catch, everything about this like a dream. Clothing items were removed, my hands caressing her soft skin as she quivered under my touch. Everything about her was driving me insane, and I just wanted her to feel good. I wanted to hear what sounds she made when she felt good.

I treated her body like something precious, each patch of skin kissed and worshiped, as it should be. A small bite was given to her inner thigh before I finally tasted her, hearing a soft gasp and groan escape her lips. That sound, it was enough to make any man think he was in heaven. And each thing I did to her I made sure that I got to hear that sound, over and over against until we became one.

Somewhere along the line it wasn’t Daisy and I anymore, we weren’t separate people. We became one person, bodies molded together. She was so beautiful, and right now it felt like everything was right in the world. Because right now I was hers and she was mine.

Which made it so much harder when I awoke a few hours later to an empty bed and a note on the pillow that had once supported her head. A note that read nothing but ‘I’m sorry’. I slipped some pants on, running out to the door and throwing it open. Her car was gone, along with her and Koda. Something about it made my heart sink. I must have made a mistake.

I must of scared her off.

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