Dog Days.

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Chapter Two: Daisy.

“We’ve got a big dooty problem in the play area.”

“What? Again? We just walked them all!” Voices yelled to each other over the barks of dogs from pens and in the play area. Sometimes the hardest part of working at a doggy daycare was just having a normal conversation.

“You know Big Al doesn’t care about when you walked him, he just likes shitting on everything.” I could hear my boss grumbling, “Daisy! Are you almost done with break?”

I sighed, closing my book. I had been waiting for my name to be thrown into the mix. Being the newest member of the group, it did seem that I was asked to pick up a lot of poop. “Dooty is my duty!” I yelled back, throwing the book into my bag and putting my bag back into the cubby. I have ten minutes left, but I knew that no one else was going to do it so I might as well. Otherwise I would come back from break to a play area with poop all over it, because for some reason dogs love to walk through poop.

“Thank you!” I heard the door to my boss’ office close. Cara was a nice boss, pleasant to work for. Today she had been in her office almost all day, trying to set up the dog-walking schedule for the next few days. I had been hoping to get some more walks this week. Walks meant going to people’s houses yes, but it also meant walking dogs and not having to come into the madness of the daycare for the whole day. Though I loved my job and coming in, it was nice to take a break from it all.

The crisis was avoided of course, a quick clean up to the play area done before rotating the dogs so new one’s could come play. The outdoor play area was always more fun, but with the downpour going on outside it was out of the question.

“Daisy could you come here?”

My boss’ voice cut through the sound of the barks, making me look up from the lab I had been giving a good brushing. My first thought was that there was another poop situation, but usually one wasn’t called into the office for that. I had only been working here for about a month after losing my other job, so being called into the office always made me nervous. After all, I really needed this job. I had already struggled to pay my bills and lost my apartment, forcing me to move in with my grandmother. I couldn’t lose yet another job. “What’s up?” I said walking into the office with a smile, trying to be as casual as possible while pushing done the oncoming panic.

“Just got a call from a new client.” She said, turning her chair to face me and mentioning for me to sit down across from her. “Morkie puppy, 6 months. He works from home, but needs someone to come three times a week for the full time package.”

My eyes widened a bit at that, it was rare for people to pick the full package. It was pricey, not to mention most people didn’t need someone they’re for a full hour and a half. “He needs someone to get the puppy out of the house while he works?”

Cara nodded, “He also needs help with potty training, I guess he’s having trouble. He’s a first time dog owner.” She shrugged, “So he needs someone on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3:00pm. I was thinking of giving this one to you. You’ve been doing really well here Daisy, and it’s about time you start doing home visits and walks.” She smiled at me, “ So how about this? Your hour’s stay the same expect on those days. You work here until 2:30 then head over there to that long visit and then one some days I’ll give you another walk afterwards. Then you head home for the day when done with those.”

I felt myself nodding before she was even done explaining. Getting out and walking would be nice, instead of standing around the daycare. Though, the thought of being there when the owner was still in the house did make me a bit uneasy. But still, the money would be good. “Of course. That sounds amazing.”

Cara winked at me, “I had a feeling you would say that. I already told him I have the perfect girl for the job. You will do a meet and greet tomorrow instead of coming in, which of course you will be paid for. You will meet the puppy and the owner, get a lay of the land and what he wants from you.” She handed me a sheet of paper with the address and all the information. “Sound good?”

“Sounds great.” I said, taking the paper from her. This would really help. I would be getting out more, making connections, and making some extra money. “Thank you, for the opportunity.”

After going over a few things, I left her office to put the paper in my purse and finish up my shift. I had never really been happy at a job in the past, but something about this one was just going really well. Maybe it had something to do with having a boss that actually respected her employee’s or maybe the fact that I got to work with puppies all day. It was hard to say, but it was a good job for now. I knew it wouldn’t be okay forever, the pay just not enough to live off or get my own place. But, for now, I just wanted to live in my happy and blissful bubble. The bubble that made me think I could walk a dogs for a living.


“Grams! I’m home.” I said as I entered the house, greeted with a grunt from the basement. She was usually down their watching TV, her fat Corgie on her lap or at her feet. The loud sound of Law & Order filled the house, but that was just part of the routine. I slipped my shoes off, walking up the stairs to the main floor as the sound of faint whining caught my ears. “Look who’s home!” I said as I entered my room, greeted with barking the moment I opened the door. The Collie jumped up and down, tail wagging.

I kneeled down to get my face peppered with kiss after kiss from the two-year-old dog. “Yes yes, I missed you too Koda. You are such a good boy, yes you are!” I stood up to grab his leash, “Should we go for a walk before it gets to dark huh?” I struggled to get the leash on the very excited dog that couldn’t quite stay still.

After a small amount of wrestling I got it on and guided him to the door. “Be right back!” I yelled down the stairs, not getting an answer. It was possible she didn’t hear me or was asleep. It was hard to tell.

It was a nice night, though a bit chilly. Spring was starting to pop up threw the soil. Flowers starting to greet the world with buds and blooms. Koda loved to nudge the new growths with his nose or worse he would try to dig them up. All I knew was that things were slowly getting better maybe. At least I wasn’t at rock bottom anymore, right?

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