Dog Days.

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Chapter Twenty One: Chris.

When I was young my mom used to tell me that the world could be mine. Even as a child I was able to squirm my way out of the biggest of situations. When I was only six I ate the last piece of cake, that my mother had been saving, and was able to somehow blame it on my father. Until recently, she always thought that it was him. When I was in grade school I was failing PE, a sad statement indeed, and somehow convinced my teacher to give me extra credit. My mother had said no normal 6th grader would of thought of striking a deal that if he beat his one mile time then the teacher would give him a B in the class.

I was good at arguing, debating, striking up deal, and maybe sometimes twisting the truth. As I grew up, I made that into something a tad bit more mature. I made it into something that worked for me. I made it into an ability to talk to people, I could look at someone and know what they needed and wanted. Sure, maybe it was a selfish ability. Being able to look at someone and know what to say to get what I needed and wanted, but for this one time I was using it to help someone else.

My ability had failed when it came to Daisy. I didn’t see it, any of it, when I came to her. Maybe her smile threw me off, maybe I wanted so badly to make her out to be this perfect person. The reality of it all, no one person could ever be perfect but they could appear as perfection if you loved them enough. Daisy wasn’t perfect, she had her flaws that I didn’t even know about. But knowing about them now didn’t make me dislike her, even if it did break the veil of perfection she liked to coat herself in. If anything, it made me love her more then ever before.

My skill could not be used to stop her from doing what she did, I wonder if anything could of done that. But it could help her now, and that’s all I really wanted. In the end, I don’t know how I did it. I have no clue how I’m able to talk to people, sometimes I don’t even know what I’m saying until it’s already out. It could be bad, but it usually worked out well for me. Maybe I showed character, experience. Or maybe I seemed like a total crazy person and people just wanted me to go away.

The more I thought about it, the more I was starting believe it was the last one.

I guess it didn’t matter how it worked, just that it did. And somehow I managed to convince a very stubborn and tired doctor that Daisy having her dog would be the best thing for her. Getting him to say yes was great, but actually bringing that pup in felt even better.

It felt weird walking up to Daisy’s house, or her Grams actually, to retrieve the dog. I was unsure if anyone was even home to answer the door, it was possible this surprise would blow up in my face if I couldn’t even get Koda. But when her Gram answered, her face exhausted and down, I knew it would be okay. I also knew I was meant to bring more then just Koda, but her as well.

She was scared, I understood that. Daisy was her family, her grand daughter, and she was suffering. Daisy almost died, and maybe that was something that the woman didn’t want to face. But for Daisy’s sake, she needed to even if it did hurt to do.

So I brought her with, Grams in the front seat and Koda in the back. It took some convincing, some explaining who I was, but eventually she came along with me. I’m sure deep down she knew, that today would be different. Today she would see a piece of her granddaughter that she feared was gone forever.

I knew it was going to happen, I knew she was going to smile, but I wasn’t going to be there to see it. In fact, I didn’t even want credit for making it happen. I just wanted her to get on the road to recovery. I didn’t need thank you’s or credit for that. I would show Daisy that I cared, someday, when she was ready to see it.

I hoped that Maria would keep her promise seriously, that she wouldn’t tell her my part in this. This wasn’t about me, only about Daisy. I didn’t need it to be made about what happened to us, I didn’t want her thinking or stressing about it either. As much as I hated to admit it, the stress that she must have been feeling after what happened may have been part of the reason she did what she did. Just as others who loved her blamed themselves, I did as well. Only with me, part of this must really be my fault. I almost killed the one I love.

“Thank you…” I heard from beside me as I watched Koda walk off with Maria. I turned to see Grams still there, a bit of a smile on her face. I could tell their was more she wanted to say, but she seemed to hold it back. In a situation like this, finding the right things to say was hard.

“Don’t thank me.” I smiled, mentioning to the group that had stopped ahead to wait for her. “Just… Go see her. I’m sure she wants to see you more then you know.” The woman smiled with a slight nod before walking to catch up with the rest of the group.

My part in this was over, I knew that. I needed to turn around, and go home. When the time was right, I would see her. But still I found my feet guiding me towards where the others had walked, towards her room. The sound of her voice made me stop though.


That was the sound of a happy girl, one seeing her best friend again at a time where she thought she never would again. My back rested against the wall by her door, a smile on my face.

Hearing that, nothing could ever beat it.

Over the next few weeks I kept that sound in my mind, the sound of happiness after a long time without it. It kept me going, kept me focused, kept me grounded. It also kept me writing. I wrote more over those weeks then I had for a long time, purely because the inspiration was finally there. Life had given me something to care about, something to write for, and I was going to use it.

Regan had been taking care of Thor, which was fine for me since I was working. Of course, I would of preferred it to be Daisy any day. But she did the job, she did as she should, and it was helpful. But I knew as soon as this book was over, the dog sitting was too. If Daisy wasn’t my dog walker, then I wouldn’t have one. Simple as that.

I go to sleep after a long night of writing, I’m pretty sure that by the time I actually laid down the birds were already out and chirping. So waking up at noon with messages on my phone didn’t surprise me much, though the content of them did somewhat take me off guard.

The first was a text message from Maria, almost making me not look at anything else on my phone. I wanted to push everything aside, but forced myself to calm down. I needed to think this through. It was hard to think straight when I was finally getting news of Daisy’s release from the hospital.

Maria said it was a good step, that she seemed to be doing okay, but they weren’t out of the woods yet. She had to be under watch, not often left alone, lot’s of therapy session, medication… It was the start though, and that was good. And also, she had been asking about me.

But with some good news came some bad. Her parents were in town, and apparently trying to plan out that Daisy would come back with them. They believe that she would be better in Washington with them. Daisy was against it, but felt that she didn’t have any say anymore. Maria said that they were doing it out of love, and worry. I could sense that but at the same time I don’t know if that’s what she needed. Did a girl who felt she had no control over her life need to be told where she had to live? I wasn’t a doctor, I didn’t know.

Maybe that was just me being selfish and not wanting her to leave.

I shifted to my email, seeing an email from the doggy daycare owner. I wonder if she got news about Daisy leaving the hospital as well already.

The words made me a bit nervous. Though Daisy had her Grams and Maria here, and I think some other family, the job may have been the only thing really keeping her here. This could be the start of her moving out of the state.

I answered the email before even getting out of bed, quickly answering Cara back. She had a good business, I was happy that I decided to hire them. After all, without them I would of never met Daisy. But, now without her and with the book almost done I didn’t see the need for it. Not to mention, thanks to Daisy Thor was now a pretty good and well trained dog.

It was hard to tell the woman that I no longer needed her services, without making it seem all about Daisy, but I was able too. A quick and thoughtful email given saying thank you and that I no longer need a walker. After it was sent I let myself fall back against my pillows again, looking up at the ceiling. I had thoughts and ideas to what I would do when Daisy got out, but nothing substantial. I didn’t have a full plan.

I took another moment, or maybe it was hours who knows. All I knew is that I didn’t leave that bed or make the call until I had a plan. And once the idea came into my mind I knew it was perfect.

I picked up my phone once more, hitting the send button and waiting. “Maria hey, thanks for all the updates.”

“No problem.” She said on the other end of line, “I’m with her now. Decided to take her out on a shopping spree hoping to lift her spirits. She quit her job earlier so it’s already been a rough here in reality.”

I wanted to ask if she knew why Daisy quit, and if she knew why it happened at all. But, it wasn’t the time. If Daisy wanted me to know, then she would tell me right? “Well, I have an plan but I need your help. Are you in?”

“Hell yes I am.”

Yeah, I knew Maria was dependable.

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