Dog Days.

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Chapter Twenty Five: Chris.

One Year Later.

This year went by quicker then ever before. Each day was like a whirlwind. Some where really good, filled with laughter and love. Other days were harder, filled with tears and cut wrists and thighs. Though things weren’t always great, I was happy to be there in every moment with Daisy.

When she cut I was there to wrap the wounds and remind her that she didn’t need to do that to feel. When she smiled I was there to take in that warmth. When she cried, I was there to hold her close until she stopped. When her anxiety took over I rubbed her back until she could breath once again. When she laughed I was there to listen to that music and melody.

And she was there for me as well. After a long night of writing she was there in the morning to let out Thor. When my stress took over my thoughts, she was there to give me Advil and massage my shoulders. When I was overtaken with happiness she was there to hold my face like she was trying to capture that moment in her mind. When I was lonely, she curled up against me and stayed there until the sun rose in the sky.

I was there for her, and her there for me.

It was a messy life, a strange year. But it was the year and the life we both wanted, because we went through every bit of it together. It had been an adventure. A beautiful adventure.

My second book was published and took off. All the advice that Daisy had given me about the sequel had been perfect, and it was just the thing I needed. The inspiration she gave me, in both her ideas and her spirit, brought me both happiness and helped my career. She saved me, in her own way.

But it wasn’t just about me, no, Daisy also found success in her life. With everything that happened, she was able to dive deep within herself and create something beautiful. And I do mean beautiful, every word she wrote had more feeling then anything I had ever read. Her pain, her happiness, her love… You could feel it all.

And today was her day. Her day to show the world what she wrote. I had sent her writing to my editor, and he had loved it. With some help and some editing Daisy was able to create a book that told her story and could inspire people. She inspired me everyday, and her book would show the world what I saw everyday.

The party was big and loud, but I barely noticed it. I was to focused on Daisy, how beautiful she looked. She skin was sun kissed after a week in Florida. We had gone with her family. She had gotten burned pretty badly, but it had faded into a light tan that made her look healthy and bright, not to mention it brought out her freckles that were spotted across her nose and cheeks.

She stood with a glass of wine in her hands, a smile on her face as she spoke to the woman in front of her. An aunt I believe, she had a hand on her shoulder and a big smile of her face. The woman was proud, you could see it on her face, and she should be. Daisy had pulled herself from a dark and deep pool. She had been stuck at the bottom, rocks tied to her feet. She had given up, she didn’t want to try to reach the surface. Yet somehow, she did. She had untied herself, swam to the top, and taken a breath so deep it woke up her whole body. And from there, she took herself out of that water and decided to fly.

“Earth to Chris.” Somehow I didn’t even notice that she had made her way over, and apparently had been talking to me. Her blue eyes looked at me, freckled nose wrinkled up slightly. I loved when she looked at me like that, it was so cute. “What’s going on space cadet? Did you make it all the way to the moon?”

“To the moon and back.” I smiled at her, my arm wrapping around her shoulder to bring her in closer. “I was thinking about how pretty you look.”

“Ah, quite the line.” Daisy smiled and I pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“You deserve all the lines. After all, this is your night.” And what a great night it was turning out to be. I liked the idea of a room full of people coming to see something amazing that Daisy did.

“My night huh? It’s all so strange.” She said, her head leaning against my chest. “I never thought I would have a night all about me, and about a book I wrote.”

“Well you deserve it. You deserve it all. You made this beautiful book, you put all your feelings into it. I’m so proud of you.” She smiled up at me, eyes looking glassy like they were about to spill over. “Hey, non of that. No crying on your happy day.”

“They were going to be happy tears but you ruined them.” Daisy laughed, and I couldn’t help but laugh along with her.

I looked beyond her, the room busy. Soon she would have to return to signing books and talking to people, but I could tell she wasn’t over whelmed or stressed. She looked happy, she looked alive.

“Daisy.” I heard called to her, her mother a few feet away waving to her. Her mother was beautiful, Daisy looked so much like her. The woman did have a more serious tone to her. I wondered if Daisy would end up that way someday, standing tall and serious? That would be interesting to see, but I was hoping she would remain the same. That she would always be the way she is now. Bubbly, loving, goofy. “They need a picture of you with the pile of books, and time to do more signing.”

“Okay.” She said, turning to me with a smile. “I’ve got to go be all author like now. Super professional and all that.” She went up on her toes, laying a soft kiss against my lips. “Before I go…” Daisy held out a one of her copies, the final print. It was ready for the world to see it. The title in a swirling script reading “Blue Eyes” with a blue eyed girl on the cover. “Your special copy.”

“Why thank you my lady.” I said taking the book from her. “You go do your thing.”

I watched her leave, she had a certain bounce in her step. I knew what it felt like to be where she was right now. It was exciting, to see a dream becoming reality. Even though it always made me happy, I felt more happy watching it happen for her.

I opened the book, looking at the first page with a smile. A message typed, and one written.

One was for everyone:

And one was just for me, written in beautifully written cursive:

It was a story about life. It was a story about a girl who thought their was no purpose for her but found strength within herself to recreate her life and find worth in herself. The girl in the story was name Anna, but the story was about Daisy. The woman who pulled herself from the darkness, who became the person she always wanted to be. It was a story about the woman I loved.

It was a journey to read it, but it was never more amazing to watch it happen. The written work was incredible, but the real life version even more so. Because though the written character of Anna was perfectly written, she had nothing on the real thing.

No one could take credit for her grand rise to something better, only she could do that. And every time I looked at her I saw it more and more. Daisy was the type of person who was able to bring herself from the ashes, even when she herself believed that she couldn’t do it. She thought she wanted to die, but instead everything inside her fought to live.

I heard a laugh, which made me look over to my girlfriend who was in an avid conversation with Maria and another friend of hers who must of just shown up. As she spoke I made eye contact with Maria, she smiled at me and I smiled back. Their was pride in her eyes, she was just as happy about all this as I was. She was the one that found Daisy at her worst and now she got to see her at her best.

Daisy grew and she grew because she wanted to. We were able to watch her become this beautiful woman. As glad as I am that I could help, I could never let myself take credit for getting her to where she was today. Though I was happy to help her along the way, I would never say it was because of me It was her, it had always been her.

After all, her the last part of her book said it all.

“The love of another doesn’t heal all wounds; only time and self love can do that. One person cannot love another back to life if life isn’t what they want. But it can help, and one can try. And his blue eyed girl was loved by him, loved oh so much. Because he loved her, she learned to love herself. And yes, that love helped save her life.”

And what an honor it is to love that blue eyed girl.

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