Dog Days.

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Chapter Three: Chris.

The dog lady was coming today. The woman on the phone had said their name was Daisy Dawson and that she was really good with dogs. For some reason, my mind already pictured what the other looked like. The image in my head looking a lot like my grandma had looked like. Maybe it was the name though; it was a good grandma name.

The puppy was barking before the doorbell even rang, he must have heard someone walk up. The bell echoed through the house, I really needed to get some more things to get rid of that echo. I hurried to the door, throwing it open. “Hush boy, enough of that now.” I said to him, “Sorry about that he loves being loud and…”

My sentence didn’t quite come to completion though, my eyes finally catching sigh of the person standing at my door. “It’s no problem, he’s nothing compared to all the dogs at the daycare.”

She was young, not at all what I was expecting. “So you are the dog lady?” I said, quickly cursing myself. I highly doubted her official title was the dog lady.

“Dog lady? I guess that is what I am. I always thought I would get that title later in life when I was old with a house full of dogs.” She smiled, a real nice smile I have to add.

“If it makes you feel better I was expecting an older lady, which is why I gave the name.” Really? Had I totally forgotten how to converse with people? I’m pretty sure young woman didn’t like being called old.

But she didn’t seem to mind, she actually laughed a bit and pushed her dark hair over her shoulder. Her brown hair made her blue eyes pop, which was a weird thing for me to notice. I wasn’t one to notice how one’s eyes popped. “Was it the name? My mother must of known the moment she looked at me that I was going to be an old soul so I needed an old name to go with it. For the record though, I’m only 25. Not an old woman quite yet.”

A not old woman that I still had standing out on the porch. “Sorry, come on in.” I stepped to the side, my foot carefully pushing the puppy back. I didn’t need him escaping right now. He was so small I bet a hawk would mistake him for a rabbit.

“Thanks.” Daisy said as she came into my house, she wiped her feet on the rug a few times before entering into the main room. My puppy following her the whole way. She set her bag down, kneeling down to pet the excited puppy. “Oh hello hello little one! And what is your name?”

Right, a name. A dog needs a name. I could be the worse dog owner ever. I had not given him one, since I had assumed that Lexi had already done the honors. We were to on edge near the end to speak about much, and I wasn’t going to call her now and ask. He was my dog right? I should of named him, and now a young dog walker with pretty eyes was looking at me waiting to hear his name. “Oh um right is name.” I started, not smoothly at all I must add. “Thor. Yeah, his name is Thor.”

“Thor huh?” Daisy said, looking back to the puppy. “He is quite mighty indeed.”

Daisy had a nice feel to her, something very kind and sweet about her. Her appearance was soft, well endowed in many ways. She wasn’t skinny and I wouldn’t say she was fat either, but the size of someone didn’t matter much to me. Though she was younger then me, maybe thinking this made me a pervert. “Superhero fan?”

“What kind of person doesn’t like superheroes?” She said, quickly answering her own question. “A total weirdo that’s who.”

I could make it known that my ex girlfriend hated everything superhero. The only reason she sat through Thor was because she wanted to see Chris Hemsworth shirtless, and her main comment at the end of the movie was that the lack of shirtless scenes was ridiculous. Something along the lines of ‘why have Chris Hemsworth in a movie if he isn’t shirtless at least 85% of the time’. A bit of a blow to my ego, and to my skinny and none muscular body. “I agree.” Maybe it’s best to not go on a rant to the dog walker about my past relationship.

She stood up, “So!” Daisy clapped her hands together, “I’m here basically for a run through in case you didn’t know. You tell me what you want me to do while I’m here, what you are looking for. Then, of course, you can ask me anything you want to find out if I’m right for your pupper. If we decide we would work well together then you can give me a run of the land. Where the food is, the leash, poop bags, anything like that. Sound good? ”

I had to admit that it was nice to hear exactly what this meet and greet was about, the woman he had spoken to was very vague about it on the phone. “Yeah, sounds good. I won’t keep you long though, you seem nice enough and Thor likes you. I was already told you were the perfect one for the job.”

“Very high praise that I was not expecting.” She smiles, “How about we sit down? Go over some things then?”

“Right of course, the couch over there is fine.” I said mentioning to the couch.

Daisy nodded and headed over to it, taking a seat and pulling a notebook and pen down. “So Mr. Peters…”

I sat down at the other end, “Just Chris please.”

“Sure, no problem.” She said, “I heard you need potty training help. So I’ll for sure help you as much as I can with that. What else are you looking for?”

“I guess just a distraction for him. I work from home and having an hour and a half not having to worrying about him peeing on everything would be nice.” Chris said. “So a walk for him, obviously.”

She nodded, “It’s a lot of time so I could fit a walk in for sure. It is spring so you never know how the weather is going to be so sometimes walks maybe shorter then others. From my experience, little dogs do not like walking in the rain for long. But you have a fenced in yard, spacious house. I could find ways to entertain him for the full time so you can get some work done.”

Daisy wrote some things down, “Unfortunately their isn’t some cure all when it comes to house training. It just takes work and patience. So I can do what needs to be done for that hour and a half, but the rest of the time you need to be doing the same things as well. That way he knows that no matter who is here it will always be the same. Dogs are a lot like babies in some ways. Once you get them on a schedule them become a lot easier to have around. ”

It made sense, though I wasn’t sure how good I would be at being patient. That would take time. “Seems like you’re quite the expert.”

“No, not at all. I just have a dog of my own. He’s two now and has it down. Plus my family always had dogs growing up. My dad worked from home like you do. He said training a dog while trying to work was a total pain but he doesn’t know how else it would have gotten done.” She kept writing, a smile on his face. “The key is to take them out a lot. Over and over again, even if they don’t have to go. After a while they get it. That if they have to go, you will take them outside eventually. Getting them to that point is the tough part. But it’s not impossible.”

I must have taken to long to react because Daisy spoke again, a smile on her face. “It will get easier, I promise.”

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