Dog Days.

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Chapter Four: Daisy.

I had to admit he was handsome. I bit ragged with his scruff and wrinkled plaid shirt, but still handsome in his own way. The last thing I wanted though was to admit how nervous I was, talking to people had always been a struggle for me. I had gotten better over the years, but still it was tough. And talking to a handsome older man didn’t exactly make it easier.

He seemed pretty nervous himself, though I would assume it was because of his lack of experience with dogs. I didn’t know the story, about how he suddenly came upon being a dog owner but it didn’t seem like he picked this life. He seemed a bit to panicked for that. Either way though, it was my job to help and maybe make him believe that it was going to be okay. Which it was, obviously, this wasn’t a life-ending situation.

“I know that no one wants to hear the whole, just give it some time line but that’s kind of the best line I have.” I know that I hate it. It seemed to be everyone’s go to. Tell someone you feel sad, they tell you to give it time. Tell someone your upset and they always say they say give it time. It seemed even if you told someone something as serious as you have depression even then they use that damn line. Give it time; it will be better in time. Great, I had become what I hated. “Time and work though. Which I’m sure sounds even worse but dogs are great in this way. The more time you give to them, the more work you put into them, the more love and companionship you get from them. It’s big time give and take.”

I reached down to pet the puppy that was doing a happy wiggle at my feet as Chris spoke. “I’m sure I seem like a crazy person, being nervous over a six pound puppy.”

“Not at all, dogs a big commitment even if they are tiny in size. It’s worth being nervous over.” I smile, going back to my sheet to write a final thing down. “Plus I’m here to help.” I handed the paper to him, “Hopefully this will help, just some house training tips and guidelines. If you do these this will go easier, at least that’s the hope. Every dog is different, but Thor seems like a smart pup. I bet he will get this.”

“Well having someone who knows what they are doing will help a lot.” He said.

“So where do you keep his things? Leash? Collar? Treats and food? Do you have him on a food schedule?” He blinked at me as I spoke, so I laughed a bit. “Okay, one thing at a time. Where do you keep his things?”

“In the kitchen, in the cabinet. Everything is in there.” He answered, happy to be taking it one thing at a time.

“Awesome okay, and how often do you feed him?” I asked, writing down the location of Thor’s things for my own record.

“Once. I guess. In the afternoon.”

“Alright, I suggest changing that around a bit. I would say once in the morning, and once at around four or five. You feed him and go out right away, it helps with the training as well. I can feed him and take him out of days when I’m here but other days you’ll have to do it.” He was nodding, that was a good sign. “He’s just a baby, so you need to be sure he’s getting the right nutrition. And water wise, that’s your choice. You can have it down all the time, or you can do set times for water that you give it to him. When he walks away he’s done, you take him out and then…” Chris looked like he was overloading on the information, so I stopped letting out a laugh. “Sorry, to much information at once.”

“No it’s okay, I’m trying to retain… “ I could see that he was trying and paying attention at least. “I guess I didn’t know that dogs could be such…”

“A pain in the butt?” I laugh, handing him my paper and pen. “They can be, but they are loving pains in the butt. Write your email down, I’ll type this all up and you can read it at you own leisure.”

“Yeah, that sounds a lot easier.” He wrote his email down, handing it back to me with a bit of a smile.

“Once I email you you’ll have mine as well. You can ask me any questions, anytime and together we can start to get a schedule together for him alright?” I knew I was talking too much, but he had asked for help. He would be a lot less stressed once he got this all done and in place.

“Thank you, that sounds good. I would love for it to start getting easier.” He said as he stood up, “I don’t want to keep you any longer though. I’m sure you have other things to do.”

I stood, the meeting was actually a lot shorter then I thought it was going to be. “Not a problem at all, I’m happy to be here and figuring it all out. But if you feel comfortable with me, then I’ll be happy to start tomorrow.”

He nodded, as we started to move towards the door. “I see no issues with that.”

“Then I will be seeing you and Thor tomorrow!” I said, holding me hand out to shake his. “It will be a pleasure working with you.” Did I sound professional? Or maybe too much? Was that possible?

But he smiled as he reached out to take my hand, shaking it. “Looking forward to it.”

Tomorrow was a new day, and new things tended to scare me. But maybe, just maybe, this new thing wasn’t something be scared of. This time, I could just be excited for a new step in life or a new chapter. Maybe, just maybe.

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