Dog Days.

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Chapter Five: Chris.

Having a puppy felt like having a child, more then I ever thought that it would. Everyone had always told me that having a puppy was fulfilling, but you have more freedom then when you have a kid. It always made sense in my head, but now that I had one I didn’t believe it, I’m pretty sure people were bullshitting me. We were adults, why did adults have to bullshit like a bunch of annoying teenagers. It would have been nice if someone would of told me ahead of time that having a puppy was a full time job.

Daisy had made it seem pretty easy as well, but maybe that’s because she was completely and totally a dog person. I like dogs but was never sure if I would enjoy having one. You could tell by looking at her that she loved dogs, loved by being around them. I wonder if I just looked like a total clueless grump when I was talking about the puppy or looking at him. For some reason, that really bugged me that she could be thinking that. What if she thought I was heartless?

I had enough of a hard time working and now I was wasting time worrying about what the dog walker thought about me. I thought I had grown out of things like that long ago, like when I was a teenager. Apparently insecurity was something you never really grew out of.

Adult hood was a load of bullshit.

A high-pitched whine caught my ears from where I sat at my desk. Thor sat there on the ground, staring at me again. I’m pretty sure he had been staring at me for the past hour. “What? What do you need now?”

Of course he didn’t answer me that would have been pretty strange if he did. The last thing I needed was for my dog to start talking to me. Then I would be both unsuccessful and crazy in my adulthood. “You were just out… You just ate… What could you need now?”

When had he been out? I looked to the clock, 1:45. “Yeah, you were just out five minutes ago… Do you need a nap or something?” Stupid, this was a dog not an infant. I sighed, running my hands through my hair. “That will be my next book. I’ll call it, What the Hell is Wrong with my Dog?”

It wouldn’t be much longer until Daisy came and gave me a break, so at least their was that. I spun back to my computer, clicking my email open to look at the message from Daisy. I read through it, wondering if I could find an answer in here maybe. “If he whines, let me out. He could be telling you something.” I read out loud, rubbing my forehead. “But you were just out.” I turned to look at him, just in time to watch him raise his leg and pee on the leg of my desk.

“Even if he just went out, let him out again. He may not of finished the first time…” I spoke, reading the next bullet. I took a moment before looking over at Thor who sat staring at me again, now wagging his tail. “I guess I should of kept reading.”

The doorbell rang at exactly 3:00, relief washing over me. Maybe I was being a baby, but a break was going to be amazing. I walked to the door, throwing it open. “Hey, come on in.” I said as I let her walk in, pulling a key out of my pocket as she did. “Also here is your key. You can just start coming in.”

She smiled, taking the key and attaching it to her own keychain. “Thanks, you took care of that quickly.”

“I had a spare.” A spare that used to belong to my ex girlfriend, not something that needed to be said or spoken out loud. She was my dog walker, not my therapist.

Huh, should I be seeing a therapist?

“How has today been going?” She spoke as she slipped her keys into her bag, kneeling down to greet Thor with a loving smile. Daisy really did look genuinely happy to see him. “Any easier?”

“We have been out at least ten times.” I told her, she nodded at me in a way that made me think that was actually a good thing. I guess it did show commitment. “And he peed in the house two times.”

“Might want to make that three.” She said, pointing into my house. I turned quickly, letting out a groan. A small puddle sat right in the middle of the room. At least he didn’t try to hide it.

“I guess I’ll have to clean up another mess.” I said, but she stopped me with a gentle hand. Thor was in her arms.

“Nope, I’ll get it. Not a problem at all, that’s my job. You go get some work done.” She walked over to the puddle, lowering the puppy to it so he could smell it. “Bad boy, no no. We go outside.” Her voice was firm. I hadn’t even thought about scolding him. I was to busy grumbling and sighing to scold.

“Right, well, thanks.” I said, watching her put the puppy outside as she went to get the cleaning supplies.

“No problem, that’s what I’m here for. We will be going for a walk as soon as I’m done with this.” She said not bothered at all, or so it sounded. I nodded and quickly walked into the office.

I sat down with a soft thump, eyes looking at that damn computer screen again. The word document was filled with ideas, little ideas for characters and some dialogue. The question was could I put all these things together into one book that made sense and was good, something that would actually sell. My mind was saying no way, but my heart was saying please be something. Neither was making me feel all that great about myself in the end. Why couldn’t I be someone who could throw books out with ease? Some author had so many books it was crazy, then they had even more under a fake name. How could someone write so many books that they need a fake name as well?

When I was young I thought this was the path for me, that it would be fun and easy. Writing and ideas came out of me steady. I was in creative writing classes and my short stories were always the best. I thought I had it all figured out. What happened to me? Did my life get to boring so I ran out of ideas? Or maybe I’ve gotten more stupid with age. I didn’t want to admit either to be true.

“Alright Thor! Ready for your walk?” I heard Daisy from the other room; she was answered with happy yips and barks, the sound of his nails on the hardwood as he jumped up and down. “Let’s go!” I heard the door open and close, suddenly the house was really quite.

I felt a weigh being lifted off my shoulders, along with some pressure. I had the time so now I really had to write something. I take this moment and turn it into a best selling novel. Right, no problem. Easy enough.

Yet for some reason, I was finding myself wishing that I taking a walk.

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