Dog Days.

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Chapter Eight: Daisy.

I shut the cage after putting the Pomeranian inside, her yips starting to give me a headache. I was feeling really under the weather today, a bit down, and I wasn’t really sure why. Though, I guess when it came to me, I didn’t need a reason to suddenly feel down in the dumps. Usually, I couldn’t pin point what was wrong with me. All I knew is that I was sad and everything was harder when I was feeling sad.

“Daisy! Could you come to the front?”

My boss was yelling so that I could hear her over the dogs. She didn’t sound mad, in fact she sounded excited and happy about something. I took my gloves off, walking from the back to the front lobby. “What’s up?” I said, though the moment my eyes caught sight of what was on the counter I froze.

Roses. A giant vase of red roses.

“Who… Are those for?” I said, walking up to my boss who was standing next to the delivery guy.

“Apparently, they are for you.” Cara said, her dark brows rose. Her dark skin glowed, obviously excited and ready to ask about a million questions. “And why didn’t you tell us that you had a boy huh?”

“That’s cause… I don’t?” I said, looking at the delivery boy. “Are you sure these are for me?”

“You’re Daisy Dawson?” He said, and I nodded. He held the clipboard out to me. “Then yup, they are from you. Could you sign here?”

I took the board, quickly jotting my name down and looking back at the roses. He nodded to us and walked towards the door. “Wait.” I turned to him, “No card?”

He shook his head, “Nope. He wanted this to be anonymous, whoever it is. Guess you have a secret admirer.”

I wanted to ask him a million questions. Did he hear the call? What did they sound like? But he was already out the door. Cara let out a small squeal, “How romantic! Secret lover? Ah to be young again.”

“Oh please, you aren’t old.” Okay she was in her upper sixty’s but still. “Plus you’ve been married for like twenty years.”

“I miss the excitement! This is exciting!” She said, mentioning to the flowers. “This could be the start of something new and amazing for you!”

If it were smaller, a less extravagant bouquet of flowers, I would have assumed they were thank you flowers. But red roses? And this many of them. Even someone like me, who assumed no one would look at her in a romantic way, couldn’t help but think that maybe it was a secret admirer. “Yeah, maybe it is.”

Cara smiled at me, making her way back towards her office. “Man oh man, will those even fit in your tiny car? I can’t wait to see you try that. You’ll have to drop them off at home before going on your walks.”

I didn’t answer her, just nodded as I looked at the beautiful flowers. My mind went off on a tangent, trying to figure out who could have sent them. The only person who had been in her life recently being my ex, whom I hoped wasn’t trying to make his way back into my life once more. When Derek was in my life, I had felt miserable. Well, more so then usual.

It came suddenly, flashes of the past Rough hands, foul breath, my own voice asking for it all to stop. His perfect hair that didn’t have a single strand out of place. The cold cooler floor against my back.


My boss’ voice brought me out of my thoughts, her face worried. “You okay?”

I nodded quickly, putting a smile on my face. “Yeah, just thinking about who could of sent these.”

She smiled, “A real mystery.” Cara looked to my flowers, “All I know is that only someone who really cares about you would send something like this.”

Someone who cared about me? I fought the urge to think about him, the man who never cared for me or about what I wanted. A man like that would never send flowers like this would they?

At that thought, I could suddenly feel a smile threatening to break through and dance across my face. If it wasn’t him, god I hoped not, then it had to be someone else. I had to admit, it really did make me happy to think about that.

Maybe someone good was thinking about me after all?

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