Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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It was the night of the heavy rains when Angela opened the door to Robert. The other girls had retired. She was in only her nightdress to meet him. Mostly in it! And, boy, did she get to meet him! Robert, the young maintenance man in the girls’ school, worked until late. He showered and changed in his work area before leaving for home. That night he found a young runaway, wet and cold, huddled under the basement stairs.. He saw to her, getting her hair and face dry, and wrapping her in a blanket from his cot. He couldn’t go home now, but had to deal with this girl. The entire school had retired; even the principal, Miss Bagnold. His options were few. He remembered that some of the older girls flouted the rules about retiring after ‘lights-out’, and that Angela, the head girl, had permission to stay up to complete her studies. She might still be up. She would help him. He picked up the girl and headed for the upper floor. He listened at the door into that area where the girls slept, hearing low voices. He tapped on the door. There was a scuffling of feet and then silence. He tapped again. The door opened; an apparition stood there in a light nightdress that hid little of her. He was a lost man, All Angela could think was ‘At last, he has come for me’. Not yet, he hadn't, but he soon would be coming for her, and much more than that too. She would see to that.

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Robert Illingsworth was the young maintenance man in the Girls Boarding School. He was a jack-of-all trades and had been there for two years, surviving on his wits. It was not an environment without significant risks for a man like him, surrounded by so many nubile and unpredictable girls who had yet to learn about restraining their run-away hormones and were far too eager to learn about men, and what they could do for them, and to them.

Miss Bagnold, the principal and headmistress had hired him, and she was the only one who could fire him. She knew him well, and was not concerned about his moral difficulties with any of her girls, but was more intent on protecting him, from them.

She was aware that one day, a teacher, or an older student might be able to get behind his defenses. All she could do was to run interference for him and be very careful whom she allowed to get close to him, if she could stop it. She was always aware that a determined young woman who intended to 'get' him, no matter how it could be done, would generally be able to get her own way, while giving him little say in it once she had him cornered and had got his attention.

Being the only male in the school, apart from his cat which followed him everywhere, he was always viewed with caution and suspicion by all but one of the teachers, and many of the more intent and susceptible older girls, even after two years, but to all of them he seemed blind, deaf, and dumb. He ignored them, heard them not, and spoke to no one. Except for the headmistress.

At least, he tried to ignore them.

The younger girls were entirely unused to having a man in their school, and even in their lives, and were easily intimidated by his direct way of speaking, as well as by his obvious physical strength, maneuvering his ladders and coils of wiring that even two of them could not move, as well as removing limbs off fallen trees that must have weighed almost as much as he did, then lifting them and tossing them into the back of his cart. He scooted up his ladder with the agility and confidence of a squirrel in a tree to repair the roof or to clean out gutters.

The girls, most of them, were generally cautious of him. He was one of those unpredictable male animals; and they kept out of his way. They tried to ignore him, but couldn’t, always finding their eyes drawn to him whenever he was close by, always interested in everything he did.

They observed everything about him; his direct eyes when he spoke to any teacher. Then there was his face and its amazing ability to push out a stubble before the end of the day—supposedly hinting at some deep and intense virility bubbling within him like a well-spring of life; setting their little hearts thumping loudly, and racing—and his well-muscled sunburned arms. They were curious about him as most girls always would be, and without necessarily understanding why, except that he was different.

Their curiosity, as they got older and more aware of certain things about men, extended to observing him whenever and wherever they could, as well as speculating about things that were not usually openly discussed, other than by maturing girls, and in private.

The also learned about the different roles of the sexes as well as the wonderful possibilities that having a man in the school opened up to them. If only they could get his attention.

The older and more precocious of the girls, about a dozen of them tried to fix his gaze with their own so that he could read all that they were trying to tell him about them, and what they would like him to do for them, and what they could do for him.

To their complete frustration and annoyance, no matter what they tried, he ignored them all, and went unobtrusively about his business wherever he was in the school.

There were always girls somewhere close to him, so it was almost impossible to corner him or to be alone with him anywhere. It drove them crazy.

They were unaware of it, but he observed and listened to what was going on around him no matter where he was. He had to. It was a matter of survival in that environment where even the most innocent of events could suddenly magnify out of proportion, explode in his face, and involve him in some difficult and personal way.

He knew that all girls were difficult, and that whatever happened anywhere near them of an unusual or questionable personal nature, he would be the first to be viewed with suspicion.

They had heard Miss Bagnold warn him about them and their intentions for him, several times in the first week he was there when she had to clear girls out of his way to let him work on an urgent problem with the ancient wiring, or the plumbing in one of the toilets. The toilet issue was one which was always ongoing and always seemed to get worse as the girls began to recognize what they could do to get him into those areas, away from the usual hordes of girls.

He had first-hand evidence of their peculiar difficulties every day. They were like alien beings (Miss Bagnold had actually told him that too, in a loud voice as though apologizing for them). Their emotional states were unpredictable with tears always near the surface even if one just looked at them the wrong way, or they were driven into blushing confusion and gibbering foolishness.

If he had spoken to any of them for any reason, they would have become spluttering masses of quivering jelly, and probably would have wet themselves in excitement, or terror.

He never spoke to them.

They didn’t exist in his world. He lived in a different dimension, but he was always acutely conscious of them hanging, like the Damocles Sword, over his head.

The only one who conversed freely with him was the headmistress. She was the boss of them all, and the equal of any man. She had hired him, and no one argued with her judgment. Apart from that, she ensured that no one knew anything about him or where he had come from. She kept his personal folder locked up in her office. She was the only one who could see it.

He kept out of the way of all of the girls and most of the teachers, but had been known to step in and help the younger girls in times of difficulty but only when he had no choice, when there was no one else close by to help.

As for the older girls; he would never choose to get involved in helping any of them unless it was absolutely necessary and the circumstance clearly required his intervention.

He even seemed afraid of them, which was a good survival instinct on his part. Sometimes, intervening for them was dangerous for his continued health, considering what they often seem to have planned for him as to how he would be encouraged interact with them, and where. They were not at all shy in letting him know what it was they wanted (or thought they wanted) as they tried to torment him with a glimpse here and there of their developing bodies, as though by accident, when it wasn’t accidental at all.

It was not hard to perceive the reason for their interest in him: they were getting to that ‘difficult’ age; the age of raging hormones that even they did not understand and were confused by.

They already knew it was hazardous to be around most men with what they openly offered and signaled so obviously but, tragically, he gave no sign of being influenced by anything they did. They would need to rethink their approach, and bring out the bigger guns; use a bigger hammer.

He had learned of his personal vulnerability the hard way after a couple of narrow escapes, and was still learning it. It would never change. There were always girls coming up through the school, maturing, and becoming unreasonably and unreasoningly intent on him, stalking him, tempting him, and then retreating, bewildered about what they could be doing wrong when he did not break down doors to get to know them in that mysterious 'biblical' sense they had heard about, whatever that might be.

The younger, pre-pubescent girls—how that phrase rolls off the tongue, conjuring up visions of innocence and purity in those little-monsters-in-training—were steadily and inexorably building; growing their unmanning-armamentarium until that explosive change of puberty revealed them in all of their mind-shattering glory to the eagerly waiting world of horny, intent men.

They were no obvious threat to him for another year or two, but the developing older girls were getting to, or were at that age where he was of interest to them for other emerging reasons that even they had difficulty understanding. They noted these difficult changes with some surprise as wiry hair began to grow in strange places as their bodies developed, with their hips also beginning to widen interestingly. They began to sway in their walk in a way that was designed to create interest and to arouse other, not respectable feelings, in those of the opposite sex.

They knew what was happening to them, but still knew nothing of him, though he became more interesting every day, and damn the alleged dangers that their mothers had warned them about.

What was this? Their mothers giving them advice on avoiding men, when they had not avoided them, but had sought to attract them? One, at least: their father, she had let get at her in the most intimate way for any offspring at all--them, specifically--to be here on earth, and in this school.

It was nothing less than two-faced hypocrisy! What were their mothers trying to hide? Spoilsports!

They didn’t know what to make of this man working around them in their school, but they continually tested the limits to try and find out what they could, while he tried to keep them out, and at a safe distance, which meant as far from him as possible.

What was frustrating, and an in-your-face challenge for them all, was that he seemed able to ignore them no matter what they did to engage him. At least most of the time.

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