Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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The Next Revealing Step.

After about ten or fifteen minutes of the most difficult torment Robert had ever experienced, they realized that Marjorie had gone to sleep, and her grip on Robert’s shirt had lessened.

Angela looked up at Robert to see his eyes wide open in the dim light, looking at her. He seemed tense, and she knew why. She disturbed him, making him never sure where, and what she would touch next, by accident, or what she would encourage him to touch, or manipulate him to touch of her, seemingly by accident too, as she positioned herself to where he could not avoid touching her where she wanted him to touch.

It was time to up-the-ante, and move things along much more decisively.

“I think I can take her now, Robert, if I may call you Robert.” She thought she might be fluttering her eyelashes at him. Oh, such calculated coyness!

He nodded.

“And my name is Angela. Never mind this, Miss Birkenshaw stuff, after this very personal little adventure together.”

“Angel.” He sighed, and recovered quickly. “Angela. I know.”

Angel? She knew she had him captivated by then.

“But before I do, we should get her fully changed out of these damp clothes and into her nightdress. There is no point in bathing her now. I’ll do that tomorrow. I put her nightdress to one side. She can stay with me in my room tonight.”

He could, too, but she could never tell him that in so many words. It would just have to happen, somehow.

Angela moved the small body back over into Robert’s arms, to lie upon him.

She sat up and knelt again, but not exactly as she had before, with one leg between his. This time she straddled him with a knee on each side of him at his hips, opening herself up to being seen again, or even touched; even nudged into. Her nightdress was still resting on top of Marjorie’s legs as she began to undress this little girl who had been the means to bring them both together in the most wonderful way. However, she first moved her own night dress higher onto her hips again and out of the way, as she reached out and lifted, reaching to get Marjorie’s clothes off her.

If she had any sense, she would take her nightdress off first, and leave him in no doubt about what she intended, but that might be moving too fast for them both, and be too obvious, even in the very dim light filtering-in from outside.

Robert closed his eyes again, and focussed upon just breathing.

Breathe, dammit! Breathe! He might not survive this.

He reached out and touched her on the arm to slow her down.

She felt his hand trembling again.


“You are in a very dangerous place, Angela.”

As if she didn't know!

He noticed what she was doing, with her poised directly above that proud part of his, fully exposed beneath her, reaching up eagerly to make contact with her. How could she not notice that he was free, and was more than ready for her to find out about him, and how eager he was for her, and ready to explode?

There was nothing between their exposed bodies now. She sat back as she pulled and struggled to get Marjorie undressed. A lot of things could happen between them as she moved around, doing this, and relaxing back onto him as she took Marjorie's clothes off her.

He must be able to feel that corresponding part of her body touching upon him, inviting him to discover more of her, driving him even farther over the emotional cliff.

She smiled at him and what he had said. What was he warning her about?

As if she didn’t know that, either.

“How am I in danger, Robert?” Another one she had no need to ask.

Did she really need to ask? Wasn’t it obvious what she was doing to him, and what he was almost doing to her?

She was keenly aware of how his body was signaling things to her that he could not easily put into words. If she reached down, and touched, and held him as she was tempted to do, or just touched him or his balls, there would be no doubt what would happen a few seconds later.

She responded silently in her own way as she stopped pulling Marjorie around and leaned over him, her breasts almost touching in his face, but for Marjorie being between them.

’Not yet, my dear, not yet, slow down with me, and I will show you when. And, oh, how I will show you.'

The night was still young.

“The way we are, Angela, both poorly clad (as good as naked), and you lying down with me like this, tormenting me with...." He groaned. Everything about her tormented him.

"You are the only girl in this school whom I might trust to do this with me, like this, with you… and me… and this… this situation between us”—he stumbled over his words—“and you are driving me crazy, and surely you know that you must not trust me.”

Why ever not? What is the matter, Robert? Are you so afraid of what will happen?

She’d needed to hear him explain what he meant, but there would soon be a major disconnect between what he was saying, and what he would be doing to her if she did this right. At least she was having the right effect on him. She smiled at him. Time was with her, not with him.

“Thank you for telling me, but I think I know the exact effect that I am having on you, Robert, and on this”--she reached down and gently touched him, directly upon his shaft, startling him-- “but I also know that it is too late to speak of trust, considering where we are, how we are and what we are doing and are so close to doing with each other. It can’t be helped. Soon we will be able to speak more openly about this and what will happen when we make love, and then discuss it even better, afterward.”

His mind had just stopped working! They would make love? Holy...!

She sat lower, feeling his hand touching at her between her legs as they came closer together. She even felt his fingers move gently along her vulva, spreading her labia apart as though learning where he needed to go next and to open the way.

“Some people are just drawn to each other as we are at this moment, Robert. Destined to meet. We will soon learn what else we can do together. I need your help to do this with Marjorie, and I know that I am only lightly dressed, perhaps inappropriately so (definitely inappropriately), but that is beyond my control at this time. You took me off guard, remember, when you came to find me? However, I am so glad that you did."

So was he.

"We must accept the limitations and deficiencies. Or we can take advantage of them, and continue for Marjorie’s sake and…” she blushed, “I hope you will survive this for her sake, as well as for mine.” There she had managed to say it.

He wasn’t sure he would survive after hearing that. For her sake too?... or considering where he was touching her between her legs and where she had touched him.

She was looking down on him as though she wanted to lean over and kiss him.

“Or is it that I am shocking you too much, the way I am inadequately dressed for what we are doing?"

She rambled on, feeling that it was safer for her to talk, to help keep him off balance. She decided to play coy.

“Oh, dear, I had not thought that I might offend you. Am I being too forward? Revealing too much of my feelings; or of my body-- no matter how accidentally-- and you touching me? Though I do not see how I can help doing that with what we must do for this poor girl to get her comfortable and dry. Her needs must come first.”

Had he been clumsy? She seemed uncertain about something, while he was uncertain about everything at that moment.

He touched her upon her bare waist, to try and comfort her from having mistaken what he meant, feeling that her nightdress was still high upon her, covering nothing. He wanted to take it off her. She may even want him to remove it from her.

He tried to comfort her. “You are not offending me, Angela. Far from it. I find you disturbingly beautiful in every way, and more than enough to drive a man crazy with desire for you. My aroused feelings are what are dangerous. I know that you know all about them by now (hell, she'd touched him!) and how much I ache to make love to you. I always did. That was what I was saying. It didn’t help that I have had to hide my feelings ever since I first noticed you.”

Another good admission.

That seemed to be her cue. She leaned forward, putting her hands on either side of him, knowing that he could see into the front of her nightdress to see more of her as well as to touch, and looked into his eyes, tempting him to kiss her as well as all of the other he was already doing. He could if he wanted to.

“You don’t have to hide or control your feelings any longer Robert. Not with me. Marjorie brought us together in a fateful way, and we should not let this moment go to waste. We will soon be able to do something about it, and I intend that we will, as soon as we get Marjorie settled.”

She felt how her words excited him. He had never expected anything like this to happen to him the way it was happening.

“You are affecting me in the same way that I am affecting you, Robert. You always have done. I have never felt this way about any man before.” She leaned in and gently kissed him, before sitting up over him again, letting him get even closer to engaging with her, feeling that aroused part of his nudging eagerly at her, feeling how that sensation, of him touching her with his erection, and her words, fired him up.

“I do not mind you touching me, wherever you would like to touch me, and not just with your hands, Robert."

She was inviting him at last.

She felt his hands rise up under her nightdress onto her breasts, and could even feel that other proud part of his touching up at her, under there, insistently too, asking permission to do more to her, to explore, to seek entry and to go into her, but also ready to take the law into its own hands if she didn’t soon make that decision and take pity on him. She moved lower upon him, feeling him nudging her labia aside, to get started into her.

His head might explode. Both heads! He would definitely not survive this!

The difficult part, the uncertainty, was behind them now, and she held all of the cards, knowing how it would go from here, and in the way she wanted it to go. But all in good time.

He was hers to control now, but a little tormenting would not do him any harm. Besides, Marjorie was still lying between them, so they were limited in what they could do, where they were, apart from touching, and some preliminary overtures and explorations. The really heated and violent stuff when they truly coupled for the first time would have to wait for a short while.

If she let him into her as much as he was eager to be at this moment--and she could feel how eager he was to do that-- everything would get out of hand, Marjorie would be forgotten, and they might never get back to what they should be doing for her warmth and comfort.

Marjorie, first!

Instead of settling farther upon him and letting him go deeper into her, she retreated, sensing his disappointment; his eager desire for her to stay where she had been, and for it to go forward from there as she settled lower upon him, not for her to retreat. She could feel his agony.

She would not make it easy for him.

“I have a bone to pick with you, Robert.”

She looked at him, striving to become serious once more (difficult to do with him holding her breasts as he was, and that other stiff part of his hovering in anticipation and eagerness just beneath her vagina, touching up at it every so often as she moved), sensing her new-found power over him, knowing that his temperature was rising as he continued to hold her breasts and was even searching to find where that other part, that had been embracing him, had gone to, wanting it to come back onto him.

He waited expectantly. Whatever she wanted or suggested, would be given without argument.

“I have been in this school almost a year, striving to catch your attention, and this is the first real conversation; the first encounter we have had, you and I, apart from a few grunts and words about the weather, in passing. I did try to engage you in conversation more than once, but you practically ignored me. I am sure you did not mean to hurt my feelings but you did. Why did you do that?”

He thought for a while. “I think you know why, Angela.”

Yes, she did. What he did for one girl, in such an open arena, he would have to do for all of them, but where he and Angela were, now, was free of those other difficulties. They no longer existed. It was just him, and her. This, would be one-on-one when it happened, as it should be, and it soon would happen now. However, they would have to deal with Marjorie first.

“I was not trying to hurt your feelings, Angela. That was the last thing I would ever want to do.” He was anxious to engage with her again in that other way, so wanted this conversation to move along and for them to get back to what they had begun doing.

He tried to explain.

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