Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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Out of Bounds no more.

“All of the girls in this school are out of bounds to me, as they should be, including you, especially when some of them don’t behave appropr… are trying very hard to get my attention in the wrong way.”

As she was doing even now, but she couldn’t let him know just how much she ached to get back to what they had started to do, and that she would always welcome his attention now.

“But I did try to behave appropriately with you, Robert. Always appropriately in the school. Even if not now.” Especially, if not, now. “I never did try to inveigle you quite as obviously as they did, and still do, though I often wanted to.”

Perhaps she shouldn’t admit to having any of those kinds of feelings, to lay herself open to him. Not that it mattered now, considering what he had been able to see of her, even to touch, and what she hoped would soon go back to happening between them that they had made a start upon, however briefly.

“But I suppose I am behaving ‘unbecomingly’ at this moment, Robert, wanting you to touch me and love me, make love to me, but I can’t help that?” She blushed at him.

“What we are doing now, we have little choice about or control over now that we know about each other and can talk about it at last. But first, we have to do this to help Marjorie, and then we can go back to the other that we got started on.

"I know that I am too close to you in a very intimate way, as those other girls try to do, but it cannot be avoided here and the way be both are.” She played coy. “I am also afraid of rushing things along too fast, and of offending you. Shocking you. Perhaps even scaring you. Am I scaring you?” She sounded concerned about that possibility.

He strove to deny any such thing to her even as he continued to touch and to hold her breasts, and even as his over-eager penis wanted to feel that sense of her body coming back down onto it again.

“You could never offend me, Angela, nor could you ever behave inappropriately, no matter what you did. You are nothing like those other girls. But, yes. What you are doing now, but not obviously intentionally, is even more shocking and unexpected, but there is nothing you might do would ever be wrong. Not with me; not the way I feel about you and you know how that is, how I feel.”

He was in love with her, of course, but she needed him to admit it, just as she was in love with him. “And how do you feel about me, Robert?”

“I think you know how I feel about you, Angela.”

“Tell me.” A woman always needed to hear those words and to have them demonstrated for her in gentle and considerate ways.

“I love you. I loved you the moment you walked into the school, but I could not tell you that or let you see it, until now.”

She had seen it, but hadn't understood it at that early time. She did now. There was no mistaking his body's response to her.

She chuckled. He had just given her more power over him. “Thank you. I knew, of course. I fell in love with you at about the same time (all but a day or two, when she'd thought about what she had seen). Why didn’t we speak of this before now if we both knew?” She answered her own question. “Though we couldn’t, could we? Such an open display of basic emotions in this school is too dangerous to consider.”

She would now reward him in some tangible way for that confession.

She moved closer to him, giving him no choice about touching more of her in both places. He must know what she was doing and what she wanted.

“That is what I suppose I find most frightening about this, with us being so close together like this and you being... as you are.”

As good as naked. And Hallelujah for that!

He’d better not say any more, though he was gently reaching up to touch her again in a very private place, with something other than his hands, and that was pushing not so gently at her, seeking permission to enter.

He was frightened? He was scared about what would happen between them?

She wasn’t scared. She was pleased to hear what he was suggesting, without putting it into words just yet. She felt the same way about him. They would definitely make love tonight, now.

Her eyes flashed and she leaned in to kiss him on the lips yet again, without hesitation as though to thank him, but was actually still gauging his mood and how she could move this forward from here; how quickly and in what way. She didn’t have to worry about that. He would do all that was necessary once she got things started, and Marjorie would be all the excuse she would need to let this flow along to where it would go between them.

“Then we have nothing to worry about, Robert. We understand each other perfectly.”

Like hell they did! She didn't know the first thing about a horny male and how close to insanity he could be when the right woman offered her body to him.

She was provoking the poor man and ruthlessly taking advantage of him because she could. However, they could not do what they would need to do here as openly as they wanted to, but they could send it where it needed to go once they had Marjorie properly seen to, and that, would have to be in Angela’s room.

“Then let us see to Marjorie, here, first, and then we shall discuss and negotiate this...er... other personal situation between us further, you and I.”

She leaned lower over him and kissed him again, lingering a little longer over it, not wanting anything to change too quickly, letting him feel the sensation of her vagina slowly embracing the head of his penis once more, setting his eyes dancing in the dim light and for his breath to catch in his throat as he tried to raise himself to go deeper into her.

She liked the way things were going. So did he. If she had courage enough she would touch him again about now and move farther onto him down there, to get much more of a start, but held back. Once he got far enough into her, there would be no escaping it.

He sighed and held onto her, keeping her close to him. He could feel her breasts in his hands, with the nipples becoming hard in his palms. With a slightly different movement he could take a much deeper stroll into some personal feminine foliage which was already welcoming him with its tantalizing touch and a warm and moist embrace.

“You are not being fair on me, Angela. We still have Marjorie to consider. My hands are already full... with this little girl.” As well as full with the bigger girl’s breasts.

She laughed, knowing that she was the one in control and was ruthlessly tormenting him with everything he might ever desire.

Angela knew that he wanted to be touching more of her, and doing more, and where. She would not have minded, but once that began they would lose track of this other responsibility and they would have to see to her first.

Robert could touch her more, and make love to her later. And would.

“I know I am not being fair on you, Robert, but look at the odds I was facing in this school until now. A girl has to take advantage of every opportunity offered to her in this environment, and this is the first chance we have ever had to be alone like this to learn about each other. We should make sure we do not let this moment be lost to us.”

It wouldn’t be lost, not now that they had admitted to being in love.

She sat back again and continued to undress Marjorie as Robert held the little girl steady, conscious of Angela’s body touching him down there, constantly moving against him, enticing, teasing him as she settled ever lower upon him; giving him a sensation of her body, opening up even more for him, gently engaging him for just an instant, and then moving again before he could do anything about it, then coming back, as her vagina welcomed him yet again. At the way things were going he would explode with excitement long before she had got Marjorie undressed and ready for bed.

Angela raised Marjorie’s arms; stripping off a vest she had next to her body, as Robert, in turn, drank in more of what he could see and feel of Angela, now that she was distracted with something else, seeming not to notice how far he was moving into her.

Angela dropped the small nightdress over Marjorie’s head, fishing her arms through each sleeve, before she laid her back into Robert’s warm embrace. The little girl was more relaxed now, but Robert wasn’t. Not after the torment Angela had been for him and with her still sitting upon him, embracing him tightly down there.

There were many questions they both wanted to ask, but they could wait for later, they would have to.

Angela laid back down, snuggling close into him again in the narrow space between him and the back of the settee. She felt his arm go under her head to support it as she turned into him, putting her free arm over Marjorie, with her other arm down between them, detecting how her nightdress had ridden up well above her waist, and feeling Robert’s warm hand on her, behind her, touching her gently upon, and even between her cheeks; investigating, wanting to know more about her there; always wanting to investigate her body now that he knew he was welcome to do so.

She didn’t care. She liked the effect she was having on him. She raised her upper leg across his body to open herself up to his discovery, even daring to reach beneath her leg to touch him too, to hold him confidently, to find out where he was, relative to her. She did not yet have courage to take hold of him more decisively and move him into her to get him started into her again, but that would soon happen, now that they had got to this stage.

“She’s warm and sleeping now. We don’t have to go anywhere. No one is going to disturb us, Robert, and her absence has not been noticed yet, so won’t be until morning.”

They could stay here all night and they would eventually make love as they both wanted to, except for Marjorie being between them, but the situation was not impossible.

“I will go and see Miss Bagnold before the morning bell. She will have a lot of questions. We should decide what to tell her about this; about your part in it. About us and that we are in love, and that we also made love!” Several times.

His breath caught in his throat, hearing her say that about them having made love by morning.

As much as she wanted to, she knew she’d better say nothing to the headmistress about any of this or they’d both be out on their ears.

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