Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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She waited to see what he would say, especially about that latter phrase.

“It will probably be best if you keep me out of it, Angela and say nothing about anything happening between us. I am not supposed to be anywhere near this part of the school at this time of night. Definitely not with one of the more beautiful and mature girls.”

And not doing anything like this, or feeling the way I do about her.

“Agreed. Yes, I suppose it would be wiser to say as little about your role in this as possible, and what will happen between us tonight after this, as we see to Marjorie’s needs together.”

It was out of his hands, and out of his control now, and getting more out of control, but he hoped she’d been serious when she said that they would make love tonight. He was more than ready.

“I can say that Marjorie tapped on the dormitory door, and that I looked after her from there. I doubt Marjorie will be able to contradict me. She was wet and upset, and had been outside in all of that downpour. No one needs ever know that you spent the night with me”—she quickly corrected herself—“with us.” She giggled. “I doubt Marjorie will remember much about it, but she might wake up and miss you, so you should stay.”

“Thank you.” He leaned closer to her, and returned her kiss, waiting to see if she would object, though he knew by then that she wouldn’t. She didn’t object to where he was touching her either, so he moved to touch more as she moved her leg farther up on him to open herself up even more for him to touch, and to push slowly into her.

He would surrender and give in gracefully to what she wanted. She seemed to know exactly what she wanted, so he would just have to let it roll along. Who was he to argue?

She didn’t object to his kiss, so he continued kissing her with his hand slowly rising to touch and hold her breast again. He was beginning to wake up to the unlimited possibilities that she had in mind for them both.

She was proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

“So where do we go from here, you and I, Angela?” As if he needed to ask, hoping to distract her from what was happening. “You must know that we must be careful about this, about us, while you are still a student in the school, and that what we do, must not be suspected by anyone.”

She knew that for herself, and was aware of how much she disturbed him, and that all of her efforts were now paying off in an unexpected way.

“We will be discreet, and we will manage somehow, Robert. There are many ways to be private with each other in a school this size, it’s just a case of identifying them.”

They kissed for some moments and continually adjusted their positions with each other. She felt his impatience to be into her even more than he was, aware of his building mood and the tension he was under.

“You asked, where do we go from here, Robert.

“We’ll have to see. There are a few weeks between now and the end of school, and we will be overseen by hundreds of girls, but that is no reason for us to run scared, or to ignore each other after this, though I doubt we will get many opportunities after this one to be alone like this and to make love. Not as often as I would like us to do, unless… I am sure we can think of something.

“You have enough keys to go anywhere, and you know where I am, where my bedroom is, though it will be dangerous if we choose to play with fire.”

He brought her face down to kiss her.

She continued with her thoughts. “No matter. We shall start here as we intend to go on, and deal with the difficult bits as we encounter them.” They’d already made a good start.

She snuggled closer to him. “First”…she was thinking on the fly—“I want to know all about you, Robert, everything that is not in your file, which I have read, by the way.”

He was not surprised by that. Nothing would surprise him about this woman now. “I suppose I should tell you that, and then I will answer all of your questions about me.”

He responded in kind, before she could begin, and pushed a little farther into her.

“All of my questions about you and everything that is not in your file either. It’s a deal. I read your file too. I have all of the keys to everything in the school as you said. I read your file not long after you arrived here, when I needed to know who you were and something about you. You are unexpected, Miss Birkenshaw; Angela, and a rebel, as a letter in your file suggested you were. So they were right about you.”

He was a rebel too.

She could move everything along very quickly if she were to take her nightdress off, or just guide his hands either up, more confidently onto her breasts again, or down to between her legs once more and help him.

She knew how he ached all of the time to touch her in both places and to do so much more.

They turned more to face each other, losing that start into her, with Marjorie lying asleep between them. Their helpless charge was beginning to feel the warmth from them both, gaining comfort from it in her peacefully semi-comatose state, and totally unaware of the building sexual tensions taking place around her, and beneath her, as Angela took hold of Robert’s hand, and guided it down between her legs, into a welcoming terra incognita, which would soon not be so unknown or unexplored, with him already having got a start into her.

After some minutes of that, where Robert became breathless and more focused, Angela felt Robert’s hand move across to touch her on her bare middle, and then to touch at her hip, confirming how high her nightdress really was upon her as she put her own hand on his waist, moving his shirt, so that she could also touch his bare skin. They would soon be able to remove all clothing from each other and get on with the serious business again.

As though reading her mind, he moved closer to her and with her help guiding him this time, he went into her again, but not as far as he wanted to, with Marjorie’s feet between them stopping him pushing very far into her. It was far enough however, and enough to engage his every thought, after all of the excitement of what they were doing and had done, and he could not help himself. The excitement, already on a knife edge, pushed him along even more.

“Angela!” He spoke only her name, and his voice sounded strangely tense and he was breathing hard.

"What, Robert?"

“I’m coming!”

When a young woman or a girl, hears those words for the first time, she rarely knows what to expect, though within seconds her education moves forward in great bounds, learning what that means for her, just before that deeply personal explosion begins and she is either suddenly drenched in a way she could never have expected, or her body experiences sudden changes as he drives even more powerfully into her delicate, inexperienced, little grotto to baptize her inside there.

Angela was not sure what to expect, but had some understanding of what he was saying. The other girls had mentioned this without really saying very much about it other than in admiring, yet also faintly disgusted terms. It was a common topic of conversation before they retired, but words were one thing, experiencing it, was another.

She felt him trying to push to get further into her as his actions became more eager and more directed, pushing hard at her down there. She wanted him into her too, but they couldn’t get much closer with Marjorie between them and her feet entangled between their bodies. He was always aware of that, and careful that he did not hurt her.

Angela felt him holding her breasts more firmly, steadily pushing at her down there, all of it new to her, but with him obviously unable to push as forcefully as he clearly wanted to.

She was not entirely sure where it would go from here, or what his words really meant for her. She soon found out.

He froze for a moment, with a small cry as he pushed several times, with a pause between each push, gradually getting deeper and deeper into her. It was a wonder Marjorie did not wake up to complain.

How had she, not complained. this was the first time for her to have a man in her body like this. Why had she not objected to the size of him going into her as her friends had described. Yet it hadn't hurt as she'd feared it would. Her body must have changed to accommodate him.

Angela felt things happening inside her, could feel how stiff Robert was, with him at least half way into her, and could feel the pulsing still happening. She was also wet, down there and was breathing almost with the same difficulty he was experiencing, after a few low cries that had almost made her laugh. Except, no one could laugh with that thing going into their body, pushing hard into her, stiffening up. There would be no sleeping through that.

Neither of them moved. He was still breathing heavily, kissing her, with her returning those kisses. She had succeeded more than she had ever dreamed was possible. She had most definitely been 'fucked' for the first time in her life, which was the way those girls would have described it, but she had not been fucked; she had been made love to. She had been the one making love to him. She had been loved, and they could only improve on this from here, and would.

It took him a few minutes before he could speak.

“I’d better not come out of you until we are both ready to move, Angela, or there will be a flood.

He meant his sperm, of course. Angela wordlessly pulled her nightdress over her head and pushed it down between them and under her. Nothing else was easily available. This was all new to her.

They pulled each other closer, kissed and relaxed after that, with him able to slide deeper into her as Marjorie moved out of the way between them. They were both of them robbed of words at the delightful change. They would do that again, and soon. Her breasts were in his face, with him mouthing at them, and then were resting in his hands, exciting him even more. She could feel that, and the changes she was causing.

A lifetime of change had happened to them both in just one hour and with more changes still to go, with him now into her as far as he could possibly go, and there would be no putting that genie back into the bottle.

What might the next few hours bring? More of this, obviously.

She would be inventive, and move everything into fast-forward, to move well beyond where they were even now, if that was what it would take, and it would, and there was no time to waste. Not after that.

She felt very wet down there. Fortunately the settee was old, and by morning no one would notice anything that had leaked onto it.

This was her game now, and they would be her rules. When he revived, as he was doing already, and they had done this once more; at least once more, they would all go back to her room and continue it there.

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