Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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Is This Really Happening To Me?

They rested there holding each other, not moving as the hour advanced; finding that they had been kissing, touching each other for over an hour; discovering more about each other both mentally and physically. Robert had even got excited again, with her encouragement and had come again, and again.

Angela slowly sat up, feeling Marjorie move closer to Robert and take hold of his shirt again. How much had Marjorie been aware of?

“I don’t think she was as asleep as we thought, Robert. She probably heard everything we said and did to each other. I hope she didn’t understand any of it.”

It was just as well she hadn't fully disrobed him, though she, had been.

She clambered over Robert's body, pausing to kiss him with more confidence now, and heedless of what she displayed to him again as she did so, pulling on her night dress, feeling how uncomfortably wet it was where it touched her body, and picked Marjorie’s damp clothes, and her backpack off the floor.

"We should head back into the dormitory, Robert." She could still feel him running out of her, down her leg.

They would get her into Angela's room, and into her bed. It was not wise to try and go to the junior dorm and get her settled in her own bed at this time of night.

Marjorie would have to be watched for a while, and there would have to be an understanding of why she had tried to run away in the first place.

Robert hesitated. “Should I? I am not supposed to be in that part of the school with any of the girls at this time of night and especially not with me as I am.” Still horny and eager to go.

She laughed. “Why not?" She reached out to touch him and even to hold that part of him, surprising herself at how brash and forwardly bold she suddenly was. "There is no one to see you like this Robert; only me I am glad to say, so you don't have to put him away now. Too late for that, and I'm not shy now, not after what we just did.

"We girls all have private rooms, or share with one or two others. There is no one occupying the other bed in my room. We don’t have to put any lights on to disturb anyone. Besides, she is holding onto you again, and I will need you to help her get settled. It will help me, too.”

She was right. He hoped this worked out all right for them both after what they had already done together, but it wouldn’t, if they were discovered in the same bed in the girls' dormitory.

"If we are quiet, no one will know."

She reached out again and put his penis away for him, learning more about him all of the time, but not daring to bring his zip up for fear of catching him. One never knew when other girls might be wandering in a sleepy daze to the bathroom so they should still be careful.

He picked Marjorie up in his arms and followed Angela as she pushed open the door into the lounge. It was slightly ajar, and she knew that she'd heard it latch behind her as she'd left. Had one of the girls opened it to find out where she was? It was too late to worry about that. She closed it behind them again without making any sound with the latch, and quietly turned the dead-bolt. No one could come in that way now; not without two keys.

There was one of the night-lights burning in her room to help him see where he was.

She closed the door to her room, put Marjorie’s knapsack on a chair, arranging her damp clothing over the radiator, though it hadn’t been on all summer, and turned her bed down to climb in and lie there, indicating where Robert could put Marjorie in front of her. She would sleep in the same bed with Angela tonight.

He lay Marjorie down, but she would not let go of him. She had awoken again.

“You have to try and go to sleep, little girl.” He tried to reason with her.

Marjorie spoke dreamily. “Will you be here in the morning when I wake up, Papa?” She seemed to think he was her father in her near-sleep state and in the low light. He responded instinctively, protectively, as she would expect of her father.

He whispered. “I can’t be, my little love. This is not my bedroom.”

Marjorie had to think about that, as Angela looked on, listening to their artless conversation, and learning even more about Robert. He was good with children, and had been gentle with them both as they had lain together on that settee, not trying to take too much of an advantage of her at first, as he could so easily have done with her nightdress all askew, and as she would have allowed and welcomed, and then did welcome it once she knew where things were going between them.

“Of course it is, Papa. You and Mama share it, though it does not look as I remember it. It is smaller, and there are no photographs on the wall, and no fresh flowers. Who’s bedroom is it then?”

“It is Angela’s bedroom. She will be with you. She is there, and she is a very nice and loving person.” He could vouch for that. He pointed behind her, seeing Angela smiling at him.

“But I want you to be with me too.”

There would need to be a compromise.

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll lie down here with you both, as we did on that settee, and we can all try to go to sleep together.”

She thought about that.

“I’ll try. I want you to give me a good night kiss, first.” Robert leaned over her and kissed her on the neck.

“No, not there, silly. A proper kiss. On my lips. Just like I see you doing to Mama.”

He leaned in and kissed her properly, feeling her arms sneak around his neck and hold him close to her as she returned his kiss.

Oh, the artlessness of a child.

“Will you let me go now?”

“I will, after you kiss, Mama, just as you were kissing her before, on that settee." What else had see noticed?

“But”…he felt Angela’s hand on his arm to silence him. He looked at her and saw her smiling at him and nodding, approving. She found the situation amusing.

She fell easily into this new role. “Yes, Papa. You must kiss Mama first, as Marjorie says. No one should go to sleep without a proper kiss.” Robert felt Angela tugging gently at his arm, encouraging him.

As Marjorie watched approvingly, he kissed Angela, moving above her, finding that she would not let him go either, until he had kissed her properly over what seemed like a relatively long time. He soon understood how she felt, and continued, until it seemed she might object, but she didn’t.

“Now I shall try to go to sleep, with you on this side of me, and Papa on the other.”

Who could sleep after that stimulation?

Angela spoke up again. “Yes, Papa, we will do that won’t we?” Angela was taking advantage of the situation, finding some humor in it.

She should not be encouraging him as she was. She had almost as much to lose as he did if they were caught.

He knew there would be no easy escape, but realized that he didn’t mind. “I will have to take off my shoes, first.”

Angela played along. “Of course you will, my dear. Whoever heard of anyone going to bed with their shoes on?”

“Or their clothes.” Marjorie did not seem ready to give in.

“Or a light on.” Robert leaned over and unplugged the small light, to leave them completely in the dark.

They heard him disrobing. Angela would have liked to have seen that, before he slid into bed beside Marjorie.

“No, Papa, you sleep on the other side of the bed, the left side, on the other side of Mama, but you will still hold my hand across Mama, or I may not get to sleep. And as it is a small bed, you and Mama may have to sleep on top of each other, as you often do!”

Out of the mouths of babes, indeed...!

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