Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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Out of the Mouths of Babes.

Robert felt the bed shaking as Angela could not help laughing silently. He moved across the bed to climb over her to lie close behind her, and let Marjorie take his hand to make sure he did not escape before she was asleep.

Out of the mouths of babes indeed….

There would be no sleep for him, not with what he could feel of Angela, now that he had got rid of everything except his undershorts, and they were no protection or cover in his present state, the way he poked out of them, touching at Angela again. Nor with his vibrant thoughts about Angela driving him mad, and what he was awaking up to, concerning her intentions for him, and especially not with her touching him again.

She knew all about him.

That kiss; those kisses, had held promise, as well as telling him much more, the way she had held him there. He hoped their voices could not be overheard.

Angela knew what to do. She gave the impression that she was not comfortable the way they were arranged.

“If you put your left arm under my head, Robert, Marjorie can hold that, and then you can pull me closer to you with your other hand. That way you won’t roll out of bed.”

What was she up to now?

He did as she suggested feeling her raise her upper leg to accommodate his erection in that space. There would be a price to pay for this once he got settled, but who would pay it? Probably both of them once this was discovered by one of her friends in the morning, walking in on them to discover them in the violent throes of love.

He felt Marjorie take his hand, hold it by her face and rest her head on it to go to sleep.

He brought his free hand up to hold Angela on her middle again, pulling her close to him, but felt her take his hand and move it down, and under her nightdress before bringing it up to hold her breast, brushing slowly by an intriguing patch of hair in the process. He hoped he would be allowed to find out more about that again, soon.

He was wide-awake after that, and dared say nothing but there were many changes taking place between them, in understanding, and with his own body responding as it had no choice in doing. She would be able feel that.

Marjorie fell asleep almost immediately now that she had got what she wanted.

Two minutes later he felt Angela moving his under-shorts down his legs. He soon caught on to the mood that had been building between them for the last few minutes. Waking up to what she intended again, he helped move her nightdress up and off her body, dropping it at the side of the bed, along with his undershorts.

She rolled onto her back for him, saying nothing, and brought him between her legs as they kissed each other. This would not be put off any longer, and Marjorie was not between them this time.

“Are you sure this is what you want, Angela? I will not go just half-way into you this time, but all the way.” There was ill-concealed excitement in his voice. He had already been fully into her.

“Sh! It is exactly what I want, Robert. What about you?”

“I know my feelings too.” She could feel one of them for herself.

She continued. “I meant apart from this hormonal urgency, thing and about the short-term sexual aspect of things. I mean in the longer time frame. If you are responding only because of that male thing, then I must tell you that you may be trapped with me, as I will not be leaving the school at the end of term. Miss Bagnold wants me to gradually take on a teaching load in the school and other duties.”

He paused above her, as she slowly helped him find her. He could add some thoughts of his own.

“That’s a relief. I was cudgeling my brain how to get you to stay, or how I would have to go with you if you left. We did admit to being in love with each other, remember?”

She liked to hear that. “So do you really feel something for me, Robert, other than just this sexual urgency of the moment, and weren’t just saying that?” She already knew, but needed him to say it. Surely she could feel him like a lance poised above her, and ready to invade. Hardly the time for this conversation.

“I do, Angela. You heard me dare to admit that I have loved you from afar, ever since you arrived, but this is not a very friendly environment for getting any relationship going. It will be difficult.”

He kissed her as she listened further. “I want you in my life, Angela; permanently in my life, but I knew that it was too soon to discuss that or even to admit that I loved you, except everything ran away between us over the last hour.

I was not sure I would survive the unrelenting torment of you being so close to me and so revealingly dressed, most of the time.” Practically not dressed at all.

“Hell, we’ve only known each other for an hour, though I know much more about you than I told you. I told you that I read your file. However, if you are not sure about me just yet, with this openness being so recent between us, just tell me now, and I shall get dressed and go, before I do any real damage between us. I do not want to lose you now, just because I could not control my baser urges.”

She touched the side of his face. He could not see her smile, but he detected it in her voice.

“The damage has already been done, Robert. Part-way, half-way, it’s all the same. And you came, into me, at least twice. You do remember that do you?”

Of course he did.

“You do not need to go, Robert. Come, let us get to know each other properly, fully, this time. All of you. It will all sort itself out, but go into me slowly, please. I think I know what to expect after the last couple of times, but I am not entirely sure.”

“Then I will go slowly. I might be too much for you the first time.” She was wondering that for herself from what she had felt of him earlier, and found the courage to respond.

“I managed all of you before, but why don’t we find out anyway again, Robert? I am not afraid to find out. Millions of women before me have done this, and probably even a few hundred are experiencing this even now at this very moment.”

“Then you must control what happens, Angela. We can talk and play”—he leaned in and kissed her breasts and then all over her face and on her lips, feeling her reach out to him—“until you feel more relaxed.”

“I will never be able to relax Robert. Not until this is finally and completely done, and with no half-measures and no Marjorie between us. And nor will you.”

So true. And not with what she had discovered ready for her when she had touched him again, reminding herself just how big he was.

She put her mind away from that. “Marjorie is asleep, I hope.” They could hear her breathing heavily.

“Come into me. But go slowly. We will be able to relax and talk more openly after that.

He kissed her, feeling her guiding him toward her as he moved closer, pausing for a few moments to touch her breasts and kiss them again, before moving forward, feeling her struggling to open herself to receive him. He helped her, letting her use both hands on herself once she no longer needed to hold him as he moved to get more of a start into her, listening to her, to her breathing, or as she held her breath, taking his cue from her, pausing when she seemed to become tense at what he was doing, steadily moving into her with her encouragement as she relaxed. She pulled behind him encouraging him forward.

He had never been so hard or so eager, and knew that he would come again, far too soon, maybe even before he got fully into her. He hoped not. He should warn her about that. No, she already knew.

He tried to distract himself with other thoughts, but they would not cooperate. His focus was only on what was happening between them down there, with his hips tense and pushing slowly, feeling her gradually give, around him to let him in.

All of his thoughts and feelings were resident in that part of him, slowly moving into this wonderful, receptive, and cooperative body beneath him.

Soon it would get out of hand again. He would lose control, and everything would gallop away, well beyond his control. He must not push hard when it happened, or he might really hurt her, and he did not want to do that, but there was no easy way out of getting this first time they did this properly, behind them.

She moved her hands to hold him at the waist, able to exercise some control over him by either pulling gently or holding him steady, though she knew that it was an illusory misperception.

When it happened again, and it soon would, there would be no control. She could see that he had his eyes closed. He was concentrating on not concentrating, and precipitating things to happen too quickly. His breathing was shallow, as hers was.

She should have prepared better for this, as some of those girls recommended, jokingly, as the ‘lights-out’ bell sounded.

“Candles out, girls!” She had not understood what they meant the first time she had heard that. She did now. The more precocious girls had ‘toys’ to play with so that their first time would be well prepared for, and their vaginas not as tight as hers certainly was for him.

He was into her more now. Her mind had distracted her and she had relaxed. She consciously made an effort to relax more, reaching up to kiss him and to have him come lower onto her to kiss her.

He was intense about it, almost covering her mouth with his own, and she could feel his warm breath upon her as he snorted like a dragon out of his nostrils and pushed into her at the same time.

Then there was no longer any resistance, and she felt him slide easily and steadily into her until she had all of him again. Not just half of him, but all of him, and he felt... well, she knew exactly where he was!

She had managed to receive all of him into her body again, and she did not feel sore.

She breathed a sigh of relief. One hurdle passed. One more to go, again. What would it feel like this time?

He came closer onto her, no longer able to kiss her and breathe at the same time. He felt this firmly-embracing tightness, strangling him in the most enervating way around the base of his penis. She felt him moving with greater urgency in her then, alternately pushing and withdrawing but not by much, and it seemed to be more by hip rotation than by any physical retreat and advance. Her hands could now hold him on his cheeks, feeling what he was doing, controlling some of it.

Then he paused as though in mid-stride. His breathing, though urgent, was held up for an instant as he then suddenly pushed hard into her, hard enough to shake her fillings loose. He groaned unconsciously, reflexively, and exhaled deeply; she could feel his hot breath washing over her, and other, unfamiliar feelings, things happening inside her as he pushed hard again, and again, stiffening up each time. He was coming. Had come, again, but properly this time, and all of the way into her, as before. There would be no more surprises now.

She was astounded by the intensity of it, this miracle that delivered his seed into her by the hundreds of thousands to impregnate her, and to join the rest that hadn't leaked from her into her nightdress.

He exhaled like a deflating balloon and relaxed upon her breasts, though taking his weight onto his arms, and then chuckled, as he continued to push into her, and kiss her at the same time.

She felt much more moist now, though some of that might be blood, and him, this time. She had not noticed her hymen rupturing over the head of his penis earlier, or if there had even been a hymen to tear.

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