Tales Told Out Of School. 5. A Runaway Situation.

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One Down. A few Thousand to go!

She fumbled in the dark for his shorts on the floor beside the bed, and pushed them under her to catch what he'd left within her.

They would be more easily washed free of bloodstains than her nightdress, and she must be sure that none of it went onto the sheets to raise questions in the laundry, or invite comments from any of the other girls, though blood on sheets and panties was not that uncommon with growing and maturing girls.

No one would see them anyway, provided she saw to them, as the bedding was sent out each week to wash.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you too much, my love.”

She liked his concern and needed to hear those wonderful words. She stroked his face, kissed him, and lied. “You did not hurt me at all, Robert, though it was... strangely violent, in a very nice kind of way.”

“I won’t come out of you yet, if you don’t mind. I want to savor this feeling, and I am still very hard.” She could feel that for herself.

“Then don’t come out of me. You can stay there and go to sleep, except you are heavy on me.”

“I can easily change that, but we will need to be careful doing it, or we will fall out of bed, and the noise may bring others running, or we might awake Marjorie. We can change positions without me coming out of you, and you can lie on top of me and sleep.”

He held her tightly into him, rolled to his side, pushed her back over where they had been lying with his body, and then a little further, rotated with her another partial turn and then positioned her immediately above him, holding her head into his chest as he kept himself within her, her legs falling to either side of his. He retrieved his shorts and pushed them between her legs to catch anything that had leaked from her.

They were exhausted, but happy, as they both began to breathe easier and chuckled together in the full understanding of what they had achieved.

“Sleep, if you can. I will drop from you all to soon after the next time or two, but I will also quickly revive again.”

“You can wake me up again, Robert, when you do, and we can do that again. It will be much easier next time.” And every time after this.

“It will get easier now each time we do it, my love. But don’t forget to wake me up before daylight. If we get caught by your friends, we will not be able to deny anything and then there will be hell to pay.”

“I will wake you up.” She might not be able to sleep considering all of the emotions going through her mind. Her life was set on a new course now, and she needed to think about it.

Suddenly, he was wide-awake. Someone had opened her bedroom door! Thank goodness he had unplugged that light. He lay deathly still behind Angela.

How had he got behind her? He had also engaged her again from that direction, the horny devil! They had even gone to sleep like that!

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